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Harvard admissions case could end Affirmative Action

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CNN's Michael Smerconish explains how a lawsuit charging that Harvard limits the amount of qualified Asian-American it admits could bring change to the entire system. #CNN #News
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Gordon Schnick (1 day ago)
Affirmative action is just double racism.
winterbreeze32 (1 day ago)
Affirmative action should be based on socioeconomic status.
Sapphire Orchid (4 days ago)
That's the ultimate slap in the face for me. To be admitted not by merit, but by my skin color or who I know.
Cook Alan (5 days ago)
During the lawsit Harvard has testified that race, when considered in admissions, can only help, not hurt, a student’s chances of getting in.It seems that maybe Harvard is progressive enough to let everyone win in a zero-sum game, or they are just being hypocritical enough to believe this kind of nonsense.
MrPingn (6 days ago)
What did you expect? Harvard engaged in a dick measuring contest over race. Discriminating against people purely because of their race. And so what if Asians are getting in more? As long as they are busting their butts and earning it I don't see the problem. By that same argument women are a growing majority in college. Male special aid when? I think we probably need to keep it to merit. Though personally I think we've put too much stock into college degrees period. Those degrees ultimately only say you passed a class. Not that you can do the job or have learned. All I heard growing up was more employers would require degrees. Meanwhile we need more people in trades and skills.
R B (6 days ago)
If you want to know the demographics of Harvard without Affirmative Action and Legacy admission, look at Stuyvesant High School in NYC. Harvard will be at least 70% Asian, 20% Jews, 7% White, 2% Hispanic, and less than 1% Black.
Ald Performance (6 days ago)
I just saw something explaining more about this whole subject . It’s sad because the guy doing the lawsuit isn’t really actually wanting to help people
Hung Tran (6 days ago)
So college admission is ok to use race as a factor. But everything else is racist?
Jenna D (7 days ago)
I have never been for affirmative action, but I’m always so baffled at how many people attack black applicants as if they are the reason for them not being accepted. Liberals have worked very hard to hide the fact that it is women, specifically white women who benefit from it the most.
enigma mist (8 days ago)
The anchor has 4 white kids and 2 got in and 2 are left. So obviously this defensive behavior. Watch the other interview of him with an Indian man.
Brandon Griggs (8 days ago)
Pyrimidal (10 days ago)
Lmao love how everyone is calling Hispanics and blacks "minorities", when the Asian population is one of the smallest minorities. At this point it seems the word is describing socio-economic status rather than % of the population.
Justin (4 days ago)
Pyrimidal I definitely agree with that to an extent. Like it makes no sense for a minority who scored 1000 to be at harvard. but i feel like if an asian has 1600 vs nonasian with 1500 you should look holistically at the application because both scores are really high already
Pyrimidal (5 days ago)
+Justin I agree with the minimum test score idea, but I personally wouldn't mind going to a school full of Asians, and I'm fairly sure there are quite a few others out there who wouldn't mind either. I just think that colleges should look for merit first, diversity second.
Justin (5 days ago)
I think all college should have minimum test scores but then after you meet the score they look at everything else
Justin (5 days ago)
Pyrimidal I'm just saying people don't want to go to a school full of asians. but I think we both can agree that students who get in solely because of race shouldn't be at the school. I think we can both agree that Ivy leagues schools should have a minimum score requirement but I feel as though after that then they should be able to look at everything a student has to offer for example race.... But the minimum score should be really high like 1450 SAT and 32 ACT.
Pyrimidal (7 days ago)
+Justin Okay, but WHY though? How is diversity more important than merit? People who get in based on merit are those who deserve to be at the college more than the competition, and are likely to use the college's resources for better and more innovative purposes. People who get in by diversity are far less likely to be as successful in the college as someone who has gotten in by merit, and really the only thing they offer is a different skin color or accent to the class. If you want diversity, you're surrounded by it when ever you go to a major city or whatever. You'll find plenty of different heritages there.
LES (10 days ago)
Affirmative action ran its course a long time ago. Times have changed. America has has two black Presidents so far, counting Bill Clinton.
