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Why China Is so Good at Building Railways

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Text Comments (20970)
曾剑 (3 hours ago)
Tse Dorjee (7 hours ago)
China get this technology from France !
Nathaniel Joyce (13 hours ago)
They look like airplanes that failed to take off
Nij Jin (18 hours ago)
China is building railways for: 1. better living standard 2. one belt one road 3. connection a good governments exist to make your living standard better, not to make profit from their own civilians. Banks and corporations want profit from you.
Marek Hrušovský (20 hours ago)
Such a stupid comparison (Australia...). China is a bilion country where the train occupancy is 100% for economy class. I tried myself and i couldn't hop on the next train like i am used in Europe. One has to plan to travel by train in China.
Eric’s Music channel (23 hours ago)
As a Chinese person this makes me happy about my country thanks for making this video about it
Ju hyo Kang (1 day ago)
윤석열 검찰총장님에게 드리는 글 ! 박근혜정부 시절에 추가경쟁예산안의 150조윈을 조성을 하였다ㆍ국민은 중국정부와 100조위안화로서 세계철도 ㆍ도로ㆍ생물플랜트 계약서을 위해서 노력하던 중에 한국에 100조가 준비가 되었사오니 계약하자는 제안이 들어왔다ㆍ이것이 국가예산안 중에서 조성된 자금원으로서 100조을 마련하여 돈을 숨길때가 없어서 스위스 특별계좌에 예금된 자금의 세틱과정중에서 스위스 000씨의 동포가 한국의 안민석의원에게 제보된 자금세탁의 뭉치돈을 세타과정중에 밀고된 자금규모이다 그자금이 100조원을 빼돌러서 자금세탁과정을 국민이 검잘에 밀고하였사오나 유명무실하게 되었다 스위스 한국은 외교조약으로서 금융정보 교환토록되어 있어므로 전방위 특수통을 투입하시여 스위스 특별계좌에 대하여 모조리 다파혜치시길 바랍니다 그자금의 성격은 창조경제을 빌미로 150조원의 추경자금ㅡ빼돌러서 스위스계좌송금세탁과정에시 교포가 밀고됝사건의 개요입니다 ㆍ
Ju hyo Kang (1 day ago)
The china xi jinping best of best okay
nashi nash (1 day ago)
This is called innovation in travel and public transport. USA seems to like to look back instead of forward in this particular instance.
Leafy (1 day ago)
U.S gov't works for those that pay them via lobbying (ahem bribes) but it's called a "democracy". Chinese gov't works for their people but it's communist. This world is upside down.
Ng Chunyuen (1 day ago)
Fasil kk (1 day ago)
because they dont have any problem taking people's land. thats not the case in other countries.
陈zl (1 day ago)
Please add Taiwan to the map of China
Reltpid (1 day ago)
First, set up rails cost a lot. You said PPP but considering the population of China, Actual money they can spend is huge. Second, since the government controls large amount of money and set up rails is their high priority task, they execute the plans easily than any other country. For example, ignoring environmental issues, resources limits, workers' environment, etc. And they're spending much money on it, meaning other tasks get less money. Now let's consider PPP, the cost is mid to expensive to Chinese
叶邹文 (1 day ago)
You forget Taiwan !!
Lawrence Peng (2 days ago)
Taiwan is part of China, T h k s
KHAIAS (2 days ago)
Although I’m not pro communism, I absolutely love chinas idea of uniting the country.
BoxLid (6 hours ago)
@KHAIAS true, and in China's case it involves some having organs stolen (and most likely given to friends of the party, or the wealthy)
KHAIAS (6 hours ago)
BoxLid but it did involve young children being separated from their families + sexually and physically abused 😕also worked to death and buried in unmarked graves
BoxLid (6 hours ago)
@KHAIAS Oh I've read plenty about that, I'm american but live right next to the border. Half of my family came or currently lives in Canada. At least it didn't involve facial recognition cameras watching your every move...
KHAIAS (7 hours ago)
We called them residential schools though 👌🏼 (in case you wanna look it up)
Aylan Kurdi Want to say (2 days ago)
News that matter (2 days ago)
DC to Dallas Texas in 9 hours in train sounds amazing. That's 155 mph non stop give or take a few miles. When you account that you have to be in the airport 2 hours earlier, and the time it takes to check out of the airport and etc, that's not bad at all.
