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Greece's Geography Problem

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Text Comments (5345)
Wendover Productions (5 months ago)
Hey everyone! You may notice the numbers in brackets that pop up in the lower left-hand corner of this video. Those are a long-requested addition to the channel: references! Just look in the description for the corresponding number to see where different info comes from.
Panagiotis Varelas (2 months ago)
ΜΠΙΖΕΤΑΣ ΓΙΩΡΓΟΣ (2 months ago)
+marko2204 go to hell with your fake country!!!!
ΜΠΙΖΕΤΑΣ ΓΙΩΡΓΟΣ (2 months ago)
+marko2204 fuck you ..you piece of shit...!!!!
marko2204 (2 months ago)
+diast100 fuck you it does we are just torchered you uncultured swine we are fuckin greeks ancestors
diast100 (3 months ago)
+TheDev8 HD Ancient Macedonian empire is a part of greek civilazation. Has nothing to do with slavic Monkeydonia
LUNAR BLOODDROP (16 hours ago)
youtube user pay Germany to Fukien build you CBM drills to boar through mountains
CEKROM (1 day ago)
Greece has a nice but challenging environment =D
Partyharry (2 days ago)
Too bad I already bought the game
troll face (4 days ago)
Heres two very good ideas, Italy and Egypt
NoaH (5 days ago)
Greece had a stupid problem, not a geographical one.
Bilal E (6 days ago)
1:15 hold up, how is greece with a gdp of $200 Billion above Turkey with a gdp of $850 billion?
Sloth from The Goonies (6 days ago)
This guy's actually pretty dumb, it's amazing how easily people are fooled by nice presentation.
SHUBHAM KUMAR (6 days ago)
Greece needs to invest heavily in Technological education of its students especially from Middle School time. Terrace Farming, Large scale Solar Power Plants, Nuclear Energy etc can be some areas where Greece can invest. If Netherland, Israel and other Nations can boost their Agricultural production and productivity in other areas then so can Greece. It's important for Nations like Greece to try to form partnership with Nations with similar problems. Greecen must partner strongly with Japan to develop its infrastructure due to the similar challenges. Same goes for Israel and Sweden. Tax collection cannot be a major issue in the 21st century of Digitalisation.
i Nycz (7 days ago)
This is rediculois. If the Turkish warships can get from the Black Sea to the Mediterranean without entering Greek water so can merchant ships from Russia, Georgia, Bulgaria Romania. Greece can’t block anything from getting in and out of the Black Sea.
Shota Oshkhneli (8 days ago)
The territory of Georgia you show on the map is incorrect. Abkhazia and South Osetia are also Georgia !
DOA IBU (10 days ago)
Bad asumtion video. Im sorry.
Leif Khas (10 days ago)
You forgot Greece's role in the Cold War! The US invested billions into Greece during this time! As soon as the Cold War ended a lot of this money was pulled out from underneath the rug of Greece!
filip ao (11 days ago)
5k angreey Greeks who don’t understand geopolitics hit the dislike
Psiberzerker (12 days ago)
2.5% of the GDP is a high number compared to any other NATO member, except for the US. Which spends about 54% of our National Budget on "Defense." I quotes, because we're not really defending ourselves from anyone, and a large part of that is in R&D for weapon systems which go nowhere, like the F35. (I use Budget instead of GDP for this number, because it's a closer metric for How the military gets funded here. In Greece, a lot of it is subsidized by the E.U.)
Ηλιας Καλλος (12 days ago)
nice vid
Ηλιας Καλλος (12 days ago)
from greece
Austin Ford (14 days ago)
YES! Another one! But... Why do you only do this with Ubisoft? Also, I first watched this while playing AC Odyssey
Albert Zeng (14 days ago)
A video about Mexico's or Congo's geography problems should be interesting
Supahtripp X (15 days ago)
Correlation≠ Causation
HaberDan (17 days ago)
*Sweden is mountainous but rich and Latvia is flat and poor.* Welp, time to build some mountains in Latvia! Oh wait they can't afford that lol
Jake Bull (18 days ago)
Greece peaked in high school
Austin A (18 days ago)
I wonder If it would be cheaper for Greece to contract the US military to protect then
Jonathan Stiles (19 days ago)
So many trolls. I feel like my breath can feed them.
arturo ragozini (20 days ago)
0:21 they are.
Elpis Liossatos (21 days ago)
Do you seriously believe that austerity helped the Greek economy?The powers that should not be love the natural resources and its strategic position.So why not create slaves and steal their land?
Greyhound216 Durbauree (21 days ago)
Friday Left Us (21 days ago)
you neglect to mention that most of the Southern läns in Sweden are completely flat, and also happen to be where the vast majority of swedes live.
