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4 Deadliest Snakes of India | A Survival Guide

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-HOW TO AVOID CLOSE ENCOUNTERS WITH SNAKES- Every year 50,000 men women and children die from snakebite in rural India. Most of these deaths can be prevented! Follow these simple guidelines to avoid snakebite. This film is the start of a public awareness campaign to teach people how to avoid snakes. The film will be dubbed in all regional languages and distributed throughout India, you can help by sharing it with everyone you know! Don’t miss our next short film *SNAKEBITE* on snakebite FIRST AID. What’s the most important thing to do in case of a snakebite: watch *SNAKEBITE* and find out! For further information about these films and our SNAKEBITE MITIGATION PROJECT contact: info@madrascrocodilebank.org To help fund our translation efforts please donate : https://www.generosity.com/education-fundraising/snake-bite-mitigation-in-rural-india/x/13828307
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Text Comments (908)
Rage.ModelsInc (17 hours ago)
People walking around at night barefoot living next to a forest knowing u have venomous snakes as neighbors ,WTF are u smoking ????
Knotty Toob (4 days ago)
Saw scale viper = Jalebi kung-fu master ;/)
m (4 days ago)
Volunteers to have your barefoot punched by a cobra for educational purposes...sign up here. Usually doesn't bite.
Stefan Hernold (3 days ago)
These people (India`s rural population) have been living alongside deadly snakes for millennia... then all of a sudden this fellow who most likely hails from a country of cool climate shows up and presumes to teach the locals what they`ve been doing wrong all the time: Snakebites, he says, are avoidable, and if 50 000 people in India annually die as a consequence of them, it is because nobody has yet come and enlightened them as to how to negotiate their way through a world teeming with dangerous snakes - snakes, that is, who are actually far from meaning harm to us, but sometimes can`t help statuating an example when, again, one of those Hindustani yokels treads upon one of them. Wonder why this fellow doesn`t get his head around the fact that India`s rural population has every reason to distrust a foreigner who comes from a country with, at worst, a minor snake problem to relegate their collective experience regarding snakes - experience gained in millennia - to the dustbin of superstition and prejudice, telling them that there`s no such thing as an aggressive snake and that the relatives, neighbours and friends who were snatched from their midst by way of snakebite, actually died as victims of their own ignorance. An outsider who probably never spent more than a couple of days in a snake-infested tropical environment has no shame to imply that Indian country folk whose forebears have been living under the constant threat of being bitten by highly venomous snakes for three thousand years, entertain a perfectly uncalled for attitude of hostility and fear toward snakes. While he doesn`t go so far as to unabashedly claim that there was no such thing as a dangerous snake, this is, as a matter of fact, the implicit tenor of his appearance before the locals in the village: Snakebites are nothing but a huge misunderstanding. Snakes aren`t out to get you, and if they do so nonetheless, it is because you yokels are lumbering about blindly instead of anticipating where the death-bringing critter may lie in wait. That these folks in rural India probably know better than anyone in the world how to *avoid* snakes; that death by snakebite is not due to a regrettable misunderstanding and a lack of education, but is simply a fact of life in much of the tropical world; a fact of life that could only be relieved if either the snakes or the humans (or both) disappeared; all these things simply do not occur to fellows like him.
Sharad Mishra (10 days ago)
Humans are more dangerous than snakes 🐍
Danielle Alexis M. Padilla (13 days ago)
If you encounter this Dont Be Run Go away slowly from Eye To Eye, Unless The Snake Can Catched and attack You Faster
Danielle Alexis M. Padilla (13 days ago)
The Philipine Cobra is the very most Venoumos and Deadliest In whole world
Padmini Ramaswamy (15 days ago)
How did they film the scenes where the person is shown rolling over the snake? Scary!!
Roger McKamey (15 days ago)
Good advice regardless of where you are
Gurmeet Singh (18 days ago)
6:35 omg moments
Abhay Shrivastava (19 days ago)
Just Wow !!!
Technical Baba G (23 days ago)
The most venomous Snake in the world is The belcher 's Sea snake
Trivikrama (24 days ago)
best video
Ash Ch (25 days ago)
Crisp and clean
Sahil Anand (24 days ago)
2pawscat Joan Hill (25 days ago)
I cant sleep now
Sahil Anand (24 days ago)
Vanditha Souk (26 days ago)
why I always shout shockingly whenever the red scene occur on the screen?
Krishna Gopal Sharma (27 days ago)
Just like third snake Once I was also sleeping in my bedroom and anyhow a snake baby was on my bed and that time I felt that there is a rubber and I felt it under my back. I rolled upon that baby snake and when my mum was cleaning the home, suddenly she cried and I just waked up saying what happen? Mum saw that the baby snake was rolled in my pinky finger just like rubber and it was dead. And that was a little cobra baby.
ChubRuk (30 days ago)
Why you walk barefoot at night
Tornado Rulz (1 month ago)
Ron Jeremy of Snake world ..
Peter Palmer (1 month ago)
I guess if I were to live in India and I never will, I would always carry a machete and chop them to bits.
