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UPS Commercial | Sebastian Vettel in office rivarlies

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Text Comments (13)
carl de wet (9 months ago)
Seb Prefers DHL...
Keegan Abreu (9 months ago)
Cool dude!
Laura Ve (9 months ago)
😂😂😂 Go Seb Vettel #F1
Firemarioflower (9 months ago)
☝🤗 We'll see some spectacular VICTORIES i'm sure. With lots of Egyptian dances.
Holly (9 months ago)
Sassy Seb LOL
Firemarioflower (9 months ago)
NOBODY IS FASTER!!!! Good luck Sebastian! Can't wait to see the SF90h! Less than a week left!
Firemarioflower (9 months ago)
@carl de wet I agree
carl de wet (9 months ago)
@Firemarioflower LeClerc won't be Able to Beat 4 Times Champ Seb, but he's Quick Enough to Upset the German. Remember what Happened in Monza when Kimi Took Pole... Seb Lost his Head, Threw it Away at his Earliest Convenience and Ferrari's 2018 Challenge Stopped Right There... Seb Knew where he Stood with Kimi - it's a Case of 'Better the Devil you Know'... But I Wish Sebastian Success in 2019 for Sure!
Firemarioflower (9 months ago)
@carl de wet Rubbish. LeClerc won't be a challenge, more than Slowkkonen but that's it. He didn't even humiliate Ericcson completely. Says enough.
carl de wet (9 months ago)
@Firemarioflower Seb is a Great Driver and I Wish him & Ferrari Well for 2019. I REALLY Wish Seb can Step Up this Year and Put Lewis Under some Serious Pressure though! Having Said that, I Think Seb's Biggest Challenge will come from LeClerc and the Internal FallOut will Probably Sink the Scuderia Once More...
Firemarioflower (9 months ago)
@carl de wet Screw off with that crybaby faker and his FIA-endorsed championships. Vettel will show who's boss this season.
Elifrancis Rodriguez (9 months ago)
😝 Muy divertido.