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New York Police Lose It Over a Drone (Lawsuit Ongoing)

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Update: Plaintiff's Depositions are scheduled for October 18, 2018. Link to 1st followup video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Szsn8JFmkU Link to 2nd followup video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=66CRZzLGfNI Link to 3rd followup video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NUi7lcPELYg A lawsuit has been filed against Wayne County, and the state of New York. As of July 14, 2018, it is still working its way through the slow legal system, with government lawyers dragging things out as long as possible. We will update when possible. Here are a couple court documents: http://sharkonline.org/images/Documents/nystatecomplaint.pdf http://sharkonline.org/images/Documents/nywaynecocomplaint.pdf Depositions scheduled for May, 2018 were put off because the government claimed it couldn't read our video files. Interesting, as everyone else including our lawyers can read them... The SHARK team appreciates those commenters who have a grasp of the US Constitution, and the vital rights it bestows on our citizens. Brave Americans have died to preserve and defend these rights, and it is tragic that so many people are not only unaware of their rights, but moreover are willing to give them up, and even insist that others do the same. The Constitution gives Americans the opportunity to stand, but standing requires a spine - something quite a number of people lack today. We will continue to stand strong with other proud Americans. November 13, 2016, a SHARK team uses an Angel drone to get an aerial view of Marshall Farms, a company in North Rose, New York that raises beagles, ferrets and other animals for research. Although absolutely no laws were broken, police made an illegal traffic stop that lasted more than an hour. The bullying and incompetence is hard to believe. Per the ACLU: Police may stop and briefly detain you only if there is reasonable suspicion that you committed, are committing or are about to commit a crime. The police lost their credibility, their dignity, and any legitimacy by selling out to a company that sells animals for research. Shame on the New York State Police and the Wayne County Sheriff's Department. We are in the process of reviewing our legal options, and will provide updates as decisions are made. Please email both law enforcement agencies about how their officers acted. Please be polite, and please let us know if you get a response: New York State Police: FIELDCMD@troopers.ny.gov IAFFAIRS@troopers.ny.gov Wayne County Sheriff: Sheriff Barry Virts bvirts@co.wayne.ny.us SHARK has set up a "Go Fund Me" Account to help with our travel and legal expenses. Help SHARK by donating here: https://www.gofundme.com/sharks-expenses There is no law against flying over private property. While we very much appreciate the supportive comments many people have left, we ask you to consider that threats against police officers is not the way to go. While SHARK will stand against bad cops, we do not wish them harm - we only wish to get rid of the bad cops, so the good police can do their jobs. Harming others is what we are trying to end, so let's not threaten even those with whom we very much disagree. We certainly understand the emotion, having seen so much corruption firsthand, but violence is not the answer.
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Text Comments (59595)
No Retreat (15 days ago)
EVERYBODY please board the TRAIN.... l just have a job to do... please comply there will be showers at the conclusion of your journey.
A J (1 day ago)
You can check my ID, I’ve nothing to hide. Hey but don’t fly that drone over my property.
Andrew Borden (1 day ago)
The police have no grounds to demand Identification if no law was broken. They had no grounds to detain because no laws were broken. The man I bet was let go. I would have demanded a supervisor or called the police station and demanded a supervisor myself. It's our right to exercise our rights and exercise the law. Police do it everyday, so should people who know their rights. Plain and simple. Land of the Free.
Nowhere Man (2 days ago)
You said we could make up our own minds regarding the content. I have viewed as an american and you idiots do not represent patriots. You are disrespectful and arrogant assholes. Have you forgotten 911? Be a little reasonable man.
Donald Blanton (2 days ago)
Who are you referring to?
Donald Blanton (2 days ago)
"That's why I back the badge." That's your choice, but how far will you go? I, back the law, not the law enforcement when they break the law.
Lee Still (34 minutes ago)
just another professional agitator. show respect...get respect. not rocket science. oh...and your a dick.
SHARK (18 minutes ago)
Lee Still: Just another troll. Look at the profile: "This channel doesn't have any content..." just like your skull.
Baba Yaga (1 hour ago)
what are you doing way up there anyway in that garbage town of only 5,682 people!!??? almost in canada
SHARK (1 hour ago)
Baba Yaga: We go where the animals are.
Baba Yaga (1 hour ago)
SHARK (1 hour ago)
Baba Yaga: It does seem odd.
Baba Yaga (1 hour ago)
7:51 no response whatsoever LOL!! pure scum. They answer they want to give you is we follow the rules of our master Satan
Baba Yaga (1 hour ago)
7:37 lol FAT fuck!!
