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Why China Is so Good at Building Railways

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Text Comments (21612)
王治信 (34 minutes ago)
tai wan form china
destroyer806 (19 hours ago)
I’ve been on the high speed rail it’s pretty cool
Maximilian Lee (20 hours ago)
Taiwan is also part of China and everywhere accept that only one China then why there’s no Taiwan island in your map?
Raymond LUO (21 hours ago)
That's what we called"socialism" State company make profit then go back to people and infrastructure, not those share holder
Raymond LUO (5 hours ago)
@Voltaire whatever you call,the fact is out these.
Voltaire (5 hours ago)
It's called authoritarianism
Er Pol (22 hours ago)
That is what happend when there is no opposition
布克先森 (1 day ago)
full of pride and prejudice
布克先森 (1 day ago)
all we chinese do will be viewed of political.lmao!you all can never konw why we built the railway without earn money as well as the electric
Derek O'Brien (1 day ago)
I would expect that lobbyists would not be a problem in China; nit like in the US and to a lesser ectent in othewrv western vountries.
Danielle Dumont (1 day ago)
There’s no bad motive, in fact ethnic minorities also need an opportunity to develop and high speed rails provide that opportunity. What the video didn’t tell people is that ethnic minority regions are mainly arid inland places without available ports to connect to the outside world(meaning no easy trade and transportation and bad economy), and the people don’t really want to stay apart and poor. Don’t ask me how do I know, I’m from one of such places and I have been counting down for the past almost 10 years for the first high speed rail to operate in my homeland. Just please, please, please ask the ones who truly live in those places to get your information, instead of judging no matter what.
Mr. Communist (1 day ago)
*Sheldon Cooper wants to know your location*
Jim Bean (1 day ago)
Lack unions end of story
Totti Will (1 day ago)
there were terrorist incidents in west China, and you didn't say anything, because you wished to see that. and then we had a railway to there, you said that is politics. Yes, that is true, and so what? I'm confused that why you can not realized that your country just spend your tax effort for useless war and stupid politics. Sad for you guys, really.
Aroyo (2 days ago)
Frump will never build that wall without the Chinese. Westerners are shitting their pants.
SamUSA (2 days ago)
Why? Because the price of the ticket is a small fraction of the real cost. The rest of the cost is paid for by Chinese taxes. For example, if the ticket costs 65, but you pay 465 extra taxes to subsidize the ticket price. That is a false economy. China is very foolish to have spent so much money on these unprofitable high speed trains. The Chinese people will be paying for it for generations. Trains are most efficient carrying very heavy loads long distances at a slow speed. Even the most full passenger train car is almost empty weight in comparison. Just ask any automotive engineer with any heavy industry background. These kinds of high speed trains are foolish nonsense economically. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rail_subsidies "Rail subsidies are largest in China ($130 billion) and Europe (€73 billion), while the United States has relatively small subsidies for passenger rail with freight not subsidized."
richard chung (2 days ago)
Because the Chinese stole everything
Danielle Dumont (1 day ago)
richard chung Interesting cliche.
اشترك الان قناة القران الكريم (2 days ago)
oil9vinergar (2 days ago)
slaves.... and lotz of 'em.......
mx li (2 days ago)
Temujin (2 days ago)
China builds, but muricunts bomb countries to sell more weapons to Saudi Arabia and prop up their Petrodollar fiat currency.
Kay (3 days ago)
This video is a JOKE!!!
Yiu Chung Au (3 days ago)
I don't get how a country's development of its infrastructure can be presented as a negative ? Integration and efforts into making the separatist provinces more familiar or identify with the Chinese identity (Consists of 56 ethnic groups). Stop forcing democracy (Works only when a mass population is educated) onto China, where history, social and sovereign factors impact on so much why a more centralized government is required. If you're out to disintegrate and cause harm to China, you're doing the right way. If you're truly for freedom of speech, relative human rights (compared to western countries), i just beg for you to think of this. Has any transition of power been peaceful and would democracy actually work while respecting the integrity of the country (China)? If you wanna argue how evil the CCP was in the past, well that's the past. Political reforms have been one of the key characteristics of Chinese socialism (the current CCP), it has come a long way and suffered. If you wanna settle a score with someone just because his ancestors did this and that. Well, maybe just maybe, the White folks have lost the plot ever since Renaissance. Cause your 'democracy' and 'freedom' is just ur narrative of a political correctness forced upon other groups regardless of their social, cultural and historical factors.
