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Strategist: The stock market will pull back 40 percent from the highs

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Scott Minerd, Guggenheim Partners CIO, discusses his outlook for the markets as the Fed continues to hike interest rates.
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John Davis (4 days ago)
Overall this guy was at least mostly right down 20 percent or so but everything is back now as up May 2019
Christopher Washington (1 month ago)
Japan needs to buy America So Fan comics will be acceptable for everyone & Markets as long . Japanese loves fan comics.
Christopher Washington (1 month ago)
America deserved that a lot for Killing off saturday cartoons and Anime as well Video games and Comics. I Want to Japan to Buy America.
Jackj28 (2 months ago)
It's a "dip" people, not a "crash" or "Quote unquote" "recession" in only after one day lol... These things happen and sometimes it leads to bad, sometimes good, or stay the same. All I'm saying is its too dam early to call it, especially a "crash" or recession... No need to sell it all off and cash out lol... hang in there! 👍
PT R (3 months ago)
This guy is good. He said that "we will see a bottom some time before the end of the month". It was on the 11th of October, and it bottomed on the 29th, and then went straight up. Problem is that we then had yet another deeper bottom on Christmas Eve. I think we will be around 2100 on the S&P 500 by end of February.
fallsgrave (4 months ago)
Did this dude just say 'more money in the pocket of American workers'? HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! Yeah, okay. I think I might have seen $15 more on my paycheck since the tax cuts? So, at the end of the year I have.. What? Some money for a cheap phone? Really dude? I hope everybody here understands that these tax cuts benefit the rich and ONLY the rich.. Period. That money the rich and companies are saving are NOT going to 'trickle down' to me or any other below average American worker. At all.
Sulaiman Yea (4 months ago)
the market is not going to rebound from here i think it will build support lane in this loss, just think about the trade war, the yield curve is flatter and interest rates will go up.
Billy Johnson (4 months ago)
Looks like your right so far
Αντωνης Δημητροπουλος (4 months ago)
After economic collapse comes martial low
Chris Choir (4 months ago)
looking like this guy was right still 15% more to go
ebp1234 (2 months ago)
he nailed it
JRG2733 (5 months ago)
Sell now? Great for Wall street billionaires, but workers who'd hoped to retire in the next 1-2 years don't have the luxury of selling off our 401(k)'s, even though doomed by Trump's whacky deficit trade policy. He sure doesn't care.
Greiguci Wootchie (5 months ago)
40%? Hahahaha BS
StaffordC88 (6 months ago)
Wait...did I hear recession? We have already come to that conclusion--whilst amid an election year. Hope the Dems got a credible candidate lined up this time.
U4J DMLY (6 months ago)
It's happening now !!!
Learnzz (6 months ago)
This is bs , he probably has shorts wants it to drop 40%
i n0 (6 months ago)
kids don't sell your shares. these are tactics to make you believe that you're about to lose your investments, and the best thing to do is sell them now. don't be fooled.
Firefly Guitar (6 months ago)
How will this effect the banks?
Donald Samuels (6 months ago)
Buy POTN, PURA & MCOA. Nasty ROI!! Do your homework. Major stocks topped out. No buybacks till next year. Higher interest rates, cash moving from stocks to treasury notes. Ridiculous over valued stock prices. Trade war ( higher cost of product to customers) + fed raising rates= defaults on loans. Talk of more tax cuts (won’t happen) but even talks being baked into the market on an already high Deficit. The list goes on... get in on those marijuana stocks. Still at the ground level before nationwide legalization. This is the bitcoin moment you all missed.
Hugh Hughes (6 months ago)
In my opinion Oh my the sky is falling as you sell your shares Guess who's buying. Hmmm He said it will even out at the end of the month. Then it will climb back out to yea wait for it wait for it PROFITS YAY ALL RIGHT FOR THE BIG BOYS AGAIN HOLD TIGHT TO THOSE SHARES AND WATCH THEM GO UP. 500 points down is that alot in todays tradings. Hmmm FOR 1985 YEA 2019 I DONT THINK SO. maybe I'm wrong. Lol
Socrates and Anime (7 months ago)
Jim Neifhbors (7 months ago)
Gold has value for use cases (Dentistry and Jewlery). Bitcoin has value for use cases too, it can be sent and concealed in seconds at any amount without permission from Governments and can be used in trustless contracts insuring safety. It also costs 6k to make one in a Proof of Work Algo and is finite at 21 million Bitcoin. Fiat is printed at will by a corporate entity and loaned out in derivative markets for profit from the banks that print it... COMPLETE Ponzi scheme...America and the world must get educated about the Central Banking System.
