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Unbelievable Discoveries in the South Pacific

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From sunken treasures, to deep sea artifacts, these are 10 Unbelievable Discoveries in the South Pacific Subscribe to American Eye http://goo.gl/GBphkv 5. New Zealand Sunken Treasure Divers who were cleaning a local harbor were rewarded with an amazing discovery of 868 gold coins! Finders Keepers! The harbor of Wellington has been quite messy lately and many glass bottles, and plastic materials were being removed but they never expected anything like this! They appear to be of high value but no one could figure out exactly why they were thrown away into the harbor. The crew couldn’t tell exactly where they were from and the coins origins are still somewhat of a mystery. After being down there for a long period of time, it’s believed the markings on them eroded. So we guess they won’t be giving them back to the original owner! 4. Vanuatu Skull Trying to piece together the history of pacific islands can be difficult at times due to the lack of stone structures. Besides the Tongan gate and Easter Island, there really isn’t a ton of evidence on their ancient ancestors. Things that can survive the test of time, are skeletons. This 3,000 year old skull you see in this photo, was separated from the body and placed in an ancient pot. This comes from the Lapita culture who lived on the island of Vanuatu. This civilization inhabited many of the south pacific islands like Samoa, Tonga and all the way to eastern coast of Papua New Guinea Extensive scientific research was done and it’s believed that the Lapita culture are originally descendants from the island of Taiwan. These were found at the bottom of a Cemetery on Efate Island. This discovery also leads archaeologists to conclude that the Lapita were the first settlers of these micro islands 3. Jungle Debris After all the intense fighting that took place in the South Pacific during world war two, there’s bound to be plenty of scraps from all kinds of military vehicles. People are still making discoveries of all the wreckage that took place between 1941-1945. Here in this photo we see an Imperial Japanese Fighter plane that was shot down during the Battle of Guadalcanal, in the Solomon Islands. Children on the islands still play at the beaches, right next the debris of a Japanese Imperial Navy transport vessel. The islands could be scared for quite some time, even 70 years later. With advancements in drones and aerial technology, they’re able to locate more wreckage than ever before, like this Sherman tank left in the shallow waters of the Northern Mariana Islands. 2. Radiation on Bikini Atoll Once the USA had captured much land in the South Pacific during world war II from the Japanese, they wanted to continue testing the weapons that won them the war to the absolute limit, and they would do so on their new territory. Bikini Atoll was where the US tested their most devastating weapons like the hydrogen bomb. Castle Bravo was the codename for the dry fuel hydrogen bomb that was detonated and the 2nd most power device ever detonated only behind russia’s tsar bomba. Bikini atoll was the site for 23 nuclear detonations. Researchers from Columbia University in the US recently discovered that the islands are still radioactive and no knows for sure when they’ll be safe to live here. 1. Chuuk Lagoon In 1944, there were more than 60 Japanese warships and 200 aircraft that met their watery grave in chuuk lagoon in the South Pacific, located west of Micronesia where an intense battle took place. This was one of Japan’s strategic bases that was wiped out by allied forces. On land, this place looks like a tropical paradise, but below the surface of the water lies the biggest graveyard of ships in the world. Due to its history and the spooky remains, it’s become a popular scuba diving location and left nearly untouched due to fear of bombs going off. It’s been rediscovered in recent years and explorers have had the opportunity to see the devastation. Here in this photo were see a tank covered in barnacles at the bottom of the lagoon. This photo here displays a car that was inside a Japanese ship that sank. Some scuba divers will even come across skulls.
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Gramps (4 days ago)
66 nuclear warheads were detonated at bikini atol, Radio Bikini is the documentary that is now very hard to find, watched it when I worked there.
Erik Metallus (5 days ago)
Its Gojira at 1:10 😂
Dindo Nuffin (6 days ago)
#! Vanuatu will be completely underwater if climate change gets any worse maybe time to do something useful and get a video on how to move a whole island of people?
hurchgoer (7 days ago)
jaddy540 (7 days ago)
Photo of MacArthur, wading ashore is a repeat photo. He originally had his precious fat-ass carried ashore , to avoid getting wet! later, they staged the wading photo
Lewis Parker (7 days ago)
BS, gold coins don't corrode.
Dawna Schwab (8 days ago)
in oregon
Fernando Chavez (10 days ago)
Great video, very informative!
starr child (24 days ago)
just looking at the teeth made it pretty obvious that the new Zealand sea monster was an orca
Howard Maryon-Davis (28 days ago)
Another victim of the “irrelevant red circles on the poster frame” syndrome.
