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Social Bank Kinka Nahi Banta ? | Qasim Ali Shah

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In this video, Qasim Ali Shah talking about on the topic "Social Bank". He is also sharing his experience, wisdom and knowledge that will be helpful for all of those who want to know about this topic. ===== ABOUT Qasim Ali Shah ===== Qasim Ali Shah is a well-renowned teacher, an inspirational speaker and leader, a success coach and a practical educationist of Pakistan. He is amongst the top entrepreneurs of the country, a best -selling author of 12 influential books, a famous radio host, chairman of Bestival book fair Lahore, a director of native schools system, Tour ambassador of Uzbekistan government, and intellectual on T. v, He is the founder of Qasim Ali Shah Foundation which is working on the moto that Pakistan will transform if thought transforms. In a very short span of time, his motivational videos got viral on WhatsApp and Facebook with 1 million subscribers on YouTube and 2.1 million followers on the Facebook page and many other mediums, Shah’s endeavor is around the globe. His lectures are relatable among masses due to his regional language, style, examples, above all his journey of strength and resilience. He has delivered 1000s of inspirational seminars and sessions on various topics of self-help. He has trained thousands (1000s) of the judiciary including civil and session judges, thousands (1000s ) of highest placed private sectors, governmental institutes and departments, armed forces, Social Groups and NGOs, Educational Institutes, International and national tours. His live audience whom he has trained is approximately nine million (900,000) He has written hundreds (100s) of articles for several newspapers. Hundreds of articles, blogs, and podcasts have been written on his works and achievements at national and international level. ===== FOLLOW ME ON THE SOCIALS ===== - Qasim Ali Shah: https://goo.gl/6BKcxu - Google+: https://goo.gl/uPyGvT - Twitter: https://goo.gl/78MVoA - Website : https://goo.gl/Tgjy6u ===== Team Member: Waqas Nasir ===== #SocialBank #Relation #QasimAliShah
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Text Comments (176)
Fatima Sikandar Sikandar Hayat (7 days ago)
Lekinn jb log dukh de chuglia kare to kia kia jae
Fatima Sikandar Sikandar Hayat (7 days ago)
Hmre ghar main guests ae to hm khana or behavour dno acha rkhte hai lekin jb hm un k ghar jae to mood sahi ni room main bethe jate hai room main bethe to bhar a jate hai😭
Y9 Prime (7 days ago)
Ill society... Morally very low and vague conceptual perceptions... Even don't know the basic ethical values...
anum ahmed (7 days ago)
kitny ads aty hyn 1video pe
Qalander shaoor (9 days ago)
sillachauhdry (10 days ago)
Very good motivation 🤩
Shams Ul Qamar (11 days ago)
Nice talking
Shams Ul Qamar (11 days ago)
Very good lacture
Rana Zeeshan (18 days ago)
Abbas Khokhar (20 days ago)
Very nice Sir
Farhan Mahmood (23 days ago)
Bahram Pervaiz (23 days ago)
Afzal Cheema (23 days ago)
The DarkValue (24 days ago)
Well Said sir and we people call it communicating skills in simple language but it's not about skills all time. Sometime it depends on your parents growth that how they taught you to talk to anyone ...it depends on your home academy .
Nadeem143 Nadeem (24 days ago)
The DarkValue (24 days ago)
Nadeem143 Nadeem (24 days ago)
Usman Khalid (24 days ago)
Thankx sir I'm so much impresses to ur lecture
Muhammad Rizwan Padyar (24 days ago)
Khuhro Qadeer (24 days ago)
Shah G Kamal Hai
Hajra Ali (25 days ago)
Jazak Allah
Hajra Ali (25 days ago)
Muhammad Awais (25 days ago)
Sir mea ap ka lecture live attend kerna chahta hon kia tareka kar hy kindly guide me
Awanawan Awanawan (25 days ago)
Great person fantastic special ❣️💕❤️❤️❣️❣️ Love you sir
S N Ali (25 days ago)
Shah sahab mujhy zeada logon se milna pasand nhi log mujhy rud bhi smhjty ha dil se kisi k ley bura nhi chahti but zeada crowd pasand nhi becoz I want peace in my life.
