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How to Design Impenetrable Airport Security

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Text Comments (6138)
Wendover Productions (7 months ago)
I hope you enjoy this new video! If you didn't see already, I started a personal channel and the good news is that the second every video on there goes up Thursday and it features Mike Boyd so go subscribe to that here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDA1X6RrhzZQOHOGvC3KsWg
Franz Ledwig (1 month ago)
9:18 Berlin has two airports, we have 40 million passengers each year
Hjortsater (2 months ago)
I kind of don’t wanna like your comment since it got 787 likes and the 787 Dreamliner is my favorite plane..
James Collier (2 months ago)
Racial profiling is great, and we should use in the USA, but the libtards call it racist. However, since the libtards run the university they give 200 points bonis to some candidates on their SAT scores, and lower prices. That's why I am not a libtard, as they are hypocrites. Oh, but they can call you racist too, if you oppose their propaganda. Oh, I am sorry, they call you a rapist too.
tom pogrebinsky (4 months ago)
you have putted a wrong isreal map please fix it in the next episodes
C L. (2 hours ago)
Death in terrorist attacks are much more geo-politically and socio-economially influential than traffic accidents, which may eventually cause way more death in war and other subsequent incidents, so i would argue that not all death-in-accidents are equal unfortunately.
DocOx (5 hours ago)
Love from Israel!
Guess Who (8 hours ago)
Israel is just an amazing Country!!
Muhammad Abdullah (10 hours ago)
one of the interesting fact is that you need security when you are afraid of someone or threatened by someone ; and this means that you have done something wrong and injustice to them(whom you are afraid of) and now you are afraid of their revenge. now apply this to israel........ pretty simple right?
Muhammad Abdullah (10 hours ago)
5:22 oh so Israel is feared of Pakistan; off course they should be (remembering arab israel war)
MWB Gaming (1 day ago)
put bulletproof armor in the wall that separates the cabin and cockpit and then give every passenger a handgun before takeoff (with hollow points to not go through the target and damage the plane). I can guarantee even terrorists will not be stupid enough to try and hijack what is effectively a flying texas gun club
SentientSeven X (1 day ago)
No Russian.
Sel Vlogs (2 days ago)
I flew in August of 2018 from Florida to North Carolina and I didn’t even realize I had a knife in my bag until I landed and unpacked, I made it there and back without it getting screened
n.b.s 1 (3 days ago)
Nice to hear this nice things about my country! כמה טוב לדעת שבן גוריון הוא שדה בטוח
Philipp Heller (3 days ago)
It's not racist if it's true
*Gαŧєr73™* (3 days ago)
Anything is perfect
butterboy451 (4 days ago)
ElAl is fantastic!
Do you eat ass? (4 days ago)
Smart isreal. Fuck being PC they know all muslims are terrorists and dont try sugarcoat it
Matan Omer (4 days ago)
Do you eat ass? True
QyBerGaming (5 days ago)
he didn't even design a security system?
will16320 (5 days ago)
9:11 The question isn't is it possible, rather is it appropriate.
SticksNStuffs (6 days ago)
TSA can sometimes help security and make it better. This random dude knows how to make a 10/10 security with everyone happy and no bad crap.
Alex Everts (6 days ago)
Wtf fuck you I ain’t gone tell you me whole ass life to a person who don’t give a fuck
derek khor (7 days ago)
why hijack a plane when you can smuggle tons of drug and weapons/explosive to cause more damage? Crashing a plane is not as effective as leaving a bomb and surviving and at the same time killing many.
Adam Jaber (7 days ago)
As a Israeli arab(I live in a Jewish area) I can tell you every time I go abroad I need to show up to the airport about 4-5 hours before the flight because I know Im gonna be harassed interviewed and searched for hours while I watch other people just walk past me By the way you forgot that in Israel arab citizens aren't allowed to work in the airport security or at the shops at the duty free
Adam Jaber (4 days ago)
+Matan Omer no because law is law and it shouldn't be inforced differently for different citizens Also plenty of arab airlines carrying mostly arab citizens (usually to arab countries) leave from the ben gurion airport so considering all the hate crimes Jewish citizens committed against arab citizens Jews should have hard time at the airport as well Just to be clear I don't think that's true but I do believe a collective that is mostly made of good and law keeping people shouldn't be punished for the actions of a few rotten apples It is known that the police keeps a legal file on each citizen and I believe it is only right for airport security to decide what's the danger level each person presents and how much he should be looked into according to those files (whether his Jewish or arab)
Matan Omer (4 days ago)
Adam Jaber you don’t think it makes sense? Giving the hate arabs have fir Israelis and jews and the amount of terror attacks against israel?
