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How to Design Impenetrable Airport Security

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Wendover Productions (4 months ago)
I hope you enjoy this new video! If you didn't see already, I started a personal channel and the good news is that the second every video on there goes up Thursday and it features Mike Boyd so go subscribe to that here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDA1X6RrhzZQOHOGvC3KsWg
tom pogrebinsky (10 days ago)
you have putted a wrong isreal map please fix it in the next episodes
nigel plahotnik (1 month ago)
Wendover Productions the thing with the interview in Ben gurion airport isn't really. As an ideally who pass through the airport every year and the last time was just 2 weeks ago that there isn't really an interview,they just ask you Where are you flying to? Did you pack your bags yourself? Which city are you from? What is the connection between you? And that's all,the interview isn't intense at all. And by the if you arrive by train they don't check you until check-in and the security in Frankfort international airport is much better
Anthony Cheung (1 month ago)
Wendover Productions SOURCES PLEASE
Bob Smith (1 month ago)
Arab is not a race! Your comments are so uneducated. "Racial profiling" ... seriously open a dictionary before you make statements that are at best misleading!
Miniature Mintos (1 month ago)
Wendover Productions Even funnier
Unknown Soul (8 hours ago)
This proves terrorism is fake and scaremongering
Bob the guy (23 hours ago)
In my country, the terrorists are too poor to even pay for a flight!
Some Crazy Gaming (1 day ago)
MrLax (1 day ago)
Lol, I can't imagine what a young Arab male would suffer when he travels alone from Ben Gurion to anywhere
Benjamin McIntosh (1 day ago)
"If you've been watching this channel for a while..." then you have probably realised that we're fascinated by planes
Maximilien Bonaparte (2 days ago)
Israel in kinda racist about this.
Ingmar Van De Sande (3 days ago)
watch adam ruins everything about this
Mr. Square (3 days ago)
No it’s not “your safety is our priority” tch, that’s boring. It should be: “Safety is number one priority”
kuantize (3 days ago)
I support the way Israel does it. Racial profiling works. I did not see Mormons or Buddhists fly planes into towers, stab people in London or gun people down in Paris.
シTheCødyMavrick2.0ツ (4 days ago)
its easy, build a brick wall, then it is truly impenetrable
Armilla M (4 days ago)
El Al is OP for a passanger plane
trickshotmaster 50 (4 days ago)
Could we see your sources
Diet John Jhon Jon Johnson (5 days ago)
TLDW remove security
bgrvidz (5 days ago)
Yeah, Israel!
TeLeTuBbY _ (5 days ago)
After coming home from Namibia we didn’t even go through customs
carl linden (5 days ago)
holy fuck your sponsored content is so annoying
DJ Primax (5 days ago)
I’m gonna install this outside my bedroom
Try87 (5 days ago)
Wow 7 years without having incident. Go you guys!
A Dogtor (6 days ago)
Wait a airline has flares on their plane? Haha that sec tho
Haks Hustle (6 days ago)
Lol U.S uses racial and ethnic profiling.. They're just discrete about it
Mikael Smith (6 days ago)
thats the problem with European mind that they dont check strictly to white people!! they check strictly to black, brown , and so on, latino, muslims!! There mind set is trash can thats why shit happens in USA and if something happens, they blame minority people who are not white!! OMEGALUL USA MINDS And its not with usa, shit countries like canada, UK and whole Europe does the same thing cause there mind is trash like white ones!!!
No Reason (6 days ago)
8:17 GTA smugglers run I mean come on they stole it from rockstar🤣
Stefan Reich (6 days ago)
Who cares about *drugs* on a plane?
KNGJ224 (7 days ago)
people are pussies so racial profiling is out of the question. Even if i had to be pulled aside because of it, id be fine knowing that I'm safer.