Format Lux (7 months ago)
Gold just really money others fake money and now GOLD great rise
Joseph Lawrence (7 months ago)
every economist says 2020 is the crash...
Christophe Leclerc (7 months ago)
I guess that Bull background is soon to be changed for a Grizzly Bear or som' like that ;) ?
Gregorius T (7 months ago)
That’s what they said last February. Market will be at new highs before Christmas.
Rebecca Treeseed (7 months ago)
Snort. Cucks suck Orange dik and claim a bad market collapse is a good thang dun by Dump the Dictatur.
SCOTT DIESZ (7 months ago)
The crash will be in the bond markets, not the US stock market. Watch European bonds. When they fail, it will start a contagion and spread to the US.
kenz200g (7 months ago)
The fed is not there to help our economy it there to make sure we stay in debt
Thomas Headley (7 months ago)
That's ur decision, assuming adulthood.
thomas seven (7 months ago)
Debt piled upon debt. Of course it's going to blow up. Thanks trump.
ThePokerSurfer (7 months ago)
CNBC talking heads are clueless Do the opposite as they are a perfect contrarian indicator
Niko (7 months ago)
this guy still holding his short position since 2008
Thomas Headley (7 months ago)
I don't think that's possible.
Hildebeast Clinton (7 months ago)
‘Strategist,’ as in Democrat Clinton associate
ScootMagoot46 (7 months ago)
How’s the weather in Moscow?
Fruit and vegetables (7 months ago)
Investors are selling there stocks because bitcoin came in Oct -9-2018 as TD ameritrade jumped on bored with crypto and so investors selling off waiting now for the 4 day process for funds to settle. then they wait to buy in November or sooner they wait to pull the trigger on bitcoin we all get rich 😀
Chris Rock (7 months ago)
Moon boy in the house.
Rfgdgd Rdfgdgd (7 months ago)
Looks like its time to buy buy buy
Jorge Gomez (7 months ago)
bullshit. who knows were this can go.
Bo McGillacutty (7 months ago)
It's a tough biz predicting the future. Listen but be skeptical.
oterenceo (7 months ago)
Is there a recession yet? Are there job losses? Consumption dropped drastically as a result? Growth has plateaued and it will go downhill. By how much? No idea.
Naimul Haq (7 months ago)
Remove the snake oil salesman, idiots.
no further west (7 months ago)
... or companies will plan properly, de-lever gradually, and not be at risk of high int rates come 2020, thereby protecting margins. As long as there is robust spending (by humans and corporations) there will be no, or very small, recession. But if spending wanes then that could trigger a crash like the one Mr Minder predicts.
John M (7 months ago)
He even mentioned Baron von Rothschild. Yike! Might want to buy some puts.
Jorge Gomez (7 months ago)
John M he sure should be careful with door knobs
Reji Bae (7 months ago)
What happened? I thought everything was fine last week....you we're winning...lol...bunch of psychopaths... idiots
TSU Music (7 months ago)
Invest in Electroneum (etn) NOT Bitcoin - Maintain wealth buying ETN is the only way !!
Matt (7 months ago)
yeah buy that shitty gold so u can make a circlet =)
Bullion Forever (7 months ago)
Sweet! Bring on the cheap houses, way overpriced.
Michael Ball (7 months ago)
Most people won't have the money to buy at the bottom, sadly. Cash-only investors will swoop in en masse.
Kube Dog (7 months ago)
The stupid sound when the graphics come up is too much. Out.
Emerson Herrera (7 months ago)
I like mangos
Furious Rivera (7 months ago)
Ro G (7 months ago)
I wonder who t'rump is going to blame for this? Because clearly if he took credit for it doing well before, the fact it is dropping can't be his fault, right?
Jose Cornejo (7 months ago)
cato (7 months ago)
Only 40%????? Shit I’d like to see an 80% pullback.
jojoinhere (7 months ago)
The rich is harvesting the gains
486DX266 (7 months ago)
The Triggering (7 months ago)
Buy US Dollars ASAP
Math Withcharles (7 months ago)
get ready for a great ride ladies and gentlemen👌👌✌️
B Ruane (7 months ago)
Forty percent drop , yikes! If that happens before Nov 2020 Fat Donny Chump will be finished a silver lining in a dark cloud.
Michael Ball (7 months ago)
And who do we replace him with? An even more corporate-friendly Democrat like Terry "I <3 Bill and Hillary Clinton" McAuliffe?
