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Unbelievable Discoveries in the South Pacific

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From sunken treasures, to deep sea artifacts, these are 10 Unbelievable Discoveries in the South Pacific Subscribe to American Eye http://goo.gl/GBphkv 5. New Zealand Sunken Treasure Divers who were cleaning a local harbor were rewarded with an amazing discovery of 868 gold coins! Finders Keepers! The harbor of Wellington has been quite messy lately and many glass bottles, and plastic materials were being removed but they never expected anything like this! They appear to be of high value but no one could figure out exactly why they were thrown away into the harbor. The crew couldn’t tell exactly where they were from and the coins origins are still somewhat of a mystery. After being down there for a long period of time, it’s believed the markings on them eroded. So we guess they won’t be giving them back to the original owner! 4. Vanuatu Skull Trying to piece together the history of pacific islands can be difficult at times due to the lack of stone structures. Besides the Tongan gate and Easter Island, there really isn’t a ton of evidence on their ancient ancestors. Things that can survive the test of time, are skeletons. This 3,000 year old skull you see in this photo, was separated from the body and placed in an ancient pot. This comes from the Lapita culture who lived on the island of Vanuatu. This civilization inhabited many of the south pacific islands like Samoa, Tonga and all the way to eastern coast of Papua New Guinea Extensive scientific research was done and it’s believed that the Lapita culture are originally descendants from the island of Taiwan. These were found at the bottom of a Cemetery on Efate Island. This discovery also leads archaeologists to conclude that the Lapita were the first settlers of these micro islands 3. Jungle Debris After all the intense fighting that took place in the South Pacific during world war two, there’s bound to be plenty of scraps from all kinds of military vehicles. People are still making discoveries of all the wreckage that took place between 1941-1945. Here in this photo we see an Imperial Japanese Fighter plane that was shot down during the Battle of Guadalcanal, in the Solomon Islands. Children on the islands still play at the beaches, right next the debris of a Japanese Imperial Navy transport vessel. The islands could be scared for quite some time, even 70 years later. With advancements in drones and aerial technology, they’re able to locate more wreckage than ever before, like this Sherman tank left in the shallow waters of the Northern Mariana Islands. 2. Radiation on Bikini Atoll Once the USA had captured much land in the South Pacific during world war II from the Japanese, they wanted to continue testing the weapons that won them the war to the absolute limit, and they would do so on their new territory. Bikini Atoll was where the US tested their most devastating weapons like the hydrogen bomb. Castle Bravo was the codename for the dry fuel hydrogen bomb that was detonated and the 2nd most power device ever detonated only behind russia’s tsar bomba. Bikini atoll was the site for 23 nuclear detonations. Researchers from Columbia University in the US recently discovered that the islands are still radioactive and no knows for sure when they’ll be safe to live here. 1. Chuuk Lagoon In 1944, there were more than 60 Japanese warships and 200 aircraft that met their watery grave in chuuk lagoon in the South Pacific, located west of Micronesia where an intense battle took place. This was one of Japan’s strategic bases that was wiped out by allied forces. On land, this place looks like a tropical paradise, but below the surface of the water lies the biggest graveyard of ships in the world. Due to its history and the spooky remains, it’s become a popular scuba diving location and left nearly untouched due to fear of bombs going off. It’s been rediscovered in recent years and explorers have had the opportunity to see the devastation. Here in this photo were see a tank covered in barnacles at the bottom of the lagoon. This photo here displays a car that was inside a Japanese ship that sank. Some scuba divers will even come across skulls.
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jim halpert (2 hours ago)
Ken Elliott (2 days ago)
Ken Elliott (2 days ago)
patentsvnc (5 days ago)
No! I refuse to believe fighter plane wreckage in the south Pacific. I'm calling you on this one.
cheesecake clan (17 days ago)
Number 10 duck my dick
Frank Nowakowski (18 days ago)
click bait.....
Marki Faux (19 days ago)
Get your naval cavities scraped idiot. You sound ridiculous
Wilton Smith (19 days ago)
What a load of crap.
Jon Fortier (19 days ago)
I agree with Gullio's comment very irritating high school know it all boys voice … though the suggestion that he should be shot is a little extreme … just a nice friendly ass kicking would be more appropriate …
Joey Racano (24 days ago)
Military waste dumped into the ocean. Oil rigs to reefs. ships to reefs and now military and construction equipment to reefs. Well I can make all the same points with shopping carts to reefs. Clean up your garbage dudes. BTW the people who refused to buy the bulldozers- did it ever occur to anybody they didn't want to bulldoze their beautiful island?
