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2324 Beautiful Peterbilt backing up

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juanca maney (3 days ago)
I guess i aint getting a spread axle anytime soon.
Paolo Zanconato (4 days ago)
For park trailer the best is short cab over old school... is matematic... best parcking=freightliner Argosy 2020 version.
justin b (7 days ago)
You jinxed him man!
iamhim716 (7 days ago)
He had a rough time backing the trailer...bet bet has a nice truck...
celnav2 celnav2 (9 days ago)
Yeah you definitely made him nervous 😬... don’t look at me look away!!!
Dicky Miller (10 days ago)
Did he drop it because of the longer wheel base on his Pete?
Brian Morgan (11 days ago)
Brian Morgan (11 days ago)
JBG you shouldn't have recorded him he probably does better not under press you filming him...lol
Rodney Fultz (11 days ago)
I'm embarrassed for him ! there isn't any reason why he should be parked like that in the dock doors !! Wow !
JBG TRAVELS (11 days ago)
Hello Rodney, this place is very tight, the white angle camera does not convey it properly
Criss Hsk (13 days ago)
You were right! He knows what he's doing! :)
tj dup (16 days ago)
nice truck but that was ugly
Philippe Godemer (19 days ago)
20,17 ......
Javier Aviles (19 days ago)
You will park in the half of the tie and straight
Sean Givens (20 days ago)
He looks cool now. Lol
Lawrence House (27 days ago)
I have a spot I go to in Washington and everybody just steers at you and 😏 knowing it wasn’t easy for them either the trailer is so far back from the truck that this makes it even a harder back
Lawrence House (27 days ago)
This kind of spots are ridiculous when u don’t even have enough room to pull out to leave because there are trucks on both sides of you and your end of trailer will end up scraping a drivers fender this might not be like that but there are a lot of places like that I don’t care how much experience anyone has there’s spots that are tricky for anyone all u can do is take your time and get out as many times as it takes is rather get out 5 or 6 times then damage other vehicles or property
graham duke (27 days ago)
i sound a prick when i read my comments back but even over here i have a go yes we all have to learn so practis more I know when i had a draw bar a frame i was doing it all the time the guy who trained me said when you stop sweating your getting better hehehe and we in the UK drive right hookers and all the bays in Europe are for left hookers stay safe
Angus Copland (27 days ago)
I'm guessing that 53' on the front of the trailer, is the overall length of it.
Cali_ Native559 (27 days ago)
Bruh i had my day not to long ago were i couldn’t back in into an open do k to save my life! Been to that shipper before and backed it in first time on my first try. Second time around i picked up again from same shipper i could not back it in it took me about 30 min smh😭
Cali_ Native559 (27 days ago)
Yea its different being outside and watching it then being behind the wheel and actually doing it. So many angles you have to watch make sure you don’t hit anything or anyone
JBG TRAVELS (27 days ago)
Because of the wide angle camera, this place is a lot tighter than it looks
graham duke (27 days ago)
is reversing part of the test in America how did he pass he would never get a job at my company on that showing you want to see the women in Sweeden revers there road trains onto banks first class drivers
JBG TRAVELS (27 days ago)
This place is very tight, I know the video doesn’t make it look so but it really is. Not to mention the extended hood
graham duke (27 days ago)
my 20 yr old son could do better its always true get set right before reversing that is the trick to get the trailer over from the start should give himmy road train he would still be there
JBG TRAVELS (27 days ago)
Let’s not get into the pissing contest not everyone is trained by the same person some have bad teachers
Trent C (3 months ago)
I see that Peterbilt all the time in Oklahoma
jose Estrada (3 months ago)
Long haul experience not parking experience Those long haul drivers don't load that often like us that have to load and unload every day (PARKING IN HARD PLACES LIKE THE L.A MARKET) THATS WHEN YOU REALLY GET THE BACKING UP EXPERIENCE.
snapped32 (3 months ago)
Backing a super stretch rig dont look like any fun.
