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DID I LEARN MY NEW ROUTE IN 2 WEEKS?! INSTAGRAM -https://www.instagram.com/cthompson1135/ TWITTER -https://twitter.com/CThompson1135 SNAPCHAT - CTHOMPSON1135
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Pete Creciun (3 months ago)
Ahhh, the FedEx Nightmare 🙄 Route SUCKED Pay SUCKED MORE... STILL Route Driving! Very intricate Routing as a CDL B Trash Truck Driver $24hr 11-13hr 5-6 Days a week FREE MEDICAL! $1275 to $1440 take home a WK🤔
Eric Schnelzer (7 months ago)
My best day we dispatched at 8:20 at first stop at 8:45 147 stops done at 12:15
Sinister Rc 's (9 months ago)
3 weeks in and I'm loving my route .... I'm working in carol stream Illinois..... route is pretty easy to me ... pickups suck cause I get like 500 packages a day but the $$$ is great
Ian K (10 months ago)
Crushing it daily. 150 stops back by 4 at the latest. I’d like a new shirt tho lol
CThompsonTv (10 months ago)
Ask for one lol
sotero jaimes (10 months ago)
What's up man! I ran into your channel, looking at random FedEx stuff lol, you're videos are awesome! I was born in ATX, moved to HTX about six years ago, I also work for FedEx though I'm not a driver no more I'm a BC now, keep up you're awesome videos man! We are buying routes there in Austin so who knows I might run into you lol. #TeamFedEx
CThompsonTv (10 months ago)
Aye! That's what's up man
Cornelius Tolbert (10 months ago)
Im a current PH at fedex ground. I have 3pts. On my driving record...do you think i will be able to become a delivery driver with an accident on my driving record?
Hong Shi (10 months ago)
Sorry I did not see your video until today, it's 96 likes currently. Please vlog again. Thank you
Pierce Ledet (10 months ago)
hey bro had a fedex delivery love you man
Soccerelite (10 months ago)
I want be Fedex delivery truck driver but I can’t pass my driver permit test.And can you post more vlogs about been truck driver
CThompsonTv (10 months ago)
What do you mean pass the driver permit test? What do you have a problem with?
Trav Park (10 months ago)
Guess I could say my FedEx life be good... tnt FedEx same thing here, I see you covered your logo on your shirt... just forgot the sleeves and what not... 120 contacts is nice mate, very nice in deed.
Hi guy. I have a question.....well first of all let me tell that I work as a tracking specialist in a Fedex call center in Central America but for the USA service.... My question is what's the latest time that you guys delivery pckgs because in the training we were told that for FedEx Ground the commitment is always by the end of the day... But I'm curious about it because the system never shows up a windows time or something like in FedEx express and sometimes the costumers ask about it and the answers always is "by the end of the day"....
GreyyB (10 months ago)
the latest ive been out ever has been 10pm unfortunately from getting a flat tire from halfway through the day
Alpha Saiyan (10 months ago)
On my route I typically get done around 12-1:30. With about 100-130 stops. My best day was during peak. Finished at 11:35 with 120 stops.
Chris Alvarez (10 months ago)
Alpha Since '95 nah man. You cant do that shit on my route. Its too large
Alpha Saiyan (10 months ago)
1. My route is about 80% homes and the rest businesses 2. I run. Every single delivery unless it's too big and heavy to do so 3. It's all in-town
Nick DeCarlo (10 months ago)
Travis Guin (10 months ago)
You must work at superhuman speed
Chris Alvarez (10 months ago)
Alpha Since '95 how fucking close together are all your stops....
bobby mendoza (10 months ago)
Hey buddy to see you back , god bless and thank you for all the positivity
CThompsonTv (10 months ago)
Yo! Hope all is well homie!
Taga Way (10 months ago)
But do u get home earlier? I suspect you wake up and show up to work at the same time because you are used to it.
CThompsonTv (10 months ago)
Yes to both
Scott D (10 months ago)
CThompsonTV I missed ya man!
Scott D (10 months ago)
My Fedex day was great today. Everything went smooth and to top it off I ran into my favorite ups driver. Said hi for a minute and he gave me one of his burritos from lunch that he couldn’t finish. 😁 he tried to give me a bottled water but I had plenty. He also told me to hurry up and join him at UPS. (4 years in)
Omar Naranjo (10 months ago)
the money and getting out at 7pm lmao
Scott D (10 months ago)
Nipple Wizard that explains a lot right there haha
Nipple Wizard (10 months ago)
Scott D ohhhhhh ya know. us ups guys come up with some creative things 😌
Scott D (10 months ago)
Nipple Wizard It’s the Nipple Wizard again! Seriously what inspired the name? 😉
Scott D (10 months ago)
I’m glad it pays better but I’m really happy about the health ins for my family. And yeah being able to actually save some money every month is a bonus for sure. I just like being a delivery driver.
nalchik 1994 (10 months ago)
Hey man what's up? I work out of spartanburg, sc and I have to drive countryside I get from 50-70 stops and I drive around 200 miles but the thing I like about is I don't do bulk pickups lol
CThompsonTv (10 months ago)
There's always a brighter side lol
Seth RIggs (10 months ago)
2 months in. I'm at the Strafford Terminal in Missouri. Love the job. Wish the money was better.
Travis Carter (2 months ago)
That money is the shit what you mean we get paid fucking 17.50.
CThompsonTv (10 months ago)
True, it could always be better but it could always be worse too
RTM Dustin (10 months ago)
Scott D (10 months ago)
James Williams I have a couple of coworkers in their 50’s who work in town.
Scott D (10 months ago)
Heeeeeyyyy (For RTM Dustin)
CThompsonTv (10 months ago)
Usually, yes
James Williams (10 months ago)
For a older person would u say to take rural route
CThompsonTv (10 months ago)
Yo! What's up man?