FunFact Lister (8 days ago)
Getting rid of racial profiling simply isn’t worth the potential dangers of hijacking
El Lapiz (8 days ago)
When I was at the Ben Gurion airport with my family I got a six while my family, the rest of them got a two or three. A six!? I’m a 5’4 17 year old girl... I’m a huge threat apparently. I didn’t even talk to the guy.
MidanLP (8 days ago)
i Acually got a fcking yellow barcode and had to go to the explosive test i was in Palistine visiting family
Jeremiah Porter (9 days ago)
Tsa doesn’t look for drugs
Mai Hujpynis (9 days ago)
I don't think it's a bad thing that they use racial profiling in Israel. This is the real world, where nature doesn't give a fuck about your feelings or distinctions. Do your fucking job and if *you were meant to complain about your existence, it would have changed. If things are still the same even after you ranted on your free vlog, then maybe that's just the way things fuckin' are.* Liberal cunts.
Eliot Francis (9 days ago)
Thanks for such a very informative video. Your point about flying versus driving and the risk to lives is very profound.
George Hennen (10 days ago)
The TSA is worried about how suspicious my iPad is but not about the Muslim guy with a cube sticking out of his chest...
kallemh _ (10 days ago)
Such bullshit
kallemh _ (10 days ago)
The Israel stuff was bullshit
Sada Twinkletoes (10 days ago)
The security isn't broken. If there was no security at all, people could just bring a gun with them to the plane.
Dan Hughes (10 days ago)
In summary, Israeli airports ignore basic human rights and human decency. Just like every other part of Israel.
Ashy Zee (10 days ago)
Not bad... just keep in mind Atlanta and Chicago have the busiest airports in the world (followed by London Heathrow)
Shelby Longbottom (11 days ago)
There was one piece of this which was factually false. The U.S. does actually have air marshals who follow particular civilians and stand watch on planes, as part of the "Quiet Skies" project. (This was just breaking news so you're not to be blamed)
Omar Bargoti (11 days ago)
Fuck Israel
cow man68 (11 days ago)
Israel doesn’t give a shit
олен (11 days ago)
so airport security could find & confiscate my paper scissors when I was in primary school but they can't stop some crazy motherfucker with guns & bombs
Steph (12 days ago)
But it scares people
berlineczka (12 days ago)
Berlin has two airports: Tegel and Schönefeld (and the Berlin-Brandenburg International still under construction, with the first completion date in 2012). Which one did you use for the comparison?
Matan Omer (11 days ago)
berlineczka obviously the one with 20+ million passengers
PutoQuienLoLea (12 days ago)
You cant make an Impenetrable Airport security.The criminals will found a way around it
Sam Osullivan (12 days ago)
They has been attempted terror attacks flight 253 detriot
Joshua Reznik (13 days ago)
I went Israel when I was 14 they saw that I had been in South Africa a couple times and asked me what was I doing there. My parents are South African so I was visiting family
נועם אלון (14 days ago)
Israel is the best!!
Anonymous GamingPF (14 days ago)
0:54 The sign, oh boy the irony.
Lilly C (14 days ago)
Dangerous devices.. like damn LIPSTICKS
NERYA SHEETRIT (14 days ago)
The thermal flares are called maarechet magen rakia (מערכת מגן רקיע ) which is sky defender system
Autisti-comet (15 days ago)
Will keep this in mind next tuesday.
GamersOnVideos (15 days ago)
ah yes, you have more chance being a terrorist if your a male, ofcourse
thepretenda (16 days ago)
Racial profiling is more useful than people think. Australia has a lot to learn
El Macheto (16 days ago)
I travelled to Tel Aviv and got a 5 on my way back to austria, but no issues at all. Everything was super efficient and fast. Took me longer in Vienna to get though security...
