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Bait Gun Prank!! Stun gun inside the handle of a real gun! Watch to the end ( Attempted murder?!? ) SUBSCRIBE!! ►http://www.youtube.com/user/prankfiles?sub_confirmation=1 Twitter ► http://www.twitter.com/prankfiles Facebook ► https://www.facebook.com/PrankFile
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Text Comments (1526)
SilverSnake (16 hours ago)
3:27 XD
Leroy Apella (1 day ago)
in the intro that was not a Glock LMFAO
TheRocco (2 days ago)
GunOwnerDan (2 days ago)
Politicians talk about guns on the streets. I wouldn't mind free guns.
Underscore Zero (4 days ago)
how can you people believe this bullshit?
Chris Vinson (5 days ago)
stupid people that is what you get
Chris Vinson (5 days ago)
very funny
Munk The Mongol (7 days ago)
Why would you pick up a strap that's just sitting there? You don't know how hot that shit is, that's how you get locked up for shit you didn't do. Some stupid ass people in this world man.
Waqar Malik (10 days ago)
very wel
not anyone (11 days ago)
first thing to do when finding a gun "point it towards your dick"
samm frankss (13 days ago)
that could be a training aid to teach kids not to play with guns you should talk to the NRA because there system suck sh t.
AshFTW (13 days ago)
I'm here from one of your comments on a vid
02ZZRGUY (14 days ago)
Would be awesome to have a fake police officer come and find the gun on them and say it was used in a murder
gtbwi (14 days ago)
so here's my rant I hate you f****** b**** f****** hipsters I have no idea what it's like to live in the real world you just buy it!!! And you have no idea how much you're missing out
gtbwi (14 days ago)
you know what this is f***** up.... I would pick up that pistol every time does make me a bad person hey pistol almost 4 I'm picking it up for whatever reason funny prank butt yeah everybody is going to pick it up except for you're stupid righteous hipsters with money coming from your folks
Rhaffael Carlindo Cenci de Barros (16 days ago)
Where can i buy this?
2Irishgurlz (17 days ago)
OMG! that second fruit loop!!! hahaha!!!!!
Repa Playlist (18 days ago)
poor homeless victims
Oli Holliday (19 days ago)
Cool vid
life battle7 (19 days ago)
life battle7 (19 days ago)
Notice how there was 1 good hard working Latino, who threw the gun away, only to make sure it didn't fall into bad hands!.. good job!
flon57 (21 days ago)
💙💙💙💙 these, keep it up 👍
ABT Ace (21 days ago)
I love your chanel
Olivia Est.19xx (21 days ago)
why would you even want a random ass gun?? to be the new murder suspect if its ever found loooll
Young King (21 days ago)
the gay dude was grabbing his dick or crotch after😂😂😂😂
UCHIHA. MADARA. (22 days ago)
Singer Of Truth (22 days ago)
Glock is a brand name. This is a ".40 caliber Smith & Wesson". Not a Glock. (I'll let it slide this time) :-)
LC Shenanigans (23 days ago)
This is some thing me and my friends want to do on our channel⚡️🔫
Yummy opossum Pie (23 days ago)
LC Shenanigans you should anyway
LC Shenanigans (23 days ago)
I did something like this with my sister she screamed so loud it was hilarious 😂 I recorded it but she won't let me upload it😞
Yummy opossum Pie (23 days ago)
LC Shenanigans no kidding that would suck 😵
Josh ReidLC (23 days ago)
LC Shenanigans ya but make sure you shock them before they put in their pants 👖⚡️ I would not want to be shocked there😳😳
Yummy opossum Pie (23 days ago)
LC Shenanigans dude that would be awesome 👏
OKok539 (24 days ago)
Look at these dumb clowns, has to be California
Alex Woods (24 days ago)
chestnuts roasting on an open fire...😂
Centi Metre (24 days ago)
it's kind of obvious but the shown footage are people taking the gun, and anyways why would no one think about getting caught or even checking the gun for the mag or the safety lock, it's like they just take it and expect everything to be 👌. I think that there is around five unshown clips of people doing the right thing, or even stop to think about it for a while
I know you're right, but (25 days ago)
ha ha, the last one is funny as hell.
Chris Thomson (25 days ago)
epitome of America for you
ebaykevin (25 days ago)
Longer shocks, please!
John Newkirk (25 days ago)
Ummm not a glock
Sheri Ritter (25 days ago)
pop goes the nut sack
sharpsweetkid (25 days ago)
New sub, dank videos
OutBreak (25 days ago)
3:55 is the best
OutBreak (25 days ago)
Mewpixel (26 days ago)
This was terrible. If anything picking up the gun would be helping the situation. I'd take the gun and give it to the nearest police station, cause it does not belong on a bench unsupervised. Dislike.
