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Fox News Host Sean Hannity Is Michael Cohen's Third Client | CNBC

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CNBC's John Harwood reports that Sean Hannity, the Fox News pundit, is the third client of Trump lawyer Michael Cohen. » Subscribe to CNBC: http://cnb.cx/SubscribeCNBC About CNBC: From 'Wall Street' to 'Main Street' to award winning original documentaries and Reality TV series, CNBC has you covered. Experience special sneak peeks of your favorite shows, exclusive video and more. Connect with CNBC News Online Get the latest news: http://www.cnbc.com/ Find CNBC News on Facebook: http://cnb.cx/LikeCNBC Follow CNBC News on Twitter: http://cnb.cx/FollowCNBC Follow CNBC News on Google+: http://cnb.cx/PlusCNBC Follow CNBC News on Instagram: http://cnb.cx/InstagramCNBC Fox News Host Sean Hannity Is Michael Cohen's Third Client | CNBC
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gazzornenplat (4 months ago)
This is news? My god this is desperate. Btw - he is not a client. He's an acquaintance, never retained him.
Gy Bx (4 months ago)
chris branch (4 months ago)
There is absolutely no evidence to suggest that Trump colluded with the Russians 🇷🇺 except the Manafort getting arrested thing.... and the Gates pleading guilty to get a plea deal thing and the Flynn pleading guilty to get a plea deal thing and the Papadopoulos pleading guilty to get a plea deal thing and the Alex van der Zwaan pleading guilty to get a plea deal thing and the Richard Pinedo pleading guilty to get a plea deal thing and the lethal defense aid for Ukraine being eliminated from the GOP platform during the primary thing and the Manafort running the Trump campaign for no payment, after being involved in installing the pro-Russia dictator in Ukraine thing and the NRA spending $30 million getting Trump elected so of course no calls for tougher gun laws thing and the Trump Jr/Manafort/Kushner meeting in Trump Tower with Natalia Veselnitskaya and several other Russians thing and the Steve Bannon calling the Trump Jr/Manafort/Kushner meeting in Trump Tower with Natalia Veselnitskaya and several other Russians "treasonous" thing and the Natalia Veselnitskaya providing testimony to Congress that the meeting was about campaign collusion thing and the Trump lying and saying the meeting was about adoption thing and the Hope Hicks refusing to provide testimony about how the "adoption meeting" excuse letter was drafted aboard Air Force One thing and the Roger Stone thing having communications with WiKiLeaks about Podesta's emails and lying about it thing and the Roger Stone meeting with Russians but denying it thing and the Don Jr. and Kellyanne Conway refusing Secret Service protection when Russian oligarchs were in town thing and the Michael Cohen doing business deals in Russia and the Ukraine thing and the UK and US recording Kushner in the Russian Embassy when he was discussing his ‘back channel’ to Russia thing and the Carter Page working with Russians since 2013 and bragging about it thing and the firing Sally Yates after she warned the Whitehouse that Flynn was dirty thing and the Jeff Sessions lying to Congress about meetings with Russian Ambassador Kislyak thing and the Trump pressuring Sessions to not recuse himself from the Russia investigation thing and the Trump wanting to fire Sessions after he recused himself on Russia related matters thing and the Trump saying if Sessions was going to recuse himself he would have selected a different Attorney General thing and the fact that Wilbur Ross has done business with Russian billionaire Kirill Shamanov who is married to Putin's daughter thing and the JD Gordon saying that at the Republican Convention in 2016, Trump directed him to support weakening Ukraines' support in the official platform thing and the Erik Prince things and the EIGHT meetings between the Trump administration and the Russians that we only found out about via Russian media thing and the firing James Comey thing and the Kushner secretly borrowing $500,000,000 from the Russian V.E.B. Bank run by an ex-KGB official thing and the telling Lester Holt he fired Comey over the Russia investigation thing and the interview right after on Lester Holt's show where Trump admitted directly that he fired Comey because the the Russia investigation thing and the Obama telling Trump not to hire Flynn in the White House because he was dirty thing and the Russian hacking/Wikileaks thing and the "Russia, if you can find those Hillary emails", thing and the bro-love between TrumPutin thing and the Trump lying about James Clapper clearing him of Russian connections thing and the Trump proposed joint US-Russia election cybersecurity group thing and the claiming now he and Putin have never met after he bragged about meeting and knowing him earlier thing and the Russian propaganda machine favoring overwhelmingly Trump thing and the returning of the spy compounds that were seized by Obama because of election tampering thing and the Trump repeating propaganda stories and figures out of the Kremlin publication "Sputnik" on the campaign trail thing and the Trump refusing to say anything bad about Putin while attacking his own administration relentlessly thing and the Mark Corallo quitting and telling 3 colleagues that he told Trump and Hicks that lying about the Russian Trump Tower meeting would backfire thing and the relentless online trolls with obvious Russian language language skills