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Why China Is so Good at Building Railways

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Text Comments (17790)
Pankour Laut (1 hour ago)
California should get China to build their high speed rail for them
hi dad (5 hours ago)
Bet they cant build.. *T H O M A S*
Durlach Karls (7 hours ago)
China has gone extremely far ahead all nations of the world! All nations should emulate them, bcos development is what matter not war.
Arc Light (7 hours ago)
Nah, Chinese engineering is dangerous. Too risky.
Matthias Rikka (8 hours ago)
But wasn't Russian Sapsan high speed train included there that travels between Moscow and Saint Perestburg?
CH 95 (13 hours ago)
中国一点都不能少 地图无台湾省差评
Shawna Brookes (17 hours ago)
Why China Is so Good at Building Railways? They got a shitload practice when they built ours in the 1880's before we shipped them back out due to gentleman's agreements. You can have that for FREE!
merchant blitz (18 hours ago)
You people are funny. Always find away to see something negative in something good. America is falling apart yet you find time to criticised China who is ahead in so many areas
Pengyi Gu (19 hours ago)
DannyDaDuffyDucking Daffer (21 hours ago)
Hey China help us make a train from the US to Japan and we promise to owe you (more) money...
Oleg Ostapyuk (1 day ago)
Poor China, LOL! Have you ever been to China, man!!
laoer tao (1 day ago)
Thats fake news,china is a poor country
王杉杉 (1 day ago)
The maps wss wrong.Taiwan belong CHINA
Kindle W (1 day ago)
地图怪怪的 感觉少了几块
b 6 (1 day ago)
As china is one of the richest countries in the world having bought Americas massive debts, they HAVE the money. Construction is done under the communist system....no green lobbyists or ANY sort of objections thus it gets built quicker.
黄诗茜 (1 day ago)
The Chinese government is not building high-speed rail to make money. It is to shorten the distance between cities. China's economic development is rapid, but the main problem at present is the imbalance of regional economic development, the prosperity of coastal cities, and the poverty of inland cities. High-speed rail has shortened the distance between urban and rural education, developed cities and poor cities, and solved the problem of unbalanced economic development. Of course, you don't understand these profound economic strategies, because you are obviously a racist idiot.
Mark Sutton (1 day ago)
All stolen technology!The fact that China forced French and Japanese Rail manufacturers to a 50% joint ownership in order to sell in China , once the Chinese learned the technology, they then dumped their partners. In other words, they stole all their technology. Another fine example of unfair trade and super theft!
Lucas GU (14 minutes ago)
Hear that my friends from France and Japan? Ur countries are so weak that u can be forced by a developing country governed by communists. LMAO
Henry (1 day ago)
Today The US government is very afraid of China. The only thing the US government can do is to Smearing China every day.
Moses Alazzawi (1 day ago)
6:19 Mire like Chinese Shah's secularisation camps. Xinjiang needs its own Khomeini.
Henry (1 day ago)
The US government always said that China is very backward, there is no democracy, only the poor, all students are stealing American technology,
黄诗茜 (1 day ago)
Henry Yes,we steal the technology which us don't have,hahaha
何伟栋 (2 days ago)
Let a Chinese tell you why. This is what China said long ago. If you want to be rich, build a road first. Railway construction is the most convenient way to transport and export in China. This is also for the sake of China's development, but we must step out of one department.
何伟栋 (2 days ago)
China's rapid development has never been selfish. Moreover, China's development is not aimed at dominating the world. Chinese people had the idea of "peace is the most precious thing" long ago. I hope you know more about China. Chinese people are very willing to make friends with people from other countries. We all live on the earth. We are a family.
Louis Miller (2 days ago)
I was able to quickly and efficiently upload the information in this video to my neural net. I will share it with my other Android friends. Will humans be able process information in this way, also?
William Harvey, Jr. (2 days ago)
Why is China so good at building railways (both normal and high-speed)? As a US expat living in China for 8 years and a veteran rail traveler here, the answer is simple: THEY HAVE TO BE GOOD. Unlike in the US where train travel is considered only as a special "novelty" vacation trip using only set rail lines, rail travel is still used by a huge percentage of the population in China as a primary means of long-distance travel all around the country that is affordable to almost all.