I Created An Account For This (3 days ago)
Trains go fast!
Calvin Deng (3 days ago)
It is because planes are from foreign companies, and China wants to keep infrastructure within China.
phillyslasher (3 days ago)
China lol Hey, shut up about your gay little train and tell me what happens when you post a pic of Winnie the Poo on the internet? lol You may have a faster wittle choo choo but America has more bombs, so keep making the toys that go into our happy meals. Thanks.
BeerGrills (3 days ago)
It took the US six years to build the transcontinental. Now, it takes a decade to lay one overpass in Fresno that goes nowhere. When California had to replace a quarter section of the earthquake damaged San Francisco Bay Bridge, it took 11 years and 13 agencies. 82 years ago, our ancestors built four times the length of that replacement in less than 4 years. In 1936, just one agency oversaw the entire bridge project.
v t (3 days ago)
Indians don't want to work ..they want everything on this ✋...India mei Kuch start karo to BC sab aa jate hai right lekar ....this is the biggest drawback of democracy ...it act like a hurdle in the development
Michael Alexander (3 days ago)
What this video fails to point out is most of the workers in China are treated like slaves and they have no workplace safety rules or any worker rules to safeguard them against abuse which is what America had in the late 19th and early 20th century until the US Government and Labor Unions were born in the early 20th century which paved the way for America to have a blue-collar working Middle Class. China operates what is called "sweatshops" which means a factory that operates outside of the rules and regulations that should be in place to protect workers against Corporate abuse. Typically, sweatshops often have poor working conditions, unfair wages, unreasonable hours, child labor, and a lack of benefits for workers. As of October 2018, despite the rapid growth of the Chinese economy in the last few decades, more than 482 million people in China – 36% of the population – live on less than $2 a day. Let that marinate for a moment. Thanks to NAFTA (North America (Screw US Workers) Free Trade Agreement, America is slowly inching towards sweatshop status thanks to countries like Sweden who had had companies like IKEA and AAK open operations here who treat American workers like crap. I call it the Nordic Whoring of America in which IKEA and AAK have found a sneaky way of keeping wages for American workers in their facilities on US soil very very cheap. IKEA opened a plant in a job starved region of Virginia and after getting the local community to pony up more than $12 million in tax breaks and other subsidies (as an inducement for IKEA to locate its factory in this job-starved region of Virginia), it didn’t take long for the company to show its true colors. IKEA then hired a union-busting outfit to keep the IAM (International Association of Machinists) from making a run at the employees, they proceeded to drastically slash employee wages and unilaterally modify long-standing work and overtime rules. Needless to say, these measures not only would have been frowned upon by Swedish society, but most of them would’ve been illegal. They would have been in violation of Sweden’s labor laws. Now As brutal as the Danville crackdown was, a similar move is occurred at the AAK (AahusKarishamn) oils and fats processing plant, in Louisville, Kentucky. The Louisville plant was formerly owned and operated by Golden Brands, but was sold to the Swedish multinational corporation in July 2011. Despite having had a fairly cooperative relationship with Golden Brands for more than 25 years, once the company changed hands, things turned ugly in a hurry. Within months, AAK launched an unprecedented anti-union campaign, one that culminated in—and this is going to sound preposterous—the company circulating a decertification petition, urging the fifty members of Chapter 320 of the National Conference of Firemen and Oilers (NCFO/Local 32BJ SEIU) to voluntarily leave their union. Now if you think that was arrogant, it was because had management dared circulate a union decertification petition in Sweden, the company’s executives would’ve been strung up by their Buster Browns and pelted with lingenberries. I have been to Sweden and Sweden has some of the toughest labor laws in the world bar none so these companies left Sweden because of that looking for a more tolerable pasture and they found it in the USA. How is that for irony!
Sebastian Dreak (2 days ago)
You may say Chinese workers are not treated as well as American, but slave? You are really kidding.
