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nickrich56 (8 hours ago)
Phaaacck'in elll! How can this shit keep happening? Humans are still apes ?
Ricardo Cavelson (13 hours ago)
and i don't know if scares me more: people like this are allowed to vote
Verry Human (15 hours ago)
7:38 that’s pure Genius!
Синий паровозик Сёма (17 hours ago)
Псдц!! полный!!!
da coops (18 hours ago)
The guys trying to dismantle the chimney stacks need to watch a few Fred Dibnah videos.
Frank Catlin (23 hours ago)
4:10 Is it just me or does that guy look a little bit like Michael Myers from the Halloween franchises ???? hahaha!!!
LowKey Savage (1 day ago)
Well the guy at 43 seconds im sure someone told him not to be loud because it was in an office. At my old job we made a guy do the sane shit
friartuck103 (1 day ago)
The guy with the boat an forklift.... smfh...
Randomyoutuber (1 day ago)
The first one was obviously on opposite day
Guilherme Souza (1 day ago)
They shouldn't reproduce.
LONG New Test Channel very long test channel VERY (1 day ago)
Coach (1 day ago)
what did the guy write with the green spray paint?
Eat It (1 day ago)
You cant fix it either.
Eat It (1 day ago)
You cant fox stupid!
IT IZME_ (1 day ago)
@ 4:50 While that guy was knocking out the braces, The butterflies in my stomach were waiting for the ceiling to crush him.
David Percival (2 days ago)
Fork lift and boat 8.00 best fuck up ive ever seen :)
Brian Battles (2 days ago)
Why do Third World peabrains always overload vehicles?
Brian Battles (2 days ago)
Lame music again
uslsuspect (2 days ago)
Who else started dancing at 4:10?
uslsuspect (2 days ago)
Youtube videos from Russia: starting 0SHA presentations since 2001.
Ghost Ridah (2 days ago)
What I dont get are the ones that hit something and keep accelerating to make things worse
Happily Insane (2 days ago)
This is sexist. Where are the women at these construction sites?
Kutulue (1 day ago)
+Happily Insane ROFL that would be a great video. Gods of the Internet - "make it so".
Happily Insane (2 days ago)
+xPeRk Customs Lol Can you imagine a bunch of videos of women getting taken out making sandwiches.
xPeRk Customs (2 days ago)
Happily Insane I hope your joking because if your not make me a sandwich
Patrick Meaden (2 days ago)
A lot of these people aren’t idiots
Kosty Bar (2 days ago)
На 4:36 копает лопатой в ковш экскаватора. Не идиотизм, это нормальный процесс копки возле инженерных коммуникаций, типа труб или кабельных трасс. Там подкапываются техникой, но возле коммуникаций можно только лопатами вручную.
TTime685 (2 days ago)
6:58 Total idiot right there..
Lester Allgary (2 days ago)
Sorry ms Jackson organ beat
J Lo (2 days ago)
The guy moving the boat was epic! 🤣
Hessler (3 days ago)
0:40 Maybe the battery is just empty
Beken Hagyjal (3 days ago)
0:42, 3:09 very qualified migrants, we really needed them... thanks.
Hans (7 hours ago)
Pricing qualified laborers right out of the market.
Beken Hagyjal (1 day ago)
ye, well.. if he has the tools it's fine. But in the video it doesnt really look efficient. :D
LowKey Savage (1 day ago)
Nope but thats what happened but it took him like 5 minutes but he used a screwdriver this guy probably didnt have one 🤪
Beken Hagyjal (1 day ago)
what... So you call the janitor to fix some shit in your office, and you dont let him do his job properly? with "making some noise" the job could probably take 2 minutes, without the noise it might take 20... efficiency at it's finest. :D
LowKey Savage (1 day ago)
Beken Hagyjal well im sure someone told him to not be loud. At my old job we made a guy do the same shit or we would kick him out.
