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UPS Delivery Man Has Quick Feet

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Footage I captured of the UPS delivery guy sprinting to my door leaving the package and sprinting back to the truck
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Text Comments (7)
Joseph Spano (7 months ago)
So many method violations
Scott D (10 months ago)
Uh oh Package in the cab while in motion... busted
Scott D (9 months ago)
If we’re talking ups then, if you haven’t, youtube the five seeing habits and 10 point commentary and study up before hand. That’ll make you look really good at brown boot camp and give you a head start.
Scott D (9 months ago)
Brooke R get used to using mirrors. They make it easy to check your orientation on the road whether you’re in your lane or close to the curb. Rent a 26” uhaul some time and drive around for the day. That helps too because practice is the only way you’ll be good at it. I was lucky to get to start out driving a small parcel truck before big ones. Make sure you take wide turns too. Don’t want to clip the curb on a road test I’m sure.
Scott D (9 months ago)
Brooke R hi! Helps shave a few seconds here and there. It adds up by the end of the day.
Brucie526 (4 years ago)
He "the one running" is only a Christmas helper. Not a driver. 
FSIOChase (5 years ago)
He's not even fucking fast :/