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Richard Quest: Companies should follow Starbucks’ example

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CNNMoney’s Richard Quest explains why Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson’s actions after two men were arrested in a Starbucks show companies like Facebook and Equifax how to handle a crisis.
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The Great Hawk (9 months ago)
Please CNN, I want to hear Mr. Richard Quest read the following nonsense rhyme on air: "I like to eat poptarts, I like to eat pie, I look at the ground, Then I look in the sky!" Come on CNN, you'll look cool and funny and hip. Pretty please, he has the greatest voice ever. Everyone give this as many thumbs up as you can and we'll petition them until he does it. Signed, The Great Hawk
hellasow b (10 months ago)
United, Facebook, and Equifax are doing just fine and they did not have to give in to social pressure.
Atipat12 (10 months ago)
Atipat12 (10 months ago)
Great 😎😎😎😎😎
book marks (10 months ago)
What a fucking delusion cuck.
Hot Sas (11 months ago)
Is it a crisis or a Culture ?
Chris Gouger (11 months ago)
Companies should not virtual signal and make political statements which alienates customers and hurts quarterly profits. Companies need to stay Apolitical.
Santiago Bron (11 months ago)
maybe black should follow the example of asians. at gun point maybe the'll finally stop committing violent crime.
Серж Шуляченко (11 months ago)
Trump's move. US companies that have fallen under US sanctions have requested liquidity in the amount of about 100 billion rubles., - RF Ministry of Finance https://censor.net.ua/news/3062529/podpavshie_pod_sanktsii_ssha_rossiyiskie_kompanii_zaprosili_likvidnost_na_summu_okolo_100_mlrd_rub_minfin
J1.92c (11 months ago)
True! Im done with facebook. And ilI dont fly with that airline. Because they dont respect their customers.
Bee Juice (11 months ago)
And silence the employees so no one hears the other side of the story.
Joe Nuxhall (11 months ago)
Nothing went wrong assholes, they were “Loitering” ...Fuck off with your cucked white bullshit...only a chicken shit white liberal would blame the manager
Kolum Vime (11 months ago)
wtf is this bullshit? The manager was right, those idiots don't deserve nothing.
Son Of Anarchy (11 months ago)
Psyop.....the world is a stage
fish (11 months ago)
Fuck this shit. It had nothing with them being black but with them taking space in a fucking store and not purchasing anything also refusing yo leave after the manager told them to not to mention they fucking dared her to call the police. Fuck these sensitive liberal cucks. America is so fucking sensitive towards the wrong issue.
Chore Boy (11 months ago)
“Crisis?” What!? The men refused employees requests to buy something or leave. The store isn’t a hang-out. Buy a 50 cent apple to shut them up. Instead, they loiter and get the police called as a result. The employee followed store policy as it applies to everyone. Then the men refused police orders to leave, because they are trespassing on _private property,_ so they were cuffed and held for a few hours. What did Starbucks do wrong? Nothing. Nothing at all. Had these been two white men—assuming anyone cared enough to write about a non-issue concerning white people—the title would likely talk about how the white dudes assumed their “privilege” would keep them safe from punishment and the fact they weren’t jailed is proof of their privilege. In the end, the employee followed simple policy that virtually every restaurant enforces. The men were the ones in the wrong. Starbucks showed everyone how to bend under the weight of undue criticism by people who are just this side of using extortion. They implied that white people are expected to follow rules, but non-white people are less capable of understanding something _so_ confusing, so their employees need _special_ training on how to cater to them. That’s not expecting less of non-white people, it’s assuming non-whites don’t have the capacity to follow extremely simple, understandable, and justified rules. Which is the racist ideal again? Oh yeah, rules that apply to everyone equally. That’s not equality, apparently.
Entertain MINT (11 months ago)
Those two black men were in the wrong. They might have been terrorist.
Void Divided By Zero (11 months ago)
Starbucks is offering lifetime free coffee to African Americans as reparations for what happened. If you're an African American, go in and demand your free coffee. If they don't give it to you, call them racist. You people are used to getting your way like that.
cantthinkofone77 (11 months ago)
I will never ever make another purchase at Starnutz. But I will overly use their washroom.
whitey badger (11 months ago)
Starbucks hates black people. This is a perfect example of the people they hire. Shame shame starbucks. Can we have this conversation
Happy SLARTIBARTFAST (11 months ago)
Yes please follow the example of a company that just took its company policy which was not racist in the least it was based on best business practices for the area. Yes please nullify any private companies policy in favor of b*******. It is nothing new that if you want to loiter you have to buy something so you're not loitering. Had nothing to do with them being black it had everything to do with them being divisive and refusing to abide by the company policy. Basically Starbucks just set a precedence for the entire service industry. Get ready for more of this being the norm. These entitled sjw's are going to walk into your business and the man in the world and if you don't give it to them they will call you a racist and you will been to their will it is a deconstruction of civilization in America.
Supraking12 (11 months ago)
This is stupid and going overboard
Conservative Hamster (11 months ago)
LOL, CNN still remains delusional and lunatic. all companies should follow starbucks' example, lol.
Officer Orange cheetolini (11 months ago)
Stop lying
Nathan Dryer (11 months ago)
https://youtu.be/NsdOMrnRsvE This is Starbucks...
