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PT Walkley - Calvin the Coroner - Music Video

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Music video for 'Calvin the Coroner', from the album 'Mr. Macy Wakes Alone' by PT Walkley. animator: robert wallace http://www.oddballpictures.com/ character designs: dino alberto http://www.anidlerobot.com/ background designs: paul zdanowicz http://pzdesigns.carbonmade.com/ prop designs: kelly jones http://www.jellikonez.com/ michelle palumbo http://hamletmachine.deviantart.com/ directed by an idle robot http://www.anidlerobot.com/ Visit PT's website - http://www.ptwalkley.com Visit his MySpace page - http://myspace.com/ptwalkley
Category: Music
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Text Comments (6)
Buzz Goodrich (2 years ago)
Agreed-a bit of Sir Paul, the theatrics of Freddie, and the warped sensibility of Ray Davies. Wow....I'm just finding out about PT Walkley, and he sure as hell is full of surprises-GREAT stuff!
SkyProtonFood (8 years ago)
It’s like PT channeled his inner Paul McCartney & Freddie Mercury here.
naoussa2you2 (8 years ago)
This is GREAT!!!
Qmalvadore (9 years ago)
this is probably the coolest thing I've ever seen.
Nell Johnson (10 years ago)
this is fantastic why didnt more people watch this??????
Joseph Michael (10 years ago)
You guys are AMAZING