B spillers00 (26 days ago)
His voice is worse than nails on a chalkboard
Gary Petschow (1 month ago)
Big jiggers
Simom Cowell (1 month ago)
Why do Americans pronounce Tonga as Tong- Ga It is pronounced Tong- a
Shawn Greene (1 month ago)
They are all believable.
Juan Pascal Luciano Bravado (1 month ago)
A guy sitting on a log next to some World War Two plane wreckage? Wow!! No way!!! I can’t believe it!! That took my breath away!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR CIRCLING HIM IN RED!!!!!
Singing Willy (1 month ago)
rapskallion (1 month ago)
4:40 TIL gold coins are eroded by water.
Earl Bailey (1 month ago)
This voice is very annoying!
Jimmie Allen (1 month ago)
Bloody crock of SHIT mate!!
Damon Terrill (1 month ago)
the video was interesting and quickly reading through the comments are also interesting the way people pick each other apart and pick the video apart looking for faults , insulting each other trying to get one up on each other . It makes it easy to understand why there is so much disturbance and war in the world and in the worlds history when something as simple as some random guys video can create so much controversy
Dave's Pacific Northwest Sasquatch Research (1 month ago)
That tree lobster is wicked!
Bikerbee (1 month ago)
What a shit voice over .
William Harvey (1 month ago)
Paul Beebe (1 month ago)
They dumped equipment on EVERY ISLAND. The Marshalls, Saipan, Guam, Palau, etc... all have million dollar points....
Gay Nell Cantrell (1 month ago)
Interesting animals ...i wish I could visit these places
Antonio deCarmoducci (1 month ago)
factually incorrect.
Dencil Dean (1 month ago)
Why the hell did they not give it away ?
chris ortiz (2 months ago)
They should have kept the vehicles for history and to preserve them.
Joseph Brendel (2 months ago)
Fock Lung (2 months ago)
That beautiful rainbow is in the same shape as the Firmamen 😱! 😉
FlatlandMando (2 months ago)
Nov.11th. is a good time to think about the waste of war. Any nation has at the top, people who will not be combatants but they assemble & create the wars. It is the peons who get peed on. Always been that way.
Thanarach Komkon (2 months ago)
Raffaro (2 months ago)
Me thinks being ENSLAVED by the Japanese would of brought forth a smidgen more angst for the locals on Vanuatu.
SPOOKSTR (2 months ago)
I found Thompson machine guns, both US and Japanese pistols, Mitsubishi Zero, P-51 Mustang and P-38 Lightning and a US tank at Guadalcanal.
Lucy Peco (2 months ago)
#8 Astronomical? You meant Astrological, no?
CHOPPERGIRL's AIRWAR (2 months ago)
They did this to a whole lot of P-38 fighter planes, just bulldozed them or pushed them into the ocean. The reason was even though they were a top fighter, the P-51 was a lot more easy to maintain as it only had one engine. The P-51 would continue to be used into the Korean War. At any rate, considering the considerable expense to manufacturer anything and get it to a remote island... dumping anything in the ocean that could be reused or repurposed in any kind of way was a huge douche bag asshole thing to do.
Scott Oiab (2 months ago)
Video is garbage.
Jaime (2 months ago)
Wow i wonder why the world hates americans??? Hmmm. Probably because they think they own everything and can do whatever the hell they want. How come they dont have to clean up their own crap? Too fat or too lazy??
brianmann01 (2 months ago)
Actually if you reduce the playback speed to .75, his voice goes into "totally stoned" mode and makes it much more entertaining.
Stephen Hurd (2 months ago)
Uhh stop talking out of your ass. You have no idea what your talking about.
Silent Serpent (2 months ago)
oo so That is where mai movie came from
Made In Poverty (2 months ago)
Most photos from the first one are pictures of a artificial reif of the coast of Delaware
James Temple (3 months ago)
I agree gold does not erode
Dominik Quesnel (3 months ago)
The military one i would go just to find 🔫s
Dodgen Francis (3 months ago)
Set playback speed to 2x and get through this quickly to end your suffering.
Enrique Mireles (3 months ago)
They have to say they don’t know what country minted the coins. Because then the country who minted would sue for the coins back. I’m sure with technology today they could what kind of coins there were.
Anibal Babilonia (3 months ago)
Is not chuck island! Is truk island i bealieve!
Bike Life NJ (3 months ago)
#8 maui said "what can i say except your welcome, your welcome,your welcome"
John Ivkovich (3 months ago)
All islands in the Pacific were not formed by volcanic activity you slack witted idiot.