Dani Jo (10 days ago)
Showing your asses in the comments. Because of one or two anecdotal stories you’ve been told you think that affirmative action admits black and Latino students at a whim- and without a strong academic background. As a black woman with a full ride to a top university — this is often the sentiment shared with me (when I never even asked whether or not they thought I was deserving of a scholarship) I was rejected from every ivy (and some of my “safety” ) schools even with a perfect sat and high gpa. Do you assume that there aren’t THOUSANDS of black peoples applying to these schools and just ... not getting rejected? Like are you that dense?
Liz Brooks (5 days ago)
+Dani Jo Because you have nothing and that is exactly what you would do when you get call out. Rejected by every Ivy. LOL
Dani Jo (5 days ago)
Liz Brooks lol I don’t need to prove my highschool grades to a random fart on the internet . I’ll enjoy my success and google internship in peace 😆 you can believe it or not.
Liz Brooks (5 days ago)
+Dani Jo You are side tracking. Since you claimed that you were rejected by every ivy. I just need to see one. Otherwise you are just talking out of your ass.
Dani Jo (5 days ago)
Liz Brooks and out of all the groups to target, African Americans? Who usually make up 5% OR LESS of a campus? Not legacy kids or trust fund kids- or those with powerful political ties? Not those who didn’t even write their college essays because they could afford to pay thousands of dollars for someone else to do so? But somehow - we’re the problem?
Liz Brooks (5 days ago)
+Dani Jo Well, make a video showing your grades, ACT/SAT scores and the rejection letters that you claim that you received and post it on Youtube and let the world know about it. Otherwise it's just BS.
spongebob-roundpants (11 days ago)
Asian dude in thumbnail we all know whats up
EpixDevo (11 days ago)
Why they do all these stats.Get a excellent gpa and academic background with ap.Please don't let "affirmative action stats"determine your secoundary education.
You only Die when you get killed (11 days ago)
Thank God that they are trying to get ride of that racist rule. It wasnt a positive thing at all. You should always give a spot in any college to people who are most qualified for the spot.
Alec Arena (12 days ago)
Why will Asian and white populations on campus increase and why will latino and black populations decrease? that is an important question that seemed to conveniently not be asked
Weird Al Yankovic (12 days ago)
"Educational benefits of affirmative action for white and Asian students"? What a load of baloney
Angel Flores (12 days ago)
G G (12 days ago)
Asians fucking shit up as usual.
Mike Bready (12 days ago)
Maybe those black students should, um, study more? So they can get in on merit rather than melanin? What do you say?
Caleb Benefield (12 days ago)
Are Asians not considered "of color"???? 🤔
REDEX SUBZERO (12 days ago)
no u cant use race to diversify anything it still racism, harvard should be more about who is smarter and nothing else
LilJbm1 (12 days ago)
Good, affirmative action is racist and should end immediately.
3280774 (12 days ago)
It is white America's fault. Low black admission is due largely to denial of resources, mobility, and attainment within black communities even far past the civil rights area, even now black citizens find it hard to transition into the middle class. So what should be done? What should have been done before. Instead of dangling a path out of black communities you need to pump wealth into them for education, jobs, opportunity, and let the black people within that community actually get a reasonable share of the wealth when it prospers. Only then can you cure the historical imbalance between investment in white and black.
Jedrak Virgil (12 days ago)
Good. Using race is fucking racist. America is a meritocracy or at least was meant to be one. I don't care how many blacks whites latinos or whatever are on your campus. Admitting people based on race is racism.
