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Iceland's Tourism Revolution

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Text Comments (1716)
Yis Pinto (1 day ago)
I want to live in Iceland to be safe from the plague
นนทยา คนตรง (5 days ago)
The journey to center of the earth, a movie got involved.
Olga D. (9 days ago)
I flew to Iceland with Wow Air
diamond aircraft (11 days ago)
We visited Iceland in February 2017. Beautiful country and lovely people however we won’t go back anytime soon. It is very expensive and I really mean expensive.
Rockdrigo (15 days ago)
6:45 cries in Venezuela.
balooko31 (16 days ago)
I believe that what hurt Iceland's growth in the last year is that all these tourists came there on cheap flights expecting a great budget friendly trip. When they got to Iceland, they were paying $100 USD taxi rides from the airport into town, $25 for a meal at McDonald's or its equivalent "cheap" restaurant, and hundreds of dollars for lodging. The word quickly spread about how super expensive Iceland actually is once you're there, and that resulted in people deciding to forgo visiting Iceland and instead just going directly to cheaper options in Europe.
M@tt (17 days ago)
Well then, who wants to go to St Helena?
tinshlong (24 days ago)
Seeing Ellen’s audience lose their minds(like they won a million each) over an Icelandic holiday gift was enough to make me not want to go.
Guds777 (27 days ago)
Yeah, we sure love attention here in Iceland...
William Brown (29 days ago)
Umphrey’s McGee to the rescue spring 2020!!!
Daniel Astillero (1 month ago)
Random Philippines time lapse is random.
somethingsomethingsomething (1 month ago)
it was too expensive they were ripping ppl off.. it wasnt THAT good
Dave Smith (1 month ago)
We dont talk about Iceland beating England in the euros
Alvaro Soares, Jr. (1 month ago)
No mention of Instagram, which is probably the main reason Iceland became a mainstream destination in the US
Danny DeVito (1 month ago)
I love the wow air's logo/livery. Props to the guy/team who came up with that.
A Viking (1 month ago)
IMO Iceland dont need tourists, and food prices will always be high in such a remote island.
james quaine (1 month ago)
It's getting to expensive that's why
te1 (1 month ago)
They can fuck off after knocking England out of the world cup. NO I'm not salty 😭😭
James Dike (1 month ago)
I was stationed at the NATO base from 1975-1979. I loved it there. Going back again is on my bucket list.
ً (1 month ago)
Conor Malone (1 month ago)
Plot twist: Iceland intentionally set off their volcano because they knew it would be broadcast and therefore could grow their tourism industry.
Blackdavid2011 (1 month ago)
Love it, continue with planes!!
lawrence wei (1 month ago)
6:49 *Venezuela
Parv Haria (1 month ago)
9:16 so I believe demand for polish removers will also increase?
Ggitko Network-Official (1 month ago)
0:07 - 1:54 - Economy of Iceland 1:55 - 2:20 - Accessibility 2:20 - -:-- - Icelandair
totally not oreo (1 month ago)
Iceland (in 2018) in a nutshell: Ah, welcome to Iceland where 95% of the people here are tourists!
Jesse Berg (1 month ago)
Most people aren't really broken up about investment bankers being out of work, and having to work minimum wage. Might have something to do with them having caused a global financial crisis that affected the rest of us. If that had been hotel receptionists' fault, we'd be pissed off at them, instead.
jingzhe Jr (1 month ago)
They re selling 16 usd for a small portion chicken soup, fcking hell
k1ng n0th1ng (1 month ago)
10:23 literally what happen to florida, and we actually have amusement parks here!
AI Totem (1 month ago)
US Republicans: We should cut taxes and keep healthcare and prisons privatized! Short Term: Yay! Long Term: Oh fuck no! Go back, goooo baaaack!! This isn't what we wanted!
Techi Tagam (2 months ago)
I have seen few videos on this channel, but believe me according to this channel every development in country is via planes only....every video common man stupid brain
The Wizard (2 months ago)
Thanks CCP No really, 13% spike of visitors in the spring is because of EVE fanfest.
Paul (2 months ago)
I got a solution: more ice!
Spectral (2 months ago)
I don't think Iceland is the kind of destination one wants to go back to; it's more of a bucket list type of unusual place to see.