MerlinMoorlo (3 months ago)
JBG TRAVELS (3 months ago)
emptypockets (3 months ago)
Man what a hack job that's a easy back shinny wheels cant back it up
Roy Lehew (4 months ago)
NOTICE--Another one bites the dust L.M.E--Lakeville Motor Express 😥😥
YouTube junkie (4 months ago)
Idk. He's not that good. I think he came from the bar with his daddy's truck lol
ali Keighobadi (4 months ago)
An Easter European driver with a wide moth. They are everywhere, UK, Germany, France, and now USA! Like brittles.
Ed Bowl (4 months ago)
Josh Raeburn (4 months ago)
Probably didnt want that truck getting hit by one of the other two when they left
Alberto Morales (4 months ago)
and this is a professional driver??? see all that truck and trailer can't even know how to park those huys can only drive forward...AND THATS IT
Xpedition 4wrd (4 months ago)
I know Swift drivers can understand what he's going threw right now....
Gerard Vriend (4 months ago)
Swift did a better job!
Gerard Vriend (4 months ago)
Why do you Amerikans not have 3 axels like we have in Europe? Much easier to turn in!
Gerard Vriend (4 months ago)
Why did he not kill the cooler? This only heats up the trailer And the cooler is freezing!
Samurai Bushido (4 months ago)
I'm sure that the intentions of your videos are to be helpful to less experienced Professional CDL Drivers, however I think that it is very wrong of you to film other drivers without first explaining your intentions and then asking the driver if he or she would mind your recording them while docking. We have enough on our minds without having to wonder why you all of a sudden decided to video record him. I'd be willing to bet that he visits that facility often and normally has no problem docking. I'd also be willing to bet that he has more experience than you and if he honestly needed your assistance that he would have asked for it. Now, he has some hayseed who doesn't know enough to realize that you've first made him nervous by videoing him, then pissed him off by signaling and commenting. I'm glad after handling and hauling a wide variety of HazMat Waste for 36 years that I'm retired for almost 3 years now and don't have to deal with morons like yourself that spent $5K on a CDL Training Program and now you're a know-it-all. You're probably one of those clowns who thinks it's funny to yawn on your C.B. The only good thing that would have been nice about this video would have been if that driver came over and broke his boot off up inside your ignorant ass!
dan johnson (4 months ago)
lol well he talked a good game at the beginning but loll turned out to be an idiot that keeps trying to do the same thing just keep getting jacked up further and further - sad how many can not back a truck
Aaron Peavler/Geomodelrailroader Railroad Photography (4 months ago)
did you see that car? he went though there where he was backing up you don't do that that is dangerous.
Bernie Sands (4 months ago)
Who tf put this guy in a Pete it's to much truck for 'em!
DigitalPluk Music (4 months ago)
Is this the dock from hell? And you must run dedicated, why are you always here? And someone please come get this damn Piggly Wiggly trailer!!
Luch Hodorog (4 months ago)
I shunt for a living I see 15-20 minute back up jobs all the time.. It's preety imbaresing.. Specially with a nice rig like this and a "professional" driver like this.. Lmfao😂😅😂
ZooSiab (5 months ago)
Norfolkc (5 months ago)
Who taught him to drive his mother
erick moralez (5 months ago)
He sucks
Reyneiro Vega-Tirado (5 months ago)
WOW! How did you said? You know you can tell a Professional truck driver what he's doing. hahaha my ASS! I've trovan trucks for 5 years and it looks like he has more years of driving but that was one of the worst backing up and I've ever seen and yes I seen worst. For crying out loud that was 20 minutes long lol
Vitalik Rukosuyev Freeride2w900 (5 months ago)
He’s not a professional driver he doesn’t know how to freaking drive a classic truck I should’ve been parked already and five minutes
Vitalik Rukosuyev Freeride2w900 (5 months ago)
He’s not a professional driver he doesn’t know how to freaking drive a classic truck I should’ve been parked already and five minutes
uhavemooface (5 months ago)
Hey I don't know if you notice this but your go pro makes the trailers look like they are not straight when they back up.