Arya Pourtabatabaie (22 days ago)
Iran's geography problem please!
Keefe Carpenter (22 days ago)
I like these geography videos a lot
Sam Laane (22 days ago)
I normally love videos from wendover production. However it really gets to me that this video keeps saying that correlations prove their point. Correlations do not alone prove causation and they did not provide additional info to do so. It's still clear that they're trying to be honest with the video which is why they did put out is that the data from the EU that you relied on excluded Nations which provided the best counter examples.
Ak Ak (23 days ago)
2:35 forgot Thessaly and Macedon,also big powers that had mainly flat land.
Ginja Ninjaaa (23 days ago)
Switzerland and Norway are not in the EU...
Samir Rustem (23 days ago)
correlation study bulshit fact stating moron
Robin Sawchuk (24 days ago)
who cares ....Greece created us.
Kevin Bruneel (26 days ago)
you forgot corruption, the main issue of Greece
Chris Doukas (27 days ago)
Nice video but I have to disagree with you. Greece has many many many opportunities to actually take advantage of its geography and become one of the world's leaders in various forms of energy. Greece has substantial sunlight throughout much of the year, Greece also has substantial wind throughout the Aegean islands most of the year, Greece also has oil reserves within the ionian sea and the Aegean Sea..... To put it in other words, Greece is sitting on a goldmine of free energy, but the real reason Greece is in shambles today is because of its weak political leadership and corrupt politicians. Greeks do not have a Western European mentality (in case you didn't realize). Thank the 400 years of Ottoman rule over Greece....that might just have something to do with Greece's lack of modern infrastructure , weak political systems and rampant corruption.....
schpyy (27 days ago)
What a waste of time this video, they are fucking socialist debt lovers.
Μαρια Χατζηχαραλαμπους (1 month ago)
So much histrical inaccureacy. And I am from a town near Sparta. And you are wrong about everything you said. In fact Sparta is one of the hottest regions of Greece every summer and the area cannot grow many things other than olive and orange trees. It is also a very mountainous district that lead to other issues as well. You are just wrong in sooooo many levels I just point out something others didn't in the comments
TheEuropean (1 month ago)
Love Greece and Greek culture from Turkey
Imperfect Cell (13 days ago)
How come?
Maxwell Jacobs (1 month ago)
Why did georgia show not owning abkhazia and ossetia
Flávio Viana Gomide (1 month ago)
Stop trying to simplify the countries success! What makes a good country is the people, the creativity, country mindset and its history. Of course Geography matters, but it is not the main factor.
Huang JJ (1 month ago)
I want to bu greece.. How much??
James Kissane (1 month ago)
Greece gets way to much attention and credit for an empire. First of all, they never had an empire, that as the Macedonians. Second, that one fell pretty quickly. I don't think that Greece ever was a powerhouse in the world. Ofc it has always been relevant, but never as important as people make it out to be.
Z Z (1 month ago)
The other reason for the economies of Scandinavia being more prosperous is that they’re resource rich
Blu Dude (1 month ago)
“Except the US” I’m proud
Mainuddin Chisti (1 month ago)
Make a video about Turkey
Tyler Ault (1 month ago)
You admit that Norway, Sweden, and Switzerland are problematic for your mountains = economic misery hypothesis. I would add Chile, New Zealand, and many US states to that list. Also: Austria, France, and Japan have large mountainous regions which are more beneficial than detrimental. Your argument is easily refuted.
David Bunckenburg (1 month ago)
Isn't 2.5% military spending good? We need NATO to have strength from every angle
David Bunckenburg (1 month ago)
+klen sal Yeah I agree, that's why I think all NATO nations should contribute the mandatory amount. It increases security and decreases the likely hood of anyone attacking a NATO member
klen sal (1 month ago)
It would be great if military is not needed but as we are humans this is impossible.
George Gountzas (1 month ago)
Future Technologies and Green Economy Investments don't care about Geography. Those type of investments could get a tax break needed to jump start the economy!
zaxapitsa (1 month ago)
jeez, people, the video´s called "GEOGRAPHY problem", no just "problem". Of course there´s more to it. Read. Words. Good.
James Wilson (1 month ago)
It's amazing to think that one still has to say "correlation does not equal causation" in this day and age, but here we are.
Jeff V (1 month ago)
Does anyone know the background music that starts around 3:19? Thanks!
Jeff V (1 month ago)
Nevermind, I got it! "Beatmospheres 5" by Gunnar Johnsén
Lucas Calixto (1 month ago)
This video is the same bag of shit of the Brazil video. Always trying to explain economic stagnation through the lenses of topography. Well sir, that is a bit ridiculous considering that the world economy relies more on foreign investments and credibility of markets than on the amount of mountains the country has, right? The wealthiest region of Italy on a per capita basis is Trentino Alto Adige which is basically a mountainous valley while one of the poorest is Puglia which is nearly all flat.
