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SPOILED GIRL Thinks She Owns the World

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SPOILED GIRL THINKS SHE OWNS THE WORLD! Were you spoiled as a kid? Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack and enable notifications! http://bit.ly/SubSSSniperWolf Watch SPOILED GIRL gets a LAMBO for her birthday... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VCxNOReFNQ0 Hi I'm SSSniperWolf! You can call me Lia, Sniper Wolf, whatever! I upload videos every single day! Follow me: Instagram: http://instagram.com/sssniperwolf Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/sssniperwolf Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sssniperwolf SPOILED GIRL Thinks She Owns the World https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0lvJYVOgbG4 SSSniperWolf https://www.youtube.com/SSSniperWolf
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Text Comments (50958)
HyperDarknessX10 (10 minutes ago)
baby that won : why is that GROWN LITTLE BABY crying bruh how is it gronw and little
Ahmed (15 minutes ago)
Who cringed when she said 2019 and your in 2020
Danica Gordic (24 minutes ago)
What a bossy but!
Danica Gordic (25 minutes ago)
LOL this girl is gone bananas
SlimeBall (39 minutes ago)
This brat thinks she looks SO sexy
Vida Mankowski (47 minutes ago)
The second one I laughed so hard at when the baby won instead of her
KawaiiMochii (59 minutes ago)
i’M tHe BiGgEsT cElEbRiTy! Every celebrity in le world: nO.
Balbasaurus (1 hour ago)
What is wrong with her
windy (1 hour ago)
This is meme, and I love it
BFox Gamer (1 hour ago)
she said the baby cant sing
Beatrice huh Snyder (1 hour ago)
I’m not the only one who thought she was gonna swear like if u thought that too and reply
Charlene Blount (1 hour ago)
I wonder if those girls moms have questioned their mistake of a child.I would smack my child if they were like that like FR
BananaPuppy130 (1 hour ago)
They’re famous because of being spoiled brats
Christmas Spirit (2 hours ago)
kordulus (2 hours ago)
Pretty sure SSSniper was near the same age as this girl when this was a thing.
Zane Ramoso (2 hours ago)
Such a spoiled girl😠😡
Alan Lim (3 hours ago)
Mom: are you beautiful Her: OF COURSE mom: why Her: cause I HAVE A BOYFRIEND Mom: WHAT her: yes
Nils Enge (3 hours ago)
You lose
Nils Enge (3 hours ago)
That Baby:Muahaha
Strawberry Cherry (3 hours ago)
This girl has blonde hair though not brown
Ali Emad (4 hours ago)
Omg lia is like a TOASTER get it 😅😅😅
• solomon • (5 hours ago)
I would literally lock her in my closet
Cotton Candy girl (5 hours ago)
I'm kinda like that girl if someone is the same as me imma through a FIT THIS MEANS WARRRRRRR
fly wolf (5 hours ago)
If i was like this girl my mom would watch me like Ò^Ó. WHERE'S MY FLIP FLOPS
LockieM2010 Playz (5 hours ago)
I feel so sorry for the mum and dad
EURE VEBB (6 hours ago)
Kung kamag anak ko. Lang yang batang yan. Sa taal volcano bagsak nyan hinayupak amp huta hahahha
MoonlightPlays (6 hours ago)
8:13 I laugh like that😅😅
MoonlightPlays (6 hours ago)
I'm 13, I'm a kid too and I'm not spoiled like this kid. Even, I never seen such a kid in my life until now😅😆
SEGAheros11 (6 hours ago)
I got a sonic movie ad when I was watching the video also when I didn’t beginning watching this
SEGAheros11 (6 hours ago)
The baby deserves to win even tho she can’t talk or crawl she deserves it still
SEGAheros11 (6 hours ago)
0:57 girl falls down *OOF*
SEGAheros11 (6 hours ago)
Radio: Stops working Girl: My radio is dead I CANT FIX IT Radio: Minecraft dead sound
Astha Playsroblox (7 hours ago)
Trust me if I do any of these I would not have been commenting right now I would be dead 💀
Jasper Kiem (8 hours ago)
My kid: daddy you are a the worst person for not making the 20 layer cake blue Me: grabs plate smeers cake on her dress and wiping her with a belt and duck taps to wall
Cheyenne Zima (8 hours ago)
The end was so funny
Silke Scheuer (8 hours ago)
I feel bad for the girl cause she just was raised wrong
Centrex Gaming OFFICIAL (8 hours ago)
I Want a Spoiled child So i can smack her/him
Blùe Wølf (9 hours ago)
This is How many people who's Sniper's fans! V
ArcherKid (9 hours ago)
Gacha Pastel (10 hours ago)
Brenna : I'm bigger and I had brown hair when I was a baby DUH Me : Same with me, I'm one of the tallest in my school year and I'm blonde now and I had brown hair when I was little sooooo
Corazon Domingo (10 hours ago)
I HATE SPOILED GIRL'S I only love normal girl
Melatonic (11 hours ago)
Teach them a lesson
Nuriat Naluyange (11 hours ago)
Brenna : curse you daddy Me : subhanallah 😱
Nuriat Naluyange (11 hours ago)
Im soo happy that god (allah) gave me parents that raised me in a good manner
Christie Johnson (12 hours ago)
Jhon Phillip (12 hours ago)
Fortnite is the best but it sucks now
See Nay (12 hours ago)
Hit this if u Want To slapped them ⬇️
Valerie Lamas (13 hours ago)
Hit this if you don't love bratz. 👇😑😡
JM Aguilar (13 hours ago)
Mommy: " You have to get ur beauty sleep" Her: " I don't believe in that , cause I'm always beautiful" Me: " b***h what ?
