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Joe Rogan Experience #922 - Philip DeFranco

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Philip DeFranco is a popular YouTube and internet personality. He hosts "The Philip DeFranco Show" where news stories are discussed every Monday-Thursday @ https://www.youtube.com/PhilipDeFranco
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Sucheth gs (10 days ago)
Joe "pooooodiepie" Rogan
Harleen Hufflepuff (16 days ago)
Every time Joe says "Poodiepie" take a shot XD
Klaas De Ceuster (20 days ago)
To be honest the argument: "we need a zero tolerance for imposing your bad beliefs" isn't realy satisfactory if your sister is stabbed because she was dressed the wrong way. It doesn't solve the problem. As always it comes down to a cost-benefit. Is preserving the status of the US as "the land of opportunity" worth the risk of importing bad elements into your society? Ofcourse the number of bad elements is often exagerated, but it's a thing nontheless. Zero tolerance and good preventive screening should indeed play a big role. Also, the scale of immigration. Integration in Europe is very hard since it's been neglected for years and new immigrants just integrate into non integrated communities that are already there.
avery (1 month ago)
You should have Philip DeFranco back on :)
mick baillie (1 month ago)
Wonder why this one got demonized
Devin (1 month ago)
Two things about the cop story. Hollywood lies. Guns would almost always already have a round on the chamber situations where they show a gun being cocked. With cops this is always the case. Second if it was a glock it does not have a safety.
Sophia D (1 month ago)
Phil when you mentioned “3-4 minutes” I was like “yaaahhhh” and heard the whole intro in my head!!! Hahaha thank you for that nostalgic moment 🥰 been watching you since your first year with my brother when we were kids! We’d talk about your show at dinner together you really introduced me to hearing both sides of the argument and enjoying the conversation with those who saw the other side (positively)
2K Zaddy (2 months ago)
kripposoft (2 months ago)
Joe "capitalism isn't a caste system" Rogan
David Keith (2 months ago)
Good pick having this piece of shit on your show. Anyone who advocates for the bitch whore in the Brock Turner case hasn't done any research is a piece of shit who should know what they're talking about before opening their dumb mouth.
John Nolette (2 months ago)
Was Phil lowkey lit?
Sugar Tits (3 months ago)
60 year old man peppers sprays me he's gonna get beat and prolly die.
Sugar Tits (3 months ago)
The swiping keyboard is legit the easiest way to type a long text other than voice to text but that usually fucks up
John2891 (2 months ago)
How about a physical keyboard? I still miss those.
Patrick the old guy. (3 months ago)
Hey Joe! It's been a couple years, time to get him on again eh?
Today I Am (3 months ago)
I've watched Philip DeFranco for over a decade now and he is the only news source I appreciate because of the objectivness.
вова широков (3 months ago)
Phillip defranco is what I suppose of when I suppose of Genius and honesty when it comes to the Internet.
Cupcakes Roar (3 months ago)
This episode is basically Philip DeFranco saying he does not lander to either side of the argument and presents news in an impartial matter and Joe going, NNNNOOOO!!!! Fuck that and fuck trolls 😂. Also people are angry because money is so short but flows in abundance for a few hundred people at the top (including entertainment/sports) and the regular worker wants a solution to an issue no one is giving solutions to lol
MrSlowestD16 (3 months ago)
People complaining about the "why do you have a round chambered" comment. Because accidents fucking happen and if you're in a fist fight with somebody and they reach for your gun it's better if they can't just pull the trigger. A fist fight is no reason for somebody to die. In an active shooter scenario, it is EXTREMELY unlikely (though possible) that cambering a round will be the difference in life or death. You'll likely either have time to take cover and chamber, or you'll be dead before you get to your gun. The chance that it's that extra 1.5 seconds is almost nil. That 1.5 second risk is worth somebody not getting accidentally shot because of a stupid incident like this.