Azathoth Hastur (3 days ago)
monarchy best form of government
AccipiterMagna (3 days ago)
China's railway system is impressive and serves well for connecting parts of the already huge territory.
Ryan Lim (4 days ago)
if train tracks were dick sizes... China be whippin out the long dong
Alex C (4 days ago)
Chinese rail way infrastructure projects are notoriously prone to failing spectacularly. It kills, maims or harms many. Let alone the human toll in force labour, corruption of the government and effect of the building on the populations wishes.
Ulnomad (4 days ago)
You know what? You can be ignorant and salty toward China all day and stay that way as long as you want, because the Chinese will not give a shit and will keep develop their country. And guess who will be laughing in ten or twenty years.
Kerry Xu (4 days ago)
To the people in the comments arguing over China vs the West and economic development vs human rights, there is a saying: “A patriot is not someone who is always loving the government, but someone who is willing to criticize the government for the benefit of the country.”
b12tly (3 days ago)
True, both countries have their wrongs and rights.
Jeffrey Sun (4 days ago)
We should start a go find me to send all the Americans who are being annoying to China and ride a train
DoubleEszpresszo (1 day ago)
A "go find me"?
Oded (4 days ago)
the Chines make China great again...without bullying and bombing other countries .
DoubleEszpresszo (1 day ago)
Oh no, the PRC isn't trying to bully anyone over the Spratly Islands.
george langan (4 days ago)
I think the other thing with China is that these lines aren't already there. They're trying to build a high speed train system in the UK, and it's just not worth it. Billions of pounds to link London to Sheffield, Manchester, Leeds and Liverpool - yet there's already trains than do that in under 3 hours. If we didn't already have sufficient infrastructure, it'd be a good idea
Countdooku Thedarkside (4 days ago)
Keep spending trillions on those Zionist resource wars #AmeriKKKa 😁😁😁
elios greek (4 days ago)
Why they didn't go with MAGLEV ?
joel shem (5 days ago)
Why don't you build your own in USA and stop taking about China!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tommy Lee (5 days ago)
You should also count the culture as well, especially in holiday season. Planes just aren't able to transport the millions commuters. It just make more sense to build High speed railway network. You haven't seen the old day where people are having hard time travel back in New Year.
latengocomoburro (5 days ago)
The only things the Chinese are good in are oppression and propaganda.
大盘大盘土鸡 (5 days ago)
It's Private (5 days ago)
Because there is no regulations and it's stated funded. Duh. They don't care about environmental impacts. They have an infinite amount of cheap labor too
George C (5 days ago)
LMAO look at this.. This vid just states a truth of how fast Chinese railways are, but still got 1/10 dislikes...what caused that?
Lunar Wave (5 days ago)
It's pretty much a standard dislike rate for a video with 5m views
lila 123456789 (5 days ago)
Ignore this comment as this is a personal msg for someone For michael, We can have fun. Tell me what and where you wanna go. You'll never be lonely again. 🧡
yun shao (5 days ago)
U miss a part of China on the map,that is unforgivable
Trey Tucker (6 days ago)
Fake news
mark m (6 days ago)
If your an American, it's nice to see where your money went from presidents who have been handing trillions to China over previous decades.
The Lone Raf (6 days ago)
meanwhile in new york........
unifieddynasty (6 days ago)
Why is China so good at building railways? Because they have 1 worker per tile working on building railways. 😃
dalitis dalitis (6 days ago)
So, communism is better after all.
Estimson Marata (6 days ago)
Zachary Lee (6 days ago)
Da wir haben die Technologie von Siemens gestohlen :)
Censored 1 (6 days ago)
Duuuuhhhhh.....USA gave them the technology
Nemo zi (6 days ago)
Wow you missed athens hard
Sam W (6 days ago)
Politics and vision. China builds railway and infrastructure because it help to connect cities with cities, it would improve the transport, shipping and communication, and eventually it may lead to prosperity to the places with good infrastructure.