30twodor (3 months ago)
Check 00:11 and what do we hear? "U S Military Equipment". And what do we see? German Junkers JU 87 dive bombers. I didn't bother to watch anymore. I knew I'd see a bunch of garbage by someone who didn't have the slightest bit of knowledge about the title of this video. Someone who sounds like a teenager who had to google World War Two to know what he was reporting on.
Jay Brown (3 months ago)
Too heavy to move by human power, eh? Its only two stones. Imagine how impossible the millions of stones it took to build the pyramids were to move...
Michele Howe (3 months ago)
PSALM 50 Among Us ALL!
77MrAH (3 months ago)
That voice over, clown sounds like a shit Simpsons character!
Martina Vaslovik (3 months ago)
What a boring video.
KiwiNightboss (3 months ago)
This video is full of made up lies.
michel Guevara (3 months ago)
Another annoying adenoidal American voice.
Gullio Swenson (3 months ago)
The voice over has a very annoying sound. In my country he would have been shot.
SuperSatan666devil 1st (2 days ago)
+Bip Nop Cool man! I will take him to hell.
Bip Nop (1 month ago)
+Jimmie Daly that's interesting considering the Irish sound the most ridiculous of all accents
Bip Nop (1 month ago)
In mine YOU would be shot
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if he ever comes to Dublin;Ireland I promise he will be shot'
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0:38 He litterly says the same thong but backwards
Suzzane Chao (3 months ago)
Pathetic voice
M.J. Leger (3 months ago)
This video is fabricated of part-history and a lot of incorrect opinions of the producer. It has little historical value and is primarily for entertainment purposes, and to get you to "like" and "subscribe" to it so they can make money off of you!!
bogdan nica (3 months ago)
Radiation lie: well Nevada desert had more than 60 atomic detonations, right in the middle of US. Is any one out there that THINKS? where are the radiations in Nevada? cause no one talks of NONE. Same with Hiroshima and Nagasaki, No radiations, after heat wave and shock wave ruined it all. Were they really Atomic bombs or another fake news media? THINK PEOPLE THINK, because you are lied to!!! Cernobil had a fart of real radiation and 30 years later, no one moves there. Generous packages are offered to workers that go close the source... Why? because there are radiations!!!
Richard Confer (3 months ago)
Eduard Rizea (3 months ago)
this vid is so cool i learn so much for it like and suscribe!!!
Johnny Rotten (3 months ago)
Why don't you make a video worth watching
Simom Cowell (1 month ago)
Johnny Rotten what’s wrong with this one?
Andrew k Adams (3 months ago)
Orca teeth
Connor Duncan (3 months ago)
0:31 Why did you say the same thing twice?
wcolby (2 months ago)
The first time he called it Military dollar point, the second time he called it million dollar point. I dont trust any information that might pop up in a youtube video.
grumpy sod (3 months ago)
Short term memory loss.
Christine Still (3 months ago)
Million Dollar Point! What a huge waste of money, material not to mention fowling the water!
Penny Robinson (23 days ago)
Did you listen? I mean, I know that voice is annoying as hell, sounds like a typical millenial snowflake. It would have cost even more to get it out of there, if you''re worried about cost. And nothing terribly harmful left, despite what Captain Cupcake says about bombs going off, that's a very remote possibility at this point. And - if you missed it - stuff like that becomes an artificial atoll for marine life. Ships and other things like that are sunk intentionally quite frequently specifically to become enhanced marine habitats. Here, pop over to this vid - https://youtu.be/bI2hwTsvOw4 So dry your tears honey, everything's OK.
TongansEat Horse (3 months ago)
The way he says Vanuatu cringes me the fuck out, no hate tho.
Alec Gaming (4 months ago)
Gold doesn't erode
Inkidu F.N.noname (4 months ago)
This computerised voice SUCKS
Atmani Abdeslem (4 months ago)
Americans are evil ,they destroy evey thing in this world ,the world its better off them fat americans
Terry Gabrich (4 months ago)
White people constructed everything in Tonga, not the native population. The Native population were savages, and didn't have the capacity and the know how in how to construct anything. There is no such thing as an atom bomb or a hydrogen bomb. They don't exist and I can prove it.
grumpy sod (3 months ago)
Terry, take your meds and stop playing with your self. Get your keeper to give you sharp objects so you can harm yourself and thus get some medical help.
Sean Jones (4 months ago)
Uh oh this lame clickbait video autoplayed after a nat geo video. Now my home page is gonna be filled with lame clickbaity "TOP 10" videos.
