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How to Design Impenetrable Airport Security

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Wendover Productions (5 months ago)
I hope you enjoy this new video! If you didn't see already, I started a personal channel and the good news is that the second every video on there goes up Thursday and it features Mike Boyd so go subscribe to that here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDA1X6RrhzZQOHOGvC3KsWg
Hjortsater (11 days ago)
I kind of don’t wanna like your comment since it got 787 likes and the 787 Dreamliner is my favorite plane..
James Collier (20 days ago)
Racial profiling is great, and we should use in the USA, but the libtards call it racist. However, since the libtards run the university they give 200 points bonis to some candidates on their SAT scores, and lower prices. That's why I am not a libtard, as they are hypocrites. Oh, but they can call you racist too, if you oppose their propaganda. Oh, I am sorry, they call you a rapist too.
tom pogrebinsky (2 months ago)
you have putted a wrong isreal map please fix it in the next episodes
nigel plahotnik (2 months ago)
Wendover Productions the thing with the interview in Ben gurion airport isn't really. As an ideally who pass through the airport every year and the last time was just 2 weeks ago that there isn't really an interview,they just ask you Where are you flying to? Did you pack your bags yourself? Which city are you from? What is the connection between you? And that's all,the interview isn't intense at all. And by the if you arrive by train they don't check you until check-in and the security in Frankfort international airport is much better
Your Favorite Claymation Penguin (3 hours ago)
Will you look at that, Racial profiling can be useful in security. Who knew?
Adam Spencer (10 hours ago)
Racial profiling is partly why Israel is a target
Republic Galaxy (11 hours ago)
The Gatwick and Heathrow Airport could do with something like this. Israel arent being sexist or racist its actually quite statistical and logical in how they operate
widowbaker is here (14 hours ago)
Easy, just make sure that you question every passenger and question them by psychologists and behavioral experts and the security guards need to be trained in both security and psychology.
Andrew Murray (14 hours ago)
What I learned from prison? Nowhere but prison will they check up your butt. "budgie smugglers" takes on a new meaning given that information.
Meetbeeppeeb (19 hours ago)
This is the type of security is in every *Metro station* in New Delhi
Zachary Tyler (1 day ago)
What about the underwear bomber? He was gonna blow up an airplane with a bomb he hid in his underwear. TSA prevented him from doing so
Logan Brunner (1 day ago)
Wait Kids have risk factor of 6 because they are young
Jack Saucier (1 day ago)
The Munich airport has lots of guns in it. I went there once. It was scary.
SergioMartelli (1 day ago)
If an EL Al flight has to go from Israel to India, wouldn't it have to fly over enemy territory?
LAZONG_331 Search this (1 day ago)
12:39 is that Singapore?
HailAnts (2 days ago)
Really really simple: You make everyone spit on a Koran before boarding. Any who refuse, shoot them dead. Problem solved! 😬
Louis Gluck (2 days ago)
Israel is clearly right and you clearly don't have all of the facts. I would research your facts more because you come off as very biased and it makes you less reputabe. Check yourself
orange70383 (2 days ago)
TSA that I've dealt with are jerks, I sweat easy and always have so standing in line waiting to go through security I sweat, can't help it. This has resulted in being singled out every time I went through a TSA checkpoint. They say why are you sweating are you nervous about something, and questions like that. Then you get patted down and x-rayed several times and are left with my stuff all dumped out in a pile. This has caused the flight to be held up a couple times due to the excessive duration of the scrutiny I am subjected to.
Adam Fox (2 days ago)
Why do people say Israel is racist for seeing Arabs as a higher risk yet not call them sexist when they say men are .net of.a.risk
Azrael (2 days ago)
So Israel is da real MVP, because they pose a challenge and soak up all terrorist attempts... Good Guy Israel!
Ghastly Grinner (2 days ago)
Israel's security methods aren't unethical it would be unethical to allow arabs feelings to get in the way of safeguarding your people lives
Mithren (3 days ago)
Hey baby, you look like your 667 million dollars.
