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Pros & Cons of Working at UPS (Part 1) - Pros

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Part 2 -https://youtu.be/wWFeFY7iiow Detailing the Pros and Cons of working at UPS Part 1 is pros Part 2 is cons. This video should help answer the questions "Should I apply at UPS?" "Is UPS a good place to work?" "Good things about working at UPS" "Bad things about working at UPS" PROS 1.Union Join - Hard to get fired, Can’t get laid off, Other benefits of being in a union such as being able to transition to other jobs at other companies 2.Benefits - Good benefits and healthcare that you don’t have to pay for directly at least 3.Part Time - If you have other things going on like school or second jobs, its part time so it goes well with most schedules. Different shifts etc 4.Potential to move up - Its not quite a dead end job, you can do different things to get a pay raise, sorting, feeder etc. You can become a driver after a few years and make well over 60k a year with no education. Alternatively you can become a supervisor 5.If your introverted its good because you don’t really have to talk to people much. You are mostly alone throughout the days. 6.Pay raises every year 7.You can meet some really great peop
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Dsack Garage (9 hours ago)
15 years in for me .. 10 years part time 4 years in package ..1 year in feeder ... Feeder is 110k+ easy .. since i have no college education i have no debt and live like a king .. local 104 ...dont for get free lawyer's lol
Artist Girish (23 hours ago)
Ups is very good courier company
Leon Aguilar (1 day ago)
Teamsters have sold out the members by forcing the latest version of a contract. My father retired after 30yrs in the 90's in Chicago. His pension was more than I was making working and health insurance until Medicare took over. He was 52 years old and still young enough to do a lot of things he often said the union was going to sell their workers out and that's why he took his retirement the current retirees aren't even getting what he used to get the company in the union are working together time to Alexa new leadership for the teamsters
mans best friend 101 (9 days ago)
I work there it sucks
Boot Loops (9 days ago)
7:10 woops
danny_ boy (10 days ago)
Ups sucks. I was there for 12 yrs and I did it all. I loaded, unloaded, sorted and I drove for 5 yrs. It's very very taxing on your body. And for all you fellow upsers who considering driving, look at how all the older drivers look at the end of the day. Tired as fuck, and miserable, with broken bodies.
handy andy (10 days ago)
neckarsulme (14 days ago)
your comment about the tendency for introversion is interesting......many years ago I drove a tanker truck for Praxair, and there were literally days where I would come to work, load a tanker, make several deliveries all over the Bay Area, come back to the terminal, fill the trailer again and park the truck and not talk or interact with another human being the whole day. It was nice now and then.
se s (18 days ago)
2:47 Sam Hyde
talihina sky (20 days ago)
Psh fuck this job good luck whoever needs this shit👌
Aaron P (27 days ago)
Make a video of XPO logistics
J Nieh (28 days ago)
Worked there from 2011 till now and i Am disappointed with the wages and the Quality of benefits i receive I Was injured during my day job and ups teamsters all but bailed. On me
J Nieh (28 days ago)
Why did i stay up every night for 8 years to get hurt and have my insurance company bail on me
J Nieh (28 days ago)
For all those benefits. ...you get hurt and the insurance company will look for any way they can to not pay out
Righteous One (1 month ago)
Question: are all Ups truck manual shifts
Jeffrey Young (13 days ago)
David Cantu $45...my goodness. If the contract had passed it would of been a lil over $40 in the next 5 years. $36.26 still isn’t bad money for me.
David Cantu (13 days ago)
@Jeffery young no,that's starting pay. I believe top pay is 45
Jeffrey Young (13 days ago)
David Cantu is that the top rate in Texas? In Delaware it’s $36.26
David Cantu (22 days ago)
30 an hour in txs
MrGolden500 (1 month ago)
Righteous One, their trucks are all automatic now, except their semi, the drivers get paid 18.75, maybe depends where you live.
Rick Hunter (1 month ago)
May I ask, what/which are these other company union jobs outside UPS that one can be had?
Jeff Vanter (25 days ago)
Rick Hunter There are quite a few although not abundant as companies have grown increasingly hostile towards unions. A quick google search of unionized companies is your best bet.
KINO (1 month ago)
Any more info on the contract?
Rich Campus (1 month ago)
In The Working World, The Individual gets paid based on what the job is worth. And not what they, as people, are actually worth...~●~...
Rich Campus (1 month ago)
Beyond the pro/con argument lies the core question for the individual. That being; Does the individual hold a set of integraties that allows he or she to transcend this state of heART and of Mind???