孙行者 (2 days ago)
platoon mexx (2 days ago)
they bought the right dutch and germans... i saved u this video long of time.
monsword (2 days ago)
Haters always hate! Great work China! The government and people are way more efficient than the rest of the world.
bartonfang (2 days ago)
Americans are genuinely pissed that there are other countries existing in this world.
Felix Klenk (2 days ago)
Meanwhile, Stuttgart are digging a hole in the middle of the city to bury their station in.
karel W (2 days ago)
US:Does the Chinese Minister of Transportation have a daughter?
Jerry Wang (2 days ago)
karel W after doing all the hard works the minister got taken down by Xi jinping... really sad
Jesse Pinkman (2 days ago)
Rafale scam by modi made kickbacks mandatory no deal can be processed further without corruption in india
chinojarjos (3 days ago)
Because they decided so and they got over 1.5 billion people to transport.
LOW LOW (3 days ago)
Redstone (3 days ago)
i bet its made out of cheap chinese plastic
待化的冰 (3 days ago)
Redstone inferior mind
cnccarving (3 days ago)
you cant measure its affordability directly on maintenace and fuel and the building cost itself this train can move workforce efficiently, it can enabling far areas... it also works with zero emisson.. so on the end it is affordable on a way..
哈哈大笑 (3 days ago)
cnccarving (3 days ago)
because they are working and not whining
Μιχάλης Τριανταφυλλίδης (3 days ago)
Why does every topic turn out to be China VS USA? People in the east love western culture and vice versa. When I was studying in Sweden 🇸🇪 when Chinese students were about to leave were telling us stories how bad is the situation in China that everything is controlled and all, and they were trying desperately to get married in Europe or find a job just to stay. Europeans who go there tell how perfect everything works. Humans always ask for something we don't have. I vote for freedom. This is much important than any other thing in the world. Freedom to live, love, laugh and speak out loud.
Mariyah Rehmani (3 days ago)
"re-education camps" more like torture camps
待化的冰 (3 days ago)
Mariyah Rehmani have you been there?
D N (3 days ago)
Who said they are good?? The germans are good !!
待化的冰 (3 days ago)
D N dumb fk
Barbara Aspengen (3 days ago)
Think about this they only get around on bikes and most of them are poor it's the only way they can see there family who live far from them.
George Bowen (3 days ago)
Very well done video..
tissot233 (3 days ago)
You didn't actually answer the question at all. Chinese national railway company bought a contract from European Siemens and Japanese Kawasaki Heavy Industries bullet train manufacturer - didn't let them finish the whole work that was promised an then stole the technology. French TGV builder Alstom feared this would happen in the early 2000 and didn't join the bidding in China. Siemens Ice train lookalike copies are still used all around in China.
Sy Fan (2 days ago)
If that is true, why don't they sue the Chinese? And if they did, did they win? If not , then you are basically spreading out fake rumors here. Evidence! Show the evidence! not just by complaining and fake talking. Otherwise, no one would believe you. People are smarter than you thought.
Haiyang Qiao (3 days ago)
you need to see more of the world and understand that not every county is like the US which profits and the rich come first! in China, public transportation, education, medical care and retirement pension are basic citizen rights, not privileges!
hentaioverwhelming (3 days ago)
So, those "stopover" cities like Hengyang where the high speed rail (HSR) station is away from the city's core... the idea is that they will function as a spillover for major cities along the route. For example, on the Beijing-Tianjin line, the Wuqing district went from $2.9 billion GDP in 2008 to $17.4 billion GDP in 2017. The population of Wuqing also went from 800K in 2008 to 1.1 million in 2017. Part of the reason for the rapid increase in value was because the area right around the HSR station was empty land and that it was getting expensive to set up in Beijing and Tianjin. The equivalent American idea would be to take Los Angeles and San Diego, connect them with HSR, and let Oceanside or San Clemente grow into something useful. Xinhua (New China TV) has a video that covers this side effect of having an HSR between Beijing and Tianjin titled "Flying on the Rails: A tale of Beijing and Tianjin".