Dawood Khan (25 days ago)
Zubair Zubair (25 days ago)
Sir really jab sy ap meri zindgi mn ay ho Our to kehny ko bahut kuch hy lekin bsss Sochny ka zaviya hi badl giya hy Humanity , conversation, skill, chalna, uthna, bethna, sochna, kehnaa, sunna, mnnwana, smjhana, leader kesa hota hy Yeh sb kuch ap sy seekhaa hy Allah pak ap ko hr mushkil sy door rkhy ap ki zindgi mn khoshiyan hi khoshiyan hun Ap ny sikhaya keh kisi ki tareef kesy ki gati hy khuly dill sy our jissy dill many. Meri zindgi ki tbdeeli mn yeh alfaaz kuch bhi nahi ap ka shukriya ada krny mn. Thanks a lot sir g.
The DarkValue (24 days ago)
Shahzaib Younus (25 days ago)
Thanqew sir😍
SYED 110 PAKISTAN (25 days ago)
Excellent Work Sir
Mohsin Rafique (25 days ago)
Dear Qasim May Allah guide you to better. Refrain from presenting wrong and right together. Clear your mind first....you need serious focus on Quran....you mix good with evil....be clear I am not criticizing you good....but cocktail of good and bad is more fatal then pure evil. You almost in every lecture deliver mix bag, fatal for those innocent seekers of "gidar singi" for success in life. You very carefully select those points which will attract the ignorant part of your audience.... If you do it on purpose then feel some remorse, else focus more on Quran ....and don't bank on baba flavored translations or exegesis.....focus on each word and aya. ..I am sure you will realize where you are doing mistake. I have nothing against you..sincere prayers...May Allah guide you رب شرحِ لی صدری ۔۔۔۔یفقھو قولی
Muneeb Malik (26 days ago)
Like u v much 👌👍👍👏👏
Qurat Azhar (26 days ago)
Mushkil kaam...:(
Anam Khan (26 days ago)
I have learnt from this lecture we should work on ourselves to be a good friend then we will be friends with others....
The DarkValue (24 days ago)
Yes being a human we should make new relations also from a business perspective too.
Mohammad Ejaz (26 days ago)
منافق انسان ہمیشہ کامیاب رہتاہے کیونکہ اب لوگ منافقت اور خوشامد کو اخلاقیات کہا جاتاہے۔
Asian Latino (26 days ago)
Thats true, respect & regards from *A Pakistani in México*
Knowledge Beats (26 days ago)
Attiq Rehman (26 days ago)
Raja Yousaf (26 days ago)
جزاک اللہ خیر
Naveed ul Islam (26 days ago)
Hassan alvi (27 days ago)
Love you sir
Hassan alvi (27 days ago)
Safi Ullah (27 days ago)
ham class jaayen kar Sakti ha
Jahanzaib Dar (27 days ago)
Junaid Raza (27 days ago)
Log bhot duk dety hy apna bna kr
khurram41 (27 days ago)
what a useless person speaking to idiots.
Awais Hafeez Satti (27 days ago)
Assalam o alikum Pakistan Sir Qasim ali shah follower hit lk
UpLift 24h (27 days ago)
I also have dreams subscribe me for help thanks.
M.D Rafi (27 days ago)
mansoor Alam (27 days ago)
Roman Boy (27 days ago)
اسلام علیکم سر میرا ایک کزن ھے اور وہ اسوقت تقریباً تیس لاکھ کامقروض ھے اسکا کاروبار بھی مکمل طور پر ختم ھو گیا ھے صرف اسکے پاس ایک موٹر سائیکل ھے اور ایک کیو کا ٹچ موبائل ھے سارے لوگوں سے چھپتا پھرتا ھے چھ لاکھ میرے پاس تھے میں نے سارے پیسے اسکے قرضدارو کو دیے ایک روپیہ بنک بیلنس نہیں رکھا صرف چھوٹا سا کاروبار موجود ھے جس سے اللّٰہ کریم کا شکر ھے میرا نظام بہترین چل رہا ھے جو اسکو دے دئے وہ سمجھ لیں میں نے کمائے ہی نہیں۔ اب میں تو خالی ھوچکا ھوں اور اس کا ساتھ اپنا سایہ بھی نہیں دے رہا چھوٹے چھوٹے بچے بوڑھی ماں جب میں دیکھتا ہوں تو دل خون کے آنسوں روتا ھے اس بدنصیب نے اپنی غلط پالیسیوں کی وجہ سے اپنے اوپر لاکھوں کاقرض چڑھا لیا اب اس کا سارا نظام درہم برہم ہو کر رہ گیا مجھے یہ ڈر لگ رہا ھےکہ اسکے ساتھ خدا نخواستہ کچھ ھو جائے تو ساراکمبہ جیتے جی مر جائے گا مدد کیلئے اس نے کو ہربہ نہیں چھوڑا مگر کوئی بھی اس حالت میں مدد کیلئے تیار نہیں بلکہ لوگ مزاح بنا رہے ہیں آج آپ کی یہ ویڈیو دیکھ کر مجھے امید کی کرن محسوس ھوئی کہ آپ اس مسلئہ کا بہترین حل بتائیں گے اسکے حالاتِ زندگی اگر لکھنے بیٹھوں تو میں تھک جاؤں گا مگر باتیں ختم نہیں ہوں خدارا اگر اس بندے کو اس کیچڑ سے نکالنے کا کوئی حل آپ کے ذہن میں آئے تو پلیز مجھے 03005403260 پر میسج یا وٹس اپ پر بتادیں