RaspberryChewy (3 days ago)
Another amazing video! All of your videos are high quality! Keep it up!
Snickerzz (4 days ago)
3:15 that is incorrect... they’re have been a few such as the underwear bomber and shoe bomber
Maximus Decimus Meridius (4 days ago)
It's certainly not racist, it's just common sense - Arabs have traditionally been Israel's enemies, the Arab states have fought multiple wars against Israel, and people of Arab descent have historically been the perpetrators in the majority of terror attacks against Israelis. There's no point in pretending that everyone is equally likely to commit a terror attack, it's thinking like that that gets people killed. Who's more likely to commit an attack? A family of American tourists on holiday in Tel Aviv or a young Syrian or Lebanese national travelling alone? Hmm. Difficult one...
DetectiveRackham (4 days ago)
Lacking any conclusive proof, that certainly is a very difficult decision; after all, more time spent intensively checking numerous individuals of 'suspicious races' is more time for terrorist members of non-'suspicious race' ethnicity in appearance and accent to do whatever they intend to do while the physically-limited amount of security personnel and equipment are preoccupied.
Ruben Eihwaz (4 days ago)
i had a girlfriend who worked security in tel aviv airport.. She would take me all the way through and nobody would check my bags or anything.
William Clarke (4 days ago)
just spend more time on investing on intelligence services who know the attacks before hand
Parshan. A (4 days ago)
Byan (5 days ago)
just wanna say that maybe its not the TSA that has improve and helped eliminate terrorist attacks but other agencies like CIA, NSA, FBI and the department of homeland security that has stepped up its game
patrick paugh (5 days ago)
Ad’s like this are horrible, one more company to boycott
dawn khader (5 days ago)
I’ve been to Ben Gideon airport at least 20 times because I was born in Israel but I live in England plus you pronounced Gideon wrong it’s Giddy-on. And yes their sucurity is the best in the world.
Orhan Emre Çiftçi (6 days ago)
hımmmm..... isnt it interesting 3:09
The Dark Knight MGTOW (7 days ago)
hey dude, you misspelled "occupied Palestine".
DetectiveRackham (4 days ago)
'Divided region of Palestine' would be more accurate term legally.
Spark Memes (7 days ago)
Jewish people have been the victim of so much racism that they don't even care racially profiling others
Aazam Chattha (7 days ago)
Everyone who isn't a muslim or an arab can say "oh yeah we should do what Israel does and racially profile everyone and make them wait for days in the airport or even deny them entrance because of SAFETY".... But what about us? Don't we have there right to equality under the law? Don't we have the right to feel safe from needless interrogation that will make us leave the airport in tears from such public humiliation? Are we not human as well? clearly, Israel doesn't think of us as human. That's why they treat us like dogs. How would they like it if the tables were turned?Just look at the number of "terrorist" attacks compared to the number of deaths from gun violence in America. Shouldn't we stop letting 18 year old white kids buy assault rifles? Oh but noooo that would infringe on white American NRA agenda wouldn't it. LIKE THINK ABOUT IT, How tf do we allow kids to buy assault rifles in the US, let alone anyone? But we should instead racially profile every arab and muslim on earth and continue to ruin their lives and fuel even more hatred against them when you are more than 100x more likely to die from gun violence in the US than from any form of terror attack? Are the white supremesist kids not terrorists for gunning down a black church in NC? Or gunning down 20 children in Sandy Hook? Nooo they aren't terrorists, they're just sick people with depression... Seriously, we vilify an entire group of people with a population of over 1 billion yet we treat whites like they're gods and simply mentally ill or going through some hard times when they commit acts of terror. you don't know how many times ive been 'randomly selected' and just how humiliating it really is. If you were in my shoes, you'd understand.
DetectiveRackham (4 days ago)
Do not fly to such countries then, mate. Do not give them your money or your time.
Aazam Chattha (7 days ago)
This video is fucking ridiculous. What about the terror attacks Israel commits everyday against Palestinians? And don't even try to say that Hamas is the instigator. Look at the death counts on both sides and tell me who the real criminal is there.