Gino Romano (3 days ago)
I fly to China for work often. Last time I went I landed in HK, took MTR to West Kowloon station straight from the airport. Then took the high speed train to Humen and subway to Dongguan. What a great and convenient experience, better than anything we have in the US. Trains are all very clean, stations are super safe (like pretty much everywhere in China and HK) and quite fast, I think we were cruising at about 270km/h. Fares are decently cheap and easy to book online. Trains are always on time in my experience. First time is a little daunting but the workers are very helpful. Quite a few of them know enough English and will point you on the right direction.
实在哈哈 (4 days ago)
What the fuck. Bro China isn't poor at least I see more metropolitans than us has
Max Huang (4 days ago)
Tony Stark (4 days ago)
Any country build hundred and thousand of miles railways, they are good at build railways. China is not that special.
Zee Mee (4 days ago)
us must cut its defence budget 700 to 300 billion usd and cut part should be spent on ppl benefits projects
Budgie Cat (4 days ago)
Why spend 77 billion on a high speed rail when they could make a hyperloop which is even faster?
zengwei shi (4 days ago)
LennyTM corp. (4 days ago)
like a facade it contradicts the truth about mantainence problem, negligence ,and propaganda. Crappy escalators unserviced for months,abandoned building sites, censorsip, and corruption. I know China is a huge country and its hard to manage it when there is too much people being assholes, lazy or not united as one .If they are technologically better than other countries, they must not forget their people too. Seeing both sides of a country matters to determine progress, not becoming an ignorant sheep.
林雨 (4 days ago)
taiwan belongs China ,thank you!
Kilpatrick Kirksimmons (4 days ago)
Kinda shits all over the notion that we couldn't do this here (the U.S.). I know the eastern 47% of China holds something like 90% of the population, but in the Northeast, South & Central Florida, California, East Texas, and the Great Lakes region we really should get on this train (pardon the pun). I'm fucking tired of this traffic.
马小苏 (5 days ago)
Fin Loo (5 days ago)
If you think the High-speed rail from Lanzhou to Urumqi is for politics,So what do you think about 4G coverage in China more than in the United States?For politics, too?This is ridiculous.
VBHB (5 days ago)
Rode on it from Beijing to Jinan. Was awesome so smooth and on time. Best way to travel. Airplanes are just an inconvenience compared to these trains.
肥超 (5 days ago)
Railways are infrastructures. If a government builds infrastructures only when it's profitable, it is a government which ignores the welfare of the majority of its people. Since China is still a developing country (with a GDP per capita of $9600, 1/6 of that of USA), for many of its people, trains are the most (and probably only) affordable means of long distance journey. High-speed railways make it possible to travel and migrate across the country. Moreover, the benefit of railways cannot be simply measured by their own profits, since they could be really efficient (and eagerly awaited) economy boosts. 铁路是一个国家的基础设施。如果一个政府的基础设施建设仅仅取决于利润,那么它将忽略绝大多数国民的利益。中国还是个发展中国家(人均GDP只有美国的六分之一),对很多人来说火车是最能负担得起的长途旅行方式(可能也是唯一的方式)。高铁使得国家范围内的迁移成为可能。另外,高铁的价值并非仅仅是铁路本身的利润,更有对经济的促进作用。
蒋水天 (5 days ago)
China becoming the best,if China have more technology , everything is possible
Qinghai Zhou (5 days ago)
00:53, one island is missing on the map.
Nathan Hilarides (5 days ago)
Pretty much nazism and the soviet union all at once! Racist pricks!
David Fanstica (5 days ago)
Politics, always fucking politics, why don't you just admit Chinese are smart and hard workers. Pathetic western losers!
