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Why The Hulk Could Be More Important Than You Think In Avengers 4

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If you're new, Subscribe! → http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-Looper For Avengers: Infinity War, the Russo brothers managed to successfully juggle a jam-packed, star-studded cast of characters without overwhelming anybody in the process. That being said, Infinity War did leave a few characters sidelined. Some such as Ant-Man and Hawkeye were completely absent, while others made only relatively brief appearances. The Hulk fell into the latter category. And while the big guy was mostly overshadowed by his alter ego Bruce Banner after his early defeat at Thanos’ hands, he surely won’t be out of action for much longer. Here’s why… Inner demons | 0:39 Jekyll meets Hyde | 1:35 Running the gauntlet | 2:25 A one-sided fight | 3:00 The story’s end | 3:52 Read more here → https://www.looper.com/132460/why-the-hulk-could-be-more-important-than-you-think-in-avengers-4/ Comic Book Movies https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOzaghBOlEse-8H8JR-ee9D9KUL92CWkt The Ending Of Avengers Infinity War Explained https://youtu.be/0hdnQ8EXdEs?list=PLOzaghBOlEse-8H8JR-ee9D9KUL92CWkt The Untold Truth Of Thor's New Hammer https://youtu.be/aXnCxZXwSzI?list=PLOzaghBOlEse-8H8JR-ee9D9KUL92CWkt Here's How Groot Could Lift Thor's Hammer In Infinity War https://youtu.be/g9F9qAT226Y?list=PLOzaghBOlEse-8H8JR-ee9D9KUL92CWkt Every Version Of The Joker Ranked From Worst To Best https://youtu.be/c-ijgjG-9Gc?list=PLOzaghBOlEse-8H8JR-ee9D9KUL92CWkt How Michael B. Jordan Got Ripped For Black Panther https://youtu.be/Jks6FirKHFQ?list=PLOzaghBOlEse-8H8JR-ee9D9KUL92CWkt How Zoe Saldana Transforms Into Gamora https://youtu.be/EFid2otZi6I?list=PLOzaghBOlEse-8H8JR-ee9D9KUL92CWkt Website → https://www.looper.com/ Like us → https://facebook.com/loopermoviestv/ Instagram → https://instagram.com/looperhq/ Looper is the go-to source for the movies, TV shows and video games we all love. We're addicted to all things superhero and Star Wars, but we're not afraid to binge watch some reality TV when the mood strikes. Whether it's revealing Easter eggs and secrets hidden in your favorite films, exposing movie mistakes, highlighting the best deleted scenes, or uncovering the truth about reality TV's strangest stars, Looper has endless entertainment for the discerning YouTube viewer.
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Text Comments (294)
Dr. Badass (2 months ago)
Hulk has regeneration power ,right? Why they are nerfing him so much ?
Umer Gul Muhammad (2 months ago)
The hulk I want is the solution for Bruce Banner only. In that way Bruce Banner has no fear turning into hulk and trouble changing back to human. And Bruce Banner can use hulk's strength anytime and revert back to banner when his work is done. I don't want Bruce to be hulk forever just like it happened in avengers assemble and avengers earth's mightiest heroes because this MCU Bruce deserves a peaceful life even with his girlfriend black widow.
Umer Gul Muhammad (2 months ago)
After the fight with thanos will hulk remain hulk forever or revert back to banner?
Dr Doom (4 months ago)
People saying the professor hulk seems logical. How? They have have been loosely adapting the planet hulk story line. I remember a world breaker not a professor. Fuck the professor he was the weakest hulk incarnation. Give me the strongest version.
Humza Qureshi (4 months ago)
According to the russo brothers... not only does hulk feel used to solve banners problems, but he wants to control the body forever, apparently hulk is attempting to come up with a plan to steal Bruce’s body. One thing that is certain is that Bruce is in danger. Hulk has a plan, he has been aging like groot, only faster since phase 2/3 initiated...
Matt King (5 months ago)
I know he would
Ninjajp247 (5 months ago)
In truth it WAS professor Hulk that got whooped by thanos. Snapped his neck I think. Crazy comic.
Logan O’Connor (5 months ago)
we don’t want to see gray hulk or professor hulk, WE WANT WORLD BREAKER HULK!!