Baba Yaga (1 hour ago)
who is the morbidly obese bitch LOL????
Baba Yaga (1 hour ago)
2:55 what horrible teeth!!
Baba Yaga (1 hour ago)
whats the deal with the pedophile weirdo mustache!!!???
Tshaj Lij (1 hour ago)
If I see any drone over my property I'll shoot it down
Markman Dave (1 hour ago)
Next thing you know houses won't have windows because people will be worried about looking out their windows and be accused of invasion of privacy.
Complimemt thief (2 hours ago)
If you’re not doing anything illegal and you’re asked to show ID, why wouldn’t you unless of course you were just looking at get something over the police in order that you could sue them. Americans love a lawsuit.
Complimemt thief (2 hours ago)
The one to the right at the start, clasping his hands and looking downwards has the stance of a thug, not a law enforcement officer
d2excess (2 hours ago)
They changed the law now. No drones over private property that cant be seen by the view of the road. Should of just shown id,Whats the big deal. I didnt see any police brutality, just and group of cry babies crying it. And hiding behind some be kind to animals scheme
Rocky Mountain Bowtography (2 hours ago)
Why didn't the cops follow the law? Fyi... you need to articulate suspicion of a crime in order to detain a citizen, you moronic bootlicker.
mitchell scott (2 hours ago)
if it's not your case, then carry your tail back to your car and leave.
Baba Yaga (1 hour ago)
duhh yup
Five8 finest (2 hours ago)
NYS Trooper's aren't that bad if you cooperate...I got pulled by them a few times.. before my license was good..and they let me go Scott free..✌️
Brent Gambrell (2 hours ago)
It doesn't matter what aisle you stand on when it comes to situations like this, anyone can see that the officers were wrong. The cops tried to intimidate them by not only having 5+ officers on the scene but by making up fake laws. It is neither a misdemeanor or felony to fly a drone above private property. (flight restrictions don't apply here) Therefore, the officer should have informed them of the complaint and let it be that. I can't wait for October 18th.
Rodger Cottrill (3 hours ago)
They no about him they ran plate just harraseing him normal
Baba Yaga (1 hour ago)
go back to the school you dropped out of!!! YOUR ENGLISH AND SPELLING IS HORRIBLE!!
Toes (3 hours ago)
All I see here is some asshat that thinks he knows more than the cops. What the fuck did you expect to happen flying a drone over someone property. They would call the cops and report it? dumb shit. If someone was flying a drone over my house I would either A find them and ask then what the hell they are doing or B call the police to investigate. All your doing is wasting the time, man power, and money of all those uniformed personnel when they could of been assisting with folks who actually needed them. Why do people feel the need to make a small thing into something so big. If your so fucking smart why not show them your ID, then show them the license showing you are allowed to fly a drone, then show then any laws that would prove it is not illegal to fly a drone. Just because you have cop friends doesn't mean you support them in any way. After this video if I were a cop I wouldn't want to associate with you. Here you go shit head https://uavcoach.com/drone-laws-new-york/. Stop wasting people times and clean up your own backyard before trying to clean up others front yards. Wouldn't you feel even worse if police were needed at an actual assistance call (domestic violence, abuse, child endangerment, some health related emergency, homicide, etc) and someone was hurt or worse but here they are wasting time on your stupid fucking shenanigans.
Toes (2 hours ago)
I just watched your opening video on your page. I am assuming you are a Marine so thank you for your service (if you were one) but if you can't see things from both sides of the fence then you are doing nothing better than some of those career politicians who scream they are there for the people but are really only in it to line their pockets.
Toes (3 hours ago)
afraid of drones...no I don't like the fact that the asshat flying the drone could be casing my house, spying on my family, or some other malicious shit. How do I know if they are convicted of anything? I have kids so I don't need some pedophile spying on my kids. If you can't see it from that view point you would be the ignorant one. Also you you said "Let's looks at the fact's"....but posted your opinion.
SHARK (3 hours ago)
Toes: Let's look at the facts. You are either ignorant of, or care nothing about the Constitution and the rights of Americans, you don't know the law, and you're afraid of drones. Seems like the asshat is in your mirror.