Ewan2005 Tennant (2 months ago)
Iceland air are now running again
Dav Nag (2 months ago)
Thats a great video young man.
frogbear02 (2 months ago)
the perfect example of tourism destroying a spot...well, there are PLENTY of them, but Mount Fuji is prolly the most recognisable. another one more personal, is natural bridge in Virginia...simply because it has posted all over the gift shop/paid admission site, right before the restaurant and highway sized roads leading through the broken down cave "a truly natural experience..."...
Αμάνολ Χαςαν - The Derviş Nomad (2 months ago)
Conversations about nature Conservations say that 10 times in a row
Arnar Loftsson (2 months ago)
good video about my country. But there are again changes. A new Icelandic airline is coming "Play air" And Chinese plan to start flying directly from China, via Helsinki í Finland. And we also need to focus on other income than tourism and we are aiming for other options...just wait and see :D ;)
hannardynamite (2 months ago)
A potential reason why there was such a low drop in visitors between April 2018 and April 2019 could be because due to CCP not hosting EVE Fanfest in Iceland in April 2019 like they do nearly every other April. Not sure of the figures of EVE Fanfest attendees, but it's probably not insignificant. With EVE Fanfest being back in Reykjavik in April 2020, it'll be interesting to see if the visitor figures increase next April.
EmerBlox (2 months ago)
At the beggining , you are praising privitization boosts the economy, okay sure. You're not wrong. Boosts the money of the companies and capitalists tho, the imaginery surplus that is being generated ain't going anyway but for the companies , not the workers and people- their prices , remains the same. Here is the case in my country where people are screaching; OGm We HAvE a BlaSTing EcONomY ReEeeE When my family (they have a good job) and many other people including neighbours sense no raise of income , just raise of prices and the income is only raising to adjust for the rising value. So it's really a illussion, there's no gain of income. GloRy To cAPitALisM I guess. Besides later in the video you have mentioned Iceland's eco breakdown, again- capitalism is flawed.
EmerBlox (1 month ago)
@Imperial Dork Such my friend is the capitalist system where only the capitalists get the profit. Same with my country, Malta. It's just truth. Sadly.
Imperial Dork (1 month ago)
this is something Icelanders talk abut, its nice that the gdp is up from tourism, but almost none of the citizens are seeing the benefit of this despite this tourism boom effecting them negatively through housing and such
Jack Dutt (2 months ago)
Iceland going for that late-game push for a culture victory
Chilln0 (2 months ago)
*Then Iceland executes all off its infected citizens*
Cool_Cat007 Smoove (2 months ago)
It's expensive to visit Iceland.
Halfdan Ingolfsson (2 months ago)
It is actually a relief for us Icelanders to finally have a reduction in tourism. Things were getting totally out of hand, we were drowning in tourists, were not serving them well and a lot of "cowboys" were exploiting the situation by price-gouging tourists and exploiting employees. We can only hope that a downturn will weed out (bankrupt) the bad apples and that we will finally be able to do a good job of receiving and serving our visitors.
G&J (2 months ago)
Island is 1 time visit country. Is no like Greek or Italy where is nice and worm. Where people will go in same place every 2 year or more often
Pazusky (2 months ago)
I hope that in the future the EU will make it harder for non-European tourists (regardless of their origin) to get visas. This has to do with the fact that this too high tourism makes our cities less worth living in and one constantly has the feeling to live in an open-air museum.
Imperial Dork (1 month ago)
@Pazusky we will obviously continue to make more, its important to zone now than to procrastinate and end up with more stuff where you dont want it
Pazusky (1 month ago)
@Imperial Dork attractions in Europe are mostly static (architecture, memorials etc), museums also have a history of their own
Imperial Dork (1 month ago)
@Pazusky yea, just set up your attractions outside of those areas
Pazusky (1 month ago)
@Imperial Dork But the inner cities are also the living space (residential zones) of many people.