Ashlee Knowlton (4 months ago)
I didn't know how bad I needed this. Can you do a talk on the next Election and the current mess of a Primary? Also to Philly D, I love that you don't lean to heavily in one direction. Most people are like that we just get swept into the mob that is our ecochamber.
G I (5 months ago)
Joe, do not get this fake guy back... he sucks googles ass.
John2891 (2 months ago)
Oh shit, what did he do?
chainfire (5 months ago)
How much time do you guys spend researching all these different news articles and angles? And how much time reading books like you do Joe? Sometimes I struggle finding time to learn and grow
James Bond (5 months ago)
Fuck this started out pretty fun then got super depressing
Esper Legos (5 months ago)
It could be us vs. limitations
Jonathan Iamartino (6 months ago)
I hope
Jonathan Iamartino (6 months ago)
He goes third grade I’m just glad he didn’t go in for his mp5 machine pistol to give the fear a boost of the by waiving that side view of fake navy seal sagal infamy the most recognizable sub gun on tv besides the usi most likely! Ok to stoned for this I’m out to kill brain cells I got enough to slaughter a few trillion!
Jonathan Iamartino (6 months ago)
Why is the cop breaking every gun safety law finger off the trigger you don’t dick with grappling while holding a pistol they should have tested him for alcohol and substance!
Real Salica (6 months ago)
Bring him back please , I want to see how he changed .
noobmaster 69 (6 months ago)
For real. I watch him every day while my parents watch Fox at dinner haha
Lusterburn (6 months ago)
gud show
Greg Ortiz (6 months ago)
God damn it's disgusting watching Joe loose progressivism I never realized how much I disagree with him politically. Yuck
All Things Periphery (6 months ago)
Joe Rogan is both smart and retarded at the same time.
FullChicken44 (6 months ago)
Joe "poodiepie" Rogan
Bea Plum (6 months ago)
We’re all hearing about that fucked up shit but mostly because the US is causing it and countries like Australia are allies. We are creating refugees, yes, we have a responsibility to provide asylum to them.
Michael Maslowski (6 months ago)
“Why does he have a round chambered? Why doesn’t he have the safety on”. All police officers have a round chambered. I would venture to say most people with a firearm on their person has a round chambered. Doug Marcaida showed he fast someone can close on an individual with a firearm. They’re probably within arms distance from the onset. Imagine trying to get to the weapon and then having to cock it. Worse yet, imagine being in a high stress situation - going to fire -only to find out there’s nothing there. Lastly, striker fired pistols (glocks in particular) don’t have a safety. So both points are moot. Everything else is accurate though. But I think there’s a lot of people who just don’t understand firearms.
Just a guy (6 months ago)
when people not involved in the situation criticize or say "what I would have done" in shootings. Like.... if you haven't been there you have no clue. You could be dealing with a death in the family and then little shits start attacking you. You're already on edge and you aren't about to deal with their BS. Then some idiots sitting in an AC room talk about what he should have or what they would have done. lol...k Also in shootings I don't care how smart you are, usually the adrenaline takes over and you go into cave man mode. After most shootings or firefights you question yourself and say "I shoulda done this or that differently". In the moment it's hard to make decisions at 100% efficiency.
Somni Rosae (6 months ago)
Wowww! Just what I wanted to see! Joe Rogan and Philip DeFranco!!! Yes, I’m two years late, but still, its pretty awesome ☺️
DodgeWatt (6 months ago)
Joe just stop
DodgeWatt (6 months ago)
Why would Joe be such a cunt?
DodgeWatt (6 months ago)
cos he dosent think
DodgeWatt (6 months ago)
Joe go smoke some weed
DodgeWatt (6 months ago)
Joe think b4 you talk
Over Heated EsKim0 (6 months ago)
Why the hell does joe rogan have a con artist on his podcast
Uncensored American (6 months ago)
Joe look into Deerborn Michigan..