PsychoticEwok (3 days ago)
7:38 I think he miss understood when he bought an impact drill
TheProxy9 (3 days ago)
wow how many times you gonna smack yourself upside the back of your own head people really are stupid nowdays
arjun (3 days ago)
2.45 anybody knows when where that accident happened
Klides Dale (3 days ago)
I concur with the red neck below. The man with the shovel filling the bucket was on point, if you disagree its because your daf.
Markus Patients (3 days ago)
The hammer drill was invented @ 7:47 that guy will make billions...
Jah3113 (3 days ago)
Mais les boulets srx... tous.
pitnac (3 days ago)
Теперь я понял что такое идиот!
George Bendzunas (3 days ago)
4:10 ROFL
Lorene Bailey (3 days ago)
And to think, they live and breed!
Moronvideos1940 (3 days ago)
I got this
Mr. Nicholas (3 days ago)
6:58 wins it. Lol
aquilonis capital tararax (3 days ago)
1:30 Grove Street family 4 life.
Daniel Häusser (4 days ago)
I am a clumsy lefthander and feel so much better and more harmless watching this. 😂
Lynn Fenton (4 days ago)
took me a second but the guy using the electric drill/screwdriver manually...PRICELESS!!!!
Kutulue (1 day ago)
+Lynn Fenton Why does everyone seem to think that was wrong? If you use the electric drill motor to drill the screw in all the way it will tear the thread and make the screw useless. What that guy was doing is a common tactic if you do not have a manual screwdriver handy. I guess most of the public have never done any actual physical work in their life.
Benson Hedges (4 days ago)
0:49 IQ?
Debrian * (4 days ago)
I can do that coin trick in 0 hits lol easy
Willy G P (4 days ago)
at 3:20 working with Mexicans
pegbars (4 days ago)
0:43 the reason for discrimination 04:27 the reason for union busting
Aaron Rice (4 days ago)
7:00 Cue the Benny Hill music....
Yoshi Baggins (4 days ago)
4:47 I'd like to hear how he could've done that any differently, since he got it done and didn't get injured, and did it in a pattern that would keep him from being injured, really curious as to whether or not the maker of this compilation was just an idiot who doesn't know anything about manual labor
robert smith (4 days ago)
The woman hitting the drill with the hammer, I don't think she's really hitting it. The last 4 or so " hits" aren't connecting
yuri renner (4 days ago)
Maybe the movement of the hammer bouncing off the drill is too fast for the sampling rate of the camera.
,There are some dumb fuckwits on this planet .
LinkinPark4Ever1996 (4 days ago)
No no no.... you can't cut the first one out like that... I WANNA see them die
TheWhiteRussian (4 days ago)
Oh man...Boat bro's having a hard day lmao
Michael Pearson (4 days ago)
Hey give the guy with the drill the benefit of the doubt it may have broke and he didn't habe a hand drive to use lmao
- Dopeland - (4 days ago)
7:42 No fucking way she tried that
Dalish x3 (4 days ago)
7:45??? Fake .... he dont smash
Patrick Fourteu (4 days ago)
0,40!! il est pas idiot IL EST NOIR!
kopfgeldjagar (4 days ago)
i would consider 4:07 a win
Michelle D. (4 days ago)
3:31 That's why you block the wheel before you flip the car so it doesn't roll down hill.
Йцукен Qwerty (4 days ago)
2:52 was scary😨
Йцукен Qwerty (4 days ago)
BackFischGamer (4 days ago)
0:41 He isnt an Idiot, he is smart!
Dead Gipsy (4 days ago)
I clenched up with the bus near that waterfall
Born to #PLAY (4 days ago)
0:48 good workers for Germany... Oh my gosh please protect US from them..
Gamestuff (5 days ago)
some people we're born with no brain
Dude, smell my helmet (4 days ago)
Josh Jones (5 days ago)
Less than half the people could be considered "at work" and less than a third were being idiotic.