David vs Goliath (7 months ago)
Economy experts try to BAIT ppl to keep BUYING BUYING BUYING despite Market really go no where but DOWN
Michael Bond (7 months ago)
The only real money is a bullet. If you have gold and they have a gun, they are going to take your gold, or if you resist they'll take your life and then take your gold.
Chris Rock (7 months ago)
Who are they? And how would they know you have gold?
The Crypto Chiropractor (7 months ago)
6:00 quick answer: move to bitcoin!!!
Ashok Dhanuk (7 months ago)
Iam down more than 25%. Why people are reacting for 2%. But more think long term
OhPrestige Player (7 months ago)
Ashok Dhanuk, this is not a correction. More like poor decisions and the us isn’t the Rock people thought
Outdoors Nevada (7 months ago)
Ashok Dhanuk I am not even down 2%. down 1.5% no big deal really. Will go back up as usual
MrGarcha77 (7 months ago)
Carter Jasicob (7 months ago)
Yawn. All these so called blow-bags er pundits know NOTHING. Bull or Bear just keep hammering eventually you will be right and you can go around pontificating how smart and correct you are. Of course may have taken 7 years but hey broken clock gets the time right 2x a day.
Donnie Trump (7 months ago)
These fuckers don't know shit.
Lee Tan (7 months ago)
Buy bake beans.😊
Flappy McFlappington (7 months ago)
The CBOE needs to hurry up on their torch and pitchfork futures.
Toni Kemppainen (7 months ago)
Those ups and downs mean a rollercoaster right? What is the wackiest rollercoaster-ride ever? I mean a big, scary and fast one. That please.
JD W (7 months ago)
The five drivers have been the largest cap tech stocks! These five should drop 50-60 %. They are way over priced!!!
Michael Ball (7 months ago)
Actually, they're underpriced. Data analysis and data monetization is in its infancy. Also, look into Google's Waymo unit; self-driving cars are a beast of a technology. YouTube search "Tony Seba freightwaves" for a presentation on self-driving electric cars. You're getting 10x+ your money on GOOG over 30 years.
Brian Fisher (7 months ago)
How do you know if a stock is overpriced?
Yes4Motivation (7 months ago)
I hope it all crashes so i can buy houses. Shares all for the cheap lmao
Seamus O'Brien (1 month ago)
+Dan Georgevic Hahaha!
Dan Georgevic (4 months ago)
Can you handle a collapse if the US dollar? This is gonna start of as a standard recession and snowball into a debt issue corporate and our state's and cities having issues servicing there debt because they are over levered. Stay tuned. Buy Gold and silver.
Vlad Puha (5 months ago)
Haha.. everybody is waiting for this.. who think they will be super protected and not affected by the downturn..
Jon Doe (6 months ago)
Ironically if it crashes the only reason would be due to insecurity of income by the masses. It could also mean very low job security. Under that circumstances one may not feel confident on taking a mortgage as cash would be king then. Unless your income and security is shielded from the economy you too may not feel like getting into the real-estate market.
Beatriz Sanchez (6 months ago)
sohel shaikh (7 months ago)
Few people are controlling world economy, market will definitely crash when they wish. Buy gold and Cryptocurrency.
Higher Primate (7 months ago)
The hunger games begun
Siddhant Sharma (7 months ago)
I loved the way the reporter pulled back the wavering conversation to the relation between tax cuts on the fiscal deficit... good work!!
Legendary Hidden (7 months ago)
If your scared call on jesus for his word says he will PROVIDE....time to REPENT our sins. believe in 1cor15 1-5 DOCUMENTATION. Hes coming NOW....
Norbitek25 (7 months ago)
2% decline. Is it a disaster already?
Emerson Herrera (7 months ago)
John Possum (7 months ago)
Has any one checked how often this guy is right? He seems like a little man with low self esteem wanting to project it on the rest of the world & his worldview.
yella bu (7 months ago)
Buy ripple xrp!
Yahudi BatYah (7 months ago)
Here we go...Praise Yahuah at all times. Things are going to go bad very quickly. Repent. Get on your faces and ask for forgiveness. Forgive all those who have hurt you. Do it now. There is no time to waste!!! HalleluYah!!
Vishal Vishwakarma (7 months ago)
I sold early too. I'm not in stocks anymore, it's gonna crash bad. I'm into crypto now
Immaculate (7 months ago)
Vishal Vishwakarma hahaha. Cryptos are gonna crash even worse than stocks, particularly risk stocks. Cryptos are the largest speculators bubble in history. You jumped out of the frying pan and into the fire with that move. Good luck, you’ll need it!