Grant Duncan (6 months ago)
The beginning sounds like a supercut JRE. 00:00
Dildonion (6 months ago)
Hey joe to be fair Trump Tweeted that Obama forever will be the worst president in our nations history and Obama said well at least ill be a president. Well technically they both burned themselves Because Trump became President but he became the worst even among conservative political historians he was ranked like 41 out of 44 and independent and liberals had him at 44 out of 44. Those are the political historians btw not some random joe schmoe. So they burned each other.
Bag Hat (7 months ago)
Joe PooDeePie Rogan
MuzzstepTV (7 months ago)
Nah fuck that my sister's gay and my best friend is black. You tell me you're a Nazi irl you're catching these hands ("lel im a nezi" 14 year olds, form an orderly queue in the replies)
Josh Comfort (7 months ago)
Pewdiepie shouldve sued the fuck out of them. Not because it hurt him, but because its a very dangerous thing for big news platforms like that to be able to get away with something like that.
Malachi McDowell (7 months ago)
where did joe hear it is law for the president has to release his tax returns? It is not law for the president to do it it was just something they did voluntary not because of any law
Erin Faye (7 months ago)
Me. I need to see it. 🤭
Cezere Lecrucio (7 months ago)
This dude is a fucking tool. Joe shows him blatant fact about Donald Trump's travel expenses, and he literally says "Yeah that's cool, but you're wrong and it's okay that you're wrong". What the fuck.
Gboy737 (7 months ago)
Alivia Gladem (7 months ago)
That's what she said @1:36
Krillix Strachan (7 months ago)
Fuck you, Joe Rogan. I'm AM a troll, and I WOULD give 70% of my income away if I making 2 million a year. But I DON'T. It's called being a hypocrite, and Philip DeFranco didn't MEAN to be a hypocrite, he just decided he rather see the money put to better things. Just like I would IF I DID MAKE the 2 million a year. I would put it to something useful. A home for my sister and her two kids. Pay of my grandmothers mortgage, and give her money to finish seeing the rest of the world before she dies. SEE A DOCTOR, and HELP OTHER PEOPLE SEE A DOCTOR. It's called being a rich brat. If you make 2 million a year, and your too greedy, and too worthless to change the world than you SHOULD feel ashamed of your income. Because your pushing this world we live in, where would proudly admit, "I don't care if people die if it'll put $5 in my pocket". It's WRONG... is what it is. It's doesn't take a moral genius to figure out that someone else's like might be more valuable to them than the $5 in your pocket.
Medilous X (7 months ago)
Yi slap tilt some
Nullveer (8 months ago)
I love watching this at the highest possible speed!
5x5 Network (8 months ago)
I came back to watch this .. It’s not Law Joe , your popular enough now you should make sure things are facts before you state them like they are. Obama hid his college transcripts and his freaking birth certificate, we have still never seen the damn thing . The one he gave he admitted had been made .
NestorCaster (8 months ago)
If you have the right story that offends the right group of people... You'll get all the attention you'll need... If you are catering to the lowest common denominator, from any side, from any extreme, from any fringe... That's society today and the mass media. Reality and truth, is not as important as perception and what offends people.
Safuan Ahmad (8 months ago)
Thanks Joe , Mr. DeFranco Really have a good voice. Your mic is way better than most YouTubers
NeverUseName OnTheInternet (8 months ago)
Trading ot this early keyboard... I mean trying äňd really... not really... ş apple y... awesome..... despite swipe
McSauceMan (8 months ago)
Phil is definitely a liberal but he's got an open mind which I like. He's not out for blood like other left leaning individuals.
John Regan (6 months ago)
@Peter Johnson he DOES want less government what the fuck are you talking about? Hes literally spoken about this. He considers himself a classicly libertarian constitutionalist.
