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Fed Ex Superbowl Commercial

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That great caveman Fed Ex Superbowl commercial, probably up there with the best of the year
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Smalltown USA (10 months ago)
STILL my all time favorite
Henry Hammond (1 year ago)
Somehow better CGI dinosaurs than Jurassic World...
TyrannoWright (7 months ago)
I wouldn't say that with a resolution this low.
4GUESTS - Para sa mga bisita (1 year ago)
Actually there's a good amount of evidence that people and dinosaurs existed at the same time.
Justin Street (2 years ago)
didn't even get a raise haha
grasimpson (2 years ago)
Nice CGI
theDubandTrance2 (3 years ago)
I don't know where this whole idea that dinosaurs and cavemen were around the same period, there's a good 63 million years between them.
Brick Vader (7 months ago)
I don't think historical accuracy was the point here...
Dale Hastings (3 years ago)
Had an important biopsy tissue sample to go NDA by Brown. Didnt happen. I immediately thought of this commercial!! LOL
MK Storyland (4 years ago)
This is nice.
MRNES (4 years ago)
I really liked your video #DALIASPEREZ
Gabriel Concha (4 years ago)
always mixing up time periods!
Mike Agriesti (5 years ago)
Good part: reminds me of Quest for Fire Bad part: probably on continuous loop at the Creation Museum
moviemagic (5 years ago)
2013 a.d.
Michael Hunter (6 years ago)
Welcome to YouTube where everyone's an expert and the dumbasses get to voice their ideas.
ejames80 (6 years ago)
lol hilarious
sxmxxl (6 years ago)
That awkward moment when I have to sit through an ad that's actually longer than the FedEx one.
MrGixxer1Thousand (6 years ago)
I like the slap on the pterodactyl's ass to send him on his way
Brit Lurker (6 years ago)
Any argument about immigration usually ends up with a smart arse liberal saying "We all came from Africa in the first place." Whats that got to with this ad? Well, in almost all visual media primitive humans, early humans, cavemen etc are depicted like this, as sort-of white people. Why are they never depicted as black? You know, what with all of us coming from Africa and all? Obviously I know why, its more of a rhetorical question, to illustrate the media agenda.
Brad Birmingham (6 years ago)
Latoya M (6 years ago)
Lol! So wrong on so many levels! Why kick the little guy when you're down?
redwhiteole (6 years ago)
dinosaur kick made my day
RobertsDigital (6 years ago)
I miss the geico caveman commercials
Megan Gondeck (6 years ago)
I miss the old Fedex commericals
RobertsDigital (6 years ago)
LOL I knew some people will end up fighting over this commercial.... This commercial is meant to be a humorous commercial but some youtubers are already killing and murdering themselves over it.....Sad
Stephan M (6 years ago)
Wow...really you guys? A religious dissertation and debate from a humorous FedEx commercial? Why couldn't you just point out the obvious error in the commercial - that dinosaurs and humans did not occupy the earth at the same time.
Stephan M (6 years ago)
nah - geico wouldn't pay on the claim. trust me on this one.
Babiboib7 (7 years ago)
DDeCouto (7 years ago)
@DDeCouto You must not have paid much attention in your college biology class, because you would know that humans didn't evolve from monkeys. Every time we find a transitional piece creationist just say "wheres the transitional peice between THAT hominid and the next one" LOL. When you piece together every hominid fossil that's been found by archeologist, it clearly shows homindis walking more and more upright and it cleary shows a gradual increas ein brain size. I'm done with you now
RaptorTM10 (7 years ago)
@DDeCouto k... clearly... except that the fossil record doesn't contain any transitional species... but that's not a problem... is it? I wouldn't know... I apparently don't have a college education anymore. You can believe what you want, it's up to you, but evolution is a huge leap in the wrong direction. scientists need to start exploring other theories, oh and the scientists that explore other theories shouldn't be fired for exploring other theories... because that's another problem.