Jose Fukuichi (1 month ago)
I was born on Micronesia Islands, raised in Michigan though, but still have family members on the Island still...
b4u2 B4U2 (1 month ago)
1:33 That's N🚫Killer🐋❕
Geoff Infield (1 month ago)
Jesus, at least make an effort dude... it's "MILLION dollar point", and the "locals" you talk about were the joint French and English GOVERNMENT. Americans built Luganville, but as part of the contracts that provided their vehicles they weren't allowed to ship them home where they'd wreck the market so they offered to sell them cheap, but the French and English declined so they drove the whole lot into the sea. Spectacular dive site. That's as far as I watched, I expect the rest was just as bad so later dude.
no comment (1 month ago)
Why is there a gay ass yankee flag on the New Zealand spot ? You world rapists and that voice ugh
Leo Ampoloquio (1 month ago)
John Ernest Caraway (1 month ago)
I don't get the negative comments. I enjoyed it
David Rabinowits (2 months ago)
Good teams but, they'll never win the championship
captainbedworthy (2 months ago)
You bait and switch master. What's so special about the Samoan on a log next to the plane?
Brain Sample (2 months ago)
Brain Sample (2 months ago)
the guys voice annoys the hell out of me
Brain Sample (2 months ago)
what a stupid video , its a dinosaur its an unknown species. , nah its a killer whale
Jimmy ray (2 months ago)
Did he mentioned (filipino_filipina?
Hans de Rycke (2 months ago)
Narrater is in a hurry, obviously, and mispronounces words. Sometimes difficult to understand.
Starke M (2 months ago)
Unbelievable Discoveries= dead killer whale...dislike
Anyakesa Kesa (2 months ago)
Hahaha! Isn't it ironic that they left it to rust under the sea instead of helping the poor locals to utilized it but instead turning into a money making spot. Not such a waste anymore, though.
Oiuda Tropen (2 months ago)
NOTHING at all unbelievable. Some kinda interesting stuff,. But INF about them only barely offered total WASTE of time. Too bad the creators of this video are too lazy to do any work to make it omething worthwhile Obviously they just pateed together snippets of the works of others in hopes of bating enough views to make a few bucks without having to do any real work. Please don't help this leach. Don't watch. It's a waste of your time and helps someone who doesn't deserve it.
Richard Warsin (2 months ago)
Gold does not corrode.
TheGolden Hour (2 months ago)
Why did the yanks not pollute their own backyard with nuclear testing Nazi behaviour, don’t a proverbial for others or clean up or fully compensate....scandalous and immoral...shame on you
Real Dudes Party Nude (2 months ago)
Next time you want to make an interesting, fact-filled historical video, don't hire some idiotic 13-year-old who talks so fast, he can't even pronounce properly half of what he's reading. What a waste.
Sheena Marquez (2 months ago)
Ryan Harrmington (2 months ago)
LOL the scientist concluded it was not a dolphin it was a killer whale . LOL they're are dolphins
Ronnie DJ (2 months ago)
How many more people are going to make the 'corrode' or 'erode' comparison? 'Cmon, we need more!
obrbob194 (2 months ago)
Stupid narration repetitious ...learn how to edit before posting
Horizon Tv (2 months ago)
wow amazing discovery
Arnold Stollar (2 months ago)
Great scuba dive
kargocult (2 months ago)
Dumping of American war equipment "brought angst from the local population". What is your native language, may I ask ?
Sgt Slim (2 months ago)
@ 04:28 Materiers! lol
genissio (2 months ago)
Lots of littering by the US military.............
Colo Copper (2 months ago)
Talk about "Unbelievable Discoveries." Where did they find one of the Wizard of Oz munchkins to narrate this video? I would've thought they'd all died of old age by now!!
Richard Pruett (2 months ago)
I've been to a few of these sites myself. I can’t believe you didn't include one of the newest World Heritage sites, which is mysterious Nan Madol, the megalithic fortress located in Madolenihmw municipality, on the beautiful island of Pohnpei, in the friendly Federated States of Micronesia.
Joe LoPiccolo (2 months ago)
Any word on finding the Nairobi Nitwit/Kenyan Imposter’s birth certificate ?
colin luxury (2 months ago)
oh god it's that voice again...ewwww kill it
Shops Shire (2 months ago)
Watch out for sharks
M AC (2 months ago)
Not bad. Do facts on the roundness of earth. Without the use of any nasa, info or computer simulated pictures.
FAD (2 months ago)
That voice is so darn annoying.
vadim videos (2 months ago)
Only completely crazy people can listen to such abominable voice... And such idiots count is almost 8000!
Joe Bloggs (2 months ago)
What's so unbelievable about finding military equipment? There was loads of it in the war.