Imperial Dork (1 month ago)
then make residential zones not targeted to tourists the profits that can be made from actual museums and such is not worth ignoring
DJT FOREVER (2 months ago)
I was in Iceland a few days ago. The cost of transport to and from the airport is ridiculously expensive.
tempodude (2 months ago)
Hint: they don't want you anymore.
bashpr0mpt (3 months ago)
Not for long. The only Bet Din in Iceland has threatened if they don't repeal their circumcision ban that they will get fellow Jews in media around the world to destroy their tourism. Because the six Jewish people in Iceland don't want to have to say "It's our religion." which is an exemption in the ban for genital mutilation of minors. It's easier to be outraged and nepotistic, collude with foreign journalists, and try to destroy a country. Insane, and very, very corrupt.
DDD BBB (3 months ago)
It's pronounced Kehf-luh-vik. No accented syllable. No LAH. Takes all of 5 seconds to look up.
Jovaun Baptiste (3 months ago)
5:00 u are wrong my country Trinidad and Tobago qualified for FIFA world cup 2006
Shaina (3 months ago)
You really have a woody for planes
MrDunger99us (3 months ago)
I have planned my travel to Iceland so well,(up to the minute, where to stay, how long at each destination, what to see, what road to use, what to eat, even started to learn some Icelandic ( just to be polite) , even check the DAYTIME sun location at a particular week, bought tickets through the Wow air( that was bought by Iceland air and got bankrupted)..and now "I can only visit Iceland via youtube" :)- due to ridiculous costs of air traffic and robbing baggage fees by IcelandAir
Nunovia Gottdamnedbizzness (3 months ago)
You failed to mention Bjork Pjark, Iceland's largest theme park dedicated to its most famous entertainer.... Ingrid Ingridsdottir & Her Trained Herring Circus. 🇮🇸😁🇨🇦
Dharsh Srinath (3 months ago)
But WOW Air shut down soooooooooo
Dharsh Srinath (3 months ago)
Nuno Ponces (3 months ago)
I agree with the volcano part, but the football team I don't. Before that Iceland was already very known for what I saw on social media. I think the growth is because many people are looking to "new" countries instead of the "normal" ones, like Hawaii, Maldives, Brazil, and all those tropical places. And Iceland is cheaper, way cheaper to visit than any other I mentioned and with beautiful, amazing, outstanding views. Iceland, Norway, New Zeland, and the Faroe Islands have something unique, beautiful, really amazing in their landscapes.
Hi Hello (4 months ago)
Tourism: Exists Iceland: It's free real estate
fattah_aman (4 months ago)
You want to know what took Iceland's tourists? South East Asia i.e Bangkok, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, and Jakarta
Elísabet B (4 months ago)
As an Icelander: Thank god the tourism here is collapsing!
Imperial Dork (1 month ago)
@suckerForPain hi im from bangkok, how are you doing sir
suckerForPain (2 months ago)
I'm from Namibia. How are you doing...
Otilia Colceriu (4 months ago)
I kind of want to visit Iceland now
Oliver Schubert (4 months ago)
Good, Iceland will be overpopulated soon enough, the less people going to Iceland, the better.... Partially a favour in disguise, if you like to see it that way...
Cat Shepherd (4 months ago)
Sun and Moon in 2025: Let’s come together over Rejkyavik! World’s astronomy geeks: Hold onto your privates, generals! Here we come!
NoPegs (4 months ago)
@3:24, was expecting a mention of the penis museum in the list of things people want to see that Iceland has exclusively.... For shame!
Daniel Santos (4 months ago)
This guy’s segue into his ad for Brilliant at the end was smooth as glass.
Alasdair Deacon (4 months ago)
Iceland should start exporting its cheap geothermal energy to europe. Just needs to build a cable.
Imperial Dork (1 month ago)
or other counties could just dig down
Jon Jonsson (4 months ago)
Keflavík is pronounced Kev-la-veek. Eyjafjallajökull is pronounced Eya-fyet-nya-yokul (or thereabouts).
imeuropa (5 months ago)
"we have often been named the ash cloud cunts" - my history teacher in 2016
imeuropa (5 months ago)
my uncle made iceland economy crash. stoopid loser in jail now haha
Adrian Motley (5 months ago)
No one wants to visit Saudi Arabia with the difficulty to enter the country and barbaric laws
Joseph Pinkham (5 months ago)
Faster than they can Bill Gates
Rick 3 (5 months ago)
Oil is NOT finite. You're brainwashed, though.