Caleb Pierce (4 months ago)
My games channel (5 months ago)
Top 5 reasons why hulk lose fight against thanos 1.not angry 2.Thanos 's armour . 3 .After the avenger mcu showing hulk as a weak character. 4.he don't know any fighting skills . Marvel😡😡😡😡😡
My games channel (5 months ago)
In ragnork no banner only hulk In infinity war no hulk only banner 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Blvck Wolf (5 months ago)
Hulk doesn’t want to be on earth cuz he thinks everyone hates him. Reason why he let the plane take him to that planet far far away! Nothing bout being scared of thanos! He’s just not feeling earth right now cuz he has the guilt of hurting everyone during scarlet witch mind spell!
michael edwards (5 months ago)
Shuri is gonna fix another white boy again lol
JoyDelaBuena (5 months ago)
The guy who portrays hulk has been fired for spilling too much beans on the upcoming avengers movie.
Xander White (5 months ago)
JoyDelaBuena it was just a joke he’s not actually fired
Prantik ghosh (5 months ago)
Big fan of hulk... Favourite superhero... Hulk smash!..☺ ☺.. I want to see world breaker hulk in marvel movies..no banner only hulk..
Chandan Singh (5 months ago)
viewer chandan kumar Singh village-bhojpur city-deoghar jharkhand India😑😐😐😇☺😚😙😉😉😊😀😀😁😁😂😃😄😅😆😗😘😍😍😋😋😚😚😇😐😎😎😎😃😎😋😊😋😎😎😋😊😂😃😄😅😘😑😎😋😁😉😉😙😚☺😀😀😁😂😎😋☺
MD FAIYAZ (5 months ago)
Hulk I am your favourite and you should come to my birthday 5 September
boots2asses365 (5 months ago)
I swear to god it better not be Professor Hulk!! World Breaker hulk all the way!!!
CHILLFEVER (5 months ago)
All hulk needs to do is get angrier then he obliterates anyone
LORDOFKAGES (5 months ago)
The Hulk losing an arm is the dumbest thing I've ever heard. His healing factor is ten times that of Wolverines and Dead Pool. Even if he lost an arm it would grow back almost instantaneously.
Rene Salinas (5 months ago)
man I hope Mark Ruffalo isn't really fired from playing the Hulk
Space Wizard (5 months ago)
Hulk is always the most important character in any Marvel film. Even movies he’s not in.
Legendary Texasdredds (5 months ago)
Well he better be, coz he got his ass handed down to him. Hulk use to be OP in most movies and thor use to be weak, now they changed
Tony Garcia (5 months ago)
Bad news guys.russo brothers fired mark ruffalo
6irty6iamon6 2 (5 months ago)
I use to be a fan of the hulk but the directors killed hulks image. Making him a big green weakling
Richard Sullivan (5 months ago)
I've heard nebula would wear the glove, then heard captain marvel now hulk, I guess if they include all the avengers they can always say they weren't wrong lol
Mike Y (5 months ago)
In the comics, it was Nebula. But MCU can do whatever they want.
trizzle s (5 months ago)
Hulk has healing
Sinkfield Hoops (5 months ago)
again..already made this video..
Call Boy (5 months ago)
Hulk isn't that much important in mcu ......sadly I wish mcu had rights to make solo hulk movie
Garry Green (5 months ago)
He is going to be, said this for months, majority is going to be down to him
Star Lord (5 months ago)
I know there would be a big payoff for hulk's this arc in avengers 4 that started in Ragnarok. Hulk now got some depth than before. If you want to blame someone, blame universal. This could have been done in one solo hulk movie instead of three team up movies if they just gave up the rights. So all the "they made hulk a joke" posers can stfu and wait or leave.
Mu'min InshaAllah (5 months ago)
hulk would just grow back his arm, fake news
poopsyko (5 months ago)
MCU ruined Hulk,it started in Avengers Age of Ultron when he basically got his ass kicked by the Hulkbuster(something that never happened in the comics and if it did it was very very rare)then they hyped him for Thor Ragnarok(which he needed help to beat Thor in a one on one fight)Infinity war he just gets embarrassed by thanos and that was his only appearance in the movie.FUCK MCU!!!I seen recently that Hulk one punched Thor and gave him a concussion,whats that say?
Kirtivardhan Singh Shekhawat (5 months ago)
Get a life lopper
Clay Adams (5 months ago)
Hulk losing an arm.. uhh he has regenerative abilities almost on par with wolverine or deadpool. It wouldn't be gone forever lol.