Peter Johnson (6 months ago)
@John Regan very left leaning, maybe moderate but very liberal. If he was more libertarian he would want less government but more. I believe he is slightly libertarian though, anyone who isn't is an idiot
John Regan (6 months ago)
Hes a pretty outspoken libertarian. Not left leaning at all.
freedombird235 (7 months ago)
To be fair people on the right really act the same way
cockzilla13 (8 months ago)
Phi & I are a lot alike. He fills people up with news & information. While I fill sluts up with my big meaty cockzilla. Life is crazy.
wardkdouglas (8 months ago)
The amount of people in these comments saying Phil is a credible news source is terrifying.
Alfredo Cervantes (8 months ago)
wardkdouglas elaborate how he isn’t
jeremy leon (8 months ago)
Why is there one in the chamber what kind of question is that you don't carry a gun unloaded.
Malachi Tomlinson (8 months ago)
@14:00 it's not law for the president to release their tax returns , it was a TRADITION for presidents to choose to release their tax returns. It was a publicity stunt
Kai Brandt (8 months ago)
30:00 if you were to go through my *5-6* hrs of streaming ever you´d find like 100 instances of me calling my best friend a son of a bitch and way worse shit. xd
Aterhallsam (9 months ago)
I believe you should be able to change sex if you feel that’s who you are, and I’m willing to call you a women instead of a man or the other way around, but I’m not gonna use made up words like sie or zir etc. That means I’m the devil and doesn’t deserve to live apparently.
Beautiful Surprise (7 months ago)
I agree but that's the slippery slope that we have found ourselves in in today's society. The fact that we have allowed people to use their feelings and whether or not something was said that offended them as a weapon should in itself be criminal. They actually have safe spaces on college campuses for people to go to (where they pass out coloring books and crayons to people who are old enough to vote and serve in the military might I add) if a speaker they do not agree with is invited to give a speech. How are these people going grow up and learn to deal with people they don't agree with at work if all these ridiculous accommodations are provided to them in college? Back to your point though, yes it's one thing to agree to call someone of one sex by a pronoun of the opposite sex because they identify with the opposite sex but calling someone a made up pronoun (zem zir and the like) is absurd in my opinion. And my opinion is not rooted in hatred at all. People should be allowed to live how the feel most comfortable as long as no laws are being broken but why be pissed at someone who doesn't believe in using made up pronouns because you want them to? He or she will have to do coming from me.
Aterhallsam (9 months ago)
Caitlyn Jenner have NEVER won ANY Olympic medals.
Michael Dingding (9 months ago)
I always keep a round chambered. Cocked and locked baby. Welcome to America.
ryan rightmire (9 months ago)
Walstreet journal is the same one that did all that stuff against Ray William johnson
Andrew Cuthbertson (9 months ago)
Just to point it out trump is under no legal obligation to release his tax returns, so joe is incorrect in asserting that. It is tradition and has been done since Nixon, (with the exception of ford) but it isnt law.
Trey Woodring (9 months ago)
Love ur podcasts joe
Nathan Fraley (9 months ago)
Joe "PhooDeePie" Rogan.
RyeOnHam (9 months ago)
Ha, Kevin Spacey comments are a bit weird considering what we know now.
Sam DubbleU (9 months ago)
19:45 To the question of why the safety on the fire arm of the officer was not engaged, if he was using a Glock, they don't have safeties. (or at least they have less of them and they are very basic generally. They don't have safeties that switch on and off) As for the round in the pipe, they have to be able to fire a round at a moments notice without having to charge the weapon. This is the same reason why concealed carriers will typically carry hot. Charging the firearm is just another step until you can defend yourself. btw love u philly D
oliver warmflash (9 months ago)
Is that the police photo of Hendrix taken at his Toronto bust in 1969!
Leopold The Just (9 months ago)
Joe... your "body of work" isn't much more "respectable" than Pewdiepie's. You both just entertain, and run your mouth. That's it.
Steve Martino (10 months ago)
Don't let that distract you from the fact that the pee-pee tape is real y'all!
Joe Buck Hoff (10 months ago)
2:40 I miss T-9
Mac T (10 months ago)
1:04:00 joe “I don’t look at the comments on YouTube” Rogan talks about looking at the comments on TYT page.
