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Bait Gun Prank!! Stun gun inside the handle of a real gun! Watch to the end ( Attempted murder?!? ) SUBSCRIBE!! ►http://www.youtube.com/user/prankfiles?sub_confirmation=1 Twitter ► http://www.twitter.com/prankfiles
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Text Comments (1838)
Oneshotup (3 months ago)
the only one who did the right thing was the what appeared to be homeless gentleman. well done sir.
YamadoK (1 day ago)
Oneshotup Sort of. At least that way some dumb kid isn't liable to find it and hurt themselves or others, but that gun could represent important evidence in a case that police would be better off having for all he knows. Still, definitely a better choice than leaving it or trying to take it to keep or sell, imo.
lawless1257 lawlessrebel8645 (2 days ago)
Bob Mills i just cany hell my self from say ur a bitch. and a fag
lawless1257 lawlessrebel8645 (2 days ago)
Bob Mills ur truly the definition of fag
12mrcool1 (4 days ago)
Oneshotup Again, I said I'm not trying to give him a bad name and might have been throwing it away. I was stating that there is another way that is way more frequent. Now, you're assuming too in your first part so I'm pretty sure you just made an ass out of yourself. I provided both ways good and bad, while you assumed good. How do you know it wasn't bad? You assumed he was just throwing it away.
Tyler Genaille (28 minutes ago)
hey numbnuts toss the gun. ...XD lol
Drew Fox (3 hours ago)
Now imagine if there just happened to be a real cop passing by.....
Slick Willy (4 hours ago)
how are they criminals? they found an abandoned gun and took it
CuzyCat (8 hours ago)
it doesn't mean that if they picks up a gun, they are a criminal, they might want to put it at lost and found
streeteats (15 hours ago)
Finding it is different than stealing it. Why not bait the real theifs?
pmm4177 (20 hours ago)
That second dude is gayer than a bag of dicks
David Paton (21 hours ago)
You know that's aggravated assault right?
Oscar S Jaure (22 hours ago)
tell you the truth I would of get the gun for a throwaway? ;)
DancingPenguin94 (1 day ago)
it would be funny if a real cop watched them pick it up and then the cop fed them lead
Marcos Rodriguez (1 day ago)
yoooooo the last one was shot in Palm springs
Cleiton Mendonça (1 day ago)
hahaha nice!
Nicolas Meriles (1 day ago)
Yeah,good cuz they put them in their balls,enough to not let them reproduce themselves
boostinmk7 ca (1 day ago)
this was filmed at sunrise park in palm springs ca
Dwight Simpson (1 day ago)
The gun is your opening description is not a glock!
Jimmy Chute (1 day ago)
lmfao he stole the gun from the guy at the end
Jamie Clifford (2 days ago)
he put the gun down his keks
tosgem (2 days ago)
what are these guys meant to do? you find a gun, leaving it there for anyone else to find is dumb. Call the police to find the rightful owner? lol I'd pick it up as well. i don't want to shoot anyone, but i might use it in the woods. better in my pocket than someone elses
That's finding not stealing.
Drill Hammer (2 days ago)
this is damn stupid !
FaZe Baby (2 days ago)
The first guy got tasered in the nuts xD
Linda Finch (3 days ago)
lol the last people
Elisee Normil (3 days ago)
Well done. Saved a lif3.
Elisee Normil (3 days ago)
What is the background music?
єvєrчday αtrσcítчTM (3 days ago)
Taking a gun laying on the ground doesn't make you a criminal. It makes you stupid. What if that was the gun used to kill somebody, and forensics finds your prints on it? And you wonder why 90% of the inmate population has I.Q.s under 70.
Jason Watkins (3 days ago)
If you shocked someone & they jumped in front of a car by accident... that would not be good.
Scott Davis (4 days ago)
And you think using a gun for a prank is a good idea why???
Vickash Mangal (4 days ago)
gun🔫...me🙊,nahh🚶.🚬..smoke weed everyday...
Scott Campbell (4 days ago)
Good editing bro background music legit.
EricKnight1528 (4 days ago)
TonDon lV (4 days ago)
Good Man To Throw It Away. Make Sure Those Prints Are Off
dave carter (4 days ago)
These must be pretty inexpensive, how many did you loose to someone who picked it up put it in say a jacket or wrapped it in a shirt. Then didnt get shocked, and refused to hand it back to you. I know even if I got shocked I would have uplifted it again, till i had it contained. Still funny as to watch :-)
Yabat Yabat (4 days ago)
wtf... this is the worst prank, how can you punish people by taking the gun? perhaps some of them are honest people, and they wanted to report it to police officer.
Daniel Hernandez (4 days ago)
looks like Hawthorne
Moe Maywood (4 days ago)
Darwin Buhler (4 days ago)
I love the guys who go back to get it again
Nathan Darval (4 days ago)
let me know of any creative ways to hurt people. that are ok
Geronimo Hill (4 days ago)
lol that park is tweaker central
Victor Robles (4 days ago)
That's not even a glock at the beginning of the video
Nathan (4 days ago)
Not even a glock
Robert Carr (4 days ago)
what song? looked up darude sandstorm. nothing sounds like this.
Kiki Odran (4 days ago)
this was all scripted . . stupid
Do Bo (4 days ago)
What morons. Why would you pick up a random gun that is dropped? That is the worst thing you could do. ITs obviously a prank or a murder weapon.
Theodes Lewis (5 days ago)
one person did the right thing... good job...
lisa may (5 days ago)
This just makes me want the Trump wall even more.