YES10 (2 days ago)
who gives a fuck about a train when a boeing 747 covers the same route in a third of time and is just as fuel efficient as a Prius; Trains are 19th century crap ; Russia has direct air connection to all of their major cities for a fraction of a cost. Time is very valuable. The faster you can transport your body from point a to point b the better.
xanadujohn79 (2 days ago)
SunGuru86 (2 days ago)
It's because the chinese are forced to work on it.
Kurt22 (2 days ago)
They aren’t forced, they just need money REALLY badly so have to settle for extremely low-paying labor jobs like this
Rylen Cason (2 days ago)
Unfortunately, I think that the Chinese ambitions to build railways out towards the western parts of the country will cause chaos for the whole country. Tibet, Inner Mongolia, and Xinjiang will all reject the idea of deleting their own identities for the greater good of the People's Republic of China. The chaos that is happening in Hong Kong will probably spread to these regions. The ongoing threat of suppression and government takeover will likely start a wave of rebellions over the Chinese government for trying to change and unify the country politically.
Jie Yao (2 days ago)
It began to criticize politics again. The people in the Western world is so small. . . Still have to show a superior identity. Send you a word, fart.
Aries Omega (2 days ago)
Germany was once as good in railway... DB is bad
Can Oğuz (2 days ago)
0:15 you got the location of athens wrong
Kurt22 (2 days ago)
True I didn’t notice that but you’re right
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Geosen Gao (3 days ago)
Where is Taiwan,China???your map is wrong!
Solid Snake (3 days ago)
fake map👎🏻
Harry (3 days ago)
I took the high speed train from Lanzhou to Urumqi a few years ago. I remember it being pretty filled. There was basically nothing along the route except a lot of beautiful landscapes and some smaller cities. The second half of the route is in the desert so there were barriers to block the sand from getting onto the tracks which was incredibly disappointing because I mainly took the train to see the landscape since a plane would have been so much faster. I have a lot of photos on my Flickr if anyone's interested
geothe vonlindau (3 days ago)
驴得水 (3 days ago)
Why does the map of China not include Taiwan? This is not in line with your country's commitment.
Kiltz Haokip (3 days ago)
Must be hard to digest for the American who always regard Chinese as backward. 😂😂😂 The reality is America is far behind in infrastructure but luckily they control world Bank to keep up their economy. Once dollar gone as world exchange, American will soon fight among themselves. 😂😂😂
Chris Ty (3 days ago)
Absolutely agree with the first line! 😂😂
ZAKARYA im (3 days ago)
the world is being changed from OIL gang to ELECTRIC gang the change could result bad things
James Harper (3 days ago)
Hong Kong people always think that they are superior to Chinese people.
Jay11 (4 days ago)
How could you call 13 trillion dollar economy counytry as poor ?
Andrew Payne (4 days ago)
Chine trying to spend as many of those American dollars as possible
Daniel Moolman (4 days ago)
It's amazing when you see the average speeds of such services. In the United States, the fastest you can get from New York to DC by train is 3 hours, and for 300 km, that's only an average of 100 km/h. In the UK, the fastest from London to Edinburgh is 4 hours, and over 600 km that's 150 km/h, better but not great. In France, Paris to Lyon is 2 hours for 400 km, making 200 km/h. And in China, that same Beijing to Shanghai route makes 250 km/h. It really shows how fast those trains go. (Note these are all the fastest services available, and normal ones will be slower).
Gordon Freeman (4 days ago)
It is so good because the trains are from Germany
Pizza Killer (4 days ago)
1: Normal people has no property rights on the land 2: They have very small concern about the environmental impact 3: They have a cheaper labour 4: They country has a huge population and it is the only option for most of the people to get fast to their destinations
Pizza Killer (3 days ago)
@Elizabeth Sherman Please, read it again. Chinese people has no property right on the LAND. Of course, they have ownership right for 40 50 or 70yr of apartments. But the LAND is 100% State owned, and even though they own an apartment or building, if a train rail needs to take that direction, they will never change the contruction plan. It is one sided policy in these cases. and, Yes, I read many many terms.