秦子棋 (5 days ago)
Chinese in Paris I must say that Paris to Barcelona,there are no real high speed train they just exceed from Paris‘ banlieue to Lyon. And the train is bigger than Chinese train cause of the engine. To be honest,Chinese high spped train is impressive,however in Europe, they also have very good trains,why a foreigner do this video with prejustice.
zoe lee (5 days ago)
Mentally retarded bloggers, who don't even have the most basic knowledge of geography, are also learning to make videos
Sumit Verma (5 days ago)
Big factor is that trains are safe, less time consuming, no special fuel etc.
李維 (6 days ago)
Thank you for using a correct map of China.
JEFFREY ANG (6 days ago)
Who built Pan America railway???
黄诗茜 (1 day ago)
Trump wants to build the wall...not railway
Silent Venom (6 days ago)
zhmz888 (6 days ago)
I put a thumb down, wrong map, and I won't subscribe..
zhmz888 (6 days ago)
it is nothing to do with politics...it is becasue people need them but none profit project has not attraction to private sector.....but it is not only about money, but serving the people..., however, in the western world..only money counts, otherwise it is politics..., but in china, servicing people is placed at a top prioty..
zhmz888 (6 days ago)
the most important: the cost of travle by bullet train is 1/4 of by air. 1/4 carbon foot print agaisnt by air...and lets see, the meg. bullet train is coming in china..it will cost much less carborn foot print..
Phil McCracken (6 days ago)
They've had a lot of practice? lmfao
S Jason (6 days ago)
Vi Le (6 days ago)
Vi Le (6 days ago)
Vi Le (6 days ago)
Vi Le (6 days ago)
Vi Le (6 days ago)
Vi Le (6 days ago)
Vi Le (6 days ago)
Vi Le (6 days ago)
Vi Le (6 days ago)
Vi Le (6 days ago)
Vi Le (6 days ago)
Vi Le (6 days ago)
Vi Le (6 days ago)
刺激战场石榴花磊官方频道pubg Pomegranate official channel (6 days ago)
You know what, US has worst public transportation, which is one reason people prefer to drive between two cities. However, China has fantastic public transportation in every city. Thus, even people go to other cities by train. They won’t worry about how to go other places after they arrive in that city
Nicholas Hirayama (7 days ago)
Uh because they copies Japan?
Loe Aringer (7 days ago)
F you China, japan is much better, Japan's trains are much better
Jingran Ma (7 days ago)
我只想说不是因为政治好吗,是因为基础设施的便民服务,中国政府不像西方政府,眼里只有钱。 带动了人口流动,gdp 自然就上去了,你们这些西方傻子
Donald Lee (7 days ago)
To be fare, the CRH isn't the smoothest high speed rail experience, but definitely the cheapest ride compared to its Japanese and European rivals.
Klent Tangaro (7 days ago)
Flight traffic alert!!!!
stephen hunter (7 days ago)
God your pronunciation of Chinese words hurts my ears.
cuk (7 days ago)
tldr no workers union mafia that we have in north america cool seeing a country built by communists have a better understanding of competitive free market capitalism than america
A V S (7 days ago)
wrong map
KirbyFan3210 - (7 days ago)
8:04 , I'm from New York, and I've seen this before. *goes in google maps* Yes it does... Van Wyck Expressway in Queens, NYC, NY. BUT IT ISNT, its California
Yussif Zou (7 days ago)
Regenarc Canis (7 days ago)
You don’t need oxygen mask at that elevation. Some people might if I think about it.
Moosen (7 days ago)
It's funny how the chinese are using an age old us policy of railroad diplomacy (the railroad made to secure the us hold of the west and migrate the white majority into the frontier) and building the railways unlike when they were building raileays for the us. History really does repeat itself doesn't it
TritanicWolf (7 days ago)
BLAH BLAH BLAH this video is sponsored by Squarespace BLAH BLAH BALH
JarJarBinks (7 days ago)
@9:12 "High speed rail lines just aren't as profitable as other means of transport like planes" With you so far! "but they are undoubtedly better for countries, so you have to consider the social benefit" This is just nonsense without much proof. This comment is normally true with Metro train projects, but not for all high speed rail projects. High speed rail seem to be good solution for services between big population centers that are 200 to 350 kms apart. Beyond that airline service will beat them in time savings without a lot of difference in fare.