Justin (8 days ago)
I don't want a school full of asians call it what you want... no one does. 40% at MIT is way to high
jon p (12 days ago)
lol so preventing blacks and latinos from getting into harvard is racist, but preventing asians from getting into harvard isnt? total bullshit, liberal SJW's always end up defeating themselves and the hypocrisy here is absurd all of life should be merit based. if you work hard and sacrifice in order to get ahead, you will get ahead. likewise, if your parents sacrificed and worked hard to put their children ahead, their children will get ahead. its about personal choice and what you choose to do with the little time you have. total bullshit, trying to smear this lawsuit as racist against blacks and latinos, when they are the ones unfairly benefitting from affirmative action to the detriment of asians and whites. total bullshit
ya boi (12 days ago)
i think we need more affirmative action as people of color are being discrimanated for their skin color or watever
Skyace 95 (12 days ago)
Finally! We can end this systemic racism that the left is always complaining about! Wait you’re saying their not happy? Because it won’t benefit them anymore? I’m shocked
Derek A (12 days ago)
Hopefully it does. Affirmative action is just discrimination disguised as progressiveness.
Nick Harris (12 days ago)
I wish you could accept people based off their background rather than race. I don’t think it’s possible though. Someone who had to struggle their entire life and get a 4.0 vs someone who was privileged and got a 4.0 isn’t determined by race.
Grok Effer (12 days ago)
The current system is unfair and needs to change.
crm1225 (12 days ago)
If this wasn't an issue, people would be complaining that Harvard is 75% asians and that they don't do enough to fairly admit other races. This is most likely a thing because they get so many well qualified Asian applicants, they cannot accept them all. There's always something to complain about
Justin (8 days ago)
thank you!! i don't want a school full of asians
Obrien Jackson (13 days ago)
The moral problem is each one is good and/or bad between having equal opportunity or more diversity in school.
Chris McCormack (13 days ago)
I call bullshit on his numbers at 2:54 Asian student increase 3-5% White student increase "large" Black and Latino student decrease 50% Black student decrease 14-6% Latino student decrease 14-9% Do these numbers seem made up to anyone else? How could you possibly have a 50% decrease of Black and Latino students, without either of those subgroups breaking 15%? And where is the corresponding increase in Asian and White students?
Vitaliy Juterbog (13 days ago)
Oh oh, no more racism. Now what?
John Ryan (13 days ago)
Wasn't it Dr. Martin Luther King that said he dreams of the day people will be judged by the content of their character and not by the color of their skin? I guess that day hasn't come yet.
Roman (13 days ago)
50% decline? .... that means 50% aren't in there based on merit. that a large number. didn't expect that.
Thomas H.L. (13 days ago)
They are "trying" to scare you (CNN) by saying oh this will abolish Affirm. Act. but its based off this guys unqualified projections, projections made without ALL the data. Again CNN misinforming the public
E REN (13 days ago)
Finally equal rights for all 🇷🇺🤖
Mike B (13 days ago)
How about discrimination based on physical nature? How many athletes unfairly get into colleges around the country simply because they can play a game pretty well leaving some poor deserving kid who might not have good hand/eye coordination and will actually benefit from the education at his disposal?
TheRyeguy35 (13 days ago)
I think a problem is also that too many people are going to college when they don’t need to. Engineers, doctors, lawyers, etc. should be the only ones going to college - those that actually require a higher education. Imagine if a future scientist who may have discovered something great for humanity was denied entrance into a good college because of their race, while the one who was accepted over him or her and would’ve decided to change their major to art or something totally different. I’m sure that this situation isn’t applicable all the time but I’m sure it has happened before, and while I’m for everyone getting the opportunity, I think they should only if they deserve it, and not having race in the equation at all. High schools always push for 4 year college as if it’s the only choice but it’s not - you could join a vocational school and learn a trade, attend a community college, try an apprenticeship or fellowship, join the military, or even try to start a business. That might not fix the whole problem but I believe it’s a step. There are too many people going to public universities that really don’t need to be there. In a perfect world, automation will take over all of our jobs and we can live as we please and have free college and everyone will be able to go, but we’re possibly hundreds of years from that. So for now I think we should teach the younger generations about the choices they have for after high school, and not just college.
seventhsinn (13 days ago)
good about time.
skibike01 (13 days ago)
I love how this comes up as soon as a minority feels discriminated against. If they win there will be a problem that they do not have enough diversity. You can’t win in this world.
Glitchin98 (13 days ago)
CNN is so unbiased....
TELEVISIBLE (13 days ago)
fix the living conditions of black and latino , instead of a fake affirmative act !black and latino remains poor even after they recieved higher education !