Danny Le (1 month ago)
Solar system’s geography problem
Alketa Shurbi (1 month ago)
Actually, Greece has a very strategic place among three continents and also being in a centre of Mediterranean Sea and this is historically proven, by many war and trade advantages. Also, the coloration between temperature and land geography is not a valid criteria for a states wealth.
Gega oragvelidze (1 month ago)
Wendover productions at 8:04 I’ve noticed that Georgia’s on the map incorrect , that’s incorrect map of Georgia , can u please add note or somehow change to the correct one ? As a Georgian living in Georgia which is being oppressed and occupied by Russia this really matters for us. I hope u will understand, love ur videos !
SimplyOddish (1 month ago)
Referance timestamps: [1] 1:36 [2] 4:00 [3] 4:20 [4]5:02 [5] 5:30 [6] 6:10 [7] 6:33 [8] 6:46 [9] 6:59 [10] 8:20 [11] 9:10 [12] 9:42 [13] 10:35
Mehmet Altin (1 month ago)
Please, make this video for Turkey!!
Zaid (1 month ago)
“Low geopolitical clout” never thought I’d ever hear that sentence
Krakus Krak (1 month ago)
Extremely bad video
Rauf Rzayev (1 month ago)
the statisctics on the terrain at 5:12 seems bullshit
Pete Pimpernel (1 month ago)
Both interesting and informative; like with the videos about India's and China's geography disadvantages. Yes, I think the Greeks should focus on tourism income to gradually modernise their infrastructure.
EL Presidente (1 month ago)
4:30 so like the opposite of twitch
kg.96 (1 month ago)
Macedonian empire****
Liam Smith (1 month ago)
Wasnt that pre ancient Greece
John Doe (1 month ago)
Greece is one of the best countries to visit! Nice people and beautiful history.
god bless america usa (1 month ago)
Where is greece ? ... and why the F*ck this is in my recommended videos...
Liam Smith (1 month ago)
Grease is in macdonalds
Autochthons iliria (1 month ago)
Autochthons Pelasgian.illyrian. Albanians. 💪
Colorblind1975 (1 month ago)
You call it " Greece's Geography Problem " I call it a bless
Ivan_Great (1 month ago)
At least we will survive in any possible sea level rise bitches... #climatechange love you Greece ❤️
M VGSV (1 month ago)
Death to europe
Liam Smith (1 month ago)
Muhammad Shadab (1 month ago)
0:48 Prophet Muhammad (Blessings be upon Him & His Family) laid the foundations of Democracy and made the first written constitution of the State of Madina between Muslims and Jews!
Fatih T.C. (1 month ago)
You don't have to spend that much money on military power.Turkey and the Turkish people do not have problems of Greece.But the Greek governments are constantly straining the environment.12 miles, desire to enter Turkish territorial waters, airspace, cyprus problem,And the resources in the Mediterranean...Greek government in always hostile to Turkey.But we are not going into a hostile attitude towards you as Turks.July 15, the coup attempt criminals.members of the pkk terrorist organization are in your country.you've got to be angry at Turkey as our principal.But we're not mad at you.because there are pressure from european states we know you..Greek government should take positive steps against Turkey.together we can live in peace and peaceful.You know, we lived together for 400 years.The Turkish army must be strong because it has neighbors such as Iraq and Syria.The development of the Turkish army not to fight with Greece.the opposite is necessary for zone security and for the good of Greece.No one wants to fight with Greece.For 40 years, we have been in a war with a terrorist organization pkk and Greece is supporting them.Greece should cut this support if it is a civilized country.Turkey has never been enmity against Greece.Greece has always been heard, but hostility to Turkey.Buddha is your country's biggest problem.Turks are compassionate people.Briefly turkey is not your enemy.you don't have to spend so much money on the army.You against good and hot, dry turkey will be no problem between us.Godbye.
GroßDeutsches Reich (1 month ago)
These are the most stupid arguments and the dummest explanations i habe ever heard......and they are far far from the truth about why Greece has problems. Politics and avoiding States Law .....is the problem.Not the weather not the Mountains not the mambo jumbo horseshit you are talking about.....
Liam Smith (1 month ago)
Hes just talking about how geography can negatively affect Greece
Juan Sanchez (1 month ago)
The problem of greece is corruption: is not that they cant collect taxes but that they WONT, tax evasion is only possible by corruption at the very top of the state. That same corruption squandered the loans that make the bulk of their debt. Food production could be fixed now using terrace farming and dutch agritech. Infrastructure into the west is a matter of boring through mountains to build rail and highways. Greece could easily become a regional flight hub as well, but all this can't be done if they steal the loan money while dodging taxes needed to fund all this.