Allan Trujillo (13 hours ago)
She so ruude
lien taitano (13 hours ago)
SSSniper: damm that girl doesn’t look 8.. Me: That girl before didn’t look 6
bailey the german shepard (13 hours ago)
I have watch ed this with messyourself
Minnie Desantiago (13 hours ago)
Spoiled brats get to lose lol cuz the more spoiled and bratty the more you lose
A bot Oof (13 hours ago)
I am spoiled but I am greatful
A bot Oof (13 hours ago)
Yay I love spoiled brats cough* sarcasm cough*
Riley B. (13 hours ago)
I need to stop watching shows like this. Between this and Supernanny I just can’t.
Nash Jackson (13 hours ago)
Imagine the first one with a hover board Brenna: (throws hover board) you didn’t charge it daddy!
Fouzia Doubiany (14 hours ago)
Nobody owns the world except God
Katelynn Markle (14 hours ago)
I would have slapped those kids told no and to suck it up buttercup because you don't get everything you want. that is what I call horrible parenting
lien taitano (14 hours ago)
Wow. I know I was pretty stubborn but not THIS stubborn!
Ant3609 (14 hours ago)
That little girl ain’t cleopatra that’s satin
daniel zuver (14 hours ago)
7:03 she would destroh the planent first day in office
Fergus Parke (14 hours ago)
Noah get the belt
norababoraa (14 hours ago)
Wait so if 6 is 18 That means- *I'm a boomer*
Andrew Silberberg (14 hours ago)
if i my kids talked to me like that i would fucking murder them
FofanaSosana 445 (14 hours ago)
4:32 My hell Spawn scream is way worse...
Rainbow Noelle (14 hours ago)
My little sister is a show off and spoiled I just hate how she shows off
Brenda Adrian suji (14 hours ago)
Spoiled brats are made by their parents cause they give them everything they want😡😡
Cass Lee (15 hours ago)
spoiled stu pid girl:*crys like a shitting baby* me:*laughs*then smack her face
Dorothy Mauermeyer (15 hours ago)
wold anyone else just slap them and tell them that is wrong and tell them to go home AND DO NOT CALL YOUR DAD A PEASANT YOU ARE NOT THAT IMPORTANT THAT YOU CAN CALL YOUR DAD A PEASANT
ItsWolfCraft (15 hours ago)
4:24 my favorite part😂
Awesome 26 (15 hours ago)
I just think the baby is smarter than the sassy nannsy
Arunavo Chatterji (15 hours ago)
4:31 My dog was sleeping, then he got up and moved away
Yeet Meh 。- 。 (15 hours ago)
If i was 21 then i would have this kind of kid shes getting killed
Emma Sun (15 hours ago)
The girl: Hey mommy, can you get me some money please? Her mom: Hey can you get yourself a brain please?
JORDYN NIPP (15 hours ago)
Tap this if u smack her!👇🏻
Famous Tiger (16 hours ago)
BRAT KID: Does anything bratty SSSniperWolf: I’m about to ruin this mans whole career
Kari Parker (16 hours ago)
💃into this☻
Kari Parker (16 hours ago)
She don't have brown hair she got blonde
flipisshady (16 hours ago)
“DOWN.”OK.” Me Shut up and don’t talk to me like that!
Barbie Chung (16 hours ago)
5:03 List of better celebs: Johnny Orlando, Justin Bieber, JoJo Siwa, Cameron Boyce, Dantdm, SSSniper Wolf
Lam Eric (16 hours ago)
I like watching spoiled brats but I hate spoiled brats
Jake the wolf dog Animations and gameplay (16 hours ago)
The first one was not OK but the second one was OK not really though but if I have twin babies that were just like this let me tell you something I want to wrap them with a belt so they know who’s boss
Steve Ibbitson (16 hours ago)
I was watching the video then got an ad with sssniperwolf in it
Krystle Barron (16 hours ago)
This is jojo sewat when she's younger .
Jada Volair (16 hours ago)
She looks like a Barbie😆😂wow she's is just so spoiled brat.
Hodan Abdirahman (17 hours ago)
Who jealous .no body jealous .who will be jealous of you.
Raquel Pena (17 hours ago)
GIRL:curse u daddy!! dad:flip u princess Me:like if u hate spoiled brats
Belzania Romeus (17 hours ago)
Her:boi fix it your useless
Belzania Romeus (17 hours ago)
Me:yo mom give me it
ELYSE Ozomah (17 hours ago)
She didnt say SEE she said SING you DIDNT hear it right
Sarah Olsakovsky (17 hours ago)
me in the girl's face but about to laugh so hard i cry
Karin Yonsson (17 hours ago)
STOP because I do that laugh 🤬🤬😡
Zainab Rehman (17 hours ago)
I hate spoiled brats meh
Geneva Murray (17 hours ago)
wow just wow
reyah casilimas (17 hours ago)
Sheesh I'm not even sassy
XxItzKellyxX (17 hours ago)
ok this 6 year old don’t know anything so she ain’t a grown up yet
aby UwU lol (18 hours ago)
10:5 lol
Emily Warrick (18 hours ago)
Lol the play car the little girl had i have it
Samuel Millos (18 hours ago)
10:52-10:54 made me say YESssSS!!!! Enjoy PAIN B$@ch