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All - Dot

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"Dot" by All, 1992. This is different from the other songs I've posted and it's not very well known, which is a shame really.
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Text Comments (7)
Jonathan Lemus (4 years ago)
I'll spend another night alone.
Kris Mrzitelj (5 years ago)
love this song soooo much...
Quiquiqi (7 years ago)
Hah, this song does exist!
zarkov (8 years ago)
all/descendents best bands ever
zarkov (8 years ago)
this is one of the greatest pop punk songs ever
George Reagan (8 years ago)
That was the Didjits. The song was Max Wedge from the album Hey Judester. Rick Simms the singer/guitarist joined the Supersuckers in the mid 90's. He has a cock rock band called the Lee Harvey Oswald Experience. I highly recomend it.
zarkov (8 years ago)
this song rules