98% coffee (7 days ago)
Now that's what I call Railpolitik
Emily Holder (7 days ago)
to get good at building railways, you gotta want to ethnically cleanse really badly
Charlie McAvoy (7 days ago)
Why Taiwan is not in the map shown in the video? Even with such extraordinary project you still call China a poor country. I’d say you just fall to criticism
Lunar Wave (5 days ago)
GDP is of a poor country, and many other statistics too.
Toni Hil (8 days ago)
When someone says that population benefits from a inefficient and money losing endeavour, like the mentioned railways, he should ask himself how the destroying value can benefit anyone? Except from the populist government, of course. Taking value from efficient and spending on inefficient. Would you do the same in your household and still think that you are smart?
UNiCoRn PeGaSuS (8 days ago)
China harvests organs of Uighur people
Dhrubo Kanchan (8 days ago)
Long live China.... Long live Chinese people... Wish....!!!
挤自己 (6 days ago)
thank you
闫闫壮 (8 days ago)
人多了去了 十亿人没做过飞机 没坐过高铁
Zawlwin Moe (8 days ago)
5.3k dislike peoples never ride 🚅!!!🤣🤣
OldManAgar (8 days ago)
japan doesnt have enought space to put trains
罗辑 (9 days ago)
taiwan is part of China.We have the same culture.we speak the same language.the map which is in this vedio is totally wrong.that makes me very angry.
DoubleEszpresszo (1 day ago)
Taiwan hates you. So does Hong Kong.
Ahte Zneb (9 days ago)
@7:50 no matter their motives? Fuck China
chris marshall (9 days ago)
so when building a high speed rail line from Lanzhou to Urumqi i do wonder how many smaller towns or cities the HS line had to avoid/go around, how many buildings had to be knocked down to accommodate the rail line obviously reducing the lines top line speeds by building curved sections to avoid the much smaller towns in the path of this HS line.
chris marshall (6 days ago)
@ming li That is exactly my point, in the UK when all the whingers are going on about how far backward HS railway building is when compared to some HS projects in countries like France whis is far far bigger than the UK and less densley populated per mile. In the UK different factors apply, the UK is far densley populated per mile, a railway cannot be built in a straight line from central London to Birmingham.
ming li (9 days ago)
You won't tear down many houses. Train lines passing through the countryside are now prioritised by way of bridges. In the city, if your house is torn down because of the railway repair, you will become rich.
chris marshall (9 days ago)
and there is me thinking that it was very expense to run planes......and here we have Ryan Air selling tickets at $12......no wonder they go bust lol
Nan Zheng (9 days ago)
haha not far in the future when Taiwan back to motherland, we will build more rail
RAPH OOO (9 days ago)
They did that without any DemoCrAZy. Long live the PRC and the Chinese Govt (CCP). 🇨🇳👍
Himmy Han (9 days ago)
You showed a wrong Chinese map
Alexander McConnell (9 days ago)
It's incredibly smart of them to do this. They build it now while labour costs are still cheap which, if their economy continues to grow at the rate it has, won't be the case in 30 years. They're building future friendly infrastructure which absolutely makes sense when you thing about how oil depletion looms.
Charles Wang (9 days ago)
Jujare Sridhar (9 days ago)
China railway quality is not good, but Japan railway is no 1 quality, pls. Understand. Don't miss lead.
John W (10 days ago)
If you want to get shit done, don't do it in a democratic country.
Mingjun Xu (10 days ago)
😂😂😂But always just have 10 mins to check and run in!
Mingjun Xu (10 days ago)
I still remember I took 26hrs by normal train from Kunming to Guangzhou (1800km),but after when have high speed railway it only take 8hrs. Student, children,soldier,disability,and old have 50% off.
Gourab Sarker (10 days ago)
08:54 how are Australia and New Zealand "western" ?
Gourab Sarker (7 days ago)
In that sense they can be called Commonwealth nations (having descended from British dominion or occupation). Western implies a geographical connotation, i.e., to the west of the greenwich meridian line on world map.
Eugene Ng (7 days ago)
Government, culture, language, alliances. Take any combination that makes most sense to you
Franco Berbano Jr (10 days ago)
chinese are more on quantity not quality.just saying
大盘大盘土鸡 (5 days ago)
Procrastinitise (10 days ago)
While interesting, the clip did not answer the question it presented. The will and money to build a railway system is not enough to actually do it successfully.