Aazam Chattha (7 days ago)
I have Palestinian friends, who when they visit Tel Aviv or Jerusalem, they have spent nearly 8 days stuck in the airport because of Israel's racist agenda towards arabs and muslims alike. Sure. you can say that it hasn't experienced a single terror attack, but at the same time imagine the men and women that become radicalized due to the constant injustice against them. Like imagine being racially profiled every day in that shit country just because you are a muslim. Its the same with blacks in America, more violence against police and even more casualties on both sides because of the racial profiling. Seriously, its a fact that the odds of dying in a plane crash are literally only one in every 11 million flights, vs a car crash being one in every 5000. If you really want safety, quit racially profiling everyone and start making everyone feel welcome. Ive personally been "randomly selected" many times for being a muslim and trust me, it just makes me despise America for its lack of progression towards any sustainable world peace.
L H (7 days ago)
Anomin (8 days ago)
What about drugs and human trafficking.
Dakota Neubert (8 days ago)
When I flew from rota Spain to Madrid spain not a single person really checked me for weapons. Kinda funny now that I think about it, also European airlines sick compared to American airlines.
Cplus (8 days ago)
my friend accidently took a firecracker onto a plane and a lighter. so if he lit that u; on the plane people would all shit themselves and the security didnt notice lol
Silver Bullet (8 days ago)
The arabs mentioned in the video are the arab minority of Israel, which are people who serve in the country almost like any other jew or Russian or Ethiopian, some of them even serve in the army, the health sector alone is full of arab doctors and nurses. So being extra checked as an arab is totally racist.
ForOne814 (7 days ago)
So what? Racism works.
phuturephunk (9 days ago)
Everyone's naked. No one can hide anything. Simple.
Helmut Rieder (9 days ago)
Well the Israeli were always smart people
DetectiveRackham (4 days ago)
If they were just a bit more smart, they would have figured out a way to achieve everlasting peace in a humane way in the region, a feat which none has managed to achieve so far.
GamingWithFun15 / GamingWithFunOffline (9 days ago)
We need more of these airports
Thomas Richardson (9 days ago)
What was even the point of this video?
Tony Mouannes (10 days ago)
That kind of security is common in the middle east (except the tag number assesment). Profiling is the number one anti-terrorist security measure and it works.
ô_O;* (10 days ago)
So, you said that there were no terrorist attacks since 9/11, due to the TSA. What about other attacks? What about someone attacking another person with a deadly weapon?
E I N S (10 days ago)
Nothing is Impenetrable
Niv Jankelowitz (11 days ago)
Proud to be Israely!!!
Ensign Minneapolis (11 days ago)
The best way to make security better? Stop a threat before it gets to the Airport. Intelligence > Security Theater.
Afrocanuk (11 days ago)
If profiling, total body & luggage scan dramatically increases the likelihood of arriving at my destination safely, then I'm 110% for it. Profiling is a necessity under certain conditions!
Kit Ramos (11 days ago)
Well I think the assertion that you made at the end is flawed. a big part of the reason it is so safe is all the extra safety stuff that goes on. Even with it's current flaws, it's not easy to get the stuff in, pull of what ever kind of mayhem your planning and get away with out getting caught. even if a few of those steps can be done more easily pulling them all off isn't. And that I think is where the deterrent is coming from. Where as getting the nasty deed done may not be super challenging, but having it not wreck your own life after the deed is done is. And I think that making the "reward" of pulling off the attack, not worth the risk to their own life's more effective then anything else as you don't have to worry about catching people who aren't going to try.
Al-Jumaeyli Al-Qaysi Al-Dawseri الدوسر (11 days ago)
CrowKYS (11 days ago)
4:36 so you try to say black people??
Sascha Bachmann (11 days ago)
'Flying easy' doesn't help climate instability that will kill even more people that car traffic...