Doug Jacobson (4 hours ago)
Obviously these guys were looking for confrontation to start with. And you know what, there needs to be laws on drones over private property. But yes this guy was already asked for his identification. Their attitude is obviously one of beligerance & confrontation. If i were that one sheriff when this idiot asked for his ID i would have said no. This guy should've been taken in. You idiots who just wsnt to expose your ignorance & stupidity.... hey by the way, they do have the right to stop you if you're suspected of committing a crime. The only one who looks stupid is you. You came in w an attitude. I have no sympathy for you being an idiot. A complaint was filed. You say you have police offficers as friends... i really wonder. You continue to prove your arrogance, disrespect, you keep telling them they don't know the law, etc. All i know is you made yourself look bad. Not the police.
SHARK (3 hours ago)
Doug Jacobson: "Obviously these guys were looking for confrontation to start with." Obviously you're not a very bright guy. The people were driving away. The police illegally stopped them to harvest information for a private corporation. If you don't see the violation of public trust and individual rights with that behavior, well, we can't fix stupid.
Alaska Flyer 737 (4 hours ago)
Y’all are stupid, this is how you get shot
SHARK (4 hours ago)
Alaska Flyer 737: It's called a spine, and standing for your rights.
spcwright2002 (4 hours ago)
"youre standing next to a police car loaded with weapons" well maybe it should be locked, why do we allow absolute morons to become police?
iLL aLf (4 hours ago)
You guys are stupid. They had every legal right to stop you, the property owners don't know if you were casing their property and they were just investigating the complaint. Upon investigation of the complaint they needed to identify you, you are completely in the wrong here and trying to make something out of nothing.
KandT-Venture (4 hours ago)
They needed to prove that the guys did anything before making any accusations, even if its true. They let bad guys go even when you have proof(I was a victim of that), saying that bad guys get away sometimes. After it took 2 months to find that person who was hiding from the police(which police knew about and told me), while that person had another warren but didnt know about it(so was hiding for the particular crime committed against me and not the other warren). Yet, they have no issue arresting people they have no proof did anything. They admitted that they didnt even know why they were arresting those people. Police was also doing word games and trying to in-trap them(not supposed to). They have to have a reason for arrest or even to search someones vehicle or home. Would you like to be stopped and told you are arrested and they didnt know why. Also, if that state does have a law against flying a drone, they have to have a proof and an official complaint from the people who were complaining(they have to go down to the station or at least officially speak to the police) and instead they followed some car when they couldve recorded license plate and made the report. There had to be investigation and evidence, not just witnesses, and there has to be something illegal or crime related. Its not like they were using a drone to watch their neighbors take a bath. Anyway, they only have to prove their identification if there is a reason. Showing license has nothing to do with drone operating. He doesnt have to prove he was driving a car without license or its not registered, because they have to pull it up on the computer. They were illegally stopped! Police is not supposed to make random stops, just cause. Just like they are not allowed to stop someone based on their skin color or bogus accusations.
iLL aLf (4 hours ago)
You could've complied and been let go in minutes rather than putting yourself through all of this. Let me also add that I am by no means a fan of police but I don't understand whatsoever where you feel they're in the wrong. And... they treated you respectfully, you have no idea how ugly that could gone since you were prancing around them with a camera all up in their personal space.
nicholas chambers (4 hours ago)
All of police haters that obviously don't know the law, a complaint received that a drone had been flown over someones property. Parties involved were stopped lawfully to investigate due to the complaint as stated by the officer; Per the ACLU: Police may stop and briefly detain you only if there is reasonable suspicion that you committed, are committing or are about to commit a crime. So any time law enforcement get a complaint for example of a guy walking around a school yard with kids playing they don't have a right to stop him and see if he is about to commit a crime of kidnapping? If they would of provided the info asked (which is required by law when asked) they would of been on there way in a matter of minutes after law enforcement determined that they had not commited a crime or were not going to commit a crime with whatever information they collected while flying the drone over the guys property and sent them on there way. I have been to ALLOT of trials on simialar complaints of law enforcement not being able to stop them and they all lost. All you guys want to contribute to this guys scheme to fight his own battle go ahead, im sure he will be laughing at you when he is using your money to fly first class and sip cocktials on your dime. I found two case as it pertains to similar casses, these guys will loose.
spcwright2002 (4 hours ago)
How's that boot taste?
SHARK (4 hours ago)
nicholas chambers: The stop was not legal. There was no infraction of any kind committed. The police cannot just stop anyone they want, and they certainly are not to stop people at the whim of private interests. Flying a drone within established rules is legal. SHARK followed the rules. The police violated their public trust, and the rights of SHARK. Toward the end of your comment, you use a fictional, potential threat to children to try to give weight to your pointless position. That is a sign of desperation. Are you related to one of these bad cops? As to the "he" you refer to who you allege will misuse donated money, that person (SHARK's president) has worked for free in his position for nearly three decades.
david larkin (4 hours ago)
The officer clearly stated that there were no crimes committed.
