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How the UK Postal Service (Royal Mail) Operates

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Royal Mail employees have been on strike for the last 3 days. This video shows what actually happens when they all return to work. NOTE : The price of 1st Class postage has increased from 32p to 39p since this video was broadcast.
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Text Comments (359)
Saintsinnz (1 month ago)
Damn... it amazes me people will just a name on an envelope and send it!! What the fack! They have better luck sending a smoke signal
Alice Cheung (1 month ago)
I love Royal Mail. Their efficiency and reliability are amazing.
yam yam dash cam (1 month ago)
every time i take a parcel tot he post office they ask whats inside , so i tell them the truth , a 15 inch rubber cock
Moe Wilson (2 months ago)
This documentary makes the Royal Post look so positive but I watched a video, “royal post, the undercover mailman” that showed incompetence, disarray and thievery. Interesting.
Jerry Banana (2 months ago)
M8 if I dun get ma item tommorow imma knock ur nan out
Zacky Rin (2 months ago)
Envelope abuse!!
Ruff Cabbage (2 months ago)
£11.55 an hour for delivering paper , im impressed
sarah plunkett (2 months ago)
what about post comming from oveeseas to the uk
Phallusy (2 months ago)
4:42 *Alan*
Tammy Elissa (2 months ago)
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FRAZLES C (3 months ago)
I love the cars that says Happy Birthday you old Git
Robert Walsh (3 months ago)
How can you tell how long a round takes when it's peeing down with rain.... You people think it's the same and it isn't.... Same on a boiling hot day... You still expect people to rush rush rush
Homer Slated (5 months ago)
What's with all this "kilometres" bollocks? Has London been relocated to France, or something? Also, they missed a few important parts of the postal delivery operation, such as the part where they drop all parcels marked "FRAGILE!" off the top of a 20 story building onto concrete, roll over them with a tank, then finish them off with a sledgehammer, just to be sure. Then there's the part where your 4ft square parcel accidentally slips through a razor thin crack in the pavement and is "lost", but only if you refuse to pay for tracking, otherwise it gets the sledgehammer treatment as per usual, is delayed by two weeks for unspecified reasons, then is left with your "next door" neighbour, who lives 8 miles away. (N.B. Both are actual examples). Yup, Royal Mail: fucking up postage since 1516.
Bank Soft (5 months ago)
Good logistic.
MG Squad (5 months ago)
Robert Walsh (5 months ago)
Shit service........ Why do I get my birthday cards at 4.30 in the evening???? You have no reply to that one do ya..... hope Royal Mail crashes and everyone uses email
Alex Morgan (4 months ago)
Robert Walsh there is 4 factors to take into account traffic Amount of houses/flats to deliver to Equipment malfunction eg van breakdown integrated mail processing faults Weather conditions
Ewan Stewart (6 months ago)
Now we've got the fucking Tories to thank for privatizing it!! NHS looks on track to come next
Tajmeel Akhtar (6 months ago)
I appriciate royal mail do their best for us. But should be cheaper as it's always delayed
master Mac (7 months ago)
Lurch Adams. Wot a prick you are.
kermit the frog (7 months ago)
Royal are evil to work for, they bully there staff, make you work over your time because the rounds are to big. And won't pay you. I worked at marple D.O. in Stockport
Josh Turner (8 months ago)
Royal Mail is a disgrace
FlamingGaming52 (8 months ago)
But at least she remembered, which at her age, is a feat of itself.......... Rrrrrrroasted 😂😂
Pqrst Zxerty (8 months ago)
How do they do it, they lose one million items per day and steal steal steal, is how they do it. They can't even track a Special packet and tell you where they lost it, how can you lose a super tracked mail item and have no tracking information other than entered Royal Mail system ?
Geoffrey Wilson (8 months ago)
One lucky postie....time for a cup of tea..!!!!!!!!
Essex Andy (10 months ago)
Nancy Bryant in yet another promo for Royal Mail lmao
Jordy H (10 months ago)
Yeeeeeah just throw the fucking parcels! idiots
Ron S (10 months ago)
The RM is amazing!!!! So reliable that the two biggest lies in the U.K. are: 1- "I promise you love, I'll finish outside" 2- "the cheque is in the mail"...
MrBeanMasterTed (11 months ago)
RM has quads? I never knew that!
Beavis (11 months ago)
Royal Mail need to build an incinerator for the bills.