Zoddhand (12 days ago)
I just stopped flying
Tony Yu (12 days ago)
If they send middle aged white males flying business or first as a test. They are not going to get anyone hahaha
Kinnai (12 days ago)
10:20 that's a Spanish airport
Syed Musa Raza (12 days ago)
6:19 Oh come on. I fit almost all of that (Im not Arab, Im Pakistani). Alright then, fuck Israel. Scratching that off the bucket list.
laxx1559 (13 days ago)
You don't have to racially profile people. You can just insert officers trained in behavioral assessment.
crankcall2u (13 days ago)
Usa a country of 320 million vs israel with only a few million totally impractical to use the same methods
Jarrod King (13 days ago)
95% failure to detect? Why would they release that information? It just incentivises more illegal activity
Lapis Lazuli (13 days ago)
At my local airport guns (if military) are allowed..
Klemeninio Browni (13 days ago)
The jews can be racist BUT nobody else can huh? Fuck the jews
InklingEspeon (13 days ago)
Cause the fucking arabs try to kill them constantly!
mattbenz99 [Canadian Gambit] (13 days ago)
Are you sure that it is difficult for non-Israelis to get a 1 on their ticket? I am a young male who traveled to Israel and got a 1 on the interview. Granted, I was traveling in a group, but you it made sound like it was difficult to get a 1.
chrilletheboy (13 days ago)
am sorry but Israel's racial screening is not unethical when they are surrounded by what is essentially Arab ethnostates witch you are constantly attacked by
Goofy Gabs (14 days ago)
Honestly we need more thinkers to fix the airport security. We certainly should have the technology to make it faster, and less stressful. But there has to be other ways to fix it.
knuckle nicks (14 days ago)
tl;dr if you're an arab with social anxiety you aren't allowed to visit israel
Or Schwartz (14 days ago)
Doesn't matter what rank you get. if you not planning to bomb the plane, you will be fine and on your way.
Eli Turner (14 days ago)
Israel having such great airport security is similar to archery being one of the safest sports. They're unsafe so they have way more, much better safety precautions
Phytom (14 days ago)
Well Liechtenstein doesn't even own an airport so no wonder they're not in the ICAO.
sirloinofice (14 days ago)
Israel and Palestine should come together to create a mixed Jewish and Arab government. Take Palestine and Israel, stick them together and problem solved. Everyone gets Jursam. NO MORE FIGHTING! SIT DOWN AND TALK ABOUT IT! STOP BEING ASSHOLES TO EACH OTHER!
Russell (14 days ago)
Racial profiling is effective. Israel does a lot wrong but their airport security is not one of these things.
12squared Network (14 days ago)
I believe the might of the U.S. military has served as a powerful deterrent since 9/11 and is the real reason why the U.S. has not been the victim of another aviation related terrorist attack. I concur with the primary claim of this video that the TSA is ineffective in its current form.
ethan cockfield (14 days ago)
thank you :)
A fat cat from sweden (14 days ago)
Shoot on site thats how
Silvia Christandl (14 days ago)
Aw shit, cant go to Isreal now because i was in russia....
ForOne814 (7 days ago)
Dude, a lot of Israelis immigrated from Russia, and a lot of them visit Russia regularly. They don't have any problem with that.
Silvia Christandl (13 days ago)
+InklingEspeon hopefully
InklingEspeon (13 days ago)
No, you'll be okay
Ajay Tej (14 days ago)
12:42, it's Singapore, Not Israel. Google Clarke Quay Singapore.
Gamers1034 (15 days ago)
For some reason one of my mates who is bald gets an x ray, metal detector and a pat down lol
Argon (16 days ago)
The TSA needs to be removed
Lost Mahou (16 days ago)
Airport security is pretty easy when you can deflect all accusations of racism and islamophobia as antisemitic.
SaltyOwl (16 days ago)
Security theater is a very true concept. And yeah sure there have been no terrorist attacks but you saw the statistics. It’s not gonna be enough to stop someone. Although it seems racist, the profiling and questioning really is much better and actually functional in comparison. But since that’s not gonna happen, it would be much better to just get rid of the tsa and simply risk it.