Gulshan Sharma (27 days ago)
Please say anything about pakistani economy
Qadder's Fun (27 days ago)
plz subscribe Qadder's fun .Qadder is my cute daughter
Qadder's Fun (27 days ago)
But sir kuch topics hn jin py me chahti hu ap vedio bnaye .But yhan nhi bta sakti .plz your personal contract ager ap share kr dyn
Awais Hafeez Satti (27 days ago)
Almost impossible
Qadder's Fun (27 days ago)
very impressive .your style of teaching very admirable..mujy bhot sai samaj aati ha ap k lectures ki .so thank u so much
Muheet Akhtar (27 days ago)
I am from India Sir aap mahan Hy. We salute you sir.
Awais Hafeez Satti (27 days ago)
Zeeshan Sarfraz (27 days ago)
Almighty Allah give good relations between couple life.
Mirab Ch (21 days ago)
mian Lahore (27 days ago)
جزاک اللہ جناب قاسم صاحب آپ کو میرا سلام ہے آپ جو غریب لوگوں کا خیال رکھتے اور رکھنے کا کہتے ہیں
Saima Baig (27 days ago)
Usually a person from an ethical or religious minority is not as socially successful
The DarkValue (24 days ago)
Yeah also depends on the person nature
Sarfraz HD (27 days ago)
Great 👍💯
Ahmad Khurram (27 days ago)
Shah sahib humble request you are to much genius but plz her baat hir jegha kreny wali ni huti es video ko zara guor khud suney.
Haseeb Abbas (27 days ago)
Wrong interpreted
Ansari Nasir (27 days ago)
Thank you so much sir 🙌 MAY ALLAH BLESSED YOU SO MUCH
Ansari Nasir (27 days ago)
Sir please don't delete🙏
Hina Arshad (27 days ago)
Thanks....may ALLAH bless u with a lot of success in this world and the world next to it
Naz Parvez (27 days ago)
Sir you are super hero God bless you thanks 🙏
Md Taqi (27 days ago)
As Salam alai kum Thanks for the video sir From Hyderabad India...
Noshi Amir (27 days ago)
Dont agree with this shit
Rizwan Aslam (27 days ago)
Bhot aala sir g may you live long! Ap jaiso ki Pakistan ko zrurat h
Rizwan Aslam (27 days ago)
Masha Allah
We Baluch (27 days ago)
Sir Punjabi samaj nahi ata
Waheed Mughal (27 days ago)
Good Vibes (27 days ago)
Nice good speaker well done. Thums up.
Real Scary Stories (28 days ago)
ariba mansur (28 days ago)
Very well said respect to you sir we all need to work on our grooming
waqas khan (28 days ago)
Muhammad Adeel (28 days ago)
Heart Less (28 days ago)
Mola salamt rkhy sir ji
Fatima Fati (28 days ago)
Want to talk with you sir for saom problm
Aisha Jabeen (28 days ago)
Thank yOu sir you are great may allah give you success...
Rahimoon Music (28 days ago)
Qasim Ali Shah Like 👍 👍 👍
Muhhamad Rashid (27 days ago)
Love for u from the bottom of my heart
Ray m ikraam (28 days ago)
Very nice
Farhan111 Shahid (28 days ago)
Mashallah. Nice topic sir.
Qurat-ul-Ain Rajput (28 days ago)
Sir gee ap ka ik ik lafz dil O dimagh py gehra asar dalta ha or bht positivity inspiration or bht motivation milti ha Thank you so much
syed ali (28 days ago)
I was unable to make friend in U.S for 7 years. Now i make connections and friends everywhere i go. A little small talk is the key. Always give value it will increase.