Clay Adams (4 months ago)
Made my day lol ty
Mason Wrightunyomomdpussay (4 months ago)
Clay Adams he has better abilities
Brandon Irizarry (5 months ago)
It would be cool if hulk became grey for a while.
clownnwolc305 (5 months ago)
Oh crap it was in front of me the whole entire time and this is a theory but it could be possible. We all know the soul stone you have to sacrifice someone or something you love . Everyone speculation between it could be Tony son or Cap but how about . If Banner had to decide to sacrifice himself or Hulk . We all knew that Hulk had a 3 part arch in Avengers and this would be the last one will it end the way I said it will 🧐🧐 it might be
Mc Muffin (5 months ago)
Hulk is the strongest there is
Non Mirage Truth Vision (5 months ago)
Another smart move to create Prof Hulk, in case Ruffalo becomes too expensive or just wants to leave the character behind, they could keep the Hulk around for the next 20+ films set to come. If you don't have Bruce Banner on screen anymore than you can get by using CGI and motion capture and keep the character for as long as you want.
nick (5 months ago)
i hate the idea of professor hulk
arjun tt (5 months ago)
LoL hulk was loki.
ClearlyVague1 (5 months ago)
About fucking time you guys got the banner hulk issue right.
chris nattinger (5 months ago)
Thanos is Susposidly gonna have a double edged sword so that's how hulk will lose his arm
SnappingTurtle801 (5 months ago)
Was I sleeping through this movie? Why don't I remember Banner in the Hulkbuster?
AWSOME LIFE (5 months ago)
Hulk vs thanos 2 will sell a lot of ppv's
Michael Vin (5 months ago)
No! No team! Only Hulk!
Dawn Namuco (5 months ago)
fyi hulk has one of the best healing factors in all comic books
Jason movieman (5 months ago)
Hulk no Smash Hulk is Smashed
What’s the fuss! (5 months ago)
All I know is that there better be more hulk in this film.🤦🏻‍♂️
Bryan Pippin (5 months ago)
Hulk has to be most young kids favorite superhero. I know he's been mine since around 10 years old. Directors did him dirty there. Could have made it a better fight. Imagine a kid seeing Hulk for the first time in that movie, they're going to think he's weak. They need to give Hulk shine in this next movie.
NBA SIZZLE REELS (5 months ago)
Re uploading content? Lol
Alvin Inocentes (5 months ago)
TheXKL1NEx (5 months ago)
Holy shit imagine if all of them utilized the a stone. Like Tony builds a suit, shield, armour that can utilize them where 6 of then r used by all different avengers to win.
Rahul ft-king KA ASLI PAPA (5 months ago)
I hate professor hulk because he uses brain and fight technically
ⅰи∂ㄩㄅ360 (5 months ago)
They need to.make at least one stand alone bulk movie WITH Mark Ruffalo.
Grimity (5 months ago)
Hulk could regrow his arm he has one of the best healing factor
mike johnson (5 months ago)
I feel like bruce and hulk will learn to work together like bruce could say you ready hulk and transform and when the issue is solved he can change back and say like thank you hulk and if hulk wants to come out to see something bruce would let him
mike johnson (5 months ago)
+TheNoPred yeah i get that a feel like it would be cooler if they just worked together
TheNoPred (5 months ago)
mike johnson I think that’s the reason Hulk wouldn’t come out in IW. One of the directors of the movie said that Hulk is sick and tired of being used by Bruce to solve his problems. They both want full control
Kevin McMahon (5 months ago)
Hopefully they don’t do the whole let’s go back in time bullshit, plenty of other movies have done it, prefer something original if possible
Quang Minh (5 months ago)
I bet in A4 Hulk will be the first avenger to fight Thanos and make him really scared
Nocturnal Lycan (5 months ago)
Professor Hulk sucks rancid ass, IMO, please don't ruin my favorite character MCU
Mark Turnbull (5 months ago)
U do know hulk heal his arm back in seconds
Hoopfan83 (5 months ago)
The hulk is supposed to be able to regenerate a lost arm. Marvel is not using the hulk right. His peers are grossly diminished. Not just from thr comics but also from the original avengers when he stops the space ship with his first. The hulk is as powerful a story needs him to be. He should be on par with ANYONE as far as how powerful he can be.
Capital_Beaz47 (5 months ago)
Let's pray Mark stays hulk forever.