John Wayne Gacy pogo the Clown (1 month ago)
The best defense is a good offense whenever you encounter a snake in the wild you should bite the animal first
Pizza Mac (1 month ago)
How are you filming so real with snakes and peoples😵😵
azad tarun (1 month ago)
What about king cobra
gary K (1 month ago)
50,000 per year!?!?!?! Doesn't sound like they avoid humans too well.
Anil Kumar (1 month ago)
Why do we need people from other countries telling about our snakes and nature 🤦‍♂️ doesn't we have people and institution
Allan Omondi (1 month ago)
intresting how kingcobra fears humans than how humans fears them!!
Dinesh Kumar (1 month ago)
Human life is much more important than a reckless snake..kill them if they found in your houses
surojeet chatterjee (1 month ago)
Bengal has Chandra Bora deadly Russell viper maybe.
Leonard Urban (1 month ago)
Is that Rom Whitaker?
Tricking tricks fun time (1 month ago)
You haven't mentioned king cobra
Andro Mac (1 month ago)
Hashirama Senju (1 month ago)
Why would you sleep outside?
Sameer Ummeda (1 month ago)
We Indians doesn't need any Nuclear Weapons in War. We need to through few Venomous snakes on Enemies
Antiquity Athletics Co. (1 month ago)
Best serpent doc on YouTube.
DreidMusicalX (1 month ago)
RV is a beautiful snake!
Pavan Kumar (1 month ago)
8:30 this is exactly what happened with me , I got fooled by its size thinking it's a baby snake flooded by river current lucky me it didn't had any strength left in it to do any harm to me . Just saved it with bare hands after coming home and searching in internet I realised it's a venomous .
andoreee (1 month ago)
Snakes gives warnings sometimes
Mark Carpeso (1 month ago)
It doesn't matter if the snake was venomous or not as long as you've seen one, go run!
mike89128 (1 month ago)
Several years ago I read the diary of a British contract doctor to the British Army in India at the turn of the 19/20th centuries. In the 3 years he was there he treated close to 1000 snake bites. He had a very high mortality rate due to the lapse of time from bite to treatment, often 2 hours or more. He found if the patient reached him within one hour he had a good chance of saving that person. "The Golden Hour" was in effect back then.
Melvin Paddit (1 month ago)
Oh my god Scary Hugtohug guys
Aditya Anant (1 month ago)
Mother nature is great. She cares of all her children!
Nuno Gonçalves (1 month ago)
I would have 50 dogs and 50 cats in that field
Mike Quesito (1 month ago)
The deadliest snake in India is the Indian itself. #hellforrapists #equalrights
R G (2 months ago)
Fantastic video from a legend, offering great advice on how to prevent unnecessary snake bites. The one thing that shocked me is how can any human being sleep outside and on the ground, with all these deadly serpents in the immediate area. That is surely tempting death and being incredibly stupid.
franesm rice (1 month ago)
It is cooler to sleep outside when your home is not cooled in a hot and humid environment. Sleep-deprivation is miserable and dangerous in it's own rite, so please don't judge someone by calling them stupid unless you have all the facts. Peace.
Joseph Thompson (2 months ago)
The cobra is actually a Indian Cobra.
Adil Sayyed (2 months ago)
Wht about king cobra. I had read tht king cobras r the most dangerous snake in the world. N mostly i found in south east asia which include india also
FinTaxPitika (2 months ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i9mXgpwTvRc&t=50s Dog v Centipede
MP Rabie (2 months ago)
9:08 I need the real songs name this was based off, please I've been looking for this song for years, I can't remember the name. Listened to it a lot as a teen.
Eldho Mohan (2 months ago)
Such a useful vedio...thankyou
Terry Blanton (2 months ago)
What happens now if everybody in India avoids the four deadliest snakes in their country and they are all biten by the fifth deadliest snake in India?
Anonymous Anonymous (2 months ago)
cobras are snake-eaters ...they're not hunting the rat they're hunting the snake that hunts the rat
Anindita Mridha (2 months ago)
2 minutes silence for those who thought those human foot is real..
Rupert Begg (2 months ago)
As an Australian I can’t help but say... How cute
homie beaglePG (2 months ago)
russel's viper was in my garden and we had lots of dogs so we called a snake catcher
AB Ba (2 months ago)
Do Not try this Snake and Foot dance.
Smitha Raghavan (2 months ago)
I luv King Cobra.... raised Hood - highly poisonous Venom - the Most Receptive crawling creatures of the planet - and yet tries to shy away frm Humans( the most poisonous of all Animals walking on Earth)...wen it just shams and dont strike.....💜💜 How on earth u made this video ..? I was startled by many of the picturisation esp ...the man turning his back on the krator in sleep ...😱👍 Very beautiful Nd Informative video🙏
mohammad Rafid (2 months ago)
Great subject 👌...can learn a lot
Tsuhazi Hazim (2 months ago)
When the cobra hit the leg, I was like 'how cute' 😍. What a shy snake.
joe doakes (2 months ago)
WHY , are they idiots walking around bare footed ?