Rpg Gamer (1 month ago)
So if I wanted to be a driver and know little about driving a stick shift it could take years to become one? What do warehouse workers make?
Dsack Garage (9 hours ago)
+Slam Free Poetry dental ,health , vision, prescription , i believe after 12 months of employment all this kicks in .. this is standards for part time and fulltime we all share the same benifits.. esp like me if you have a family the insurance is the best out there and saved me thousands of dollars ..
Slam Free Poetry (1 day ago)
+Jeffrey Young also, do part timers get dental insurance too? If so how long until they become active? Thanks in advance!!
Slam Free Poetry (1 day ago)
+Jeffrey Young thank u for that comment! Havent drivin a manual much, after my CDL training, i was given an Automatic.
handy andy (10 days ago)
Jeffrey Young (13 days ago)
My building in Delaware have hired over 20 drivers who don’t know how to drive manual. I think they are not making it mandatory anymore. We had a driver who couldn’t drive a manual. The supervisors had us switch his load to another truck. They can’t force you to drive a stick.
War Zone (2 months ago)
So as usual the new contract for teamsters will mostly benefit the drivers mostly as it has always done for the last 15+ years. If you work for UPS and are a part timer please vote "NO" on this new shitty contract!!!
War Zone (2 months ago)
Our part time health care insurance has been dumbed down to shit while they claim it's the best in the country. We get no coverage where we need it the most while full timers get coverage where they need it the least.
Andrew E. (2 months ago)
Thx for the video.. Do you know how long before health benefits kick in as a new driver coming into ups? I can't find this info anywhere.
Andrew E. (19 days ago)
+David Cantu I figured that out and turned down the job.
David Cantu (22 days ago)
A full year for package handlers, immediately for drivers and supervisor posistions.
Andrew E. (2 months ago)
I was told 1 yr by the manager on duty after he looked up the info in the union book. He had offered the job too.
That Boy Chen (2 months ago)
31 days
Raymond Batista Jr. (2 months ago)
Talk with more confidence. Everything you're saying sounds like a question. Besides that you've provided good info.
GennyKene (2 months ago)
honestly bro I made this video because I was bored and didnt expect more then 10 people to watch it O_o wasnt trying to be perfect but thank you for the feedback will use it next time
Jetta Hammond (3 months ago)
Ok so I'm a sorter and I've also been trained as a hazmt responder aka designated responder but with the hazmat responder, y you don't get to choose your hours. You have to be a responder for at least a year
eli W (8 days ago)
+Pimp Alchemist369 dont do drugs, dumbass. People are fucking stupid.
War Zone (2 months ago)
Good Luck.
War Zone (2 months ago)
it's seniority based, you can choose to get more or less hours based upon how much seniority you have. Getting into a responder job with very little seniority as I assume you have means no one above you wanted the job. Your basically a cleanup janitor fucker doing shit no one else wanted to do.
Pimp Alchemist369 (2 months ago)
Jetta Hammond alright thank you
Jetta Hammond (2 months ago)
+Pimp Alchemist369 to sort no. To work in hazmats, you have to get a physical before you can start training.
excision 556 (3 months ago)
I work for ups for 2yrs now I hate it its all bullshit the job is a fraud
Jeff Vanter (3 months ago)
Im very introverted and love working at UPS. Being union, I just nod my head to my supervisors and I think its funny but it works well for me.
Black Beauty (12 days ago)
Me too exactly the same.
Jeff Vanter (1 month ago)
More Deposits Absolutely.
More Deposits (1 month ago)
Do they hire overweight package handlers?
Jeff Vanter (2 months ago)
mrqslucas543 When you are hired at UPS, they will allow for you to sign a union card and give permission to the union to take out a small fee each paycheck. Considering that the union is there to protect you and your job, I would opt to join.
War Zone (2 months ago)
This company has trteated it;s part timers far to poorly for the last 12 years I have worked for UPS, please vote "NO" for this shitty contract
Sheldon Gourlay (3 months ago)
Any info on ups Europe? as I am based in Dublin for UPS.
Sheldon Gourlay (2 months ago)
War Zone we have a Union here in Dublin, Ireland, but it is not teamsters.
War Zone (2 months ago)
Are you unionized there in Europe? You part of teamsters?
kenpachi jayooo5 (3 months ago)
A few more pros 1.you get a pension 2.401k 3.you can make over $1,000 a week doing a drivers helper combo (work inside and then go out and help the drivers after your shift is over) 4. You get overtime after 5hrs or after 8 hrs if you do the drivers helper combo.
Balanced Chaos (4 months ago)
Nice job, man. :)