Paul Kennedy (2 days ago)
I think you've counted wrong. There are 18 that are clearly at work. There are 3 more that show things installed apparently by idiots who were at work (the rotating advertising, the hand dryer and the thing erected in the middle of the road). The ones with the coin prank were at work but not AT WORK, if you see what I mean. That leaves 2 more, which probably AREN'T at work: the one hammering her drill and the ones carrying that long load on a motor scooter.
dojufitz (5 days ago)
Coin on Forehead.....lol.....
M4T3ZZ (5 days ago)
4:29 To je úplne normálne, keď nechceme s bagrom narušiť či už terén alebo statiku budovy alebo betónu pod tou zemou. Tá zem sa tam určite zosypala z terénu nad pracoviskom. Keď nevieš prečo to tak robia, tak určite nie preto že sú to idioti 😉
DocRockTheDj (5 days ago)
Hey! Can someone hold my beer and I'll show you how to park this boat with a forklift. 😬
Волчков Павел (5 days ago)
катер и погрузчик феерично.
LUCIANA STOCK (5 days ago)
Yurri Branco (5 days ago)
3:35 "eyyy, he don go away, awayyyyy " 😂😂😂😂
HaysieBoy (5 days ago)
4:00 that guy is a legend, not an idiot. Guarantee he could fall down a flight of stairs in a pub and not spill his pint 👏🏼 👏🏼
Jahmo Van (5 days ago)
Mark Lindsay (5 days ago)
The point of stupidity
luke allan (5 days ago)
its official. the stupidity disease has overtaken the world.
Maksim Huzmiev (5 days ago)
7:51 I bet the guy firstly thought somebody pranked him
Maksim Huzmiev (5 days ago)
0:30 The first 2 guys didn't complete the job and then they dicided to get the excavator up
EndlichEin VerfügbarerName (5 days ago)
0:43 neue deutsche Fachkraft :-)
Aaron Walderslade (5 days ago)
It's always a good idea to cut away from yourself. But perhaps not with a wood saw.
yuri renner (5 days ago)
The plank wasn't resting on a proper workbench or anything; instead, he had to use his own leg to support one end while a co-worker held the other end. Things weren't stable, but prone to slide and shfit; and he doesn't know how reliable his co-worker is. So cutting away from oneself was probably still the prudent option in that case, even with a wood saw.
Michele Ferrari (5 days ago)
almost all thes dumbs are africans...why ???
yuri renner (5 days ago)
What the heck are you talking about? First of all, the majority of people featured in this video, are not Africans. Secondly, the most incompetent guys in this video were the DSV truck driver (2:10), the cement mixer (3:45), and the forklift/boat handler (7:00); and each of them is (as far as we can tell) neither black nor African.
Kale LeMaster (5 days ago)
I feel like every single video that includes a vehicle is on some all out GTA type shit. This feeling is extremely prevelant at 2:45
The Mechanic geek 775 (5 days ago)
The guy on the fork truck he had one job he messed up 2 jobs 🤣🙄
bo bo (6 days ago)
6:59 this guy just awesome.
Solo Burn (6 days ago)
The guys with the drill tightening door knob ain’t so dumb. That drill is too strong to tighten on wooden door knob.
Der Adler und seine Falken (3 days ago)
+yuri renner If ANYONE has ever worked with power tools in their lives they could have done it better. One, two quick pulls and you set the screw and drilled a hole. Power drills aren't monstrous pieces of equipment you apply a gentle pressure you get a gentle drill, it would be harder to mess up and damage the door than it would be to drill the hole. But that moron is to stupid to figure it out. And you can't tell me this fine example of the workforce just went on a job without an extension cord, and/or could not find a place to plug it in, in the MIDDLE OF A OFFICE! If so, then he's even dumber than I thought.