SquidWeed (7 days ago)
Acctually in 1968 while trying to rescue the kidnapped passengers of the plane, one person after being shot and his name was Yoni Netanyahu which was the brother of Israel's current Prime Minister.
DJ Alex Parker (8 days ago)
Even though the mock tests went really bad, the fact that the security are there puts people off from attempting to take weapons onboard
Ughhh (9 days ago)
`Fuck Israel
Jiajian Hou (9 days ago)
Profiling is fine if it can save lives. next time you don't like someone profiling you, remember, imagine if he/she didn't profile the bomb carrier right behind you, you will literally be the first person to die on that plane. Or would you rather not be profiled and instead be dead? well, fine by me.
Reed Melicher (10 days ago)
I wish more people could think this logically.
gryffin laker (11 days ago)
Not Lichtenstein lets just not use planes because of lichtenstein
Darán Toibin (11 days ago)
Singapore Changi style of security is amazing go through one set of barriers and your airside. Of course your are always been watched one your airside.
Mackerbrew14 Rainbow six siege (11 days ago)
Yeah and the titanic was unsinkable
Sicname _ (12 days ago)
US citizens are only willing to give up civil liberties (such as invasive pat downs) in the light of a recent attack. This is why we were quick to adopt the secure/non-secure segregation of the airport terminal, the 3 oz liquid rule, and removing shoes after 9/11. But rumors of having to place books separately in bins to go through the x-ray machine are met with resistance because there has been no recent attack to justify the additional search. It is a complicated balance to maintain for the TSA and airport security.
Chris Wehlen (12 days ago)
Racial profiling is NOT unethical..... gambling with the publics safety in the name of Social Justice is, however
Chowder MacArthur (13 days ago)
I was curious - not sure if stated somewhere, but was there a source on the racial profiling stated somewhere? I'd like to use it for a paper for school I'm doing, but I didn't see it sourced.
Nefarious Purple Badger (14 days ago)
Idiots crying profiling works! Probably only just stopped telling about how Islam isn’t a race. Pricks.
Nefarious Purple Badger (14 days ago)
The price of stealing land from others is internal hyper vigilance. Fuck Israel.
Jan Spreen (14 days ago)
Airport Security is bullshit. Here's my take on it. https://janspreen.com/2018/11/26/airport-security-blues/
Sankalp Kala (14 days ago)
I’m honestly surprised by how mature this comments section is. Well done internet.
Techon (15 days ago)
I'm glad Israel is making their airports safe from terror attacks, but that does not justify racial profiling.
MJ (16 days ago)
6:15 Arabs aren't a race. There are three races: black, white, and yellow.
Jury (18 days ago)
Just asking... how does the interview go when you dont speak english well enough to answer ?
Trumpcare Duck (20 days ago)
Great video
Wyvern Apalis (25 days ago)
Holy shit they have flairs that’s what those planes really need to prevent missile strikes
Wyvern Apalis (25 days ago)
Terrorist watches this video Realises they have a 70% success rate
boofgaude (25 days ago)
Looks like I’m not going to Israel
ThePadi94 (26 days ago)
It's only possible because they ignore human rights as always!
Matan Omer (4 days ago)
ThePadi94 you don’t have a human right to fly without being checked...
Murphy the Turtle (27 days ago)
No offense, and i don't mean this in any religious slight, but if Israel asked me about my car and personal life, i would ask him to fuck off. They have 0 right knowing that. As for them being openly racist, that's just sad, but at least they say it openly, as opposed to here in the US, where they "randomly" target you. (the same thing but lying saying it was random)
Matan Omer (4 days ago)
Murphy the Turtle its not racism if it makes sense. If someone rubbed a bank now- would you go question all the elderly and kids as harsh as you’ll question the young men? ... exactly
stephen (27 days ago)
at least israel focuses on safety instead of political correctness
Beefy Beef (28 days ago)
I love how they only talk about the racial bias but not the sexism
Pixel Bytes (28 days ago)
If there's a trend you should act to that trend, not ignore it. if there's a demographic you know causes the most issues you should check them the most often. If you know people keep money in banks you'd rob the bank, not a KFC
18booma (29 days ago)
Yeah, obviously the racial profiling works. I think america should start a stringent racial profiling system for when white guys (especially young guys) want to purchase a gun. You'll see a sharp drop in mass-shootings.