Deepwest (4 hours ago)
With a good lawyer, the law is always on your side! This is USA )))
Frans van der Westhuizen (6 hours ago)
5 Cops cares for this minor issue Jesus tax payers money arewasted. What a bunch of power hungry FUCKS in uniform. Fucking aresholes.
Pilot (8 hours ago)
Fuck everyone of these people who hate cops you were a failed abortion
Baba Yaga (1 hour ago)
STFU cop scum
Amaterras (8 hours ago)
why don't you sue the polce for illegal arresting?
Tuesdaysgonewtw (8 hours ago)
If someone flew a drone over my property I'd like to know who did it. Is boob tube now becoming the ANTI COP video channel?
Frank Nehru (8 hours ago)
GESTAPO NAZI STATE ( New York ) Hitler died, but left his DNA to be injected in some CLOWNS.
Frank Nehru (8 hours ago)
Who employed this bunch of incompetent guys acting as police officers .
Frank Nehru (8 hours ago)
Police abuse of powers, worst than in África.
Gary Anderson (9 hours ago)
bitches would last 1 day in az
Gary Anderson (9 hours ago)
it is ny
Rick Contreras (9 hours ago)
We live in a different word
Rick Contreras (9 hours ago)
A different world
Tate Robinson (9 hours ago)
At least three of these cops should loose their jobs and the rest suspended (depends on if they felt they could stick up for the guys but I suppose they would all say they couldn't).... The classic saying ok? after everything, sounds more like they are trying to convince themselves
Tate Robinson (9 hours ago)
Resting his hand on his gun for intimidation... Real fucking classy bro
jim vang (10 hours ago)
A bunch of idiots who ain’t got no life. I would followed your a@@ home and do the same thing. Bet you you would do the same thing as calling the cops. SMDH
Ian Rud (12 hours ago)
I bet if this guy was black they’ll shoot him
Name is None of your business. (13 hours ago)
Just do what they say. You’re just wasting your time.
Kate Winkler (14 hours ago)
Obviously those soulless cops served the interests of the highest bidder, whether it's an animal farm or a drug cartel. Ordinary citizens are subjected to police abuses constantly because they don't know their rights and cops use intimidation to scare people into submission. Cops don't usually have good education and they use their badges to cover up their intellectual deficiencies. Cops have serious problems with ego and as they try to boost it, they sink deeper in the pit of humiliation.
William Roark (14 hours ago)
I guess,.... "EXACTLY WHAT" was Dr Mengele doing on that farm that he is so afraid of a DRONE??? OBVIOUSLY that "NAZI POLICE FORCE" needs some investigation (GET ON IT "DRONE BOY"!!!!!!) THESE GOD DAMNED NAZIS HAVE TO BE ELIMINATED.... BADGE or NOT when did I wake up in EAST BERLIN 1961?? "we need to BUILD a BIGLY, BEAUTIFUL, WALL" - tRump 2016 IT'S TIME TO CLEAN HOUSE!!!!
Sebastian Soper (14 hours ago)
Hahahahaha stupid cops
Plastic Symptoms (15 hours ago)
Oh my god this is hard to watch! Makes me sick! This is a civil suit these police are bullies working obviously for a corrupt corporation. This is sick. Where can I get more information about this lawsuit! I want to follow up!
Mike Kinder (15 hours ago)
How about an invasion of privacy?
Ronald Franck (15 hours ago)
Stupidly worded question. Who's privacy? The property owner or the vehicle driver and videographers? If your asking about the property owner's privacy let me say he does not own the sky. Check with the FAA. They are the authorities. These cops need educated and were obviously harassing this guy and his companions. When a cop repeatedly ends a sentence with the word "okay" it tells me he's an idiot.
Jim Hughes (15 hours ago)
Police are there to protect the interests of people with money.
Kate Winkler (14 hours ago)
That's true. The system is badly corrupt. It's all about MONEY to the so called 'government' that serves those with deeper pockets, done at the expense of civil liberty.
derek lambert (16 hours ago)
derek lambert (16 hours ago)
if it is not your case so get lost fucking idiot ever
Bác Hồ (16 hours ago)
So that mean cops allowed to randomly stop and check your ass, this crap is lawful????
Bác Hồ (15 hours ago)
Totally agree, cops love to make their own law and order people follow it. If you don't know your right ...too bad! If you do know your right, resist it?....more bad, cops screw you up any way: Disobey police order! This sh... t must be stopped.