Brandon J (13 days ago)
African Americans should have free admission to any college in America...
ems (13 days ago)
The Real Racism in U.S.A. !!!!!
collin huey (13 days ago)
ok end affirmative actions rich asians will move away from home and live wth poor grand parents to show they are econ disadvantage
Skies S (13 days ago)
I can’t wait for affirmative action to finally be destroyed. then more Asians will get into college and less blacks will!
Skies S (7 days ago)
Justin that’s not what I said bitch lol
Justin (7 days ago)
Skies S why would you want a school full of asians wtf
Tress Braga (13 days ago)
Good! Affirmative action was and is intended for Black Americans ONLY. Period. This is the problem I see with my party, the left -- it panders to all minority groups so that it could rack up a collective minority vote. But all of this pandering has only hurt the black community. I say abolish affirmative action if you are not black. BTW, let's not kid ourselves... this is an immigration-related issue! Illegal immigration and anchor babies have hurt the black community. This madness has got to end, if not blacks are more and more switching to the Republican Party. I just might do the same.
omegagilgamesh (13 days ago)
I'm not a lawyer, so I always assumed affirmative action was about NOT making admittence or hirings based on race.
Resvrgam (13 days ago)
That’s great news! Affirmative Action is an extremely racist/sexist set of policies that reduce people to their genitals and skin colour while simultaneously penalizing merit and ethnic/sex majorities.
Kevin (13 days ago)
Who cares if you didn’t get into Harvard? A true scholar shouldn’t care about the “status” of getting into a brand name school. Someone who is a genuine disciple of academia will thrive in whatever educational environment they are placed into because at the end of the day it’s about one thing and one thing only: learning. There are plenty of people who made an impact in the world without “going to Harvard”
Mudig (13 days ago)
What about those rich kids who get in bc of money/nepotism? I'm sure you right wing nutsacks are against that too, right? Retards like George Bush should never have got in but they did and you don't think that's wrong?
Barry A. (4 hours ago)
Mudig I have zero doubt GWB paid for half of his exams and homework, while he probably did some of it... while smoking a lot of weed.
EmpiricalPragmatist (12 days ago)
Read the comments, genius. Tonnes of people are complaining about that too.
Tahoe Phoenix (13 days ago)
LoL more like 50 percent More Asians you idiot
yungnflashytv (13 days ago)
Wait wait wait so 1in 4 students at Harvard are of Asian decent? Did I hear tht right?
Omega LUL (13 days ago)
IMO the most qualified people should be let in. Competence>Forced Diversity.
Roger Wang (13 days ago)
Question: Would we give a quota to Neanderthals in Harvard if they existed nowadays?
Poppa J Walker (14 days ago)
64standardtrickyness (14 days ago)
Asian priledge consists mostly of being yelled at and being compared to smarter/ more hardworking asian children a lot more than your white counterparts.
Dovakin Brown (14 days ago)
Equality of opportunity not result. I would be supportive of taking initatives to help latinos and blacks with education when they are younger and set them on a path that will allow them to compete with other students when at the university stage. But just giving a person a spot just because they're percieved to be discriminated upon is in fact directly discriminatory toward whites and asians
T’Chala Jones (14 days ago)
Jews are more overrepresented than any other race.
Vindelextreme 2.0 (14 days ago)
the nba is like 99% blacks right. where is the affirmative action to get short 5 foot 5 asians into the nba. also i don't feel that leukemia paraplegic community is getting enough representation in the nba. i want the nba to be 1 quarter trans, 1 quarter the mentally ill, 1 quarter vulcans and 1 quarter bonobos. bonobos lives matter god damn it, its 2018
Desmond Burton (14 days ago)
Why aren’t Asians under affirmative action considering all the shit they had to go through in this country.
MissingNo (14 days ago)
All I heard is that 50% of the African Americans and Hispanics were under qualified for admissions when compared to Asian American students. Am I wrong?
med ray (14 days ago)
There will be no black and Amigo doctors. Only Asian medical doctors & PhDs left.