Baconboytrolls (1 year ago)
lol where's the black cat you can't be postmas pat with a black and white cat
Mark Fox (1 year ago)
To all the people moaning about the price of a stamp - for that price your letter or parcel is delivered anywhere. Try putting same cost of fuel in your car and see how far you get. 1st class mail gets there next day 96% of the time. In any other sphere of life a 96% success rate is considered a dead cert, an amazing performance, an operation with a near certain chance of success, a First Class degree etc. Royal Mail does this every day. All the detractors - do you all perform at 96% in all areas of your life?
AF Rayan (1 year ago)
fuck you royal mail .. you are the worst services in the history of humanity ..
vin striker (1 year ago)
thats how he case the mail?
Barry Hatcher (1 year ago)
Time it takes Royal Mail in a modern country like the UK, to deliver a letter over a distance of say 400km? 1 day. Time it takes Canada Post to deliver a letter in a modern country like Canada over a distance of say 50km. 1 week. Royal Mail are the best in the world. Enough said!
Richard Fellingham (8 months ago)
Barry Hatcher o
Maty Nezhoda (1 year ago)
I found the narrator rude !!
StinkyBoy (1 year ago)
Lol i once refunded £250 shoes and it took 3 weeks till i got emailed that they received it but idk if thats royal mails fault or not
Ice and Kandi (1 year ago)
Royal Mail need to start updating signed for parcels that are delivered abroad!! They don't update the tracking system so it looks like the item has been lost even when the buyer has signed for it! That means I have to refund them! I'm now on the 3rd time this has happened and it's a £100 item. So p*ssed off right now Royal Mail SORT IT OUT!!!!
Richard Fellingham (8 months ago)
Ice and Kandi o
Sam Parker (1 year ago)
37p will not pay for the hire of a boat and a quad bike, they seem like specialised/ personalised methods of delivery, what am I missing here?
Btt (6 months ago)
Dean Keith Royal Mail has been privatised but they still serve these remote places
Dean Keith (6 months ago)
The cost of the "personalised" services is subsidised by the shorter bulk delivery routes . That is what the universal service obligation is all about and what governments are helping to destroy ! By allowing other companies to muscle in on the more profitable areas they are in effect taking away funding from outlying areas .
Btt (6 months ago)
lifeguard2564 😂😂
lifeguard2564 (1 year ago)
Sam Parker Tony stole the tenner out of the card to pay for his ferry ticket and fuel for his quad bike.
s3 (1 year ago)
Sam Parker If you take into account that 65 million letters are posted every day, thats about £20 million a DAY to fund all of what goes on, and that doesn't take into account all the parcels which costs about £3 to post. That is £7.3 billion funding for all of the post in the UK, and the boat is just for the Scottish Islands
HostDisorder (1 year ago)
How does one get to the positions of post men delivering and driving the van? Is sorting office a good way to earn money easy gruelling wayb
Geographer 4 fun (1 year ago)
royal mail have their own jet? tell me wrong.. but usps handle more volume without their own jet...
Geographer 4 fun (1 year ago)
Tom O'Donnell (1 year ago)
Royal Mail do not have their own plane, they use freight airlines to transport their mail
acousticguitar (1 year ago)
0:17 Not by investment that's for sure
Colonel Herzog (1 year ago)
Who protects royal mail? Police or private protection?
timmycat 2007 (1 year ago)
thieves, frauders and liers - the ,,royal ,, mail -they stolen my 4 parcels
Money Wise (1 year ago)
more like royal shit
Smart African (1 year ago)
Robbie Wright (1 year ago)
Workhouse. The truth will come out one day
smith23 (1 year ago)
When are people going to realise that it's not called "THE Royal Mail"? It's just "Royal Mail"
Kuroshiro Sama (1 year ago)
SkunkGrinder (1 year ago)
Royal mail are no good. I sold an old tablet on eBay for £20, it arrived at the guys address damaged (he sent me pictures of how it arrived & the screen was all smashed) I went to the post office and they told me to fill in a claim form. I did this, sending in all the details, receipt, pictures etc. Only to be told by Royal mail that the best they can do is give me a book of stamps. I had to refund the buyer his money cos it was the right thing to do & i didn't want a bad reputation on eBay.
