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chris z (9 hours ago)
this video makes me feel so anxious lmao
C.A. Nux (1 day ago)
The guys with the coin trick were obviously slow to before they were whacking themselves in the head, that was just cruel.
Herr Deutschmann (1 day ago)
80% der Menschen sind "Schrott"!
F.B.I 2 (1 day ago)
*this makes me want to take out support beams*
The Philosopher (2 days ago)
That new SDS plus hammer drill is dope lol 7:41
Walter Fink (3 days ago)
It takes all kinds of people to make this planet work. All people have brains. It's just that some people don't use their brains as much as others do.
Senior Smiles (3 days ago)
Jim Coulter (3 days ago)
Yup, I know Democrat voters when I see them.
Daily Asperger's Syndrome (3 days ago)
Better title, random shots of useless landscape with nothing happening
Janet Rusky (4 days ago)
Excellent video. Shows that 90% of people are stupid idiots. Including politicians who are not shown here.
Fredrich Oshunrinde (5 days ago)
Dude with the drill though smh
Nancy Perez (5 days ago)
La camioneta es de carga pero no hace milagros
Let's Laugh TLM (5 days ago)
すごい! 素晴らしかった
MyChilepepper (6 days ago)
Regulations are bad for business? Deplorable anyone?
željko šimić (6 days ago)
6:58 - born stupid.
Halby G (7 days ago)
r/IdiotsWithJobs ?
Basketball PLAYER (7 days ago)
music?? 0:00-3:11
Noor Ann (7 days ago)
yence of Hungary (7 days ago)
Darwin díjasok...
AZ [A] ZEL (7 days ago)
Idiots are way better than these people
Gamina Wulfsdottir (7 days ago)
You forgot to include the clip about the total idiot who superimposed so many previews of next videos that it became impossible to watch the end of this one. Oh. Wait. You DID include that one...
zz 77 (8 days ago)
That is just what the world needs more stupid noise that somebody thanks is cool
Deborah chesser (8 days ago)
:20 that would have killed someone
M.72. (8 days ago)
0:45 total idiot ??
Daily News (8 days ago)
If the president of the USA is the most idiot of the day then what you waiting from his puppet voters
Daily News (6 days ago)
+David Wright I don't have Dictator but you have stupid Master that thinking about himself and his business from the 40 years and you think he became the president for you No idiot he is the president for his own benefits that's why every choosen idiot that becoming president the new war and crisis and killing of USA soldiers and innocent people in other side also coming and still political slave like you following and voting for them like their dogs and biting others that wanna help them That's Why called Zombie societys and brainwashed puppets But for now your politics are more dangerous and evil dictators then any other people Your satanic politics want to began war with Russia and China you think zombie slaves like you will survive? No brother no! everyone will get pain and suffers if you don't wake up now Try to Activate your logic your mind before it's too late
David Wright (7 days ago)
Dont worry about our President. Worry about your dictator!!!. M
Nike_Swoosh (8 days ago)
Did you have an aneurysm typing this?
Лев Хафизов (8 days ago)
Я здесь один русский.
миша пахомов (3 days ago)
уже нет )
Jonathan Trekallover (8 days ago)
Thanks I’m brain dead now.
J H (8 days ago)
That first 1 though
Patty Ed (8 days ago)
I love that 6:59
LordHeath1972 (9 days ago)
5:09 - 6:58 Try not to fall asleep from utter boredom.
pepeluis karajan (9 days ago)
0:41 he could not have a hand screw driver and there is not a plug close so he has to it that way
pepeluis karajan (9 days ago)
4:22 its so close to the wall he cant use the machine, hes doing it by hand and thats right
Michael Duncombe (9 days ago)
Miros Ttas (10 days ago)
Estos vídeos deberían llamarse idiotas extremos.
lwildman62673 (10 days ago)
Video would have been much better without the stupid music
lance george (10 days ago)
2:11 hey they have gameplay of me playing Euro truck simulator
Serious Bismuth (10 days ago)
To the actual idiot that made this video: Have *You* ever worked manual labor in your life??😐
Abu-Baqqar Ishaq (10 days ago)
Стоян Стоянов (10 days ago)
At 0:46 i fell pain when watching ...
stilosurf88 (11 days ago)
0:41 sem contexto, será que a furadeira não havia quebrado e ele tava tentando fazer o trabalho assim mesmo??
KaiSau (11 days ago)
7:00 was the best
Jack Tester (11 days ago)
Huja warte
Brian Mansfield (11 days ago)
The person or persons who thought this video was funny has never used a powertool and has no idea what the difference of control is between a screwdriver and a electric drill with a screwdriver bit in the chuck. Most of these people have no on the job training, no job protections, no OSHA, no insurance to protect them, no union, and most are in third world countries with no workers protections, if you get hurt too bad so sad. Many of these people are willing to take risk well beyond what any of us in the US would ever do to just feed their families, shame on us for thinking it's funny. Sure some of the accidents are complete fails of people who should know better but to laugh at those who have far less that reach for far more is just keeping ourselves down.
White Wolf (12 days ago)
Reminds me of people i use to work with. They used pledge furniture polish to mop the floor.
trent ryan (12 days ago)
Ah 3rd world countries where motorcycles are not only multi passenger vehicles, they're also good for hauling stuff
Roberto Hero (12 days ago)
This one is boring, crappy job editing this video
Moup377 The one (12 days ago)
Im not walking however far for a screw drive cause my drill died .. thats like taking mutiple trips for the grocery. ima get it done right here right now type guy
Sterling Crockett (12 days ago)
6:17 I closed my eyes for this clip and my mind pictured Minions at work...