Dream Saffron Country (2 months ago)
Pranjal Vats (2 months ago)
Sachin Rajput (2 months ago)
King cobra kaha gaya
propane butane (2 months ago)
This ia nothing. More deadly snakes in my friend circle.
Pelican beater (2 months ago)
Why? ....o why?....WHY!!!! Would someone sleep on the bare ground in a place where such dangerous snakes live???????
Raghu S gowda (2 months ago)
Thank you sir.
Rajnish Kumar (2 months ago)
Once a snake bites my wife... The doctor fought all the night but cannot save the poor snake 🐍
संदीप• (11 days ago)
Anish Kumbhar (1 month ago)
My condolences for you and that poor 🐍
Cousin Mike (1 month ago)
Haha haha !!🤣🤣🤣
Lian Khekuto (2 months ago)
This was good😂😂
Naveen Kumar (2 months ago)
English to தமிழ் Cobra - nagam /nalla paambu Krait - kattu viriyan Russell's viper - kannadi viriyan Saw scaled viper - surutai viriyan.
Aasif Khan (2 months ago)
All snakes were paid actors
Collen Tshepo (2 months ago)
My ex girl friend's name is Russell. Now I understand why she's so dangerous...
propane butane (2 months ago)
Not deadly until she bites you. Bang her from behind to reduce the risk of bite.
Jeff Burnham (2 months ago)
If it was a virus doing the killing it would be eradicated, what's the difference?
Gena Bargay (2 months ago)
If the snake did not have intention to bite & it's just a harmless tap on the foot, 50,000 people annually wouldn't die from snake bite's!!!
Goldfinders Variety Channel: Made for Kids. (2 months ago)
Mandatory Gum boots in the fields
Knotty Toob (4 days ago)
"Duck" boots :)
Goldfinders Variety Channel: Made for Kids. (2 months ago)
wayne shaw (2 months ago)
This video gave me a anxiety attack.Beautiful video and highly educational.
Kiran Kannappan (2 months ago)
Can you post the Kannada Version Please ?
shoab hussain (2 months ago)
Where is king cobra
Reachharris (2 months ago)
well made documentary
katrich61 (3 months ago)
A sure fire way to protect yourself againts snake bites, walk around with no shoe's on. 😕
Rob Smith (3 months ago)
great video and very informative..why don`t you ship these to pakistan by the truck full...lmao
Saanvika (3 months ago)
Thank you very much for posting this video about the snakes it is very helpful in our day to day life.
Nandan Bhat (3 months ago)
Salute to the old man's bravery
TheLuckyMasterSword (3 months ago)
Thats The Death Sound In Red Dead Redemption 2 6:18
RaMZ WoRLD (3 months ago)
Where is King Cobra?? Its the Deadliest one in India.. you just only captured vedio of snakes from North India😂.. Capture from South India.. There is even more Deadliest Snake
Prajwal Prajwal (3 months ago)
" IF ur BITTEN , Go to Hospital n Get AUNTY-VENOM "😂🤣😂
Ram (3 months ago)
Me watching how krait kills people while they sleeping at 3am
The Potato Mic (3 months ago)
Good vid
The Potato Mic (3 months ago)
The Potato Mic (3 months ago)
The Godfather (3 months ago)
In central India we don't have Vipers, most people die here due to the bite of Kraits, its venom is by far the most deadly of all in India.
Richard Martinez (3 months ago)
Clean, crisp presentation with no-nonsense or unnecessary drama.
Anonymous Anonymous (2 months ago)
not quite,the cobra is not a rat eater it's a snake-eater,they're not hunting the rat they're hunting the snake that eats the rat,and as for being scared of you a large king cobra is absolutely NOT scared of a 5'9 human when it's easily 8ft+ and knows it can kill a bull elephant..and using a torch is the most common reason to be bitten by any pit viper they see the heat..the information isn't quite accurate
The Truth Hurts (3 months ago)
India also has King Cobras right?
Anton Gomez (3 months ago)
Chaitanya Divate (3 months ago)
I spotted and correctly identified a Russell's Viper in a playground in Navi Mumbai when i was 11-12. Guess watching Animal Planet paid off
Arun Menon (3 months ago)
Very much informative video! Thanks
Akono Thompson (3 months ago)
Why did god make snakes in the first place omg
randomruata (3 months ago)
According to the bible, as a punishment for making eve ate the apple from tree of Life/truth , God put a curse on humans & snake to be an enemy forever! Snakes are not make to hurt us in the first place!
Kimberly Gabaldon (3 months ago)
What an excellent video! Easy to understand, simple steps outlined and will save lives.
vishnu suresh (3 months ago)
dsalpha18 (3 months ago)
We need impenetrable socks and maybe even underwear.
sunny sunny (3 months ago)
Rahul Gandhi is the most stupid snake in India
GGFCHMMAL (3 months ago)
India needs poison stations every where to get rid of rats.
Ola Goke (3 months ago)
excellent excellent video
Chris (3 months ago)
probs to the voluntary who pretended to sleep and roll over the snake for demonstration reasons. U are safing a lot of lifes.