ThomasEyeThink (5 months ago)
Hulk isn’t scared of Thanos, He’s Scared because He’s back on earth, And as he says in Ragnarok: “EARTH HATE HULK”
flhflysktxhcufowiraktdugufkditaua (5 months ago)
I like dumb halk
Astrophysics (5 months ago)
I think the Hulk not wanting to fight is due to him being on Earth. Remember it’s his first time back since the events of Ultron. In Ragnarok Hulk thinks that he isn’t wanted back on Earth and that nobody likes him. He was willing to fight on the Asgardian ship but as soon as he lands back on Earth he doesn’t show face.
TheOriginalHUBitat GAMING (5 months ago)
Hulk didn't Spot in battle in wakanda because Hulk was preparing for avengers 4 and he will be stronger,or maybe he will be becoming red hulk
Toon Army (5 months ago)
His arm should just grow back, but they’ve destroyed hulk in the last movie
Baby Shenron (5 months ago)
Because he is a demonstration for thanos to prove his power in front of the avengers
Dex (5 months ago)
Hulk will beat Thanos in Avengers 4 I bet!!!
crzy J (5 months ago)
Love hulk but they better have Adam warlock in the second infinity war
GiantsJets718 (5 months ago)
Ant Man will be the key. He will loosen the stones and they will pop out. He will go inside the gauntlet.
Liam Pantzar (5 months ago)
venom will be inside hulk and kill thanos
Siddharth Mishra (5 months ago)
a hulk that never lost to anyone was better in last couple of movies he has tended to show he is very weak....... thats not good ......in comics hulk held up the whole new york with bare hands .........come on thats not impossible thats incredible if they bring a hulk like before it would be awesome .................................................................... and it should be the MAESTRO.............. THINK ABOUT IT
Siddharth Mishra (5 months ago)
a hulk that never lost to anyone was better in last couple of movies he has tended to show he is very weak....... thats not good ......in comics hulk held up the whole new york with bare hands .........come on thats not impossible thats incredible if they bring a hulk like before it would be awesome .................................................................... and it should be the MAESTRO.............. THINK ABOUT IT
Dakcoda (5 months ago)
If hulk looses an arm it will regrow back because of his healing ability? He’ll be fine
9some (5 months ago)
hhmmm, so-so
awkc 63 (5 months ago)
I want this... (super short version) Thanos goes on a search for Venom, they join together, and have the infinity gauntlet. Hulk finds Carnage and they too merge, and they have Thor's Storm Breaker.
awkc 63 (5 months ago)
+TheOneAboveAll Gaming it'd be cool
TheOneAboveAll Gaming (5 months ago)
😂 Wtf, why did you even think of tjis
Theinterimbeast87 (5 months ago)
I think Hulk won’t come out until he see’s Thanos hurts Black Widow then the rematch is on!
Cuatro Puppy (5 months ago)
shaun simpson (5 months ago)
Its terrible how the hulk been shown as weak.
Izhalezan (5 months ago)
So Hulk gets all the time in control on Shakarr living it up and now that he has to stop goofing around and fight for the earth he gets all whiny baby stomping his feet going "no no no!"
SR Striker (5 months ago)
So he will be there but they won't have any more of his characters like Betty, abomination and the Leader?
A.J. Pollock (5 months ago)
I just thought of this between videos, but in GOTG:V1 Rocket has a device for blowing up moons, Gamora says that no one is blowing up moons. Foreshadowing the battle on Titan? I haven't heard anyone comment on this yet.
Godwin Vyas (5 months ago)
I regret watching this
Kristopher Hosfelt (5 months ago)
Nobody ever mentions the fact that Banner/Hulk have been struggling since Scarlett Witch messed with his mind in AoU
Rahul 001 (5 months ago)
He better be good in avengers 4
Jarrod Tolbert (5 months ago)
Isn't professor hulk one of the weaker forms of the hulk other than gray hulk??? I want a hulk who gets stronger as he gets angrier and actually uses his signature moves
boots2asses365 (5 months ago)
Here hoping we we some form of a world breaker hulk instead
boots2asses365 (5 months ago)
Amen brother!
Nick den Toom (5 months ago)
In the comics yes, but the MCU takes inspirition from the comics, but doesn't follow it completely, so in the MCU professor Hulk might be in the top 3 strongest forms.