Best Funny Videos (12 days ago)
Dia. (13 days ago)
Surveillance technology at work
Kimberly Mulhall (13 days ago)
The guy knocking out the posts underneath the poured concrete floor was doing everything right. I might have put a few braces underneath the 2x4 ‘s so it don’t come down all at once, but he has his hard hat on !
Ciro Boccia (13 days ago)
Che deficiente!!!
Danodan (14 days ago)
Half of these are simply practical solutions that might look a little silly, and the other half are just mildly funny. This video was a waste of time.
Andrej Shamin (14 days ago)
Розыгрыш с монетой переплюнул всех остальных
aye-aye (15 days ago)
0:50 poor guy used up all his battery voltage, 'idiot' I don't think is the right descriptive representation of a man trying to make a living. Little harsh.
Calvin not/applicable (15 days ago)
7:03 you sir, need to be sterilized if you are indeed that stupid on a daily basis.
Hells Heathen (15 days ago)
To be fair, 0:40, anyone who's ever used a battery powered drill and has run out of power so close to being finished has done this.
James Price (4 days ago)
Yep but i used a socket wrench
William Schneider (8 days ago)
It has a power cord, I reckon they were try to get the screw started without a pilot hole, pushing hard maybe? Who knows, I'd like to think they aren't so dumb
Randy Hughes (15 days ago)
YEPPERZ... The only thing funnier to watch than GRAVITY... IS ELECTRICITY...
Gunnar Granberg (16 days ago)
the last idiot isn't born yet
Justin Powell (16 days ago)
I like to imagine they're all the same guy, at different points in his career
Leandro Leader (17 days ago)
4:47 one its ok, not idiot, he is not doing it in the right way, but what he is doong actually works, at a point you need to remove that wood planks, but if you want to reuse them you shouldnt do what the man did because he could breal them, but its not bad at all anyway
netbookeater (17 days ago)
Some of these were actually pretty professional methods. You just don't understand what they are doing because you don't work in the fieldm
GeorgeJansen (18 days ago)
00:28. Could you imagine that Phucking lawsuit there?
Nilesh Goundar (19 days ago)
Some of these are just improvising
Mark S (19 days ago)
This compilation was made by people who did not know what they were looking at. Millennial snowflakes who have never had to work manual labor and never had to improvise. Most of these clips show unconventional but otherwise effective ways to do things. For example, the guy hitting the drill with the hammer. He was drilling through masonry. You want a percussive drill for that, but they are more expensive and the average homeowner won't have one. So a gentle tapping action on the back of the drill creates a percussive action that helps the drill get the job done faster.
Alfredo arias (19 days ago)
SMH 🤦‍♂️
TheNixbrix (19 days ago)
never mind ....a building site?... i wouldnt let theses wankers near a porn site
Scotty Papa (19 days ago)
I watched my crack head neighbors try to tow their shitty car on my street and they hooked the hook on the chain on the hood of the fucking car to pull it and it ripped the hood off and then they tried to tow it with no one in the car and when they stopped after goin like 10 feet it just rear ended their f150 and fucked up their bumper I was like holy shit they are retarded lol I was mowing and just stopped to watch them
Cane Sugar (19 days ago)
Andreas Hoppe (20 days ago)
0:37 looks hilarious! :D. Legends say he's still up there in that excavator up until this day.
Old Freak Channel (20 days ago)
nigers = monkey
Chipmunk of Vengeance (20 days ago)
5:09 - Red Dwarf anyone?
antonio g (20 days ago)
No he visto tíos mas tontos en mi vida
nistam (20 days ago)
I want to hire the guy at 07:00....
Vathanak Jr (20 days ago)
HeyCrabman14 (21 days ago)
DivineMoment (21 days ago)
What is that place at 2:42?
Shawn Mclaughlin (21 days ago)
2:50...a live version of my driving skills in GTA 5
Rico g (22 days ago)
4:04. That's not the guy's fault. Give him a break.
rice in my veins (22 days ago)
I was laughing so hard at 6:04-7:00
noorizerx (23 days ago)
Stay in school kids.
Gearjammer (23 days ago)
And this is why I'm self employed and work alone.
D (23 days ago)
would not have believed it, if i didnt see it. great vid.
Hugo Alberto Castillo Erazo (24 days ago)
2:43 Hidroituango..???
bbababonbon..bonfire! (24 days ago)
What's the coin on forehead thing about ?
Pro_Killer_2184 YouTube (25 days ago)
Africa trying to keep up
wamblue (26 days ago)
What happened to the bus....
Ender Wiggin (26 days ago)
If you ever see someone not using the power in their po
ShOwTiMe1g (26 days ago)
0:40 gente cualificada la que cruza el estrecho
Tom Wright (26 days ago)
0:40 hahahaha
Wyn Williams (26 days ago)
0:55 likey his battery died and he didnt have a spare, happened to me before
kung foo man (26 days ago)
You get what you pay and train for 👌
killercross 420 (26 days ago)
Any1 get the devour add that shit was hilarious
Brett B. (26 days ago)
1:30 almost looks like one heck of a mullet
fede chot (26 days ago)
Endangered Mexican (26 days ago)
0:01 When you spawn out of the map
NotoriousNoe (26 days ago)
If that mullet alone wasn't an indication that he might not be the sharpest tool in the shed
Ernesto Gastelum (26 days ago)
Can somebody help me understand what are they doing in the first clip?
alleygh0st (23 days ago)
We're in the same boat.
Julius Beržinis (26 days ago)
4:30 what's wrong here?
mai ming (26 days ago)
swift truks do it better...