Jim Hughes (15 hours ago)
Bác Hồ ~ Police in America typically use “probable cause” to do any damn thing they want to. “Let me see your papers.” Laws are made and used to back you into doing what they want you to do. They will tell you to do something, and if you don't do whatever they tell you to do they will cuff you, charge you with “obstructing” and/or “resisting“ an officer, and take you to jail.
SHARK (16 hours ago)
Bác Hồ: No, it is not lawful. Hopefully they will be held accountable.
Robert O'Connor (16 hours ago)
Bring in the clowns!
poooky321 (16 hours ago)
If you fly a drone over my property, I will shoot it down.
Wesley Taylor (12 hours ago)
then your dumb ass go to jail for shooting a gun in the air
Ronald Franck (15 hours ago)
And if you do you will be arrested. Do you shoot down airplanes too? Educate yourself, that bit of sky over your property is called airspace and it belongs to the FAA. That's been established.
Plastic Symptoms (15 hours ago)
poooky321 they should have done that. That would have been legal. This was illegal.
Klaus Vokiee (17 hours ago)
All that Tax Payers Money Wasted on this Episode of Cops ? Tragic !
Nathaniel Rivera (17 hours ago)
Why didnt you tell them that you had permsion to fly
Bear (13 hours ago)
Because they don't have or need permisson.
Rodney Jackson (17 hours ago)
Good luck bother!
WoLfGaNg Amadeus (18 hours ago)
Why do they where those goofy looking hats hahahahaha
Ronald Franck (15 hours ago)
Buckeye Productions (18 hours ago)
these are not how all cops act, these cops are cowards and were making shit up as they went. Horrible representation of our Law Enforcement
Curt Lister (18 hours ago)
Wow what bravery was shown here in the face of unrellentingly pressure from Gov't enforcers. This was as intense as any videogame Call of Duty footage online. Will he fold and identify? Talk about human drama with drones & arrest threats, my hell how these patriotic roadside attorneys were on top of their game that day. This rises to Sovereign Citizen standards wiith shattered glass and tasers. Next time asshat get the 3 minor things required in any State to be a "traveler" you know what you need now get it, like a normal little Citizen. You will lose any lawsuit using the Sov rhetoric, dipshit.
Pikachu 55 (18 hours ago)
If anyone wants to talk about corruption deal with the New York State police and the LAPD
vouyroy (18 hours ago)
Lol ...get a life .... not a camera...
Curtis Cardwell (18 hours ago)
Wow welcome to post constitutional America.
The Jim Shady (19 hours ago)
Nice hats
mr1spamification (19 hours ago)
tbh I don't quite see why you were so unwilling to cooperate with police. They were not being biased or unreasonable. I they received a complaint that a drone was being flown over private property. This immediately sets off suspicion that somebody (you as a suspect in this case) was potentially utilizing a drone to spy on somebody else inside their own home. The police wanted to make sure this was not in fact the case, and as a result wanted to know who you were, if you had a history of arrests or were a registered sex offender trying to perform a repeat offense by peeping on someone else through a bathroom window via a drone camera. I mean they didn't know the situation, so you immediately putting up a blockade and denying to provide identification when there was absolutely nothing for you to hide or be guilty of only raised that already pre-established suspicion based on the complaint that was given to the officers. I really just don't know why you would deny providing identification and willfully make officer's jobs easier. You don't LOSE anything by providing identification to law enforcement, it only results in making their job harder. My opinion is be helpful to the boys in blue if and when you can. That does *not* mean waving your Miranda rights, it means being helpful if you are capable and cooperating when you have the means to. Handing over a driver's license that you would get back shortly is hardly an unreasonable or inappropriate thing for officers to ask for when they suspect a crime may have been committed by the drone pilot (you in this case).
sk phon (4 hours ago)
Agreed. If he had of just said his name and we had permission to film call the land owner. If the neighbors pissed we were flying next to his property deal with it. Instead he became a dick straight off the bat and the cops became dicks as well.