Telebubbies (11 months ago)
0:22 so if I go into someones house and they ask me to leave but I won't leave, will I get arrested for doing nothing? Yes. CNN is really condoning trespassing
L Lee (10 months ago)
Telebubbies https://youtu.be/JVKZqbzDUl4
Telebubbies (11 months ago)
The point remains this; the cops were doing their jobs. They were asked by employees and the manager to remove these people as they were not leaving when asked to. The cops then had to removed them or they wouldn't be doing their job
Telebubbies (11 months ago)
They used the bathroom. The store has a rule against using it without paying for anything. They ignored the employees telling them to not use it.
Telebubbies (11 months ago)
No. It's called damage control and they did it right. If they disagreed, some misinformed people who take things out of context will get mad at Starbucks. It's like when your girlfriend is wrong but you just say she is right to make her calm down
Chore Boy (11 months ago)
Zaheer Kader I’ve also seen plenty of non-white people do it as well. Stores often don’t enforce this policy unless they’re giving the employee an issue or some other problem. They asked to use the bathroom and the bathroom is for paying customers (I’ll agree this policy is unreasonable), so they probably got frustrated with the barista. The barista likely didn’t want to deal with it, so they attempted to boot them for loitering and the two men probably figured they had the right to be there. We likely will never know what was going through their minds at the time and it’s useless to pick at it because the well has been poisoned. The fact remains that the barista was in the right. You’ll never see this about white people because even if one did claim racism and it truly was that, they likely wouldn’t be taken seriously and it definitely wouldn’t be a story (except maybe on Fox News and Breitbart). But people rarely complain because they understand the concept of paying customers in a private establishment and the fact restaurants reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.
Steve Spam (11 months ago)
Excellent, now I can sit in Starbucks all day and not buy anything. It's a wonderful time to be alive!
Telebubbies (10 months ago)
You can live there if you want. Apparently it's now a place where you can go to because they offer free real estate.
Steve Spam (10 months ago)
The funny thing is the manager is apparently a big social justice warrior, who routinely lectures people on the correct pronouns to use with transgenders. So the idea that she's racists is pretty funny. How did we go from the word "racist" meaning genocidal maniacs like Hitler to today where it's just anyone who offends anyone of another skin color? The word no longer means anything.
Chris Henson (10 months ago)
Steve Spam Starbucks set the example and if i was the other establishment's with policy to prevent loitering i would be mad and worried.Starbucks is weak and i feel sorry for that employee that got fired it looks like now she is going to be a millionaire after she sues the hell out of starbucks.
Steve Spam (10 months ago)
Nah, because now if they throw a white guy out, I can claim that it's racism against whites, since they've established that they allow blacks to loiter.
DublinDapper (11 months ago)
There was no crisis
Wendy Alexander (11 months ago)
Example? Don't make it q black issue, make it a people issue like the two guys Want!Even homeless people deserve consideration and yes, sensitivity training is needed!
Wendy Alexander (11 months ago)
C. Lincoln you're sure, you've been there?
Wendy Alexander (11 months ago)
C. Lincoln look, many people go into starbucks and CAN'T sit for any reason unless they buy something! . This isn't right. Maybe they're waiting for someone, maybe not. But they started this policy to deter homeless people from sitting on their property because they DIDN'T look right! .This manager flipped out for the wrong reasons. Those gentlemen do not want to make it a BLACK issue, they're smart. It's a people issue!
C. Lincoln (11 months ago)
But it was a black issue. Because I'm sure that white manager has seen countless white people going to "her store" and not buying anything anything and hasn't called the police. They committed the sin of waiting at star bucks while being black.
Bo Rood (11 months ago)
No loitering, dindus!
Traditionalist (11 months ago)
more white cuckery
Conservative Hamster (11 months ago)
CEO's like holward schultz and kevin johnson have gotten their testicles plucked off and replaced with soy beans
Martin Shkreli (11 months ago)
its good he went to meet the guys. thats the right thing to do
Adino1 (10 months ago)
Show up looking like two homeless guys, Refuse to buy anything, loiter, get thrown out, get some media attention. Then the CEO shows up to kiss your nasty ass in person followed undoubtedly by winning the ghetto lottery . Isn't American great if you're black?
Martin Shkreli (11 months ago)
C. Lincoln nah im still a troll ;-)
C. Lincoln (11 months ago)
Glad being sentenced to prison has humbled your troll ass.
Bo Rood (11 months ago)
The manager that called the police was correct.
christopher Vincient (11 months ago)
Stefon Piggott No you are wrong.
Bo Rood (11 months ago)
Exclusive Addition Training them to ban dindu retards like you. Don't you have a probation officer to call?
Exclusive Addition (11 months ago)
Bo Rood for training stupid mf
Bo Rood (11 months ago)
Exclusive Addition Not a single one is closing, you dumbass
Exclusive Addition (11 months ago)
Bo Rood Lmmfao that’s exactly why they were apologized to by the big boss and stores are closing....yea ok 🙄
chris (11 months ago)
I love it, perfect example of what every ceo should do when things go wrong,
Conservative Hamster (11 months ago)
you're being sarcastic, right? i almost believed what you said!