which are stronger than their English thing and the Dutch intelligence agency AIVD hacking the security cameras on the Red Square troll farm and warning America thing and all the Rudy Ghouliani ties to Russia thing and the Trump Tower project in Baku, Azerbaijan financed by Russian oligarch and Iranian Republican Guard money laundering thing and the GCHQ, Dutch, and Australian intelligence agencies alerting the CIA and FBI about Russian intelligence assets meeting with candidate Trumps people in European cities thing and the Trump categorically refusing to explicitly acknowledge the documented Russian interference thing and the Trump "I have zero ties to Russia!" claim thing and the Trump “I have no comment” when asked in early March '18 if he had ever previously met Putin thing and the Trump meeting with Russian operative Alexander Torshin at the NRA convention in 2015 thing and the Trump meeting with Russian operative Alexander Torshin at the GOP convention in 2016 thing and the Trump not instructing US Cyber Command to do anything to fight future Russian election hacking thing and the Trump not instructing the NSA to do anything to fight future Russian election hacking thing and the administration taking 3 weeks to warn the states about Russian election system tampering and hacking and then with a watered-down warning thing and the August 2016 "Gang of 8" briefing on Russian election interference that Trump didn't bother taking for a month after it was generated thing and the Trump going to the U.S.S.R. in 1987 to look at building a big hotel thing and the Trump saying in a deposition in 2007, "We will be in Moscow at some point." and acknowledging meeting with Russian investors at Trump Tower thing and the Trump Jr. at a “Real Estate in Russia” conference in 2008 saying the Trump Organization wants to build in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Sochi thing and Trump saying in Moscow in 2013, "I have plans for the establishment of business in Russia. Now, I am in talks with several Russian companies to establish this skyscraper." thing and the signing the letter of intent to build Trump Tower Moscow financed by Felix Sater's company, Bayrock thing and the Eric Trump "we get most of our financing from Russian banks” thing and the 13 indictments of Russians generated by the Mueller investigation thing and the Donald Trump Jr. saying "Our portfolio is made up of a disproportionate amount of Russian money" thing and the Trump Tower Dubai being financed with Russian money thing and the Trump refusing to criticize Putin, even in private thing and the firing of Andrew McCabe, Deputy Director of the FBI and contemporaneous witness to Comey's attempted manipulation thing and the Trump "I sold a $41 million mansion to a Russian oligarch known for money laundering for $95 million that he never once lived in" thing and the Sheriff Clarke attacking Black Lives Matter on Putin’s orders via Oleg Deripaska according to Signals Intelligence held by a Five Eyes nation thing and the Trump business ties with Putin's favorite sports athlete Fedor Emelianenko thing and the passing Israeli top secret intelligence to Russians in the oval office with only Russian news media present thing and the Erik Prince secret communications with Russia and meeting with Kirill Dmitriev in the Seychelles thing and the telling two Russians that firing Comey took the pressure off the Russia investigation thing and the continuous attempts to discredit the Special Counsel thing and the Kazakhstan chromium plant shares being coerced away from the workers to be invested in Trump SoHo via Bayrock thing and the $3.2 million for 3 Trump SoHo condos bought using stolen money from Kazakhstan's BTA Bank thing and the Trump congratulated Putin on his Russian scam election win thing and the Trump getting a million dollars from BTA Bank to claim they were building a Trump Tower in Bitumi, Georgia thing and the Trump International Corporation's mysterious private server connection to Alfa Bank, Russia's largest commercial bank thing and let’s not forget the Special Counsel being named thing and of course the I won't release my tax returns thing and the subpoena of Deutchbank records by Mueller thing and the Manafort authoring pro-Russian propaganda while also under Federal Indictment for related crimes thing and the Ivanka Trump's vacationing with Putin's girlfriend Wendy Deng thing and the Felix Sater emailing Michael Cohn, "Our boy can become president of the USA and we can engineer it. I will get all of Putins team to buy in on this" thing and the Manafort offering Oleg Deripaska private briefings on Trump campaign thing and the Rob Goldstone emailing Don Jr. that Russian Solicitor General Yury Chaika has information "that would incriminate Hillary" thing and the Don Jr. "I love it!" response to Goldstone's offer of Russian state help with the election interference thing and the email chain released by Don Jr. about the Trump Tower meeting with the Russians thing and the Ted Malloch being subpoenaed by Mueller thing and the failed Trump Tower in Ukraine thing and the 2013 Miss Universe Pageant being held in Moscow thing and the claiming a personal relationship with Putin thing and the Russia threatening a nuclear strike on Florida and the Florida-based president doesn't breathe a word about it thing and the Trump companies business ties to Felix Sater, a criminal felon indicted for stock fraud scheme with the Russian mafia thing .......
