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Iceland's Tourism Revolution

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Text Comments (1629)
imcanada (2 days ago)
"we have often been named the ash cloud cunts" - my history teacher in 2016
imcanada (2 days ago)
my uncle made iceland economy crash. stoopid loser in jail now haha
Adrian Motley (3 days ago)
No one wants to visit Saudi Arabia with the difficulty to enter the country and barbaric laws
Joseph Pinkham (4 days ago)
Faster than they can Bill Gates
R F (6 days ago)
Oil is NOT finite. You're brainwashed, though.
Lucas Weber (7 days ago)
Thought it said ice lands terrorist revolution
Spenezzet (7 days ago)
4:31 when you choke on chicken tenders
pine cone (9 days ago)
uhhhhhh can i get melbourne to reykakldkwfsdfdsj whatever it'll take 34 hours but whatever
Addicted Robloxian (13 days ago)
4:31 how did he say that
Patrick Dooley (25 days ago)
No one gonna comment how he pronounced the volcano. :'D
jbam (26 days ago)
Just keep replaying from 4:31
H T Awesome (30 days ago)
“In 2017, 1/3 of all passengers flew on Wow Air” Me: Wow!
Haohmaru HL (1 month ago)
World: So how do you want to name the volcano? Iceland: yes
Kurt22 (1 month ago)
“Iceland lost the 2016 Euros” *Haha yeah but not before knocking out England*
ⵉⵜⵔⵓⵏⴰⵓⵜ (1 month ago)
> Is named Iceland yet isn't covered in ice. **Reported for clickbait**
Diana Andrade (1 month ago)
Iceland’s tourism= Instagram
Teakwondo Chest (1 month ago)
I was in Iceland in 2014, most hotels and even restaurants would close after 25th of august and there werent taht many tourists. I wanted to go again in 2019 and prices basically doubled. I‘ve spent 3500€ for a 15 day vacation including rental car, in 2018 the car alone would have costed me half of that. Iceland went from a pretty cheap country where you can enjoy loneliness to an expensive country where there are crowds of humans everywhere, unless you drive to the outer fringed of the country like I did in 2014
Anthonyzzz (1 month ago)
DANGEROUS CHANNEL - this video popped into my recommendations - it's taken me 4 days to escape
Matthew Fair (1 month ago)
The airport is currently being renovated so that may explain some of the decrease
420sw3g (1 month ago)
The volcanic clap made them famous!
Kampfuchs (1 month ago)
Banana Republic of tourism..
Elvijs Lasis (1 month ago)
"Want to see it once" (maybe from Euro/World cup alone) might turn into - "Revisit? Not sure... maybe something else". Part of tourism that really can make business difficult (as historical data can be wrong about next year)
On Wheels (1 month ago)
Good to know Iceland tourism collapses, because until recently it was hugely expensive and even remote, inaccessible places were completely overcrowded, mostly thanks to Instagram.
Jacob P (1 month ago)
The rise of tourism in New Zealand is very similar to Iceland. We are far far away from anyone, originally just a meat and dairy economy now we have a massive tourism economy, thanks to Hollywood blockbuster films like Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Narnia, The Last Samurai and much more.... All we have to thank is our natural beauty. **** hinting at a next video suggestion. Fyi Auckland is pronounced Orcland like the lotr orcs.
Napster2002 . aspx (1 month ago)
I was thinking, Iceland should invest in Internet server housing. Cold places like Norway have done that, because the natural cold helps reduce costs for cooling the giant server farms.
Trekky (1 month ago)
The fuck, I'd NEVER want to go to the south pole
Weaver Bird (1 month ago)
One word : PLANES ✈✈✈
Top 10 (1 month ago)
Make similar video about Nepal
Chris Findley (1 month ago)
Iceland became too expensive for my budget dollars. I’d love to go but will have to hope that the cost of staying and eating there will go down.
Anemoi (1 month ago)
'Oil is finite '
Sonny Nguyen (1 month ago)
This video sucks
John Langdon (1 month ago)
As far as airport traffic decreasing, keep in mind Wow Air started fleet reductions and route cancellations/downgrading months before their closure. This is probably a big contribution to the decreasing pax in the beginning of 2019.