Con Kyros (1 month ago)
Greece has Uranium, Osmium, Gold (produced the 2nd most amount of gold in the world in 2017) It has oil and gas reserves that would make collective Europe look very very poor. The debt crisis is not linked to its geography but the Zionist Jewish banking cartels who know very well what Greece has beneath in its soil and seas. The diabolical plan was to get the Greek economy into a state of debt where it would be impossible to repay back. The Zionist Bankers would then get the traitors "Greek" politicians and crpyto jewish Greek politicians sell off the countries resources and divide the country up as of late it was Macedonia. The commentator is nothing more than a cock sucker who needs to get an education.
Rudi (1 month ago)
Greece has alot of problems. But the greatest problem is its eastern neighbour Turkey. Thats a nation with a high birth rate, strong economy and military. In 50 years the population of turkey may rise to 120 milion people. The will need new lands and conquest unless they dont kill each other. Greece should not rely on its europian and other allies to hold Turkey. They shuld work more to develop the country and less Dhiakopes, stroner military.
Maple Kerman (1 month ago)
How to make a Wendover Productions video: Find any country in the world. Make a video titled "[insert country's name here]'s Geography Problem" Hundreds of thousands of views. Good job :D
Vitruvian (1 month ago)
I liked your videos, BUT showing Georgia in this shape is a shame, highest level of ignorance! Hope you will research more about Georgia and acknowledge that misconduct...
Christos Christos (1 month ago)
Long live Hellenism for all time.MAKEDONIA IS HELLENIC LAND SEIT 4,000 JEARS
Setif Akvayli19 (1 month ago)
I think that kabylia can get it’s independence from Algeria and get better economically because kabylia has tourism and flat land and not very hot
bishmayoung (1 month ago)
what site did you get these gdp figures. i live in lithuania and there is no way the gdp here is that high.
jackthegamer123 23 (1 month ago)
Actually as im from greece. The number of tourists that come to greece is increasing every year. So the crisis hasnt effect the tourism much
Daniele Ligato (1 month ago)
Feet? Metric pls <3
diegoskater626 (1 month ago)
i dont thing actual tax collection works as in medieval times when roads where needed to transport crates full of coins right...?
Montagne (1 month ago)
Latvia is poor because it was occupied by the Soviets. If it weren’t for them Latvia would be on the same level as Finland, Sweden, Denmark. When the Germans attacked the Soviets they took away every piece of factory equipment and moved it to the Urals. That equipment was never returned and a industrial country that was advancing quickly was destroyed.
diegoskater626 (1 month ago)
the way spain was formed from diferent kingdoms cant be similar to the greek city states from 2000 years ago as a way to explain their difficulties in governance
diegoskater626 (1 month ago)
*uses two points to make a regression* theres a correlation!
ming c4567 (1 month ago)
This is only video which isn’t about BRICS countries
TheMrStavros (1 month ago)
What are you talking about man?pseudo science and unlinked assumptions 11 minutes to analyze thousands of years of people trying to do so Forget about it
HF_Martini6 (1 month ago)
FYI: Switzerland isn't part of the EU we just sit here in the middle of it.
Ben O'Donovan-Iland (1 month ago)
Norway and Switzerland are not part of the EU
Bill Kelly (1 month ago)
Greece’s geographic problem is the identity thieving banana republic on its northern border...
Saatana (1 month ago)
5:40 "controversial" as in a cold climate forced evolution to prefer people with higher intelligence to be able to adapt to the colder climate. For example having to learn to build sufficient shelters, store food, find alternative sources in the winter and less farmland.
Nika Morchiladze (1 month ago)
you have the WRONG map of Georgia. 20 % of my country is occupied by Russia, take it to consideration !
Nikolas Rogkotis (1 month ago)
0:15 Σκοπιανοί triggerd
OdysseusThinking (1 month ago)
When you compare two countries GDP you must also take into account cost of living, which is very low in Greece compared to northern Europe. Basically that means I can live the same life with less money, or a better life with the same amount of money.
Eslam A (1 month ago)
funny this video talks about Greece closing the Aegean sea.. This is not even possible. Greece wouldnt have a mountain problem as they would be assured flattened. Turkish millitary is far more capable than tiny greece. Please dont kid your self. Also.. Greece vs Russia is a complete joke in its self.
Denys Nazarenko (1 month ago)
Thanks for the most correct way of depicting Crimea ;)
Parham Khodadi (1 month ago)
I knew this was a bad video when he forgot the Persian Empire, the Mughal Empire, and the British Empires.
Nath (1 month ago)
Amazing information..