Steve B (2 months ago)
typical american move, we cant make a buck so screw all of the locals were gonna make sure nobody can use it and litter their waters
Lod dude (2 months ago)
Gold coins that erode eh?. . . . . . novel. (Tip: Don't buy any 'gold' from these guys : )
Sue Paul (14 days ago)
Brian Scholefield (2 months ago)
Lod dude “huh” 🤦‍♂️😤🥺 don’t tell me he took her away from me? 😱🥵
Lod dude (2 months ago)
@Brian Scholefield - As far as I know, pure gold does not corrode in salt water, any erosion is by the cheaper metal it may have been mixed with to fool someone into buying.
Brian Scholefield (2 months ago)
Lod dude What? Dude what your meaning
Raymond Mendoza (2 months ago)
0:12 Those be US Stuka dive bombers on the bottom right?
goferizer (2 months ago)
They did not dump the surplus equipment "carelessly."
Brian Scholefield (2 months ago)
goferizer Really? So your gonna what
courtney hall (2 months ago)
do your history,the locals were japanese supporters before the allies took over.
Po Woodworker (2 months ago)
Cool video, however, half of these are hardly "unbelievable". Abandoning equipment after war is neither unique to the pacific, nor uniquely American. Also, radiation in Bikini Atoll? Not unbelievable. Maybe a better title would be more appropriate.
gooni goo goo (2 months ago)
"angst" is both mispronounced and incorrectly used by the stupid uploader.
Noelle Sefton (2 months ago)
gooni goo goo I also get fed up with people who use the word “of “ instead of the word “have” eg - I wouldn’t “of “ done that, instead of I wouldn’t “have” done that.
Chris Atkinson (2 months ago)
Typical American Ingenuity.
greenbeagle13 (2 months ago)
Always hate to see the testing of bombs that devastated the area, the animals... Human beings continue the process of destroying this beautiful planet.
Gee Dee (2 months ago)
and of course global warming etc has nothing to do with the 1400 nuclear "test" warheads usa has pointed at earths core and detonated..nahh,its all down to cars and cows farting..yeah right.,, :(
Ruby Ray Angel (2 months ago)
Horrible, orrible, really orrible VOICE!.
B spillers00 (2 months ago)
Oh no not the guy with the mentally retarded voice again
Bobby Wilson (2 months ago)
Lost in the sauce!!!!😎
David M (2 months ago)
Presenter is a terrible speaker! Needs to learn how to talk properly.
Darren Wagenbach Wagenbach (2 months ago)
Retarded!!! = American s thinking that the Ancients = stupid!!! head ha ha ha... Their were... very very very very...smart.2,000 year standing Roman cement that'standing today Are they retarded? I think American are retareded!!!
Simon Osullivan (2 months ago)
Wow imagine Americans realised there is more in the world than America.
Pocahontas (2 months ago)
Chuuk is pronounced like Chook. Truk came from non chuukese people. The island of Yap is called Wa'ab and Kosrae is pronounced like Koshi. The sr makes a sh sound in Kosrean. All these other pronunciations come from Europeans and what not.
Jyezi (2 months ago)
Bart Simpson narration 😂
Luke Yznaga (2 months ago)
yeah, that was a turn off for me. plus the narrator was talking so fast and with no emotion or sincerity. BORING. I gave a thumbs down.
Martin Connolly (2 months ago)
Military should go get their stuff
Melinda Lara (2 months ago)
More americans littering the earth and sea that they think they own.
indytbird (2 months ago)
You meant to say "More evidence of Americans keeping the Earth free for ungrateful lowlifes", Melinda. You're welcome.
Russ Hawthorne (2 months ago)
American factual video's always good for a laugh, bless, could do with a few more stars and stripes in the video though, I wasn't 100% where the narrator was from
Will Gaston (2 months ago)
There was nothing patriotic about this video at all....did you even watch the video? Your comment is good for a laugh.
Oliver Calatayud (2 months ago)
Whatever you do, don't narrate anything ever again, don't speak!!
bardbollocks (2 months ago)
you know what this video needs? more US flags...
John Hardesty (2 months ago)
I liked this very much!
Inglorious Basterd (2 months ago)
Did Pee Wee Herman narrate this?
mopar 1 (2 months ago)
I know you are but what am I? haHA! haHA!