Marija Inga (4 months ago)
SkunkGrinder in a bubble envelope???OMG who does that?you should pack it more securely,no wonder it got smashed
SkunkGrinder (1 year ago)
Yeah. i get it. But for them to compensate me with a book of stamps though. Anyway, I'm over it! We live and learn
Larkspur (1 year ago)
+SkunkGrinder the envelope was the mistake there. i've done a xmas in there and you are actually told to toss those bulky package envelopes into the right container. the machine doesn't sort it so it's done manually. who knows what it hits and gets hit by in there, let alone the weight of other pakages piled ontop. if you are posting something fragile like that, mark it as fragile and use a box. package it like it could be thrown against something or dropped.
ᴋ ɪ ᴄ ᴋ ʙ ᴀ ᴄ ᴋ (1 year ago)
Yeah man... an envelop, are you kidding me? This is a piece of electronics you're talking about.
Houck (1 year ago)
"envelope" There is your problem. Rewatch the video, see them throwing the packages. You need better packaging, I used to work there so please just wrap your stuff better.
Chriseurosong (1 year ago)
You're English, Mr Narrator. It's AEROPLANE. Idiot.
Murat güner (1 year ago)
hello dear Royal Mail team to step Murat Guner ePayments Card turkey has come and passed to the PTT istiyt no barcode . When will you receive ? I would kindly ask you to help . GSM : +90 (0) 537 320 4206 Murat guner . Best regards.
Unicysis (1 year ago)
05:09 - 05:14 - Time to fly, time to fl ....... OI, WHAT ARE YOU DOING? LET GO OF ME!
Manas Ghosh (1 year ago)
royal mail provides great service, on time delivery... thanks..
Scarface92511 (1 month ago)
Manas Ghosh hi I'm just wondering how long it takes a parcel to clear in Langley, mine has been there since 16 February 2018, it's now the of 10 March. Just over 3 weeks, thanks
Spitha Roo (1 year ago)
I think Ned's 'horse' was a pony. Do people really still send cash through the post nowadays?
CTM Podcast (1 year ago)
Yeah, online shopping?
Beasley Court (1 year ago)
I find it astounding that someone would post a letter with only the persons name on... These people live amongst us but you never know who they are lol....
Gary Anderson (13 days ago)
Honestly they probably look for the address then completely forget about it
tobo86 (7 months ago)
Beasley Court, I heard you can spot them by their lack of reflection in mirrors
A Google User (2 years ago)
What a load of GARBAGE! I order a game 2nd class and two weeks later it hasn't turned up! Absolutely appalling service, Royal Fail!
Robert Walsh (3 months ago)
Ha ha ha did you get your bonus you dinlo......cause we didn't get our post.... Come on then answer that you twat.!!!
Georgia Dobbyn (3 months ago)
ur rude hope it never came
Michael awdry (10 months ago)
A Google User I ordered something for my friends birthday and it still hasn't arrived a week later.
Mitch Wild (11 months ago)
Cheapskate! lol
Xavier Rose (1 year ago)
+Gamez Geek 2nd class explains it
Big B (2 years ago)
impressive. hope these type of postal services would be available in our county
Szymon Gorczynski (2 years ago)
64 pence for a first class stamp...
Szymon Gorczynski (1 year ago)
+Personal Red Where the fuck are you getting your stamps from? I bought a first class one for 65p the other week.
LC1972 72 (2 years ago)
LC1972 72 (2 years ago)
Royal Mail are Fucking Useless, been waiting for a Priority Package from Poland. Poland has managed to track item from their end. it`s been sitting in the UK NOW FOR 4 DAYS, yet can the royal mail tracking service find it . NO. ROYAL MAIL COULD`NT FIND IT`S  OWN ARSEHOLE WITH 2 HANDS AND A TORCH. USELESS FUCKING USELESS.
felicity mcdougle (1 year ago)
LC1972 72 of course royal mail can't track it, it's from Poland! they track items that start from England!
Nipple Lotion (2 years ago)
They might deliver your fucking bills on time, but they sure didn't deliver my fucking ps4 on time, which it said was a first class, 24 hour delivery, cheeky bastards
Zero (2 years ago)
Bullshit, they take so fucking long
Swaggination (2 years ago)
not his birthday till next month LOL
ironeagleuk1970 (1 year ago)
she doesn't trust Royal Mail to get it there on time ;-)
paganwarrior1000 (2 years ago)
Bullies they are evil
Liam_x7 (2 years ago)
Fucking brilliant!!!
