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UPS Logistics of the Game: Weeks 12

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Head Coach Mike Smith discusses the three keys to the Atlanta Falcons pulling off a victory against the division rival New Orleans Saints in this week's UPS Logistics of the Game.
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Christopher Perkins (5 years ago)
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Joshua Guss (5 years ago)
@Christopher Perkins Shut-up, what y'all 4-12 ass! Y'all kept talking about our Bounty in 2012, but at least we did better than y'all did in 2013, even without our Head Coach.  WHO DAT!!! F uck A tlanta L osers C an't O btain N o S uper Bowl
Christopher Perkins (5 years ago)
fuck who dat. yall poodat fans are clowns 
Joshua Guss (5 years ago)
Y'all are trash. Who are the fucking dirty birds!? And y'all are proud to be fucking dirty. What y'all dirty ass city. WHO DAT!!!