Robert Grenader (4 months ago)
It's TRUK Lagoon, not Chuck
Dave Dennis (4 months ago)
I'm surprised the greedy American government didn't say that the gold was American property. so we could buy more equipment to dump in the ocean. And don't think it hasn't happened since. I'm sure you'd be surprised to know the things that have landed on the ocean floor.
Trollusing90sRules70sRules50sRules30sRulesFuck80s (5 months ago)
Trollusing90sRules70sRules50sRules30sRulesFuck80s (5 months ago)
Gecxid Rureel (5 months ago)
@ 1:00 don't take advantage of a tourist trade benefit that happened decades later to cover up a plain screw you attitude which the government had towards these people who had their country blown up by us as part of what we felt like doing during the war. Just take over their country and used it for an air base. So having figured it would cost more to transport it back home than leave it you throw it into the ocean right in front of them just to show them how benevolent we can be. Great job of public relations.
Patrick Glass (2 months ago)
What the f*** every 9 minutes
Natewatl (5 months ago)
Still waiting on a reply to the erosion of gold coins, you fact-pirate mook!
Tim OB (5 months ago)
Please remove the clothespin from your nose before you start narrating one of your videos
Touchofgrey53 (5 months ago)
What an annoying voice.
Freedom Power (6 months ago)
NZ has tree lobsters. As you call them we call them Giant Wetas. And they can grow bigger than your head. And the Americans rode hundreds of Indians and harleys off the Brighton pier in Christchurch NZ back in the day after they couldn't sell everything back then you could get a running harley for like 50cents to a dollar and get all the parts you wanted. Parts are still washing up on the beach especially after the earthquake they had lots of strange shit is washing up now.
JUST DO IT (6 months ago)
Fabricated story, boring
Arnold Stollar (6 months ago)
Gary Desarro (7 months ago)
The south Pacific islands.... good place for the Obama and family to visit. Plenty of Chiquita bananas and watermelons to grow at there. Right? 🐵🐒
WAERWOLF11501 1 (7 months ago)
Send me the c send me the send me the coordinates for the very last one
Marvin Obispo (7 months ago)
You look a little further down to pohnpei island you see a lots of wreckage of the 2worldwar...
Patrick Flockhart (8 months ago)
Interesting stuff but had to put subs on because the voice of boy makes me feel sick
michael paulissen (8 months ago)
When the earth turns itself inside out as it does every billions years or so , all this man-made crap is reduced back to elemental components for the next ero of idiots to plunder all over again!
fixento (8 months ago)
A collage of bull shit pictures and an irritating high pitch voice
len Genius (8 months ago)
what island between Australia and new zealand
rudolf peter udo (4 months ago)
Lord Howe island, the peak is known as Balls Pyramid if i remember correctly.
Bettina (8 months ago)
War sux!
R.A.N. Retired Admiral (9 months ago)
Chuuk Lagoon, was previously known as Truk Lagoon, the name it was called in WW2 and earlier. So to not confuse people with their history lessons about where it was.
doposud (9 months ago)
Unbelievable wrecks of military vehicles .... really Unbelievable Unbelievable island created by volcano ...... you know what is one thing Unbelievable here .... that americas destroyed the most beatifull places in the world with Nukes ....
Gary Petschow (1 month ago)
Big jiggers
Aaron Weber (9 months ago)
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Roger Quarton (10 months ago)
I lived in Papua New Guinea for 2 years, back in 1981, 1982. The place has the wreckage sunk ships, and anyone can dive to check them out. (The PNG government does not allow artifacts/souvenirs to be taken, however.) Wreckage of downed planes are found throughout the jungles (and it really is "impenetrable" - almost!) in the interior. One place well worth visiting is Rabaul, the Japanese Headquarters. When I lived out in the Bush with the Azau people, along the Ramu River, I collected my drinking water from a huge watery crater left from the explosion of a very BIG bomb out in the swamp, near the village. (I had to allow the sediment to sink to the bottom, then boil the water for at least 5 minutes before using.) Those were interesting experiences.
A&A Britten (10 months ago)
American Eye - thanks for slowing down your commentary, This is MUCH better.
Windyworm (10 months ago)
Just for information. The Japanese surrendered because the Russians were coming, not because of the atomic bombs dropped.
Neil Boughton (10 months ago)
One of the only things that can dissolve gold is aqua regia and most harbours i know of would not have wave action to wear away the "gold".
fredperry65 (10 months ago)
i dont belive that a load of gold coins can not be identified so everything you say is taken with a bullshit factor