DDeCouto (7 years ago)
@RaptorTM10 Let me know when you get a college education and you take a general biology coarse lol. It's not my job to educate you. I went to a cathlotic school for 2 years I know the bible inside and out. First, EVERYTHING in science is a "theory" even the laws of physics. Using the word is simply a formality. We didn't evolve from monkeys lol. We share a COMMON ANCESTOR with other primates dating back well over a million years ago. Fossil records CLEARLY show this.
RaptorTM10 (7 years ago)
@DDeCouto lol. You can believe what you want, but it's called "Evolutionary Theory" not "Fact". Evolutionists who don't want to admit that Creationists are even slightly right are holding back science. I'm an Openmindist... who happens to not be 10. The timeline of the Bible is nearly perfect, it makes sense that the story of our origin could be somewhere in the vicinity of Truth. Scary? Good. Keep an open mind with your replies, and don't be insulting, it's a bad debating practice.
K1NGP1N360 (7 years ago)
I think this is one of the funniest SB commercials ever
DDeCouto (7 years ago)
@RaptorTM10 I don't have time to teach a 10 year old who doesn't have a 4th grade understanding of science.
RaptorTM10 (7 years ago)
@DDeCouto Actually Creationists believe that God created dinosaurs, animals and 2 humans, the humans had children who had children on and on. Then 3 thousand years later God flooded the earth to essentially restart it. he let Noah and his family survive. Eventually Human's thought they were better than God, so God scattered their languages and races essentially. 3500 years or so later you come to modern day FedEx. Makes more sense than monkeys to humans. if you ask me.
GasMaskedMidget (7 years ago)
Can't even watch Super Bowl ads to get away from the Skyrim jokes
dp123 (7 years ago)
lol how do we know that cavemen actually talked/communicated like that?
DDeCouto (7 years ago)
Creationists think this actaulty how it was...7,000 YEARS AGO. LMAO
MrAlekz (7 years ago)
wow 2006 i thought this was just a few years ago
Jonesy (7 years ago)
I used to be UPS, but then I took an arrow to the E.
jacks37 (7 years ago)
I like this commercial but it's wrong because dinosaurs didn't live when humans were around.
RobertsDigital (7 years ago)
@applerules100 what about TNT
AllAboutCars91 (7 years ago)
The guy who fired the other caveman was Major Asshole in Spaceballs.
Nathan Franks (7 years ago)
i still think of this commercail and laugh XD
Jacob B (7 years ago)
lol i love the moment when he kicks the little dino. it's so cartoonish
applerules100 (7 years ago)
@AWSOMELYRAW ups is slow as hell, use DHL... well at least here in germany
noe fernandez (7 years ago)
Why do they take sooo long to deliver? Ups is way faster
Mario Avalos (7 years ago)
very creative
RAMPEDFILMS (7 years ago)
In fedex between the E and X is an arrow.
Nitin Romain (8 years ago)
I bet The pterodactyl Was safer ....
joranpoort (8 years ago)
did anyone else see the arrow in the fedex logo at 0:47?
wabblewater (8 years ago)
fed-x sucks,always delivers to the the wrong house even though the #s are in plain view.FU And the horse you rode in on!
Snyarhedir (8 years ago)
@Spikes1girlfriend Amen to that. (It does not anger me, but as an aspiring paleontologist, I understand.)
Haini (8 years ago)
poor little dinosaur ):
Gintaras Šatas (8 years ago)
Spikes1girlfriend (8 years ago)
People stop connecting dinosaurs with humans OMG!! :D They lived in different eras :D I know you all know but it pisses me off xDD
MrUSMC0151 (8 years ago)
OOhh gaa hhaaa taka!! AAhhh!
oreodogdfw (8 years ago)
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BataBoom (8 years ago)
John Goerger (8 years ago)
We all know dinos and humans did not exist during the same time period---BUT---we have worked in Dinos at work haven't we? Love this commer!---humm wonder if the little dino was the ancestor of Italian Greyhounds as we have one! 'Bout the same size with relation to cave dude!