18booma (29 days ago)
And maybe when they want to buy a vehicle/get a licence, to make sure they aren't neo-nazis.
Tim Jumpertz (29 days ago)
I usually really enjoy your videos, but in this one I was somewhat shocked about the seemingly unreflected pro-flight attitude that you show. Please consider and comment on the environmental consequences too, instead of just calling flights the „safer“ way of travelling for everyone.
z170x99 (29 days ago)
but with the billions of dollars saved you can save so many staving afican kids like 10 million of them. think about that would you rather save 3-4 rich peopes live or 10 million poor kids that are starving i'm not saying that those 3-4 people should die but just think about it
Alice K (1 month ago)
If you can, just take a train. It is faster and less invasive. And in many cases, It's cheper.
Ibn Baldwin (1 month ago)
If anyone's confused, 'looks suspicious' in Tel Aviv airport is synonymous with 'being Palestinian'. Their 'security' measures are simply racial profiling. There's a reason the far right loves the Israeli government.
Afif Brian (1 month ago)
not palestinian, but arab, arab clearly hates jews, they need to be discriminated for the safety of all
Eduardo de jesus (1 month ago)
I don’t see anithing wrong with profiling tbh if u know u don’t have anithing to hide the. Why resist!! Let them do their job if it matters to make ur live safer.
Perkele Itse (1 month ago)
There's absolutely NOTHING "racist" about these profilings. Of COURSE you're gonna be more careful with arabs with this example, arabs are mostly muslims, muslims are a problem all over the world. Can't fucking stand idiots who bitch and moan about "racism" at every possible point. Profiling exists for a statistical reason! It's the same why blacks are pulled over more in the states, FACTS. Black men are statistically more prone to violence and crime, it's a fucking fact.
Western Duck (1 month ago)
Love how they miss 95 percent of drugs but they take my deodorant every fucking time
Idan Ben-Tal (1 month ago)
I can tell you as an Israeli I do not agree with ethnical profiling but with the situation right now it is necessary until there will be peace
Tom Patterson (1 month ago)
get pat down, sue person giving pat down for sexual harassment, make lot of munz
Tom Patterson (1 month ago)
that metal detector just detects my chainmail, not my bone knife, wooden crossbow, and bolts!
jiajia ji (1 month ago)
When i get stopped by the agents at the airport, i think to myself, “wow, what an honor, i am one of those few random guys stopped to make not look that they are checking all the Arabs”
Jayden Li (1 month ago)
Makes perfect sense... After my mum told me some air accidents and after that I started questioning if we actually needed flying But a year of 2 years ago I did some research and I turned my theory down!
Drew M (1 month ago)
Well looks like I'm not going to Israel... "What school did you go to?" None of your fucking business.. ZERO relevance to why I'm in Israel. Why I went on other trips? Because I could. This is what terror does, commit a few horrid acts and everyone becomes paranoid. Now "everyone" thinks they deserve to know what colour my shit was yesterday if I want to visit their country? WTF
Matan Omer (4 days ago)
Such a little ❄️. So many terror attacks happened in the world and it would have been 10 times more if people thought like you.
Afif Brian (29 days ago)
+Drew M this is security measure not justice system, you're just being interviewed not thrown into prison
Drew M (29 days ago)
+Afif Brian Yep guilty until proven innocent... Great model for justice...
Afif Brian (1 month ago)
so what? they have their own business, they don't care which school you go to, they just want to know if your given answer are make sense, nobody invade your privacy
Valdemar Hoejlund (1 month ago)
11:52 aboslutely not. Flying emits a lot of co2. Imo flying should be heavily taxed
Aiman Marzuki (1 month ago)
In Malaysia, They will depart from their homes to KLIA 3 Hours early too. Not because of security, but staff lacks discipline on timing🙂
Lars Verstraete (1 month ago)
If people can't wait 1-2h for the complete security check before flying safely and chose to drive then hell lmao if they die that shit was deserved fuck those idiots
Mr. Cactus (1 month ago)
Just make it bulletproof
ToxicGhost (1 month ago)
i don't know what dumbass wrote your script but you're wrong. at 3:10 ... they have been attempts and deaths. quite a few. one example was the shoe bomber.
David Visser (1 month ago)
Racial profiling works. Certain types of people are more prone to commit crimes than others. Deal with it and stop being offended snowflakes
Jonah Safern (1 month ago)
3:39 displays the wrong map of Israel. It should include the West Bank and Gaza.
N (1 month ago)
There must be something wrong with your "map" of israel. The West Bank and the Gaza Strip are missing.