Mc Carter (10 months ago)
Lol obama is a joke
Justin Wright (10 months ago)
It’s actually not a legal requirement for a presidential candidate to release their tax returns.
Devin Tucker (10 months ago)
Pepe is just a meme bruh
Devin Tucker (10 months ago)
Old but gold, might I add
Devin Tucker (10 months ago)
Having pedos jump off a bridge is comparable to car damage. Somebody has to clean that up. Total waste of resources. They should go out in the open ocean and jump in. That way, they inconvenience no one, whilst ridding the world of themselves.
Lucas ! (10 months ago)
watching this again just makes me want to see you @PowerfulJRE have a chat with @Pewdiepie
Vince_23_silver (10 months ago)
I feel like an interview with felix/pewdiepie and joe would be funny and beneficial for the both of you not just with publicity but your views and personalities would mix well
Thomas Thompson (10 months ago)
51:35 Great Seinfeld
Alexander Haubert (10 months ago)
Two of my favorite people yay!
Apple James (10 months ago)
922 episodes damn
D Storm (10 months ago)
This kid DeFranco confuses talking fast (he does) with knowing anything (he doesn't).
Ali Sutherland (10 months ago)
This is easily one of the best interview I have every seen. Incredibly thought provoking and allowed myself to open myself to some new idas that i have never heard of. Truly thank you.
samokumura (10 months ago)
Joe Rogan has a serious american dream complex and honestly only americans would be able to speak so weirdly about some of the topics covered on this podcast. With that being said, I absolutely love Phil and have been following him since I was a kid. It looked like he was trying to reason with Rogan more than have a productive conversation because he clearly isn't exposed to enough culture outside of his bubble to speak eloquently..? thats really just my perspective as someone who isn't american and doesn't understand the mass outrage of guns and "superior" western idealism
Samuli Lipponen (10 months ago)
70% out of three million dollars is 2.100.000 dollars. Who in the hell can live with just 900.000 dollars a year?
Omnom Bacon (10 months ago)
I don't buy the "fear unto my family" bs. 99.9% of the time that's just justification for intolerance. How many Muslims have I ever been legitimately scared of? 0. How many blacks have I ever been legitimately scared of? 1. It's an eye opening experience when you're over at your weed guy's house and you accidentally sit on the couch gun. This is coming from someone from a small, almost entirely white, town. We had a neighborhood everyone called "Little Mexico" cause it was pretty much the only Hispanic neighborhood in town. After living by them for a little bit I came to realize most of them were really decent people. If you have a legitimate fear of the people around you are you in the ghetto? Like people getting shot every day or 2? If not, the fear is a bunch of intolerant bullshit, and isn't fear, it's racism/intolerance. And if you can't figure out how to explain to your kids that the reason the nice Muslim lady 2 doors down is wearing a hijab/niqab because of her religion, maybe the problem is you, not her.
Omnom Bacon (10 months ago)
I have an issue with some terminology. "Not the target" and "civilian" don't mean the same thing. If Phil goes terrorist, and he's my target, and I blow up a house with him and 99 other terrorists in it, I've got a ratio of targets to "not the target" of 1%, but a terrorist kill rate of 100%. You can't just pick something that's not what you were talking about and use it like it was what you meant all along.
Shannon Ryan (10 months ago)
<3 so much love for you two.
Devin Hunt (10 months ago)
just me or did jow kinda seem out of touch in this ep.
Margaret Toy (10 months ago)
Hey you beautiful bastards, i lovvvveeeeed this podcast ever though it is 2 yrs old. @joerogan do it again...
Snow Rabbit (11 months ago)
Most people carry a round chambered and most guns don’t have manual safeties. I’m not saying he handled the situation well, but you guys are showing off your California lack of knowledge on carry conceals
M M (11 months ago)
Aww two cucks in the same safe space
Joey Leidich (11 months ago)
Wrath Upon Eden (11 months ago)
Great podcast!