Imperial Dork (1 month ago)
it is unless you plan to set up an expensive oil farm only to reap the benefits way in the future at not profitable returns for the effort
Lucas Weber (5 months ago)
Thought it said ice lands terrorist revolution
Spenezzet (5 months ago)
4:31 when you choke on chicken tenders
pine cone (5 months ago)
uhhhhhh can i get melbourne to reykakldkwfsdfdsj whatever it'll take 34 hours but whatever
abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz аьсегн (5 months ago)
4:31 how did he say that
Patrick Dooley (5 months ago)
No one gonna comment how he pronounced the volcano. :'D
jbam (5 months ago)
Just keep replaying from 4:31
H T Awesome (5 months ago)
“In 2017, 1/3 of all passengers flew on Wow Air” Me: Wow!
Kurt22 (6 months ago)
“Iceland lost the 2016 Euros” *Haha yeah but not before knocking out England*
ⵉⵜⵔⵓⵏⴰⵓⵜ (6 months ago)
> Is named Iceland yet isn't covered in ice. **Reported for clickbait**
Diana Andrade (6 months ago)
Iceland’s tourism= Instagram
Teakwondo Chest (6 months ago)
I was in Iceland in 2014, most hotels and even restaurants would close after 25th of august and there werent taht many tourists. I wanted to go again in 2019 and prices basically doubled. I‘ve spent 3500€ for a 15 day vacation including rental car, in 2018 the car alone would have costed me half of that. Iceland went from a pretty cheap country where you can enjoy loneliness to an expensive country where there are crowds of humans everywhere, unless you drive to the outer fringed of the country like I did in 2014
Anthonyzzz (6 months ago)
DANGEROUS CHANNEL - this video popped into my recommendations - it's taken me 4 days to escape
Imperial Dork (1 month ago)
dangerous... sure
Matthew Fair (6 months ago)
The airport is currently being renovated so that may explain some of the decrease
420sw3g (6 months ago)
The volcanic clap made them famous!
Kampfuchs (6 months ago)
Banana Republic of tourism..
Imperial Dork (1 month ago)
can you elaborate
Elvijs Lasis (6 months ago)
"Want to see it once" (maybe from Euro/World cup alone) might turn into - "Revisit? Not sure... maybe something else". Part of tourism that really can make business difficult (as historical data can be wrong about next year)
On Wheels (6 months ago)
Good to know Iceland tourism collapses, because until recently it was hugely expensive and even remote, inaccessible places were completely overcrowded, mostly thanks to Instagram.
Jacob P (6 months ago)
The rise of tourism in New Zealand is very similar to Iceland. We are far far away from anyone, originally just a meat and dairy economy now we have a massive tourism economy, thanks to Hollywood blockbuster films like Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Narnia, The Last Samurai and much more.... All we have to thank is our natural beauty. **** hinting at a next video suggestion. Fyi Auckland is pronounced Orcland like the lotr orcs.
Napster2002 . aspx (6 months ago)
I was thinking, Iceland should invest in Internet server housing. Cold places like Norway have done that, because the natural cold helps reduce costs for cooling the giant server farms.
Imperial Dork (1 month ago)
i think some companies are already hosting server farms here
「CELLO KID」 (6 months ago)
The fuck, I'd NEVER want to go to the south pole
Weaver Bird (6 months ago)
One word : PLANES ✈✈✈
Pawan Bhattarai (6 months ago)
Make similar video about Nepal
Chris Findley (6 months ago)
Iceland became too expensive for my budget dollars. I’d love to go but will have to hope that the cost of staying and eating there will go down.
Anemoi (6 months ago)
'Oil is finite '
Imperial Dork (1 month ago)
unless you plan to make an oil farm at negative returns
Sonny Nguyen (6 months ago)
This video sucks
John Langdon (6 months ago)
As far as airport traffic decreasing, keep in mind Wow Air started fleet reductions and route cancellations/downgrading months before their closure. This is probably a big contribution to the decreasing pax in the beginning of 2019.
Trist Monster (6 months ago)
Fredr C (6 months ago)
"One of the things that a lot of Icelanders would have learned is quantitative finance." Smooth..
Floosh (6 months ago)
5:19 : N word