Richard Clifford (8 years ago)
The best superbowl commercial ever! The Worst? The Whopperettes!
helvetiadhfr09 (8 years ago)
haha classic
Baseball5030 (8 years ago)
2 murders and animal abuse all in one commercial
Kaelem Burgess (8 years ago)
NaturalBornSkeptic (8 years ago)
@peking18 I wouldn't doubt that there's a creationist somewhere who's already done it.
Whiskey South (8 years ago)
awesome commerical btw
Whiskey South (8 years ago)
Cavemen & dinosaurs living together: I would like to submit this commercial as evidence on behalf of creationist as proof against the theory of evolution. J/J . Please no spark flame war --_--
Heidi Walcott (8 years ago)
Ha! He kicked the little dude n he got squashed!
JorgeDX3 (8 years ago)
look! it's taboo from the black eyed peas!
Warshon (8 years ago)
Hopefully thier pterodactyl was insured with gieco.
shiz777 (8 years ago)
@seacuc ROFLLLLL
Chris V (9 years ago)
@seacuc What the fuck are you talking about?
lebbeus (9 years ago)
poor lil dinosaur got kicked in da nuts
Tuth9 (9 years ago)
Woah, that Elephant that stepped on him at the end had a BIG foot!
BentswordProductions (9 years ago)
I dont think Dino's and Neanderthals existed at the same time... besides that, great commercial!
Mike Agriesti (9 years ago)
The Christianists think this a a documentary,
Tyler Newman (9 years ago)
JakeOrion (9 years ago)
So easy a caveman can do it.
kchymyck (9 years ago)
@polkkkkkkk ur a dumb ass, it's still a funny comercial
plokkkkkkk (9 years ago)
yea but people didn't exist at that time
Liam Foley (9 years ago)
I agree this by far the best Superbowl ad ever!
jv9ufxcy (9 years ago)
Not my problem
nfsstefan (9 years ago)
so easy a black man can do it!
paladindarknite (9 years ago)
simpsons? when homer goes back in time?
juanluis64 (9 years ago)
lol that was awesome
Mike Agriesti (9 years ago)
reminds me of "Quest for Fire"
germb747 (9 years ago)
Love it! Could use a re-upload in better quality
Daniel Marte (9 years ago)
me 2 LOL
TheFactoryOfLight (9 years ago)
Yeh, its a sadding bore.
paladindarknite (9 years ago)
i cant stop laughing @ the caveman that looks like D. NOWITZKI, lmao! surely amazing!
TheSk640 (9 years ago)
fed ex is terrible...
James White (9 years ago)
yer they do such a good job they lost my ps3 and game and toke 4 weeks to get a replasment and that wasa refernits one .
abrahamWCE (9 years ago)
next time use the bone to impale that damn boss
Templarofsteel18 (9 years ago)
rofl, talk about hard arse :P
MohammadX101 (9 years ago)
so stupid. typical jewish production for a jewish operation fedex/kinko. who could they possibly be sending the package to? what is the message that needs to be delivered? just like their current radio crap. jews are smart and everybody else is stupid. No, I don't remember your name but I remember your wife's name and i don't have my pants on because your daughter prefers it this way. now chew your heart out and it's not my fault that after making billions you still have to date a whore.
Gheith Yankogypt (9 years ago)
narara dah dha (then u'r fired) hahahahahaaha
DASCO2136 (9 years ago)
But FedEx doesnt exist yet! Not my problem.....LMAO
Muglosx (9 years ago)
His boss is a dick lol
Ben Allan (9 years ago)
whats with companies and cavemen????
Crakkin (9 years ago)
meckleboy (9 years ago)
I think the boss caveman is that actor you see in like every B scifi/horror movie and shows like Xfiles and Buffy.Cant remember his name though.Always plays a bad guy
harutikv (9 years ago)