JG Tech Reviews (2 years ago)
if they weren't in.... omg hahahaha
JG Tech Reviews (2 years ago)
+bigturnip hahah OK I guess you got me...
bigturnip (2 years ago)
They would get a "sorry we missed you" card and then rearrange delivery for a day they were in, but in such a rural community where the postie knows everyone they probably have a safe place where he can leave parcels.
JG Tech Reviews (2 years ago)
+bigturnip 😐 I mean if it was a parcel
bigturnip (2 years ago)
+james guiler (Jamesjnr2 Gaming) The letter would go in the letterbox.
Aidan The Lover Boy O'Dwyer (2 years ago)
The whistling music title please?
Aidan The Lover Boy O'Dwyer (1 year ago)
It might be. BUT. I don't think so. BECAUSE. It's too famous to be stock music. I hear it everywhere.
Billy Blunder (1 year ago)
Its prob some stock music but it doesn't matter cuz every time you listen to it you'll think of this shitty video.
rickysmyth (2 years ago)
wtf wearing a helmet on a farm quad with no top box to put it in after dismounting? got to be just for the tv show. people would be such assholes and steal it
bigturnip (2 years ago)
+rickysmyth More chance of it getting nicked by a sheep on Kerrera
عبدالله رويشد (2 years ago)
Could have just used paypal...
Lurch Addams (2 years ago)
I bought a £20 game from America and the fucking cunts charged me £9 V.A.T. and £8 handling fee for the privilage of having my mail delayed and having to goto the sorting office to pick it up myself, bunch of fucking money grabbing, ripoff, useless bastard, twat, cunt, shit face, turd eating, cock gobbler, anal fisting gob shites.
Dale Cooley (4 months ago)
Shame you have no idea what tax is?!?
Dean Keith (6 months ago)
It's not royal mail charging you . It the customs and excise !
Choppington Otter (11 months ago)
Lurch Addams Yes, better to send it by FedEx or someone who doesn't charge you for picking the parcel.up from the airport.
david mc mahon (2 years ago)
+Lurch Addams Told my son and daughter to stop sending goods from Australia as we were getting charged every time,after a phone call they told me,"Royal Mail" it was it was only random that my parcels were picked,yea sure like pissing down my back and try to tell me it's raining!!stealth tax wankers i agree with you 100pc,forgot to mention four parcels in a row over one year,greedy bastards,this needs looked into.
Tom CFC (2 years ago)
A Cat (2 years ago)
why cant they build a high speed conveyor belt lets say, 15000mph, underground i must say... to my house and only my house, from every main depot in the uk, so me and only me can get my mail... instantly as quick as im posting this comment... why i ask? why me.
MrJikser (2 years ago)
what a joke throwing the mail
Kieran Miller (2 years ago)
workers are seen throwing peoples parcels, nice to know they care about the product inside
Prexto Rex (9 months ago)
Kieran Miller it's alot faster than putting it slow and carefully. People already complain about slow service.
ᛑᚪᛞᛁᛖᛟ ᛔᛤᛟᛥᚱ (2 years ago)
hmmm 24 hours ayy? 3 and a half weeks is not good enough for 24 hours : )
Gobby Cow (11 months ago)
Best mail delivery service in the world, they deliver my fucking bills on time every time, the bastards.
Naomi (6 months ago)
Honda ASIMO I've never had an issue....
xingbreakin (1 year ago)
This is gold ahaha
nikki cooke (1 year ago)
Honda ASIMO you probably get poor service because ur postman has actually met you.. and found you to be an absoloute cunt. just saying. i bet his polite customers get a wonderful service.
Honda ASIMO (2 years ago)
Dropping parcels in bins nowadays who knows how many parcel have been tipped into rubbish. Leaving 'Sorry you were out' card' when you were in and them without knocking your door or ringing the bell. I have these dumb acts on evidence with CCTV Door cam. Then if they fuck up they have the nerve to offer 41p Royal Mail stamps and £50 compensation item when your could be 100 times the value.