Ronald Franck (14 hours ago)
First, why was the State Patrol involved? This complaint was more of a local jurisdiction matter. Secondly, the cops immediately took a heavy-handed position. People do make harassing complaints and use the police as a club. They, the officers should have interviewed both parties to determine if an actual crime or violation had been committed, and if not, made appropriate apologies and sent everyone on their way. Asking for a drivers license and registration because he was "operating a motor vehicle" was simply a backdoor, underhanded approach to getting the driver's identity. And then that asshole in plain clothes says "Are you threatening me?" That wasn't a question, that was a challenge. Gather the information and take statements from both sides and turn it over to the proper authority, in this case the Federal Aviation Administration.  Anything short of that and you're wasting everyone's time and tax dollars. Why were the driver's companions arrested? Because they refused to be identified? That's not unlawful. Lying about who you are may be, but refusing to be identified if you haven't done anything wrong is not unlawful or unreasonable. Don't give up your rights just to make things easier. These officers didn't try to make things easier. They need to be schooled. And the lawsuit that follows, yea, that part that falls on the officers? Well they don't have anything invested in it, but us poor taxpayers do because we're paying their lawyers, so yea, we have the right to insist they know the laws they claim to be enforcing and do a better job of it. Put me on the jury that sits on this lawsuit and I'll gladly award in favor of the citizens.
Jeremy Kochan (15 hours ago)
Right. If these guys didnt axt like jackasses and simply told the police their names and said hey were videotaping to help animals. is that ilegal? Imnot sure. But they simply acted like fools
mehsol (19 hours ago)
Is it only idiots be police in USA???????????
Kim Bates (19 hours ago)
Wow. They really are dumb as fuck
xiDoT (19 hours ago)
While all these knuckleheads are bull shitting around, some woman is getting beat, a house is being broken into and someone is being robbed. Pathetic
Eddie Cee (20 hours ago)
Reasonable suspicion and/ or probable cause relate to a crime being or about to be committed. Officer's had no authority to perform the stop (Flying a drone is not a crime). There is no "basis of a complaint", its basic law. All of those officers on scene and no one can articulate why they stopped them, they deserve to get sued. One of them should have been smart enough to say hey, I am not getting sued with you idiots because of your weak egos, let these people go and lets get back to watching grass grow. Hope the guy sues and wins. If you are an American citizen you need to realize this is a violation of your rights (Right from unlawful seizures). You may want to be supportive of your officers and that's real nice, but officers need to work within the law and respect the rights of the citizens they serve, not feed their egos and fail to acknowledge when they are wrong (It human to error, so why not just accept when you messed up).
Mad Bad And Dangerous To Know (20 hours ago)
We should have the right to spy on folks being cruel to animals. Aren’t we supposed to report cruelty to the ASPCA? Government install cameras on every street corner spyin’ on folks. What’s the difference? The system is full of shit.
William Roark (14 hours ago)
THAT was the BIG POINT!!! what FOOTAGE was Dr Mengele afraid of them "capturing"with that DRONE (he needs to get a P.I. license ) then start filming those COPS!!!
Mad Bad And Dangerous To Know (20 hours ago)
Animal cruelty is illegal under certain circumstances (domestic pets). Should be illegal no matter what the situation. This is why the law is a complete farce. Beagles count as a domestic pet so why won’t they arrest the real bad guys?
ImWatchingYew (20 hours ago)
Aren't you required to show your ID when driving a car? I don't see how you can win this case...
William Roark (14 hours ago)
I'm assuming THEY were not ON Dr. Mengele's Private Property... their DRONE was flying "in HIS AIRSPACE" I'm seeing LAWSUIT, those thing can be flown from 2 MILES AWAY, and BACK prove it was "them".... they PRAY the VIDEO FOOTAGE isn't incriminating So Much for "PROTECT & SERVE"
SHARK (20 hours ago)
ImWatchingYew: If the police stop you for an infraction, they can demand ID. There was no infraction in this case. The cops wanted information for Marshall Farms. That is not their job, and it is a violation of rights.
kyle Gogan (20 hours ago)
You are the biggest idiot I have ever seen I actually just went to marshal farms and dropped 800.00 on treats and toys to donate too kookies rescue in mount laurel nj just because of you. Why don’t you quit wasting all your money on stupid shit like this and go buy some hair implants or something. ...DUMBASS
Ronald Franck (14 hours ago)
Why does Marshall Farms need private security? Something isn't quite right.
Gennie Jefferson (21 hours ago)
Need to go back to police training school. Might as well comply or go to jail
Gennie Jefferson (21 hours ago)
Why do you have to see identification, minding his own business.
Amber Dean (21 hours ago)
What's the deal with that horrendous puppy mill and the government employees...
David P (22 hours ago)
It’s NY. Why does this behavior surprise you? I suggest you leave NY. And soon.