GammaSymbiote (5 months ago)
About time, if we’re not getting a hulk solo film any time soon then Avengers 4 hopefully does justice with the Hulk. He is after all one of the greatest comic book characters. Also there is a lot of depth in the Hulk. You are wrong about that. He is based off Jeckyle/Hyde, which is a very complex duality. still a good video nonetheless 👍
Juan Alvarez (5 months ago)
Didn't they just fire The dude who plays him
the 1 (5 months ago)
I could see a world breaker hulk coming out,and the avengers need all the help even with thanos helping!
matthew styles (5 months ago)
Way back when mark and kevin talked he wanted a movie kevin said well what kinda story to u want to tell with the hulk. Mark did. Kevin said ok we will do all of that but spread out in the other mcu movies. So yes hulk still has big plot next movie
Levi Roch (5 months ago)
Next big bad = galactus Next person to defeat galactus = worldbreaker hulk (progress the banner/widow romance, kill her off, watch hulk grow to 30m tall, and then before he destroys an entire continent point him at galactus) OR! Next big bad = worldbreaker hulk During the banner/widow romance she teaches banner (and subsequently hulk) how to fight properlly, making his next fight with thanos far more even (thanos finished him off as quickly as possible for a reason, even with the power stone he would have lost a drawn out fight). Romanov is killed by someone, banner gets depressed and hulk gets angry and takes over. Enter maestro 10 years later (picture gravitron from agents of shield season. . . I think it was 5? Batshit insane, but has the power to do what he thinks is right. . . Eradicates anything that could cause such emotional weakness such as 'love', his own totalitarian regime of survival of the fittest
Jamie Banner (5 months ago)
He's definitely one of the most important characters in this franchise. Hulk has the title of being strongest so he has to be a major player. Exactly what he was in Avengers 2012 the famous Captain America Hulk smash. Doesn't make any sense for the strongest superhero not to be doing anything... he has to be one of the most important scenes. He completely stole the show in Avengers which kick started the mcu. He was the best thing about the movie. Bring back some of that im always angry moments. That's what he's there for.
Jamie Banner (5 months ago)
+GammaSymbiote yeah, it's just everybody was talking about Hulk after Avengers 2012. It's definitely the movie that will be remembered for Hulk. I don't know what in Age of Ultron other than they was going to introduce Grey Hulk but Josh Whedon told Marvel to save it for later... agree about Age of Ultron. After the first Avengers we wanted the same again. Well Thor Ragnarok Thor really stole Hulk story lol. Stole his thunder pun intended lol. Thor's really come really popular from it. And Hulk was great in that movie and it's great to see Hulk talking.
GammaSymbiote (5 months ago)
Jamie Banner yeah I agree, he really did steal the show in the first avengers film. I think he is a bit underwhelming in Age Of ultron tho (as he got beat by Iron Man who cheated, and the whole Black Widow drama) But I loved him in Ragnarok. Really funny, but I can’t wait to see Banner And Hulk join minds. An intelligent cunning Hulk is definitely one of the deadliest.
HIGH (5 months ago)
Hulk... regenerates
David Yin (5 months ago)
Hulk has insane healing abilities
Javid Akeel (5 months ago)
i thought hulk hates earth.,thats why he didnt come out.He said that hulk hates earth in thor ragnarok movie because the people in earth saw him just a green monster and they hated him
Nick den Toom (5 months ago)
Exactly: And this the foreshadowing about Professor Hulk.
Casey Bledsoe (5 months ago)
Hulk losing an arm wouldn't be a big deal if his healing factor is anything like it is in the comics.
Allen Hardemon (4 months ago)
I hope they display his comic book unmatched healing factor. They have not, up to this point said a word about him growing his arm back after so called losing it. If they do not display that healing factor for him, Marvel will again dishonor Hulk and won`t live up to his expectations.
David Markovic (5 months ago)
+Sahil Nandal the Hulk and Juggernaut have the best healing factors in the marvel universe
Sahil Nandal (5 months ago)
+Gamer Space dude hulk have better regeneration then both because his gamma levels are higher.
Brandon Irizarry (5 months ago)
Gamer Space No that was Vector of the Ufo's
Ronson Siliado (5 months ago)
+Gamer Space he's even regenerated after being liquidfied!!!
John Paul (5 months ago)
Looper should stop making this theories, they know nothing about Hulk.
Eddie Bacon (5 months ago)
Well mark got fired
Ariel Malsi Real (5 months ago)
I Seen That Rumors Before. It's TRUE.
ms1499 (5 months ago)
Dude, I know it won’t happen. But, World Breaker Hulk against Thanos with the IG. That would be some rowdy CGI. WBH is way too powerful though. 😕