Dillydoe (1 month ago)
How to have impenetrable security: 1: Racially profile.
Clarence Royandoyan (1 month ago)
America: Adopts Israeli ASP (my shorthand for Airline Security Protocol.) Libtards: *Fucking Triggered*
Broo2 (1 month ago)
TSA in US has killed air travel; I would rather drive 200 miles than deal with 30m delay at ATL security. (prob better for sanity). TSA is security theater; any smart guys are looking at new options- not prior tests.
uncriticalsimon (1 month ago)
Are flights really safer than other means of transport? I thought the stats showed that rail travel was slightly safer than flying in the UK (though it's marginal and many other rail systems are somewhat less safe than flying).
Dennis N (1 month ago)
I'd love it for the guys at the airport to ask me about what my last job was
CasualChilliBoy (1 month ago)
Thanks for that. I will now devise a plan to commit terrorist attack on the world's most impenetrable airport security.
LifeIsACrisis (1 month ago)
Blue Apron is meh, I prefer Home Chef
M H (1 month ago)
I don't believe airport security profiling is actually "illegal". I'm sure someone can pick out rare instances in their argument against the process, but If done properly, it's the best tool at our disposal. As you stated, this would be challenging in the gargantuan airports, but I say dont half ass it because of feelings. Love your videos man, keep up the good work!
Bunny Elise (1 month ago)
Fuck arabs.
JKHGaming (1 month ago)
I live in isreal and you have to wait 1 and 30 hours just at check in
Lord Canistra (1 month ago)
"Countries could not allow racial profiling" And thus, they may enjoy brewing in their toxic, corrosive pool of tolerocracy. Who would've known that nations still preserving their sanity remain stronger and more secure?
zeev aloni (1 month ago)
You forgot to say "MUSLIMS" in your video . Say the word : M-U-S-L-I-M-S . Israel is controversial ? For protecting itself against the same Jihadis now flooding the world ? Remove airport security, and see what happens.
Weight Loss Ninjas (1 month ago)
I've always felt those published figures are false just to make potential terrorists think they can easily get through
Evan Polk (1 month ago)
I accidentally got a 9mm bullet through there and back
Triggered Ostrich (1 month ago)
5:17 *yes probe deeper papa*
Honk Honk (1 month ago)
How do I cite a youtube video?
Jack Sparrow (1 month ago)
Jack Sparrow (1 month ago)
Jack Sparrow (1 month ago)
Jack Sparrow (1 month ago)
LIyre (1 month ago)
Airport security is really bad in my country(at least from what I can tell) they just ask you if you’re carrying anything like weapons and they don’t check if you say no
Parahumanguy (1 month ago)
is it just me or does Wendover seem like he doesn't like Israel that much?
luwn00bz (1 month ago)
It is very difficult to estimate how many deaths are prevented by the mere presence of airport security.
Its Nick (1 month ago)
I’ve been to Israel
John Doe (1 month ago)
So the illegal state of israel discriminate individuals. By the Lord of Jesus Christ, the illegal terrorist apartheid state will be completely dismantled and all its illegal alien scum euro zionist citizens will be sent back to wherever they came from.
Zombie Jesus Lord of Grass (1 month ago)
Why are people so surprised by Israel racially profiling? You have to face the facts and the facts are that their neighbors are terrorists ridden, Arab nations that with for Israel to not exist. Israel is under constant terrorist attack by Arabic terrorist organizations, and it would eventually be killing their own citizens if they didn't consider these facts
Gally in Nottingham (1 month ago)
Lol I dunno why but when this guy is talking I hear the oceans 11 music like I’m about to infiltrate Israel
Shibafu (1 month ago)
Oh hey its RSW at 11:15
Tralala, i'm the RiverPerson (1 month ago)
They f-ing tested my kinetic Sans for bombs
Ridackle (1 month ago)
This Video is clickbait, he didn't even explain how to design an impenetrable Airport Security
Turtlee (1 month ago)
"there's the interview." Kim Jong-Un starts squealing and throwing things."나는 Wendover를 누그러 뜨릴거야!"
David Barnett (1 month ago)
Good luck with getting TSA disbanded. Once a government agency is created and funded, it's here to stay.
f3nd13y (1 month ago)
ICAO (eye-kay-oh)
Nik Murphy (1 month ago)
Don't get me wrong, profiling does suck but it also works. Law enforcement doesn't look at you the same way your mom does. You represent a statistic otherwise it would be near impossible to assess so many people when you're treating them like the most handsome/beautiful and special boy/girl in the whole wide world!