Trist Monster (1 month ago)
Fredr C (1 month ago)
"One of the things that a lot of Icelanders would have learned is quantitative finance." Smooth..
Floosh (1 month ago)
5:19 : N word
QuarioQuario54321 (1 month ago)
I wish to make Iceland one of the poorest places on Earth
Y. Shaked (1 month ago)
Why are we suddenly talking about Dubai, Qatar and the region?
Luis Escamado Nhamue (1 month ago)
I loved the thing of taking and puting zeroes. Maginificent.
leonard Langner (1 month ago)
Better send the foreigners away now. They are not needed there anymore.
BB B (2 months ago)
its all about the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
Jh Zhou (2 months ago)
During the volcano eruption, How did reporters flocked to Iceland when at the time every single flight in and out of the country was cancelled ?
thoseguysactual (2 months ago)
Tourism is slowing because Iceland is just too bloody expensive. Period. It is no longer a viable "vacation getaway".
Erik Swanson (2 months ago)
I'm surprised you didn't mention that stopover deals that Iceland Air was offering. I even saw it painted on one of the planes in your footage. That is how we ended up visiting Iceland.
On The Road Again with Vinny (2 months ago)
Iceland is expensive - HAPPY HOUR in 2016 - 1 beer (500ml) and a small wine = £14.50 - CRAZY. Most UK visitors only go for long weekends. I took my car from the UK (via Hirtshals in Denmark) and drove the ring road - what a fantastic experience.
ErinN (2 months ago)
Is that a left handed handshake at 0:50 ?? It looks so wrong!!
John Sun (2 months ago)
Got a $29 one way flight ticket from wow airlines to have chance to visit there. Unfortunately, Wow airlines collapsed after 9 months. BTW, lot of financial criminals there...
Mario Stinger (2 months ago)
Go visit Iceland, before climate change makes it Heatland.
Matthew Barber (2 months ago)
Iceland needs to open up it's skies to the big European low cost carriers!
j (2 months ago)
Iceland- bailed out their homeowners instead of the banks in 2008. Imagine our society if only hadn't wasted 20 years on Sand Wars and Diversity
R.L.S. Studios (2 months ago)
I been to Iceland before.
SomethingWentWrong (2 months ago)
Well you need planes to get to iceland, thank you for this vid.
Scott Schramm (2 months ago)
Hard to follow. So much back and forth.
Ethan Marksüagen (2 months ago)
Iceland gov't is one sided. A lot of Icelander are here in the Philippines @ they're safe , enjoyed the beauty of our country.What fucking shit you did to us.Our President Duterte is a true leader.We need him.
Bubble Gum (2 months ago)
And then there is my region with 200k residents and 3,5m tourists
MsJubjubbird (2 months ago)
3% unemployment is too low for inflation purposes anyway. Unemployment should be around 4-5%
Phil Lee (2 months ago)
Poor Oman, they lost a huge amount of land here, lol.😂
Barbara Schuhmann (2 months ago)
Just a little hint: Keflavík is pronunced 'KEP-la-veek' (fl makes a pl-sound) and Eyjafjallajökull is 'EY-ja-fjatla-jökütl' but anyways I liked how you said 'Eyjafjakajökuk':)
Sherwinツ (2 months ago)
2008 Iceland stock market crash: **Exists** Meme man: *S T O N K S*
JT O (2 months ago)
i hate the way he pronounces things. keflAHvik. qatAHr. it’s pronounced kah-ter
Chaitanya Shinde (2 months ago)
I thought tourist explosion to Iceland was because of Game of Throne fans, wasn’t it?
Rasmus Helenius (2 months ago)
YeetMan (2 months ago)
This really sucks since I love Iceland. It's a place that I would seriously consider retiring in, or at least live in for a while. But it's just so expensive and I don't like how its economy is largely based around tourism at the moment. Things really need to change for Iceland if it's to improve.