SaltyOwl (16 days ago)
It’s pretty common knowledge among airport workers and pilots that the TSA basically does nothing safety wise and really just slows things down and takes away a lot of freedoms.
xXx_MLG-DOGE_xXx (16 days ago)
Risk factors: being male being alone being young *BEING ARAB INTENSIFIES* Seriously tho I lost it when he said being arab XD true though
NotAHackusator (17 days ago)
I live in Tel Aviv (A city in Israel) and we always use the Ben Gurion airport
err0r (17 days ago)
Only if there was a bomb I could use...
That Bitter Pill Called Truth (17 days ago)
If an explosion rips a hole in a plane, there is no hard-shoulder to quickly pull over to, 30'000ft in the sky. I would prefer to arrive 5hrs before my flight and arrive at my destination alive. Few years ago they were trialing those cargo hold containers that were explosion proof, so if anything blew up in the hold it didn't affect the plane's structure - i wonder if they've implemented that on major routes (most likely not, not save costs). All that said though, the passengers and their bags get screened to the last pin - and the actual explosive is put inside the plane by an airport baggage handler, who's checking him/her? That's the scary thing about airport security - there's just so many gaps and weak links.
Rage wielder (17 days ago)
Not to mention corrupt officers doing things like taking people’s lost devices back to their homes instead of following protocol
Far-Axe (17 days ago)
Bullshit, Israel uses way more advanced x-ray machines than the US or any european country, for all I know better than any country in the world.
Borno Zaman (17 days ago)
All these people saying "profiling works". If their policy was to shoot the Arabs in the head before they boarded and then say "see? No bombings in 10 years!"... Y'all would be down for that as well.
ForOne814 (7 days ago)
Yep, fuck arabs.
Janet Granzow (18 days ago)
I get harrassed at Dallas' Love Field when I fly back to Florida. They even broke something on my computer searching my bags during Hurricane Irma! I am a white senior female! TSA has texted my fiber laxitive.. ridicouos! Lol
Twirlypen PSN (19 days ago)
Build a wall ya big dummy
Twirlypen PSN (19 days ago)
Then build an army
Mike Barksdale (19 days ago)
I'm curious why what Israel does is "unethical" but yet it is completely "ethical" to attempt to call Israel "terrorists" through a foreign government (UNESCO/UN)? One factor we need to consider is that security kills people. Why was the memorandum 4"security first"? Why not "security fourth"? If you factor an extra two hours per person over 30 million people, security accounts for 6 lifetimes per day. That is 6 people per day who die. That is 2,300 lifetimes per year lost to extra security. The easiest way to stop it is to arm passengers and require all 18-40 year old men to carry a gun. Armed society is polite society. Think back to 9/11. 4 hijackers against 90 passengers. I like those kinds of odds. Bad guys will always find a way to do bad things. Disarming good people only makes it easier for bad men.
aviationeer 6 (19 days ago)
TSA is too busy taking my prosthetic hand to catch the guy with a 3D printed firearm
guy shefer (19 days ago)
NDZD BOSSY ROCK (19 days ago)
Racial profiling works effectively. No offence but Arabs are most of the Terrorists (trying to not be mean, as Most Arabs are very kind and selfless)
Kyrian Rahimatulla (19 days ago)
Kudos to Israël. Sometimes (always) security is more important than equal treatment.
Francisco Macêdo (20 days ago)
The jews know what they're doing, that's why they are behind everything
AMFxCful (20 days ago)
hated ben gurion airport, i got a 5 so had to get searched majorly. That wasn't even the worst part, the entire airport stank of piss and the people were rude
Anderson Klein (21 days ago)
Those who trade freedom for security often end up with neither. Listen to what he says after minute 10.
Zo Mi (21 days ago)
how about you stop on attack of other nations and producing those wars?
Y0sh1 (21 days ago)
I love how I had to wait 30 minutes because I had a half empty water bottle in my bag, they had to do the explosive residue test, I had to get a pat down, and the TSA agent felt the need to rant to me about how dangerous a water bottle is.