Sixten the Nihilist (11 days ago)
Youtuber: *Mentions Chinese infrastructure* Nobody: Chinese nationalists with VPN tunnel: *N U T T*
真狂言无良 (11 days ago)
Actually we Chinese build anything good, look at great wall. Why? Because hardworking is in our blood.
Joe Smith (11 days ago)
I pay YouTube premium so that I don’t have ads in my face. Unsubscribed.
Steven Verespey (8 days ago)
shut up joe
TheJussStudios (11 days ago)
But German trains are always late! Thanks Deutsche Bahn!
nukestrom (11 days ago)
Isn't it funny that still Americans want to think that China is all about hacking and stealing their technology?? LOL
Bear CD (11 days ago)
politicians need to find a scapegoat to take their stupidity...China is a good target!
TheCrackupboom (11 days ago)
China is a nation of Chinese. They don't have workers who don't work. In America you see 5 people standing around for every one working at construction projects. In China you work or there will be somebody else with your job. In China no workie no eatie. In America everyone thinks someone is taking advantage of them because of one reason or another, race, sex, fat, ethnicity etc. In China the people don't put up with that shit.
Intel & Nvidia SUXXZZZ!!! (11 days ago)
𝕎𝕙𝕖𝕟 𝕪𝕠𝕦 𝕙𝕒𝕧𝕖 𝕒 𝕔𝕠𝕞𝕞𝕦𝕟𝕚𝕤𝕥 𝕘𝕠𝕧𝕖𝕣𝕟𝕞𝕖𝕟𝕥... 𝔼𝕧𝕖𝕣𝕪𝕥𝕙𝕚𝕟𝕘 𝕚𝕤 𝕡𝕠𝕤𝕤𝕚𝕓𝕝𝕖!
Anda Sudah Bosan Nonton Bokep ? (11 days ago)
why china is so good at building railways ??? jangan pernah tanyakan pertanyaan itu ke orang indonesia ... anda akan menyesaaalll ~~~~
Hafidz Eka Pradana (11 days ago)
gak papa bro biar sadar orang indo wkwkwk
Crystal Yeow Ching Ching (11 days ago)
中国很喜欢大型企业,抄又抄到半桶水 !!!
moushao fan (12 days ago)
Joell Dighelanora (12 days ago)
China is good at building railways? Are you kidding? Is this joke? All China is good at is stealing technology from West.
Bear CD (11 days ago)
sore loser. When Chinese invented paper and your ancestors were still living in caves.
Fairy xiao (11 days ago)
you are just a shit
William Ford (12 days ago)
there is loads of accidents, but they'er learning
Unreliable Narrator 66 (12 days ago)
So connecting isolated areas is a negative?
Doctor Core (12 days ago)
@7:45 when you say "bringing together peoples that want to stay apart", I can only think of Brexit, Scotland, N. Ireland, Catalan, Quebec. LOL.
Jason Zhang (13 days ago)
this is why western countries are short sighted. They don’t think once you have it what can you do with it. They only think if I build it what is the benefit it can achieve in short term. I will say western countries will decline in slow speed. Does not matter you know what is the problem or not. They can’t change it. It is embedded in the western system. Just like Briext.
Gao Xuetian (13 days ago)
When you build transport for public services, you don't (solely) factor it's profitability. They are not privately owned. This is for the social benefits, as well as, as the foundation for future economic development. If you really want to weigh some loss/gain comparison, you should use the potential economic growth for the regions along the rail to compare with the cost of the rail.
WhatTheFunk (13 days ago)
friendly reminder that China was building steam engines into the 80s (the US stopped in 1950)
WhatTheFunk (4 days ago)
@Ezio Auditore oh yeah true
Ezio Auditore (4 days ago)
china was torn by drug dealer uk for 100 years, and even today
Liang Jiang (13 days ago)
I want to see a picture of the 'concentration camp' with actual people inside
philip ritson (13 days ago)
Imagine you have a developed economy and people fly these distances instead! It's a catch up solution, that's all!
Rasa Kekliniene (13 days ago)
Freedom to Tibet, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau!!!!!