Time Winder One (16 days ago)
before I begin, my heritage is from the middle east but I am an american. I have been to many Arab nations and I know what many of these nations are like. I am not Muslim. The middle east is the shittiest place on earth. From northern Africa to just west of India from turkey to Saudi Arabia all these nations are pretty much shit, have very little freedoms and still use archaic laws that follow religious laws and other bullshit policies. Their people are brainwashed into thinking they are great and that the other kind of Muslim is the problem with their country. Israel is a literal catalyst for neighboring aggression, and in my humblest of opinions the worst idea in human history was to take Jerusalem, a city claimed by three major religions accounting for 1/2 of the world population, and put it into the hands of the minority group of those three (the Jews). Don't get me wrong, the Jews are awesome people nothing against them, just a dumb decision. For a place with huge/vast amounts of oil wealth, similar ideologies, and a great history; the middle-eastern nations have done a mighty fine job of fucking that up.
Matan Omer (11 days ago)
Time Winder One, jews are the ones who started this”Jerusalem is holy” stuff... its the jewish bible that started the idea of one god, and its the land that jews originated at. Jews also created the only democratic and free society in the middle east, so yeah, they deserve it
Max (17 days ago)
Not racist just facts
A J (17 days ago)
I fully support racial/ethnic/ cultural/religious/national/gender/behavioral profiling because it works
Vanessa Venkov (17 days ago)
Getting rid of security because air travel is safe now is the dumbest thing we could do, we can't measure the number of times somebody would have chosen an airplane for a terror attack but didn't because they knew they may be caught. Also, remember what happened when we had little airport security. It only takes one time for something horrible to happen. 6 bucks and 15 - 30 minutes extra waiting time is worth not having another 911 I think. Besides, its not just terrorists who may want to do harm on an airplane, weapons or dangerous chemicals are a bad idea to bring onboard anyway, it's a confined tube 40,000 ft in the air. Air travel is so safe now because of air port security.
MythRobo (17 days ago)
I ; Ii ; II ; I_
lior edri (17 days ago)
If you will pay attention Israeli flight from outside Israel will always be at the end of the airport and there will be always cops that keep eye on u.
Akash Guha Thakurata (19 days ago)
Let people call them racist, but they know how to deal with potential crimals or terrorist. Great job Israel.
Joshua Harferd (19 days ago)
Where's the source for his "500 people have died" claim
Erick Pokladowski (19 days ago)
I accidentally had scissors in my back pack. They found them. My mom had pennies. They found them. My brother had a robot. They found it. Airport security isnt _that_ bad.
memalos1 (19 days ago)
Long live the glorious nation of Israel
Blight (19 days ago)
I think the terrorism worked. It made the U.S. very sceptical in airport, causing them to uselessly spend money in ineffective protection. Now their job is done in aviation field, they are probably looking for other target of low security that can be used to jack up another protection cost. crippling the budget
Lennert Laevaert (19 days ago)
Israel wouldn't need that much security if they stopped committing warcrimes and enslaving people, if they sticked to their assigned piece of land and stopped stealing from others.
CRG JoJoMace9 (19 days ago)
If i was to go to Eurovision in Israel next year, I will have this to look forward to xD
Matan Omer (11 days ago)
CRG JoJoMace9 its really not that bad, super efficient
Turok, not the dinosaur hunter, the adult film star (19 days ago)
3:30 OR The United States government doesn’t want anything to be reported...
Troll Face (19 days ago)
Your are watching Bend Over Productions - The definitive Bummers' companion. (‿ˠ‿) Signup, and get yer bum bent over.
Nate the gamer (20 days ago)
The TSA scares me sometimes. Israel has a good system
Ryan Smith (20 days ago)
No airports.
Pommit (20 days ago)
Honestly, I'd rather wait 3 hours in an airport for a 99.9999% chance to survive the flight, than wait 1 hour for a 99.9998% chance. I'm just that paranoid of flying :/
NYRSam95 (20 days ago)
TSA use a system called slow fascism
Slykeren (20 days ago)
Yeah apparently it's racist to profile a group of people that almost universally hates Jews.