Elizabeth Sherman (3 days ago)
Pizza Killer Have u ever read one term of Chinese laws.There is property law in China to help normal people to protect their property rights.
Bill Wang (4 days ago)
The USA talks a lot yet does very little. China talks but actually does what they say.
Kurt22 (2 days ago)
“We will let Hong Kong keep operating as before for 50 years” Uh huh
Mushfiq Shawon (4 days ago)
political will
Yrt (4 days ago)
China's cheap slave labor helps.
MrOrtloff (4 days ago)
China-Australia infrastructure partnership please.
Lawrence Chan (4 days ago)
1:57, r you sure about that?
罗正安 (5 days ago)
[转]看得我很很感触 “十几年前我还很小的时候,我们还很穷,干什么都不成。报纸上天天在讨论温包问题,说贫困村一家人只有一条裤子,港澳台同胞就像是天外来客,吃穿用度都让人嫉妒成恨。那时候,美国有个总统叫克林顿,他英俊潇洒风流倜傥指哪打哪。海湾战争让所有的中国军人崩溃,泪流满面的说,原来打仗已经变成了这样。在电视里看到台海危机,大人们都紧张兮兮。后来才知道,那时候是真的担心会输。再后来,南斯拉夫大使馆被炸了,我们很愤怒,却只能愤怒。全中国都在关心克林顿的下半身,因为除了这个,美国再没有什么可以嘲笑的了。我们努力造工厂,造玩具,造衣服,上亿的劳工从内地来到沿海。他们说,8亿件衬衫能换一架飞机。那时候,海里没有大船,主力还是炮艇。歼十是了不起的最高机密,一般人我们都不告诉他。世界在不断的改变,改变......我们还是很穷,好像干什么都不成。报纸上不在出现温保二字,而是在讨论民生问题。贫困村不再只有一条裤子,留守儿童、孤寡老人成了新的难题。台湾开通了自由行,去过的朋友都说也不过如此。GDP超越了德意志,干掉了英吉利,发电量超越了美利坚。这是人类历史上的第一次。世界上最大的钢铁生产国是中国,第二是河北,第三是唐山,我们不再捉襟见肘,开始担心产能过剩环境污染。美国换了总统,又换了总统,他们打了伊拉克,又打了阿富汗,再打了利比亚,最后没钱打叙利亚。那个愁眉苦脸的小黑干的很苦逼,国会忙着干架,政府等待关门,我们不再对波士顿惨案幸灾乐祸。美利坚还在折腾,大人们不再紧张。反而说,嗨,小马哥长的不错,吉利干了沃尔沃,联想成了PC全球第一。我们造了全球一半的高铁,日法德加在忙着争论,是谁让中国偷走了核心技术。我们把机床卖给了德国,把军公带进了北约。美国人宣布判决,说中兴和华为是邪恶企业。哦!当然,这份名单上还有北方工业和中国精密机械。航母已经成军,舰载机挂弹起飞。歼十不再是稀罕,我们告诉一般人,歼二十即将服役。卫星忙着编队,导淡打进太空。我们说,那就自己建一个空间站吧。时间在不停的走远,走远....现有近一半的欧美人说,中国才是最强的经济体。生活越来越好,问题越来越多,视野越来越广,想要的也越来越复杂。但回想过去,我们已经站在近百年来最好的时候。本朝已承平60年有余,按我中华之惯例,应该准备迎接盛世了。我们又成为了世界上最牛逼的那几个国家,但那也没什么可以骄傲的,在过去的几千年里,我们常常如此!
syno crat (5 days ago)
What land appropriation costs for China? The party owns everything, they just take what they want and tell people where to go for work. The lower class Han are thrilled for the opportunity.
Arsène Lupin (5 days ago)
you can say china has need for speed
Sridhar (5 days ago)
Hey wendover, I'm just curious about what kind of software you use for these animations to narrate. That's super cool.
Texas Trad (5 days ago)
Only thing they are good at is spending the white mans money; they never invent anything, just steal it.
jimmy lv (5 days ago)
Taiwan is a part of China and an area that is not recognized by the United Nations.
Alexander (1 day ago)
BobTheDuck9999 (5 days ago)
Freedom comes with costs :(
Frey1737 _ (5 days ago)
how are planes in every video
Morgan Miao (5 days ago)
刘飞 (5 days ago)
Damn your mother!!! Taiwan Taiwan Taiwan!!!!