Ange Waters (4 months ago)
Standing here beside myself from that surprise. A RIGHT WINGER POINTING FINGERS?????? NOOOOOO
Ange Waters (4 months ago)
James Lapin (4 months ago)
Funny he’s not 😂
wandering spirit (4 months ago)
No one cares about who Hannity received real estate advice from. The desperation of liberals is quite apparent.
Mr.E.Shoppa (4 months ago)
This will be interesting... Anonymous sources close to the Obamas have disclosed that while discussing the Fusion GPS funding, Barack Obama recently boasted, "Go ahead and have the FBI clowns raid the Perkins Coie offices! I don't give a hoot, I dare them to do it. I've got nothing to hide!"
John-Paul Hunt (4 months ago)
Sean hannity tried to get chummy with the cat again.
James Cunningham (4 months ago)
Hannity looks more like a Skat enthusiast
Chris Pyves (4 months ago)
The trouble with having a gullible press is that cant see their moralizing is going to blow back and expose all the corruption & links between the media & politicians. Its about time too. Sunlight is the best disinfectant.
mike swiental (4 months ago)
fake news. Hannity just asked him for real estate advice.
RAOBANION (4 months ago)
Hannity should hit the bricks on his way to the Enquirer. Not a Journalist, why is he on FOX News?
Steve Cousins (4 months ago)
MAGAnificent Hannity!
David Mahfuz (4 months ago)
Trump just lost his mouthpiece .
Pub Comrad (4 months ago)
Cohen is not a lawyer and Sean Hannity is not a journalist. Cohen should be disbarred from NY, and Hannity should be fired from Fox News.
lolapepa777 (4 months ago)
WOW! 😱 😂😘 tRump sure is draining the swamp, slowly but surely
dole amite (4 months ago)
Fox news is propaganda..
dole amite (4 months ago)
Lock them up...no man is above the law..
poodle dog (4 months ago)
The judge that has Michael Cohen's case is the same judge that performed a marriage for George Soros in 2013. Can somebody give us a break
Jamedra A (4 months ago)
This was the best laugh i had in a week. I kept expecting Bill Maher to jump out & say "gotcha".
Ngoc Luong (4 months ago)
Hannity, You are toasted. You are deserved!
Penelope Hunt (4 months ago)
Since the cover up of Kennedys death , America has been rotting fast
Gilster (4 months ago)
I don't care if Hannity has any association with Cohen. That is their business. As far as Hannity is concerned, he is nothing but a lowlife.
baler johnson (4 months ago)
Hannity doth promote to much . Ive often wondered why Hannity is so committed to trump . In the end if trump is found guilty of a crime the Hannity is done... and Ive always wondered why Hannity is so committed to him that he devotes nearly a 100% of his air time defending him? Give yourself a little wiggle room Sean ..could be that trump aint really your guy .
t zeiser (4 months ago)
No wonder WHY Hannity was pooping in his pants. LMFAO!! I love it...................
DukeNukem GBUSA (4 months ago)
God bless Jimmy Kimmel's,he a good and all American men
Message Incoming (4 months ago)
is it a crime to speak to a lawyer?
Martyn Rogers (4 months ago)
trump and hannity had dinner together last week..... now we know why.......
pantonec (4 months ago)
Hannity is lame reporter with no ethics. How could one now believe the news coming from FOX? Where is the unbiased professionalism? And how many zombies does Urine trump own? I hope Mueller gets them all.
Anng G (4 months ago)
ken nesbitt (4 months ago)
Hannity turns back on trump wont back trumps play with cohen
Norm Ellison (4 months ago)
Hannity following O Reilly into the sleaze trash can of history....buh bye.
Joe John (4 months ago)
You know he likes the sausage!