Rip Pro Smoke (22 hours ago)
They stopped them for an hour to find an excuse to arrest them cause they don't know what to do . They were in the computer looking to find for an hour to find one . Hahahaha what a joke
Sinfuldavy (23 hours ago)
Could you imagine what would’ve happened if you were black. One of you might’ve been shot
Benjamin Perez (1 day ago)
Well done, sue the SHIT out of em
Asmar Habeeb (1 day ago)
That cop having his hat almost hitting his nose is nothing but a pig looking Asshole.
W B (1 day ago)
Common sense is to cooperate with law enforcement and show your ID. If you want to be a jerk about it and waste your day along with tax payers money on 9 police troopers who could be doing something better than staring at your ugly arrogant face, then that's your call!
Bear (13 hours ago)
It isn't SHARK's fault that the police violated the law and used several cops to do it.
Ronald Franck (14 hours ago)
Looks more to me like it was Marshall Farms as being the one's wasting tax dollars. "Oh my god, look! There's a drone! Call 911!" If you're not doing something that's wrong or immoral why worry about someone flying a drone? And if you want an example of arrogance just look at how those guys wear their uniform hats. Their body language had arrogance written all over it. They had a total lack of tact.
ken C.D (1 day ago)
I feel so sorry for the American public putting up with freak bastard cops Li this ! Good on the American public ! Stand up to bullshit ! Stamp out corruption . 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😠😠😠😠😠😠🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺
Ray Hill (1 day ago)
Screw these aholes with these drones. Had one flying over my back yard while my daughters where laying around our pool. The POS was real pissed when I shot the thing down with my shotgun and threw it in our wood chipper. " drone ? What drone just looks like plastic chips to me" Policeman just laughed. I have the right to run plastic through my chipper.
Ronald Franck (14 hours ago)
I'd have arrested you for destruction of evidence.
Dave Hughes (1 day ago)
Here is an easy solution, mind your own business. I seen no evident reason to fly over someones personal space. there was no proof of harm to any animal, SO maybe you shouldn't be a douche. Show your identity to the officer. You could have been a wanted felon for all they'd known. Plus, your cowardly way of snooping isn't really my type of acceptation. I would have shot your drone out of the sky. The next time you have reason of doubt that an animal being abused, call animal control and ask them to investigate it, just have some proof of abuse and not suspicion or the word from an idiot.
Ronald Franck (14 hours ago)
One of societies problems is people who "just want to mind their own business." We've lost our sense of community.
Ryan Foutch (1 day ago)
Should sue the state of ny for wrongful imprisonment and violation of rights
The89stang1 (1 day ago)
Listen i am the first one to complain about any animal cruelty but the wiseass behavior shown by you idiots toward the cops was obvious! take your drone and fly home jackass!
Emma (1 day ago)
By their own admission, the officers had no reasonable belief a crime had been committed or was about to be committed. They may ask the person's name, etc., but there is otherwise no basis to demand identification unless the officer has a reasonable belief that the information provided is false. Here's the statutory language: "when he reasonably suspects that such person is committing, has committed or is about to commit...." No basis to demand identification was presented in this stop, so IMHO the officers were in the wrong - not counting the absurdity of the number of officers tied up with this exchange.
Ryan Gardner (1 day ago)
Marc Breau (1 day ago)
Good job guy keep up the good work, I am an animal lover and I think law enforment is part of animal abuse by not apply the law who suppose to protect animal...
nicholas chambers (1 day ago)
If a citizen calls in and reports SUSPICIOUS activity (NO MATTER WHAT IT IS) law enforcement are responsible for following up on the report, it's not about the legality of flying the drone although the FAA requires all drones to be registered that weigh betwee .55 to 55lbs i think what is needing to be looked at is the reasoning and the verification that the drone is NOT being used for criminal activity (Peeping Tom, Harassment, Stalking etc.). I can show you videos of a gun being used from a drone, a HD camera on a drone that can read your newspaper through a window. Any suspicious activity reported becomes an investigation and law enforcement DO have the right to a persons information who they believe may be involved in the investigation. I think the camera guy with the big mouth should of provided them with his identification and moved along but insisted on acting like a child probably in hopes to esculate the situation and get money. Which obvioulsy has none if he is asking for donations for the legal fees.
Bear (13 hours ago)
That's not how the law works in the U.S.
Kevin Chambers (1 day ago)
He basically says "we're here because we don't know the law!"
Stefan Levorsen (1 day ago)
dont matter what the law says, some cop,s think they are the law and make it as it come, though they whas there to help and serve he he
Jasun D (1 day ago)
Crusty McDaniels (1 day ago)
I'm usually on the side of the cops. But these buffoons should all be fired and or arrested.