Alan Tse (5 days ago)
The map just forgot Taiwan.
cj gavin (1 day ago)
And some area in Tibet
꧁꧂ lll (5 days ago)
I think China’s progress over the years is a miracle.
zhi 简单爱你心所爱 li (5 days ago)
Dwoof (5 days ago)
Proud to be Chinese
Bleach Dome (5 days ago)
I went to China for a holiday a few weeks ago and the high speed rail network is mind boggling. For example, Beijing alone has 3 high speed rail stations which are YUGE.
ohmusicsweetmusic (6 days ago)
sure build a train route with no stops and of course it's shorter. You can't compare China, a communist country with non-communist country. The Chinese government is actually very rich. this is has a lot of wrong facts.
phayke (6 days ago)
BECAUSE THEY DONT NEED TO DO A FUCKING VOTE TO BUILD A RAILWAY. like in USA if you wanna build somethin like this you needa to a vote ffs
Zeli Ang (6 days ago)
Love from india
raiden z (6 days ago)
and with questionable quality
pop Man (6 days ago)
I am Hong Kong people ,,The report is incorrect,Chinese very rich now.
Cris-P-Bacon Yeet (4 days ago)
pop Man well it’s cuz of the currency difference that makes China poor 1 British pound is like 8.20 Yuen £100,000 is like 820,000 Yuen
kightremin (6 days ago)
Too much people, no choice.
dedoshucos (6 days ago)
let's learn something today: https://fortune.com/2013/04/15/did-china-steal-japans-high-speed-train/ And: https://youtu.be/dGXPgqnw98s
ming wang (3 days ago)
FFF Yyyi (6 days ago)
Transfusions (6 days ago)
Actually it is famous in Japan that china stole and copied Shinkansen technology from Japan but basically Japan can’t do anything about it since they afraid of trade revenge as Japan relay import export hugely in China.
paradislander (6 days ago)
Also, China could do it so much cheaper because they spent no money on R&D by stealing all their high speed rail tech from Japan and Europe
Pizza Killer (4 days ago)
Actually they bought it from Kawasaki and Siemens.
Casey Waller (6 days ago)
Bullshit poor my ass
The2ndKombat (6 days ago)
In PRC when the gov say they want something, they will get it. Meanwhile, in countries run by conglomerates and corporations, the gov can't get what they want if it is not in their interest.
High speed rails connect big cities to one another not its suburbs
Xue Bao (6 days ago)
not true
Sven Helge Håheim (6 days ago)
Partly because they stole the technology for their high speed trains.
vishal giraddi (7 days ago)
Because the Chinese government is not a corporate sellout
Sanchez King (7 days ago)
The reason is simple and its the same as the reason for why China is so good at everything else as well: They throw money at it.
Zhang Dayu (7 days ago)
You think Urumqi is 3.4 mil nothing now. We built it on the premises that this city is gonna be a exchange hub in the belt and road with a population of about 25 million people within a decade or two. Whenever you think we have one purpose, think again and again.
W Morris (7 days ago)
They build them to help control the masses! Could you imagine people in China driving for 3 days from one end to the other spreading thoughts and ideas quietly and covertly? Using a train the the government still controls what you listen to and where or if you stop and smell the roses
bori pippi (7 days ago)
what do you mean?
t a u (7 days ago)
I love how everyone in the comments have forgotten that china have practically sold the souls and rights of their workers to build these lines so efficiently lmao
Pactum Excello (7 days ago)
[slapping my forehead] even Indonesia is faster in building railways than Mericans
josue rodriguez (7 days ago)
High speed Railway it's a solution for air pollution, and much more.
TiKing Ray (7 days ago)
Charles Johnson (8 days ago)
Easy answer: because they don´t have a moron green party.
鄂人芝 Miss Zhi (8 days ago)
Taiwan is missing in the map! It's part of my country!
RusZugunder (8 days ago)
When you talk profitability there is more to it than just tickets and building cost. I mean, if you're a private company than sure, nothing else matters. But if you're controlled by state... Government is concerned with how well the whole country is doing. Having your people be able to travel fast is very good for economy. I'm not a fan of China and communism in general, but sometimes certain things work out better in such system.