JBG TRAVELS (5 months ago)
But I don’t own a gopro
Stock Fadi (5 months ago)
I drive a long nosed pete . . believe me, backing these bitches up ain't easy. .The turn radius sucks balls. . infact, I had to back up into the same dock as JGB at some cold storage place in Modesto. . Took me forever to get in straight .. Ohh well ..
K Dubbin (5 months ago)
So many fools in this comment section haven’t backed ANYTHING with a hood or above a 240 WB and love to talk lmaoooooo
Thomas Johnson (6 months ago)
DMV in the state of Virginia you are only allowed 2 pull- ups an 1 goal..anything more then that you FAIL the backing an the CDL DRIVER TEST...
neckarsulme (6 months ago)
I guess a 25'tractor looks cool going down the road, but not very practical in these types of situations
William Hendrix (6 months ago)
for all the keyboard warriors out there, I’d like to see you do this after driving for 11 hours, possibly on very little sleep and eating shitty truckstop food every day.
The Ladies Man (6 months ago)
Also he has a larger turn radius then most trucks. Look at all that space. Like cheating!
The Ladies Man (6 months ago)
Here is the obstruction in the video again. They just need to put cameras right in that spot so ever one can see
Minnesota made Texas raised (6 months ago)
to all the people that can't see the issue I take it y'all can't backup a big rig either
Minnesota made Texas raised (6 months ago)
this is so irritating I don't even have a license but I worked on 18-wheelers for 6 years and always had to back these 53-foot reefer into our shop the drivers that used to bring them to the shop and they could not back them in to the shop but I can do it I got more miles going backwards than these drivers got going forward.. come on.. 10-4
Stock Fadi (6 months ago)
Hell, this dude has probably been driving for 20 + years and is having trouble. . I don't feel bad about my backing skills at all now
Robert McIntosh (6 months ago)
What a shocker of a delivery location. A crazy expectation on the warehouse owners behalf to have such limited room for rigs of this size!!. And I also can’t believe you just stood there and filmed the whole nasty episode John... Surely the Christian values you continually espouse would have prompted you to get off your ass and help guide this trucker back - or at least be seen to be making some effort to help out!! No road to Damascus experience for your fellow trucker in this episode Johnboy!!
Japhet Anciado (7 months ago)
He ain't a bad driver.. He didn't hit anything and everyone has their bad days.. Can we just appreciate that sexy ass flatop 389👍👍👍🚛🚛
Gelo El Leones (7 months ago)
karamjit singh (7 months ago)
It is taking him a long time to back on the dock. He never jumped out of his cab to see where he is going though. You got to get the position right at first.
mollenauero3 (7 months ago)
Truck driver my ass!!
Rigby the Bulldog (7 months ago)
he's lost his 90 backup skills over time
Dennis Bryant (7 months ago)
You are forgiven my friend
FIDEL NAVARRO (7 months ago)
Pues yo no soy trailero y mis respetos a quienes lo son. Pero, como que sí se tardó mucho en estacionarlo no?
El cabra nano (2 months ago)
Lo ponen nervioso
JAROCHO vlogs (7 months ago)
Nomanchez....esta bien penco este vato...tampoco soy trailero...pero si le falta mucho..para estacionarlo en tres puntos
46erbfume (7 months ago)
He has so much space between tractor and trailer sure that made it harder but it's his truck should know how to drive it. He got it in there
TT 4 (7 months ago)
Some of you saying he needs more practice probably never even backed in a U-Haul Truck and trailer and that’s beyond shorter lol, he did not hit anything either!!
Leonardo Ramos (7 months ago)
Chulada de camión y caja me gusta 🤗🤗🤗🤔🙄😏
melissa Tracer (7 months ago)
at 10,53, he should steer to the right hard More room to plus his trailer would line up Ahwel downdide of long whell basis.