Honda ASIMO (2 years ago)
The Royal Mail has become a total scam. It's misleading customers and in return giving bad customer service poor excuse ignorant annoying negligence at all times just read the complaints there is no positive review given. It may be the first world courier service but the bloody slowest. After its privatisation it's feeding off extra paying customers on first class premium mail delivery options so the business can survive longer. I don't give a single fuck from the workers whining either, I payed for my service so I want my deliveries on time infact I'm the reason you have that job. Dozen within the workforce turned out to be thieves in rightful term 'scum' and in medieval times it was treason death penalty. Don't be mugged for sending Special Delivery or similar options it's all 2nd Class anyway like No Show Up, 1st Class Stolen or Damaged Class. Royal Fail
Dashty Fryad (2 years ago)
tha's why i love fucking england
dazens1 (2 years ago)
gosh how things have changed-a post box gets emptied once a day as early as 9am in villages and 5pm in towns so if you have a letter in a village box going in at noon there it will sit till 9am the day after,all collections used to be 4-5pm and 6.30pm in towns,then the letter can go in to the system and either arrive next day,arrive never or arrive a fortnight later with "not at no 32 try at number whatever" on it as its sat in the wrong house for a fortnight misdelivered untill its been kindly put back in the post.
Club Tropícana (2 years ago)
Nancy Bryant must be American, no way would a Brit have that name.
Fiona Beswick (3 years ago)
That is stunning. That's like the best of the West, really. Everything so efficient and mechanized and I love the way a van will drive all that way just to deliver one card. And get there too. A whole country all knitted together by the post.  And how about all those people who just put names on the envelope and no address? How can 400 people a week do that?
Jerry Banana (2 months ago)
Fiona Beswick lOl where r u from sexy
Richard Fellingham (8 months ago)
Fiona Beswick o
un4getablefriend (3 years ago)
Thanks to RoyalMail, my friend managed to lose his passport sent from the UKBA. The signed for letter was signed by someone else. 
Scitch2781 (3 years ago)
royal mail suck
Matthew Fung (3 years ago)
fuck you UK postal service 
Daniel Giles (7 months ago)
Matthew Fung agreed
XTX (3 years ago)
32p then, over 60p now... and people were moaning THEN! You lot don't know what you had, and what you're losing.
FrostUK (3 years ago)
+MeesterWolf99 Since 2009, yes - the price of cigarettes has doubled. Crisps, chocolates, soft drinks and beer are not far behind, either. Also fuel is about 30p more expensive than it was back then. I'm sure I could find more if I researched.
XTX (3 years ago)
+Jack Howard has the price of anything else doubled in 5 years?
Jack Howard (3 years ago)
inflation ,the price of everthing has gone up, tobacco, chocolate etc..
I am Groot (3 years ago)
2:14 is this a joke?
Sol Bambi (2 years ago)
+I am Groot what? why?
Ryan Gooslinger (3 years ago)
I think you meant to say: "I am Groot."
03Blackbeard (3 years ago)
I think you mean how it doesn't operate.
Charlotte Jones (3 years ago)
Fantastic job that Royal Mail do. Video Journey of a letter to Scotland, very impressive.
nevi blue (3 years ago)
Nice one!
paganwarrior1000 (3 years ago)
03Blackbeard (3 years ago)
+paganwarrior1000 Amen, bro. 
paganwarrior1000 (3 years ago)
+deiz92 they are not fine, your face has to fit, rounds are to big you go over your time which helps them and they argue the toss, then they dont pay you in full, hoping you will not follow it up1
deiz92 (3 years ago)
Why? I work for them, and they're fine, maybe you had a bad boss?
paganwarrior1000 (3 years ago)
you are right my friend
03Blackbeard (3 years ago)
What do you expect from a company in the hands of carpet baggers? Royal Mail is seriously fucked up, m8.
Jh 1002 (3 years ago)
Like if ownage pranks brought you here
Ryan Horgan (3 years ago)
Omg I'm not the first one!
CarePeers (3 years ago)
We are using very similar mail system in Hong Kong and is very efficient. What I do not know is that Royal Mail in UK has their own cargo flight. In Hong Kong, we use the payload of commercial airlines available, like Cathay Pacific Airway.
Fiona Beswick (3 years ago)
+CarePeers Well, I dont know..its good though! 
CarePeers (3 years ago)
The sorting machines might be from UK, but I guess that some other server system would be obtained from other countries, like Europe and USA.
Fiona Beswick (3 years ago)
I am in HK too...I guess the system here was adopted from the British because there used to be red post boxes, I think, with the Queen on...1997 seems a long time ago now.
ZnenTitan (3 years ago)
"Sack- on-road technology" HaHaHaHa! 