David (5 days ago)
The second was a guy or ?????
medsubway (5 days ago)
Fucking thieves
hybuDd (5 days ago)
01:02 lmao
Josh Miller (5 days ago)
You can see we are surrounded by morons. Too bad it wasn't set up to go boom.
D. Engel (5 days ago)
Not cool because an unmarked gun is not theft it is lost property. It is only cool to make them suffer if they are thieves!
Vontr3al (5 days ago)
if you see a gun on the street don't pick it up 9/10 it's a throw away or bait
50cal Shredder (5 days ago)
That was not a glock that was a Smith&wesson m&p shield 😒
John Hancock (5 days ago)
This is a messed up video, they target the poor/homeless. They just want a better life for their kids, its the only reason they pick the gun up. They plan on selling it to feed themselves or their family, shame on you for taking advantage of them for your youtube views!
Raya Xoxo (5 days ago)
As much as it looks fun to you with what doing, what if someone with pacemaker picked it up.. you would have utterly kill him.
Tae Price (5 days ago)
Last dude took it😂he waz finna shoot em until he got shocked💀glad it ain't real G
Josh Greathouse (5 days ago)
glock..God people are stupid. it's a damn smith and Wesson m&p shield.
Vic Gonzalez (5 days ago)
Pawn springs
Emanuel Rodriguez (5 days ago)
funny bro palm springs has lots dumb fukers good shit bruh
Jay Ramon (6 days ago)
the one that look the worst was the most honest and great person.... never judge by looks.... the others were pieces of dung.....
Fletcher Hatcher (6 days ago)
That second one is one of those transgenders
Cat Daddy (6 days ago)
Sedin symon (6 days ago)
Buck Minster (6 days ago)
oh there is an abandoned gun (probably loaded). i am just gonna put it in my pants.
FEESO DLAMINI (6 days ago)
is that woman wearing a bandana a guy?
Brian W. Costigan (6 days ago)
Can the pain in the ass music and you'll get more views. It's a real brain drainer. I had to switch off after about a minute.
Hit the ground running (6 days ago)
Criminals are opportunists. Always lock up your stuff.
Pier Martire (6 days ago)
ahahah he stoned the gun oh America Whats wrong ahahsh
Sarah Ramirez (6 days ago)
2:08 for a second I thought that was a women💀
LEE KING SNATCH (6 days ago)
Turn off that horrible music
Tabatha Reynolds (6 days ago)
brooooo those pranks are right here in palm springs wtf I've never knew people did pranks out here
MrBlewvane (6 days ago)
Typical nigger gangster culture. None of them bothered to clear the weapon before sticking it down the front of their pants and pointing it towards a body part no man can afford to lose.
D AW (7 days ago)
I want to know why didn't you up the voltage and REALLY knock them onto their asses?
Gabriel Gribincea (7 days ago)
atheist28403 (7 days ago)
I'm guessing the thing at 1:35 is a pre-op tranny?
flisko (7 days ago)
why are they criminals? they simply took the gun to protect others and were on their way to the police station to turn it in
Mad Gamer (7 days ago)
nut shock so brutal to his nuts
felipe velazquez (7 days ago)
Palm Springs library 📚
Moto Wedo (7 days ago)
hell ya
Geanos Uron (7 days ago)
This is the most irresponsible thing I've ever seen, this can literally get people killed.
Seth Lyall (7 days ago)
the gun in the pic is a Smith & Wesson M&P not a Glock
Egob (7 days ago)
this is a prank but also a test, this type of prank can actually test who has bad intentions, which means that countries could easily identify criminals before they go into a 5-star wanted level, isn't that great?
Ardit Kerqagu (7 days ago)
hahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahhahahajajajajajajaj im DEAD 😂😂
Eugene Krabs (7 days ago)
1:20 Guy walking past in the boots walks like a robot lol
Kai Gracie123 (7 days ago)
I subscribe
JURI B (7 days ago)
😂😂😂😂 thanks guys for a this video
Dillon Holman (8 days ago)
Says Glock but shows picture of M&P Shield... *facepalm
Magntoor (8 days ago)
what is the music
Dan Land (8 days ago)
he just said subscribe for more shocking videos becouse it means bad shocking
Ted Mitchell (8 days ago)
that's not funny. could be criminal negligence if somebody happened to have a heart condition or pacemaker
The68lespaul (8 days ago)
Prank Files Guy I hope you continue to zap the living hell out of every low life that steals and lie,s its the very least that these types deserve, as an added bonus, you could have a couple big guys waiting at the other end of the street to kick there ass a little for ,em  as they deserve some of that as well, its a shame we have to share a planet filled with this filth, we have to get back at ,em some how, and your doing your part and I love it, keep zapping my man,  and if your in the mood,  slap the shit out of one here an there just for kicks,lol ,
TheXx1nfinityxX (8 days ago)
all of them tucked it in their dick 😂
ali dodo (8 days ago)
Goood video zapped his own balls
I am Coast2coastLoud (9 days ago)
Where the hell does someone buy a gun that has a remote to shock people
beach side (9 days ago)
hahahaha great stuff
Darth Kronos (9 days ago)
A channel called takarni1 uses this same music for his car crashes Compilations 😄
Lonely Soul (9 days ago)
His balls are toast
Jon Applesauce (9 days ago)
I must say this video shocked me
Matt Grey (10 days ago)
Baha ha ha ha ha
boogieman 48 (10 days ago)
really criminals not. I would have picked it up. but still hilarious as fuck
Catlover9830 (10 days ago)
0:01 that looks like a sig, not a glock