Lutz Peyton (20 days ago)
If the marshals press this button, a Peppy alarm will go off in the cockpit and the pilots will often *"Press* *Z* *or* *R* *twice"*
Liran Piade (20 days ago)
Ben Gurion? That's exactly where I'll be in a bit over a month 😊 Never felt safer! Also, I remember the interview I had on my flight back. It was my first Hebrew conversation since I came to that country, and I was really surprised they sent an interviewer there, because it's not such a popular destination. The interviewer went very deep into why I came, and I'm an Israeli citizen, speaking to her in perfect, native Hebrew! I can't imagine what a non Hebrew speaker goes through, but hey, if that keeps this country safe, so be it. It really is safe. I guess it's part of the profiling, I'm male, very young, and traveling alone. Not Arab though.
Damjan Kolov (20 days ago)
racist airport
Matteo Di Giovanni (20 days ago)
Twice, in very different contests and countries (in VLC and in BTR airports), I forgot to show, at the security check, my transparent bag with the liquids allowed on board that remained locked in my case that went through the x-ray check. In VLC I even forgot a full bottle of water in my backpack. In both cases nobody told me anything.
Incorrect Stuff Thingy (21 days ago)
Basically: it's ok when (((they))) do it.
red robs (21 days ago)
What happened in 1970 for the graph to go high
priestpilot (21 days ago)
With the very low frequency of hijackings I am not too worried about this. I am a bit concerned about any random person bringing a weapon on board, but considering that this is not a problem on other forms of transport such as trains, then I am not so worried about that either.
TheHylianJuggalo (21 days ago)
ALL Security is crackable. You just have to know what you're doing.
Ell Hem (21 days ago)
I went to Greece recently through Thessaloniki airport... what a shite airport first of all...... I put my bad through the scanner and the guy took everything out and checked it.... and then he realised he’d checked the wrong bag.... so disorganised made me feel at threat
Flakes (21 days ago)
Wait, what's wrong with racial profiling?
Flakes (21 days ago)
Just kill the arabs
Madwolf 096 (22 days ago)
This is bloody Paper’s Please shenanigans!
Costa vB (22 days ago)
so thats why i had a bar code on the back of my passport
I am Chatty (23 days ago)
In Canada and China we have to arrive 3 hours early too
Professional Decoy (23 days ago)
I disagree with the comment that TSA does nothing because it hasn't been proven. Well who would just put a bomb in his bag and expect not to get searched.
Stéphane Robert Bazinet (23 days ago)
Very interesting!
Jerry Lam (23 days ago)
They legit have flares like how
ramosity (23 days ago)
Having watched this only means I'm on the right side of YouTube today. Thank you!
osuasheuatl (23 days ago)
It's funny how criticisms of racial profiling never ever argue "it doesn't work."
Jaden Rodriguez (23 days ago)
Sadly the racial profiling works and is needed. It's too bad that there always have to be the bad ones who ruin it for the rest of their kind.
Tom Daniel (24 days ago)
Also I was once at Gatwick airport and they thought we had a knife when it was actually the end of a table tennis net
Tom Daniel (24 days ago)
You know when he mentioned Liechtenstein I laughed cause my friend is the Prince of lichtenstein 😂
Stand for Justice (24 days ago)
I saw a Russian woman crying since they had her take out a sealed Barbie she had bought as a present and open a sealed box of chocolate. This is not security, this is oppression and paranoia. Maybe if Israel didn't step on everyone's toes they wouldn't be so afraid.
Stand for Justice (24 days ago)
Israeli airport security is a mess, takes way too long and most of those doing the questioning are young and inexperienced. I can't believe all the people agreeing with racism, if so every airport should stop Israelis since they all go to the army and have either killed someone innocent or at least agree with it.
Soviet Blins4U (24 days ago)
Sexy stuff right here
Bassam El Mortada (24 days ago)
Free Palestine 🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