YO LIN (8 days ago)
That makes America train look so like trash.
時夢 (8 days ago)
Taiwan is china
Yimeng Lyu (8 days ago)
As always, ideology biased views. At least this time we are not accused of stealing technology. Seriously, who paid for incredible expensive railway to Xizang and Xinjiang? Chinese tax payers did, to keep the People there from rotting in the wasteland. Yet this is evil politics violating human rights. You people just never learn. Also it’s disgusting excluding Taiwan from the map. Your president signed on paperworks that said Taiwan is part of China. So be respectful.
Bach Tran (8 days ago)
Because they steal technology from the US.... oh wait...
Transfusions (6 days ago)
Bach Tran The technology is actually stolen from Japan. Not from the U.S.
Marky Mark (8 days ago)
Because they don't have DEMON-CRATs stealing tax payers money...or dumb wasteful goverment spending.
TYUI QWER (8 days ago)
east asian is god race
chang liu (9 days ago)
Chris Li (9 days ago)
One of the most informative and objective videos ever made in history.
Phoenix Aries (9 days ago)
Chinese here. The HSR network is impressive but still improvable. The Chinese are using HSR as a substitute of airlines. This is NOT right. Neither the FR UK DE nor US are right either. Japanese did the right plan by luck and chance, not by mind. The right plan: Metrolined operation. Dispatch: 15 minutes between trains. Tickets are not corresponding to a specified train but any train operating on the line. Like metro. Trains only stop for a brief period, i.e. 40 seconds. Even at big stops it stays no more than 2 minutes. Station deployment: around 25km between stations. Big city may have multiple stations covering different sections of the city. (There are always population in most area of China just like Japan) The station does NOT require a big waiting room as passengers are sent away with little waiting time. Rolling stock: Electric Multiple Units with STRONG accleration and deaccleration. (Around 3kph/s or 0.08G) This allows running at top speed with the maximum possible duration. (Too slow accleration lead to braking before reaching max speed) Metrolined carriages. Carriages just like the metro. More doors to allow faster boarding/unboarding. Side faced seats just like the metro to allow more capacity. (Most passengers have to stand their way though) Do these and passengers would just use this rail for commute and short distance manuever. It would be a great social benefit as well as being profitable (the commute traffic is HUGE).
Oree4Three (9 days ago)
Hey, i live in Berlin and i dont know much about the german High speed trains but the inner city transportation is almost perfect. You can use all sorts of transportation for 2 hours i think once you bought a ticket and the times inbetween stops are usually only 5-10 minutes. I guess china is doing a lot better with High speed trains though and i am really excited to visit soon and take a train from Shanghai to Beijing :)
Stacy Stites (9 days ago)
"The one thing the Chinese have...Is the political will forhigh speed rail." @wendoverproductions That's because the Chinese are not free. Disagree with the official opinion of The Party if you dare to disagree...
xin yang (8 days ago)
we always disagree the offcial opinion of the Party and the goverment, nothing happend. deadline is deadline, dont touch this line, you can disagree everthing, no one cares. The goverment and party is thinking how to build this contury and how to make the most peolple not sufferd by starving.How to make electric for poor people in the moutain and how to let people in small viliage has same life in big city. ONLY you amercian care about shit politics and judge a goverment which feed 1.4 Bilion people and bring a poor country into this position in just 30 YEARS! we konw what happend in the past, we are chinese, this is our land, our goverment. You have no right to judge this. we are not free as you think ,but we are free from poor, free form starving , free from rule and bombs by other countries, that's enough for now.
allen Z (9 days ago)
This is just the view of the white pig. The Chinese think that time is money and save time with the lowest cost.
Ima Mercier (9 days ago)
OK. China builds railways and trains to increase tourism and business. They suck at the plane industry. Cars, terrible. Gas? LOL
Ima Mercier (9 days ago)
No thanks. I'll stay in America. They can have their trains.
burningmatch09.exe (9 days ago)
Stay. They don´t need nor want your useless ass there. My respect to the industrious chinese people!
Lewis Costin (9 days ago)
I mean, they do have 1/8th of the worlds people.
Irving Hua (7 days ago)
no,not 1/8.it's nearly 1/5
Ability Lee (10 days ago)