Sam Jones (1 day ago)
What did they do?
Collin Martin (1 day ago)
what a bunch of dumb-asses....
B Boucher (1 day ago)
I was a police officer for 20 years and the police in this video are way off base. Are they requiring the ID of airplanes that fly over too. If not, at what altitude does flying over the farm become a crime or the concern of the NY State Police? At best thus is a civil matter but I don't even it is. These groups are an annoyance to businesses they disagree with but spying on them isn't a crime. As a matter of fact, we have a constitution that allows the business to exist if lawful and that alsoallows the civil disobedience if it's lawful. These police will lose this fight because it was never theirs in the first place. They do not function as an instrument of the farm. They function as an instrument of the state and in this video, they are way overreaching.
Nick Friend (1 day ago)
....The point is, flying a drone covers every persons space, when you fly the drone, it immediately, (if in a city or town, even a village) flies over property, even the roads too of course, so where can we fly a drone, directly over our heads only? Hoover only above our head? Seems stupid that someone complains of a drone flying over them or even hoovering near them. If the drone is there every day near them, i understand, but a drone could be videoing any direction. anyway, imagine many people complaining, car drivers as they drive along the road, house owners, schools, universities, football fields/stadiums, parks, you get the point. Maybe that person complaining, has something to hide?!
JoJo Leone (1 day ago)
This drone retard is trying to provoke these officers, they are in no way being belligerent.
Jari Bijma (20 hours ago)
+SHARKHahahah, salty?
yemerican (1 day ago)
JoJo Leone (1 day ago)
It is however not legal to photograph anyone without their permission on private property in any state, that is why a release form is required, I would not want anyone filming my family on my private property. If it were in Brooklyn that toy would have been knocked out of the air.
SHARK (1 day ago)
JoJo Leone: Sorry, can't fix stupid.
Gordon Taft (1 day ago)
That’s New York for ya they don’t know every law but they are acting like a bunch of idiots I’m sure there’s a donut shop down the rode where they can go and read the law book. Cops like these gives the good cops a bad rep
mmichlind (1 day ago)
You guys are a bunch of idiots you cause that whole situation if you were flying a drone over my property I would call the cops on you too. They have every right to ask you what you’re doing with today’s day and age and all the terrorism and crap that’s going on you guys are a bunch idiots
Matthew Kennedy (1 day ago)
mmichlind I agree. I hate a damned drone.
tree003a (1 day ago)
@SHARK, you make cowards look bad.
SHARK (1 day ago)
mmichlind: Oh my, all the terrorists out there. And crap. Hell, you're just a damned coward.
David Hoover (1 day ago)
You couple dickheads will do anything for attention.
Stuart McKay (1 day ago)
The police provide a service for any member of the public. A complaint was made so they politely asked for ID and why they were flying their drone. Aresholes admitted they were harassing dog breeders and now they are openly harassing the police. The police need to return their findings to the complainant as concise as possible and record IDs of all involved incase of further incidents. That simple, a good night in jail would shut them up. Sick of these Youtube dicks.
Telly Valentino (23 hours ago)
"The police provide a service for any member of the public." This is a vague, nonsensical statement. That's also not the description of law enforcement. You just made that up out of nowhere. Provide a source that supports your claim. "A complaint was made so they politely asked for ID and why they were flying their drone." Politeness is irrelevant. Police aren't allowed to illegally detain people just because they're being polite. They also aren't allowed to arrest people who aren't suspected of a crime when they don't present ID, even if they are being polite. "Aresholes admitted they were harassing dog breeders and now they are openly harassing the police." This is an outright lie. They never claimed to be harassing anyone. You made that up. That's a lie. You're a liar. They also didn't harass the police. They had no desire to interact with the police. "The police need to return their findings to the complainant as concise as possible and record IDs of all involved incase of further incidents." Absolutely incorrect. You just made up another lie. Provide a source that supports your claim. "That simple, a good night in jail would shut them up. Sick of these Youtube dicks." Now here we have come to the actual motivation for your post. Your personal feelings have influenced your position. You're obviously allowing your emotions to affect your judgment. You should be ashamed of yourself for lying.
SHARK (1 day ago)
Stuart McKay: "Sick of these Youtube dicks." And yet, here you are. Jackweed.
power20841 (1 day ago)
The only way this shit is gonna stop is with civil lawsuits. Demand $200,000.00 for this one. plus $300,000.00 in punitive damages.