Alice Eastman (4 months ago)
Who the he'll cares!!!
Hadi Purwanto (4 months ago)
lol, this is hilarious!
Sharon Needles (4 months ago)
hudhunt 32 (4 months ago)
Too much hate from both sides. Do we really want civil war?
Chris Mason (4 months ago)
Cohen has been arranging all of the NDAs, bribes, cover ups, and payoffs fo Hannity.
TheDesert IsPatient (4 months ago)
That is so funny! Wonder if the investigation will entangle Hannity
David Orth (4 months ago)
Hold on. If there was a criminal conspiracy, and Shaun Used his job to further that criminal act. Is that a problem for Shaun or FOX news...
im_a_human_91 (4 months ago)
Turns out that Hannity was the witch. Bahahahahaha The Witch Hunt saga continues 🤣😂
Rachel Hale (4 months ago)
The craps hitting the fan
infoguy1978 (4 months ago)
i have to be honest, i actually dont think hannity did anything. i think cohen threw hannity under the bus and over exagerrated their relationship because he doesnt have many clients and needs to protect the president. if he couldnt provide the names of anymore clients they would have thought that was real shadey that he only had two clients
kvdgadj (4 months ago)
Cohen has a file with Hannity name on it..
Joe Kuster (4 months ago)
And now the news..lol
Sören Nilsson (4 months ago)
My, my, the little church boy seems to have put his foot in it this time. Nothing surprises me anymore. So this is what the USA has become. The Republican party has changed values during the last year. Everything goes today, last year was the total opposite. Everything had to be investigated, never in my life have I witnessed such a turnaround.
Gus (4 months ago)
Nest, the stories of hush money Hannity paid through Cohen. It seems to be Cohen's specialty.
Critical Thinker (4 months ago)
Johnnie Cochran defended Oj Simpson in a murder trial. Does that now mean that every client from then on is a suspect of murder because they shared the same lawyers?
sll102289 (4 months ago)
How much did Cohen pay out for hater/liar Hannity? How many times? Why Cohen tried to hide Hannity's name ? LOCK THEM UP !! MAGA MAGA !!
EVE NOVA (4 months ago)
Cohen also represented Elliott Broidy in his $1.6 million payoffs of a former Playboy model who says the prominent GOP donor got her pregnant HE IS A FIXER.
G-Man (4 months ago)
If Sean hannity ever tell the truth his tongue would fall off.
rant404 (4 months ago)
Ya mean the third client wasn't Putin?
Stephen Bray (4 months ago)
I prefer real life over Netflix
Vihari N (4 months ago)
Hannity admitted that he was not his attorney. So the documents can't be protected under Client Attorney Privilege....
Facebook Facebook (4 months ago)
Criminal Sean the client Hannity is the 3rd criminal represented by thug Michael Cohen. 😆😆😆😅😅😅😅
Garlic Breath (4 months ago)
Charles Labry (4 months ago)
More dog and pony show. Still not seeing any evidence of any wrong doing.
James B (4 months ago)
Hannity asked Cohen for advice. How does that make him a client? Grasping for straws! He was never hired! Advice was given!
Kay_J (4 months ago)
Drip Drip Drip...
Archive Studios (4 months ago)
It's not what it looks like! It's what it is. This trump puppet is a fox muppet
MY MURPHY (4 months ago)
Just how many non-disclosure agreements did hannity need? lol lol lol lol !!!!!!
nthethick 719 (4 months ago)
Cant spin this sh*t no way baby its a wrap jack
Jeffrey Weston (4 months ago)
The old saying is birds of a feather flock together..How true in deed lol
125min (4 months ago)
It's remarkable the number of creeps that this creep surrounds himself with. You can't make this stuff up. It's an ongoing Freakshow.... We're the laughing stock of the planet.
Milagros B. (4 months ago)
let's look at hillary's lawyers and all of the lawyers clients too, I bet there will be more and bigger fish to investigated.
Jackie Blue (4 months ago)
Who’s gonna play Hannity in the movie?
R SS (4 months ago)
Jay Leno
kkajj5 (4 months ago)
The truth will come out you p o s. You are no better than the rest of them.
nthethick 719 (4 months ago)
Never liked fox news nothing but lies and FAKE NEWS i think its safe to say they need their diapers changed
shepherdsknoll8 (4 months ago)
Fox is in Trumps pocket!
Alexus Highfield (4 months ago)
Fake news lies and more lies.