Corey Ortego (3 days ago)
+yuri renner Common sense, please use some. Also no need for race baiting, even if it is the only card you can pull, be better than that. I'm going to edit for one thing, in the video of the guy shoveling dirt into the bucket, who do you think was filming that? Sure does seem like other construction workers on the job!
yuri renner (3 days ago)
@Corey Ortego, Are you getting mad because I called out the white collar nitwit who was fooling around with smartphone video recording antics in company time? Or perhaps you are the person who filmed that particular footage? What did the black maintenance guy do that didn't follow common sense? The point is that several of the filmers, as well as the uploader who assembled this video, obviously lack the insight and knowledge to judge how manual work is properly done; see for example also the worker who is shoveling dirt into the excavator bucket, or the construction worker who is spray painting markings on the sidewalk. These video amateurs took what they saw at face value and immediately jumped to (flawed) conclusions, obviously because they felt they are better than those lower-level manual workers.
Corey Ortego (3 days ago)
+yuri rennerNo problem with thinking of the best for these people, but don't jump down the stupid hole! The whole point is the man should have used some common sense, and so should you.
yuri renner (3 days ago)
@Der Adler und seine Falken, "that little trigger on the end" is likely to unleash a torque that might mess up either the wood or the head of the screw. Or there was no electric outlet nearby, nor an extension cord, and he didn't feel like wasting unnecessary minutes on looking for one when a little improvisation works just as well. Anyway, we may assume he had a good reason to do it the way he did. It was just one single screw, and he got he job done. Now how about the useless office nitwit who probably has never done any manual labor, but who likes wasting his/her boss's time by playing around with his/her smartphone and making pointless videos of the janitorial work? How much of a better job could he/she have done?
Mark (6 days ago)
All of these poor dumb bastards must have watched the Three Stooges and thought they were watching training videos.
Aalei Bounds (6 days ago)
5:30 ... 😂😂😂😂😂
Ray ray (6 days ago)
The guy at 55 seconds using a drill to tighten a Phillips head has sense. Sometimes without the right drill bit you just round off the screw because of the power of the drill. Without a screw driver it’s actually not a bad idea to do what he did.
Mike Justice (1 day ago)
Posted the same thing.
Jarthen Greenmeadow (3 days ago)
Guys you're all missing the obvious reason you'd do something like that: To make a 2 second project into a 20 minute project. Dude is getting paid by the hour and doesnt give a fuuuuck.
noph785 (3 days ago)
Maybe he's just being courteous and not running a loud electric drill in an office or maybe he forgot an extension cord, or he could just be stoned.
Zane Hoskins (4 days ago)
It's only a screw, and guy doesn't want to disturb the worker. Class act.
adam Hamilton (4 days ago)
Because popping a switchover screwdriver in your pocket is just too hard
nathan higgers (6 days ago)
>7:30 youre hit dude, just kys
michael burns (6 days ago)
The man who’s using the drill as a screwdriver isn’t an idiot. If you use a power tool to put a door handle on there is a chance that it will slip and scratch the handle. Maybe he never had a screwdriver at hand so made use of what he had??
Yoshi Baggins (4 days ago)
michael burns exactly, that's improvisation, quite the opposite of idiocy
Joel Montgomery (6 days ago)
08 55 monkey
Lynda Lynda (6 days ago)
7:32 Bam !!
leahcim thgirw (6 days ago)
O G just couldn't resist taging the sidewalk . douchbag
King David (6 days ago)
They are all probably socialist, just like the idiots that voted for Democrats that want that here in the USA. lol
Tahir Mirza (6 days ago)
Karen Mooney (6 days ago)
The stuff they try in some of these places is mind blowingly stupid
Dude, smell my helmet (4 days ago)
Like which ones?
Paul Wythe (6 days ago)
No wonder the worlds in such a f"*%\ g mess 🙄
Ben gesseret (6 days ago)
4:09 looks like fun, the rest, ???
Ratty Woof (6 days ago)
0:31 - WTF!!!!!
Specialized 29er (6 days ago)
iQ's of 50 and that's being kind
Yoshi Baggins (4 days ago)
Specialized 29er I'm pretty sure under 70 they lack the ability to move cohesively