The DarkValue (24 days ago)
Masoon Fareed (28 days ago)
ALlhamdulah mra Social bank Bht bara Hy mje Ye bat 8 year phly malom thiiiii
Tabish Iqbal (28 days ago)
1. Bad lihaz 2. Selfish 3. Jo kam nikalwate rehte hein 4. Bad guman 5. Jo dosro ki care na kare In logo ka social bank nahi banta ...
fatima qureshi (28 days ago)
sir sir ap meri inspiration ho or idiol ho sir ap mjhe inspire krte hn i used to have a very negative attitude but after reading ur books apni talash, oonchi uran bri mnzl ka musafr i startd believing in my self but sir i really need ur hlp i am studing in class 10 but me apne career ko lekr bht confuse hon sir mjhe smjh nhi aarha k me medical lon ya engineering koi guide krne wala bhi nhi h is k ilawa be entrepreneur bhi bnna chti hun plzzz meri hlp kr den sir mere andr success ki chaht hai sir i thin on potential bhi h sir bs guaidnce chiye plzzzzz rply kr k bta den me kia kron
fatima qureshi (26 days ago)
@umar kahloun thank u so much sir for using such kind words and me apki advice pr zrur amal krun gi kun k meri fam bhi yhi khti hai but still mjhe entrepreneur bhi bnna hai isi liye me thri confused hun b the way thaaaaanks alot brother for appreciating my thoughts and aims
umar kahloun (27 days ago)
itni chotti or itna kuch krna chahti hain ap mashallah. i felt that you can do inshallah. ap medical main hi jao because there are many gaps in gynecology regarding honesty devotion good behaviour and much more.
Samsung Tab (28 days ago)
کیسی سے نہ ملنا تکبر ھے
Business Info Pakistan (28 days ago)
Thank you sir
Taseer TV (28 days ago)
جزاک اللہ
Mishal Waseem (28 days ago)
Beautiful topic 😇
Sadia Kanwal (28 days ago)
A person who have social bank can make team easily
ameer hamza (24 days ago)
Alesa Healy (28 days ago)
MasaAllah boht khob
Ggps Laloo Matha Arain (28 days ago)
skull crushers gaming (28 days ago)
Sir phir politicans k social bank q hota he 🤔
Salmaan AhmeD (26 days ago)
Badeed ka blood bank b badeedo k sath hota hai 😅
Spread Awareness (28 days ago)
Lakin ye kiya baat hui sir apnay sath bekaar,na umeed banday ley kar be social hona be tu zaroori nahi.i like to be alone masly sary social bank say hoty han sari zindagi be dey do kaam hay logon ko na tu un ki expectations ho sakti han na wo kabi khush ho sakty han aur dosray banday ka zinadagi ka sara keemti waqt be zaya ho jata hay jab agla banda shikayat tu kary lakin favour aur sacrifices dosray ki bhool jaye aisy social bank say panah hay ,,,,social bank tu jahan say guzren wahan he ban jata hay lakin insan khud be sincere log chahta hay social bank ka achar tu daalna ni muj say behtar kon janay ga ,,,banday ko apnay ap tak rehna chhaye,Allah k sath rabta zaroori hay bus
Good Vibes (27 days ago)
anwar zahid (28 days ago)
Ma shaa Allah zabardast Allah aap ko siat aur zindagi day.
Salman Atiq (28 days ago)
nice sir
Warisha Zafar (28 days ago)
Qasim Ali Shah 😍😍 Hit Like 😍😘
Warisha Zafar (27 days ago)
@syed ali tnx
Muhammad Adeel (28 days ago)
Ek Sath Mere number per call karna
I Phone 9 Letast (28 days ago)
sidra khurram (28 days ago)
Jase bando ka apna btaya ha k unka social bank ni hota maine apni zindgy ma ase logo ka hi social bank dekha or apna jaso main he Ek sawal ha ek banda logo k sath itna acha kry k self respect or ego kabhi beech ma na lae pir b log juta mare to kya wo banda step back ni kre ga???
umar kahloun (27 days ago)
wahan step back krna hi acha hey or bas apni taraf sey koi nuksaan pohnchaye bgair kisi bd tmeezi k bgair apna daman bchaye laazim vrna is hal main step back na krna bewakofi bhi hogi khud per zulm bhi or kisi mukhlis dost ki jaga bhi nahi bney gi.
Rashid Habib (28 days ago)
Its not lecture its light and Qasim Ali shah sab you don't know how many people seeking your propogated light and relate it 👍👍👍👍👍👍
mansoor mahmood (28 days ago)
Nida Ashraf (28 days ago)
very nice video