Master Loner (14 days ago)
godxxofxxwar22 (14 days ago)
Wowwww 50%, that’s kinda bullshit, as a white person that means there is roughly 50% of “minority’s” that I am actually much more qualified then that ultimately will get it over me. That is discrimination!
Miranda Elaine (14 days ago)
America is a country where people are judged on the content of their character, not the color of their skin. This shouldn’t change, no matter what the intent.
TUBESTEAKNIG (14 days ago)
It better... This discrimination has been known for years already, why is something only being done now that there's a lawsuit? Pathetic.
M Alc (14 days ago)
None of you understand the necessity of Affirmative Action. You think that because the times of slavery and major discrimination against minorities are over that its effects don't still linger in the everyday lives of those Americans. This slavery and discrimination created a poverty trap which is a cycle that is hard to break without help. That cycle is still ongoing. I implore any of you against Affirmative Action to take college history, resource economic courses with no political agenda so you can see for yourselves.
Barry A. (4 hours ago)
M Alc Help yourself, don't demand entitlement. It's imperative to gain self-confidence through adversity than be deemed implicitly inferior in need of "help." Self-respect means not accepting hand-outs simply for being born with certain attributes. Furthermore, it erodes and reinforces biases, as well as collectively punishes people for attributes people have no control over. These attributes are irrelevant to merit, and further reinforces learned helplessness. Be a hustler, be better and earn the way rather than demand it without putting in the work.
FurryTentacles (14 days ago)
Affirmative action is discriminatory toward all races, it says black and Latino students are too stupid to get in on their own merit and they Asians are too smart. How is that “fair”
Luminous Emission (14 days ago)
Everyone should be able to get in on their own credentials. Letting ppl in just to diversify discriminates against the people who are better qualified. It's ludicrous that this was the policy to begin with.
Micah Wright (14 days ago)
Diversification sounds dumb. Race should not be included in the admission process. If the white population increase with Asian and declined in Black and Hispanic then who cares? It's fair to give everyone an equal chance and disregard race.
Christina Martinez (14 days ago)
Why can’t we just consider financial situation!? If an applicant had to work a job while in school and their parents couldn’t afford for the extra tutoring, why isn’t that considered instead of race. Would make it a more even playing field in my opinion.
&r01d Tox (3 days ago)
Prob is alot of those Asian parents work 2/3 jobs 7 days a week to pay for test prep and tutoring... And I also know alot of Hispanic parents who work long hours that they don't have any time to spend with their kids.
Stunfisk Friend (14 days ago)
Easiest solution to affirmative action and any racism is to do this thing called blind resumes no name or picture with the resume
Matt G (oPryzeLP) (14 days ago)
Fucking good. Affirmative action is extremely racist
Sean Bullard (14 days ago)
Why isnt harvard being blasted for being racists? Last time i checked making decisions based on race was part of the definition.
Chloe Fleur (14 days ago)
In the UK there is little to no basis upon which race provides an advantage or disadvantage. Instead there is a system where they assess if you are amongst the first generation in your family to go to college/university, and the typical progression to college/university from people in your postcode, advantage given to those of lower socioeconomic backgrounds. Affirmative action seems to be a sensical system in encouraging participation in further education for minority students, however maybe flawed in the way they assess who needs advantage? Ultimately I can’t decide where I stand on it- would be interested to hear people’s thoughts
tobo86 (14 days ago)
I am a goldfish and demand that trees be made easier to climb for me
S (14 days ago)
A common misconception about places like Harvard is that you can pay your way in - this is absolutely not the case. I’m speaking from experience as my older sister (Asian) got accepted this year and herself and pretty much everyone has received a HUGE amount of financial aid. In fact Harvard is one of the most generous institutions when it comes to financial aid, and I’m talking like they actually cover $100K worth of yearly tuition - other Ivy Leagues are quite stingy and generally only offer partial aid. Sure there might be some people who have gotten accepted and happen to be extremely affluent, however this is not always the case at all. This idea of “paying your way in” is not very common from what I know of! Also, Harvard doesn’t intentionally discriminate against certain races when it comes to admissions. They look at character scores, and statistically, people of Asian backgrounds tend to receive lower character scores from their teachers/counsellors than other races. Let me emphasise that they are RATED lower, not necessarily meaning that the quality of their character actually IS lower. Unfortunately there is this correlation and because of this people have a misunderstanding that Harvard deliberately discriminates against Asians, when it’s actually that they don’t accept many people with lower character ratings.
