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The Hoppings 2012: Newcastle's Town Moor Fair - Pull On

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Video of the Hoppings 2012: Newcastle's Town Moor Fair, showing the showmen arriving at the Town Moor with their rides, machines, kiosks and living wagons. Find out more at: http://www.newcastle-hoppings.co.uk
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Text Comments (27)
Shadow sun (1 year ago)
Don't realise how much work goes into the Hoppins ..and yes showman are not gypsies or pikeys
graham knox (2 years ago)
As a kid. I would get so excited , seeing the fair come to town. Simons from Wrexham .😊🇬🇧
MsJinkerson (2 years ago)
this is 1 Jesus big midway
Tom Lowe (2 years ago)
MsJinkerson midways are American we call them funfairs
Ronnie Burgess (3 years ago)
Brilliant some lovely caravans aswell as multi million pound rides x
박지훈 (2 years ago)
Ronnie Burgess ㅛㅅ
Epsilon (3 years ago)
Oooooo dem sexy cows
Tom Lowe (2 years ago)
MelonThrower sheep are more appetising for a Welshman I know I'm from near the Welsh border
mrnewton86 (3 years ago)
Those gyppos sure know how to manoeuvre a bi-articulated vehicle, well I wouldn't have the guts, its like those road trains in Austrailia
Rockabilly Preformance RC (1 year ago)
There's a difference between a gypo and a showman clues in the name showman travel around offing diffrent entertainments a gypsy is a family who travel and do not live in a fixed abode
Rockstar2861 (1 year ago)
Do you mean showmen and women ?
Usman A (4 years ago)
Blake Dytor (5 years ago)
arcades and fairs (6 years ago)
jimmy posey (6 years ago)
Man that's a big fair. Very nice looking rides. I really like some of those house trailers they pulled in there. Thanks for posting. From the U.S.A.
Tom H (6 years ago)
Fuck off and get a life. These showmen spend up to 2m on their rides, or more. DO not disrespect them.
Terry Wyatt (1 year ago)
Brought on fairs all my life it's a good Grafting life if u hack it not 4 the faint hearted
Teckerz geeza (2 years ago)
Tom H I'm a showman so don't FUCKING say that you should get a life idiot
Emily Orr (6 years ago)
who do hull fair aparently its jipseys
Jack Donnelly (7 years ago)
That first tractor is ours!!
gagacovers11 (7 years ago)
these rdies are meant to be coming to our fair in 15 days but are stuck because of floods.
ShiftyMFC (7 years ago)
is the super booster from brighton here?M&D'S are ment to own it now arnt they?
mcbeniboy (7 years ago)
Whos is that living wagon 6:00 minutes into the video??
Ronnie Burgess (1 year ago)
Abie Danters/Emily Wilson’s
Paul Lanagan (7 years ago)
Thanks! I didn't think I'd get any shots as the original camera I was using rejected the memory card, so had to resort to this old backup camera...
gavt1976 (7 years ago)
Very nice vid and i hope there is more to come. :)
RoscoMedia (7 years ago)
Nice vid