TV HASIBWAH (26 days ago)
is the second one gay?
atif khan (26 days ago)
the last one was perfect
hockeybum99 reviews (26 days ago)
that's not a glock in the pic u stupid libs
Kyle Clark (26 days ago)
That's not a Glock in the picture it's a Desert Eagle 🦅.380 AE
E46SilverBullet (26 days ago)
props to the guy who threw it out
old rider (26 days ago)
Funny vids, But the music was stunning me!!!
Mr JONES (26 days ago)
This is not funny. The vids when people stealing purses they are were asked to watch or packages left at homes were good. This is garbage.
eleven0xi (26 days ago)
the retards at the end lil
thedavecorp (26 days ago)
I would LOVE to see one of these videos where they, briefly, also showed all the people who DIDN'T take it, or called the cops.
Richard Tanega (26 days ago)
The homeless man is good he throwed it.
Zaza Kurdo (26 days ago)
what is this for a music
jesse link (27 days ago)
that was a white guy tranny or black scum at 2:13?
Estevan Javier (27 days ago)
that was in palmsprings
Abdirashid Elmi (27 days ago)
they are broke. a gun sells for alot of money I would imagine and they found it. I don't see anything wrong with their action. other than the gun could have been involved in a crime. they are not bad ppl just poor judgement. the prankster is morally guilty of harming them for fun and laugh.
trey murphy (27 days ago)
You are good at pranks
Dale A. (27 days ago)
I don't know why the song "start me up" just came to mind... The last one you got two for the price of one....THATS priceless....
Erre Tres (27 days ago)
criminales son los q estan grabando
Cole Helmich (27 days ago)
Cole Helmich (27 days ago)
was the guy in the background at 0:30 wearing the same shirt
Adventures United (27 days ago)
Not a Glock
Chris Keithley (27 days ago)
I think it should blow there hand off
exxodas (27 days ago)
Someones should find that homeless man and reward him.
Alonzo tanker (27 days ago)
were can I get that from
Jonny Acuna (27 days ago)
Is there anyone who didn't pick it up ?
Raju Rajput (27 days ago)
JESUS MALVERDE (27 days ago)
puro tecato hukiao la coje
alpha tango (27 days ago)
right in the balls
조성훈 (27 days ago)
Pringles Chapman (27 days ago)
Lots of fucking mexican dogs in da street, TRUMP FOR LIFE, Kick Those amigo out of States
Zebrie (27 days ago)
ahahahahahah , funny shit!
Sherwin Falrow (27 days ago)
where can i find of those guns?
Jefferson Steelflex (27 days ago)
Not even a glock
Steven Temple (27 days ago)
I enjoy the videos but the music. And it could be half the volume. Thanks subscribed.
not surprise (27 days ago)
like you wouldn't keep it
Carlos THE WIENER Danger (27 days ago)
How is it a crime to find a gun and keep it? Unless you are a felon. I would pick it up too. Throwing it away is stupid.
Gaming Chicken (27 days ago)
His dick got shooched
lost_IN_shuffle (27 days ago)
that second guy, why is he wearing jeggings? crazy actors
Frank E (27 days ago)
did any one call the police about the bait gun?
Ted dibiasi (27 days ago)
drop it like it's hot!
Busta Bricks (27 days ago)
juan ca Lopez (27 days ago)
como se llama ese dispositivo de electricidad?
Enid C (27 days ago)
Tv patrol
fernando (27 days ago)
más actuado que puta con orgasmo
IDK U (27 days ago)
Mom like me best 😂
Day Mal (27 days ago)
quit hiring bums to pull your "pranks" on lol
Xxhungry gamingxX (27 days ago)
i see what you did in the end XD
iBackDraftz v (27 days ago)
bro in the begining had 2 different pairs of shoes on LMAO
B 13 (27 days ago)
homeboy was about 2 ask if he wanted to buy a gun than got punked for it than was about to get shot for asking for it back than they both got punked lol!
drosera88 (27 days ago)
What works best is how people holster the gun in their crotch.
Texans girl (27 days ago)
Bebetter Flow (27 days ago)
Now do it with a dildo
Rex Luminus (27 days ago)
that was good.
FrostFire 1987 (27 days ago)
you even look at a gun in the uk like that and you're getting ten years minimum
Zoinks (28 days ago)
Rich piana's shoooopahhh theme!
Omar Ramirez (28 days ago)
Lmao!!! This was GrEAT!!!
lolbot (28 days ago)
was that fairy giving the drinking fountain a blowjob
GIboy1990 (28 days ago)
let that be a lesson to anyone who thought it was a good idea to pick up a random firearm off the street in the city.
t.j pennington (28 days ago)
says glock shows m&p. gj