Malakas Mangtrip (2 months ago)
5:19: N word spread fast
Darell Arocho (2 months ago)
5:52 Faster than they could Bill Gates
XYZ ABC (2 months ago)
Tourism can't be the main pillar of your economy
Y4 (2 months ago)
You really can’t pronounce tourism? It’s like tor-ism not tah-ism. C’mon dude
Michał Jabłoński (2 months ago)
It's not expensive for smart people. I've been there last year and took a big bag of food with me xd other things were just a little bit more expensive or the same as in EU
Paul (2 months ago)
I've heard that the Icelandic people and maybe the foreigners that also work there have a reputation of being really rude and don't like tourist. That they're not openly friendly
TL (2 months ago)
Excellent documentary. Thanks
Neo Mogotsi (2 months ago)
First 1.42 mins shows how deregulation and privatisation are problematic when not handled properly.
David Hernández (2 months ago)
AirOver Productions! :D
alek (2 months ago)
Too expensive to go to Iceland
Aviv Frai (2 months ago)
1:07 _GDP Per Capita_ *_(Billion $)_*
elon muskular (2 months ago)
Wendovers note book: planes Planes Planes Planes Planes Planes Planes A few more planes They'll never get bored of planes This is what the viewers want Viewers:more planes?
elon muskular (2 months ago)
Air industry: *exists Wendover:it's free real estate
Sophia (2 months ago)
still wanna go to iceland and spend a week or 2 riding arround the whole place and seeing everything i can
Aaron James (2 months ago)
Moved from Spain to Iceland a year and a half. best thing I’ve ever done although Wow air collapse messed up the economy a bit 😔😔
Swordof theLord (3 months ago)
It's clear the Globalists have their stranglehold on Iceland now too. Say goodbye to your ancient people and culture Iceland.
Nelson Velasquez (3 months ago)
Watching this while on vacation in Iceland 🇮🇸 lol
Thomas Cheney (3 months ago)
Where is Hatari?
Thomas Cheney (3 months ago)
Iceland was actually deforested in viking times from sheep grazing so the natural environment comment is not quite true. That said it is beautiful.
ScAliOn44Y (3 months ago)
it was deforested for firemaking and crafting not sheep, sheep are there now but that is because it became grassland after the fact
Jacob Gadzella (3 months ago)
6:44 - 6:56 @Canada / @Alberta *cough*cough*
Richard H (3 months ago)
I went to iceland 2 years ago, was good but could see eat or do half the stuff i wanted because it was soooo expensive. Would love to go back but prices would have to drop first, otherwise its just a go once see it place.
LomK4 (3 months ago)
What do you think about Melia? https://go.tinder.com/avL26l0HbTU-Melia
Alek S (3 months ago)
your voice is everywhere
Sloth (3 months ago)
James Strieb from LTT watches Wendover Production's videos.
Byzantine Crusaders (3 months ago)
13.6%... 13.7%?
W426 1 (3 months ago)
5:02 every English person don't remind us of our loss
Paweł Ługowski (3 months ago)
Mine leech (landlord) has 2 rbnbs, both totally empty this year. Rising rent was killing Reykjavik, this turist crunch is best thing for working class residents
burnt f1ames (3 months ago)
Iceland: we need more sponsors from stupid natural events
Speed Art1236 (3 months ago)
I love this video because it spreads icelands story (my home country), but i am cringing at how bad you are saying keflavík and reykjavík, seriously i think im going to cringe to death, anyway its actually prononced. Keflavík = kef-la-veek, reykjavík = ray-ka-veek. Also jm sad you didnt even mention Àlftanes, im so disapointed. Anyway now im done ranting, byyyeeeee sis, just spilin tea 🇮🇸
Jos Geerink (3 months ago)
What a terrible video!
Oek Foh (3 months ago)
Hi, I am drunk and I came here from searching sober "Dual VVTI engine"
J Shepard (3 months ago)
Haven't watched the video yet but I heard that Wow Air closing down has really hurt tourism in Iceland.
Max Darrow (3 months ago)
too expensive + won't let not-white-people in for tourism, probably
Katrín Kristín Egilsdóttir (3 months ago)
I never knew this and I live ther
Douglas (3 months ago)
What an amazing video! Very well done and good analysis.
Cowboy Tanaka (3 months ago)
I feel sorry for Iceland, foreign Tourists in huge numbers will destroy you country’s nature and culture.
Cowboy Tanaka (3 months ago)
Nobody: Iceland: 🌧
Eoghan Fitzgerald (3 months ago)
to expensive