Wei Wddd (7 months ago)
I don't understand why he put truck and trailer at 90 degree? why he doesn't pull the tractor straight?
anisocoro (7 months ago)
Perhaps this is an already asked question, but I have not managed to dfind how long can be a trailer of a sem-truck. I have read of trailers 53 feet long, but I do not know if this is one of the possible lenghts permitted or if it is the maximum allowed
Toxic Venom (7 months ago)
Always love your videos. Stay safe out there pal. Keep the wheels turning. Shiny side up.
Al Jackson (7 months ago)
I just ate 3 Snickers watching that! Anybody have any milk?!
thaintriguing1 (13 days ago)
He need some milk
Winmike Sobros (30 days ago)
Tom Wyatt (7 months ago)
OMG, I lost count of the pull up's! Has he ever backed this truck up before??
No one important to you (7 months ago)
Way too long for me just flash that's all it is.
Bulletman7 (7 months ago)
it's must have to keep 3 muslim wives in the tool box, so you can simply un-hitch & let them push the trailer into the loading dock
Gilbert Estrada (7 months ago)
If your going to be a truck driver u better know how to open your truck there was room a driver should no how to park his truck like that
Gilbert Estrada (7 months ago)
Op your truck sorry
Ralph Peer (7 months ago)
Sorry. The Trailer isn’t to long. Neither is the truck. Long wheel base isn’t the problem. Driver was just having a bad day.
daniel taylor (7 months ago)
How'd this clown get this seat??? I've seen better backing in first try trucking school attendees!!! He Better Drop it ,,, what's the guy on the chute next to him supposed to do, take a nap till he leaves??? If he would of reverse button hooked it he coulda pivoted 1 time and got a straight shot!!! 1 and Done!!! YOU HILLBILLY!!!lol!!! He'd Never Make it in the Tight markets of the Bronx, Philly , la etc. 15min to back an adjustable Spread??? With all that seeable space? In the Daylight???Shame Shame big JIM !!!he!he!
E M (7 months ago)
It needs the wind deflectors above the sleeper. otherwise is burning about 400 a week in extra fuel .
E M (7 months ago)
The problem I see are those yellow poles. On the right . And the spread pread axle. Pluse a long wheel base it takes distance to react .
lawrence cook (7 months ago)
don't make me come out of retirement
Mayan Chitimaucha (7 months ago)
Why not hard right to pull the trailer square on a pull up?
Mayan Chitimaucha (7 months ago)
@Juan Gonzalez he doesn't have enough room for adjusting so that would be the only way hard right, forward just pass line, then straight as much as space allows then back
Juan Gonzalez (7 months ago)
That's what I was thinking hard right
Russ RV Freedom 37 (7 months ago)
took all damn day to get it in...
Ben Epp (7 months ago)
You got to be kidding me ? fire his ass
Ben Epp (7 months ago)
Firdt of all the whell base on his truck is too long.
Ben Epp (7 months ago)
again what is he doing?
Diesel Smoker (7 months ago)
If you drive a rig like this you are allowed to park like that as well.
Ben Epp (7 months ago)
what is he doing?
Ernie Walker (7 months ago)
start over
Charles Wilcher (8 months ago)
Some can back up good but thats the place where newbies get hung up very nice peterbuilt. Flatop the spread axle s are nice
Rodney Crutchley (8 months ago)
Now Did He Say Now Watch That Asshole Rise Up ?
keelo v (8 months ago)
Only thing good about this video was the trailer took him was to long to back u👎👎👎👎
primalfury2011 (8 months ago)
he doesnt look like a super trucker.. but it is a tight spot....long ass truck spread axle.....
Mick Boakes (8 months ago)
Don’t think he’s that good. Making a real pigs ear of it. Hope there’s a gas station close handy
demetrius hill (8 months ago)
I think you got out of truck to be nosey my thought
CON SMYTH (8 months ago)
hold the cam still your making us dizzy u cnt
JBG TRAVELS (8 months ago)
Just reminding you that you have the option to change channel sir
ben ben (8 months ago)
why all the extra work for lower mpgs?