High Maintenance Minimalist (14 days ago)
Look at these people fighting for the chance to pay $270,000 to go to school 🤦‍♀️. If they were really smart, they'd go study in Sweden, Germany or France for free.
Joseph F (14 days ago)
Jeff Au (14 days ago)
dont get your terms wrong european bro and you arnt an attorney, your a hypocrite
Ald Performance (14 days ago)
People say end affirmative action but how bout let’s end racism in America that’ll solve everything . Let’s end the notion that America has to preserve jobs for the white wealthy and their families . If there was no outright or even behind the scene institutional racism or classism there would probably be no affirmative action . You’re trying to cut a branch off a tree but the problem isn’t the branch it’s the root of the problem and that’s racism . But that won’t happen anytime soon neither will affirmative action.
Adrienne Andrews (14 days ago)
william louie (14 days ago)
Harvard admit who ever they want and with any standard they wish regardless what is decision on affirmative action.
ViperKnight94 (14 days ago)
Affirmative action is a dinosaur. All it does is set people of color apart from white people. It’s an excuse for white people to complain about people of color being hired above them simply because of their skin color and makes companies hire people based on the color of their skin and not their accomplishments.
TrumpKingsly (14 days ago)
Am I right to be suspicious of his downplaying of the effect on Asian students (3-5% increase in admissions) before turning the conversation to "White people especially win, and black people lose?" That feels like rhetoric. Like very few people would care about preferential treatment of Asians over black people. But if you make the story about white people benefiting at the expense of black people, you get a lot more support from a lot more people. This feels like rhetoric, because the stance of the case is that affirmative action makes it unreasonably hard for Asian students to win admission into Harvard. The brief even states that white people have an easier time than Asian people, and that that's part of the problem.
Nicker Bloodlust (14 days ago)
Everything correlates to race and Iq.
Nicker Bloodlust (14 days ago)
ThatRandomGuy146 (14 days ago)
NO, you're wrong. MOST of the students in college campuses will be ASIAN. GOOD. GOOD. Let the best win. They're is nothing wrong with that. Let the people who deserve to get in get in. I'm Hispanic and this dude on the left is so condescending. If the latino and black population suddenly disappears off college campuses then people need to realize just how much institutions try and shelter and baby minorities. We don't need our ego's nurtured by "concerned white liberals" who just pander to us while being so blatantly and unknowingly racist while they pat themselves on the back. Colleges for the most part have become useless, over-priced, unimportant. Maybe this case could help mend this issue. (Probably Not lmaoo)
SmittyWarben YagerMangensen (14 days ago)
if college admissions processes aren’t run on merit what the fuck?
one2 3four (14 days ago)
Oh really? That's just OK with this "CRACKA" I don't give a crap about what you think of "white" people....I hate "mooches" and people that believe that "they deserve something that they didn't earn". If you are one of them...Then I (without question) hate you. Here is a question for all races: If you need (today) a program in place to assure your RACE a job....and YOU accept this job.....if you can sleep at night.....shame on you
Penis (14 days ago)
Asians dominate academically. They are setting the bar too high for other races. So Why punish them for being more working harder and being ambitious than others?
Manuel Morillo (15 days ago)
Based on an older 2000s survey, 1/3 or more of black students in ivy league schools are kids of African or Caribbean black immigrant families familes. Why are they more dis-advanced than Asian kids or kids from Asian Immigrant families? And for that matter, kids from white Hispanic families?
bbsonjohn (15 days ago)
Put the racial issue aside first. "Off-springs of alumni get the best chance." Does anything think there is a problem on that?
Takezo San (15 days ago)
study hard, math is math.............make Harvard sports if you want to get degrees for physical activities