Cameron Lorna (4 months ago)
Bahahaha well that back fired badly for Cohen didn't it lolololol. Hope Sean loses what little credibility he has left
Hardy Gunner (4 months ago)
Hannity, is he another fixer?
george mezzor (4 months ago)
Sean Hannity has been a joke from the start so its not surprising to be honest. Sometimes I just want to laugh when i turn on Hannity.
dominic pelle (4 months ago)
The three Amigos ..all slime balls.
Zappa Woman (4 months ago)
Hannity lies like a cheap watch.
EMPOWERMENTalist (4 months ago)
*Obvious conflict of interest!* I wonder what kind of blackmailable offense did Sean Hannity commit, and needed for Michael Cohen to FIX for him?
EMPOWERMENTalist (4 months ago)
Of all the corrupt lying hypocrites out there, Michael Cohen's 3rd unnamed client is Sean Hannity? No wonder why Sean was so upset over the FBI raid of Michael Cohen last week. *Now we are WINNING with an element of unpleasant SURPRISE*
こと見 (4 months ago)
C Ahearne (4 months ago)
Wow I guess trump is a normal us citizens this is how the rest of us are treated by our great justice system
I'm just sayin' (4 months ago)
So Sean Hannity was never a "client" of Michael Cohen, but claims his conversations with him about legal matters are protected by attorney client privilege. I don't think he can have it both ways.
Rabbit Snare (4 months ago)
Sean Hannity (quoted many times on his show): "You can't make this stuff up."
John Holt (4 months ago)
This is so unbelievable!! Hannity always appeared to be journalistically neutral and unbiased. I am clearly off my meds, sorry.
mike swiental (4 months ago)
baloney. Hannity used cohen for some real estate advice / who cares?
J Harrell (4 months ago)
John Holt no go watch his shoes and there will be bright light every where.
C Ahearne (4 months ago)
Boy I feel sorry for the gestopo if they come to my house
Truth91 (4 months ago)
This explains hannity' covering trump
Real Deal (4 months ago)
Birds of a feather really do flock together, and they look so cute blowing each other.
Yousir Cantknow (4 months ago)
Runs the WHITE HOUSE like a Mob Boss.
Daniel Nwachukwu (4 months ago)
Hannity is Vanity
Mr_Rockito (4 months ago)
Sure Sean, sure. Did you know the 4th client is Alex Jones? :)  HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Time to resign HANNITY!
JoBlow TakeoverUSA (4 months ago)
Yes.. Good News prior to us getting Nuked by Russia.
Larry Betancourt (4 months ago)
this is why you can't trust the news he should be fired bought and paid for by Trump
Pat Peacock (4 months ago)
You can't go to fox live a say anything about Hannity.
william (4 months ago)
Cohen paid hush money to an underage sheep that Sean has been porking.
Leonard Ball (4 months ago)
I would bet that some documents show Hannity is paid for his opinion from the GOP.
Augustus Cesar (4 months ago)
With velcro gloves
the robot pimp (4 months ago)
pantonec (4 months ago)
LOL! (all in the "family" )
pantonec (4 months ago)
@ william So the Urine trump soap opera continues.
Tango Bango (4 months ago)
Hannity is despicable!
KT Chong (4 months ago)
Tonight's Jimmy Kimmel Live! is gonna be epic.
Loretta Goolsby (4 months ago)
KT Chong i said the same thing
Dennis Menace (4 months ago)
faf, it just gets better and better, more please :)
LittleDragon03 (4 months ago)
Remember hannity had a board up with pics of mueller and his ties to a mob like connection. Well it seems mueller has a board too. Looks like hannity is connected to all of this. Hahaha. Let's see that board again Sean.
Dave Cartwright (4 months ago)
What is crooked trumpy trying to hide now ? We still haven't seen his tax returns.
ted johnson (4 months ago)
Hannity-Cohen = The Fox-Trump protection network
Direnova (4 months ago)
It couldn't have been a more hilarious name . I actually slapped my thigh, never done that before :D .
mike swiental (4 months ago)
you should have slapped your face to wake up and realize you are siding with the deep state international bankers in making us slaves.this is why they hate Trump so much= because like President Kennedy, Trump has rebelled against them.
Phyllis Howle (4 months ago)
A conflict because Hannity is For Trump is that it because they have the same lawyer but this had to be a while back yea cause according to your piece here it said Cohen has not been Practicing in a while still not getting what the relevance is
Zulus Zulus (4 months ago)
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