Zoes Dada (2 months ago)
Typical wasteful government
morthy solomon (2 months ago)
6:07 Close to Mangrove Bay Bar, Pohnpei, Micronesia
chris creek (3 months ago)
Ron Wylie (3 months ago)
How typical of huge nations, just dump everything on these beautiful islands rather than ship it home!!, the Japanese are no better. After the Nuclear tests the USA have cleaned up one side of an island { where they have people living in luxury } while the natives on the other side live in poverty, they do NOTHING for these people, there is no justice and no shaming these Countries
guy rippingale (3 months ago)
the story i heard was that the military commander offered each vehicle to the local chief for a dollar each but knowing the americans werent taking the equipment with them, refused and thought hed get them all for free. so the americans felt teir goodwill was being taken advantage of by a greedy chief and dumped them in the water.
winthrop allen (3 months ago)
After each "discovery" is described, there is a cloud of audio static during which the next "discovery" is announced, unheard. The cloud of static is a masterful touch, not.
stelun56 (3 months ago)
American assholes reign supreme
Rajya Wardhan (3 months ago)
very bad voice of narrator, it is sharp and only those understand who are living next to him.
winthrop allen (3 months ago)
Don't say he is an idiot. It's only partly true
JA Purnell (3 months ago)
JA Purnell (3 months ago)
SkankHunt 420 (3 months ago)
Most racsist places
morthy solomon (2 months ago)
Franky46Boy (3 months ago)
Golden coins eroded????
Patrick Forget (3 months ago)
Can people still go I don't know why I can have cancer I got the answer for you right there what you think it stayed there you're crazy that's why we have more cancer now than we ever had it'll call we have more people yea or people's at AR born to people that are already have their DNA altered because of the Bob and the testing on the bombs they just didn't test in New Mexico and then they wonder why we all have cancer everybody has cancer and the funny thing it's like playing Russian roulette are you going to be one of the people that get cancer or are you going to be one of the people that don't have cancer and if your family is prone to certain types of cancer and almost pretty much guarantee you're going to see it in your family on Down the Line
Bess Snow (3 months ago)
So pretty much USA took a big dump in that side of the 🌏
Steve B (2 months ago)
usa all about money
Bess Snow (2 months ago)
Pocahontas I’m just going off the the info from the video smart ass. Take your head out your ass
Mike McGomer (3 months ago)
Unbelievable! the carcass of a killer whale.
ken beer (3 months ago)
gold coins would not corrode...must be brass or something else
randolph patterson (3 months ago)
I don't think that's an actual photo of the gold coins. It looks more like an assortment of modern-day US coins. But in any case, I suppose there'd be some sedimentation or coating if they were underwater for any length of time.
Jack Barrett (3 months ago)
The Tongan blocks are no mystery. Haku swam the 200 miles with em for exercise.
Paul Marshall (3 months ago)
I don't see ''sunken treasure'', I see lots of shit left behind by the USA army and navy polluting the seas and oceans, come and clean all your crap up!!
Tom Fisher (3 months ago)
Could your voice be any more irritating? Two words out of your mouth was enough to send me packing.
ghostmanriding (3 months ago)
Possibly Pee Wee Herman?
MarksBikeExports (3 months ago)
........first shot off ''american equipment'' shows a bunch of German Stukas,
Brett Hernan (3 months ago)
Scott McIntosh (3 months ago)
There's no such thing as a "dry fuel" hydrogen bomb. You will find no reference to any such thing in any other texts. "Dry fuel"? ⛲ 💢Ironbottom Sound, TRUK Lagoon, NOT chuk!. 📺 This is a YouTube vid., I hope you weren't expecting professionalism 👎👎👎👎👎
Mark LaRue (3 months ago)
I should know better....2 minutes of my life gone forever
Matt Nobrega (3 months ago)
Robert Reynolds (3 months ago)
868 gold coins? That's strange there was a robbery there in the early 1900s but there were 3000 gold coins taken, Hmmm sounds like 2132 must have washed away or someone has trouble with their math?
David Bate (3 months ago)
The voice pitch of this guy is piercing, couldn't witch the whole video.
Terry G (3 months ago)
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Patrick Wood (3 months ago)
Ring of Fire in the South Pacific? Moron?
Patrick Wood (3 months ago)
@guy rippingale "extends from". Okay, morons everywhere.
guy rippingale (3 months ago)
the ring of fire extends from new zealand, which is the south pacific....
South West Florida Aerial (3 months ago)
why do all you guys who narrate these type of videos sound like someone is holding your nose?
rtboks (3 months ago)
the pacific islands were abused by French and American militaries testing their bombs using the implosion methods. Hence, possibilities of radiation are inherent.
tnt75142 (3 months ago)
rtboks Yes..very sad. They still dont know how to clean it up. Upset to think of it. Sad..mad
William Fulgham (3 months ago)
That's the reason the Atlantic Islands are so much cleaner and without any radiation whatsoever ( except for ambient in the atmosphere), even though there are so few of them compared to the Pacific.