Pro Innocence (3 years ago)
b*llsh*t! im still waiting for my 1st class parcel sent a week ago! royal mail are shocking!
Prexto Rex (9 months ago)
Pro Innocence bullshit. I've never had a problem with royal mail. The worst ive had is when my item is sent first class but treated as 2nd class having me wait an extra day. But if a first class service takes more than a week to arrive the problem has to be the sender not royal mail.
03Blackbeard (3 years ago)
+Pro Innocence Another service gone to the dogs to add to my list, which already contains the legal profession and the Police. This Country is fast becoming a haven for opportunists, carpet baggers, and the morally bankrupt.....all hidden, of course, behind tons of politically correct rhetoric. 
Pro Innocence (3 years ago)
i know! the people of uk are loosing faith in the postal service and no one seems to care!
03Blackbeard (3 years ago)
+Pro Innocence I'll try, but don't hold your breath. But it's all the inconvenience to my associate in Europe as well. It seems you have to put money in a bloody sock or something, and write "SOCKS" on the packet in order to discourage the postal workers from stealing your cash. 
Pro Innocence (3 years ago)
dont even get me started! just money grabbing b*stards! just DISGUSTING! hope you get it sorted! can you not claim? you should be able to if you paid for tracked delivery!
Parcelhub Ltd (3 years ago)
Massive organisation
John Doe (3 years ago)
Lol, a birthday card would of been nicked as soon as it entered the postbox.
Phallusy (2 months ago)
paganwarrior1000 (3 years ago)
Raptor Jesus (3 years ago)
62p per 1st class stamp now, almost double what it was in this video. the stamps are dearer than the cards you put them on!
A Cat (2 years ago)
+Raptor Jesus i know its extremely cheap thats why i cannot comprehend why anyone feels the need to complain about its price
Raptor Jesus (2 years ago)
+Woods Gaming Channel actually 4 pints of milk is 89p, its crazy cheap
A Cat (2 years ago)
+Raptor Jesus its hardly alot of money is it? to sent your card anywhere in the uk so quickly... you try to get your letter from one side to the other side of the uk for 62p... stop moaning and grow up... im sure you moan about milk prices aswell
PETER COUNSELL (3 years ago)
What I do not understand is how countries as far away as China can send the same  item  I sell airmail to the UK for 99 pence. Yes under 1 pound. This includes packaging, airmail costs, the cost of the item, and their profit.  Royal mail delivers it anywhere in the UK for practically nothing. When I try to post the same item here in the uk the post office chages £2.80 for postage alone. What a absolute scandal.
Johnny Mac (3 years ago)
You do realise that there are billions of people in China?
Khalid Najm (3 years ago)
The postal service has always been a source of wonder for me: Pop a letter, with a red stamp with the Queen's head on it, into a red cylinder into the street and as if by magic, materialize in London. Or order online, without having any verbal contact with the seller, then you receive a package with YOUR address written on it from someone you never met with the item you bought exactly! What a coincidence!
I see dumb people (3 years ago)
Npthing royal about them,their service is shit in every way
I see dumb people (3 years ago)
Simon jordan,your precious royal mail is falling apart ,absolute joke service,you havent got a fucking clue,how long have you been sucking royal mail balls?
I see dumb people (3 years ago)
Exactly and that ball sack simon wont deliver the post coz the fekking pavements wonky or some bullshit,simon said clowns like me unyet he is the one that looks like a clown in his profile picture,what a silly cock
03Blackbeard (3 years ago)
+Simon Jordan Royal Mail is in the hands of carpet baggers who don't give a shit about the customer. Time to look elsewhere for a RELIABLE delivery service.
SAFFY7411 (3 years ago)
+Simon Jordan Haha!
I see dumb people (3 years ago)
You silly clit,how can you say 'like me'?you dont even know me you silly bellend lol you silly twat go fuck your postman you silly little bitch
Sal Craft (4 years ago)
Im contemplating why dont they save their fuel and save time and go to heathrow instead of stansted?Really weird 😔😔😔😔😔😔
CaptainSiCo (2 years ago)
They'd have to pay Heathrow a fortune for the privelege, that's why!
• Griffin • (4 years ago)
And usps won't even get out of their van
Philip Mclaughlin (4 months ago)
• Griffin • True but unlike the UK US postal workers are not allowed to go on strike.