The End (7 months ago)
Nice !!!
John Barron (7 months ago)
he is short
emre akdoğan (7 months ago)
Gold just really money others fake money and now GOLD great rise
Sulaiman Yea (4 months ago)
china just made fake gold out of bronze so the dip is even more in gold
Jim Neifhbors (7 months ago)
The Jews have always been the whipping boy by people like you. Truth is there are more non Jews in banking than Jews, but the Jewish Bankers (notice how I didn't say Jews implicating every Jew on the planet) have a higher percentage based on population, simply because they are smarter. You can't blame a whole population on 2-3 thousand people.
mark KAO (7 months ago)
Historically gold has been a poor investment over a long period of time. In the short term during a credit or financial crisis it might be a useful hedge against a currency drop, but overall not a great investment
emre akdoğan (7 months ago)
Maybe in the future. I'm rich because I don't owe it.
Bo McGillacutty (7 months ago)
emre akdoğan If you have that much brilliant confidence in your gold trading You must be a billionaire.
Mukul Thakur (7 months ago)
buy bitcoin they said, it will go to moon they said
ScootMagoot46 (7 months ago)
They did not say that. Quite the opposite.
Jorge Gomez (7 months ago)
i think he was refering to when the crash came to the stock market..
Synapse2k (7 months ago)
Bitcoin went from $600 to $6300 in the last 2 years. You've gotten a better return elsewhere?
JJ BRADDOCK (7 months ago)
Ahhhhh 2%. Ahhhhh 4% Ahhhhh 6% my billions are losing value.
ElPaisa (7 months ago)
Watch it go back up to record highs
ScootMagoot46 (7 months ago)
Watch it not. Like republicans crashed the economy in 2008.
Level Of Certainty (7 months ago)
The nature of the stock market is that in a bulk market - even a waning one - you will see record highs once every month or 2 on average. This doesn’t detract from the possibility of a downturn and reversal into a bear market. A defensive portfolio with diversification and periodic recalibration of asset allocation is one way to guard against all eventualities (except hyperinflation / collapse)
J will (7 months ago)
With the spending the government has done this year alone, it will reach a new high if there's still enough room to employ all the extra money floating around. Government spending has negated the fed balance sheet unwinding.
Just Murphy (7 months ago)
BUY BITCOIN! It's that simple....
Plutonium (7 months ago)
Trump gives tax cuts and the fed take the money back from the people {interest rate hikes) heaven forbid people do to well......
Dale M (7 months ago)
Of course most of the tax cut went to those who earn more? Basic math: a percentage of a larger number is larger?? What you’re advocating for is redistribution of wealth when you complain about this.
ScootMagoot46 (7 months ago)
Trump is Bought & Owned.
ScootMagoot46 (7 months ago)
You don’t understand financial policy. But thank Trump for adding $2 trillion more to the debt and another $1 trillion of debt per year due to the annual digest deficit he drove up to above $1 trillion (yearly debt). Only 17% of trumps tax cut went to the bottom 99% of people. Instead went to wealthy. And he didn’t even put strings attached to corporate tax cuts to incentivize wage raises and reinvestment in growth, opposed to stock buybacks and executive raises.
Sir Master Boss Man (7 months ago)
End the Fed, give control back to the government and you will solve this problem overnight.
felype moura (7 months ago)
???? Back to government??? Haha it would be even worse. Money and interest should be free, people should use whatever they want to trade, the best money people choose to use without coercion was gold and silver., But can be others. Loans should not be monopoly of banks, everyone should be able to loan, interest would be free, and are expected to work as the prices of other things by supply and demand. The Fractional reserve that banks does today is a fraud, they loan money that wasn't saved by anyone, the print money out of thin air and loan it, and create an artificial credit. That's is decentralize the power over money, the same way central planning of the prices in the URSS didn't worked and the resources was bad applied, central planning over money and interest will keep lending to mistakes and malinvestements.
salv236 (7 months ago)
i don't understand why there is a panic, even if there is a recession/bearish trend markets always recover, take the example of the financial crisis end of 2008 the markets recovered within a period of 10 months. Its a great time to buy.
Bonnie Archie (4 months ago)
One huge difference under Obama the monkey man.As stupid and useless as he was, the man did nothing but take up oxygen.He didn't have the FED going against him in an alternate world..Anything to destroy Trump.The balance of power shifted when he started opening the truth to us.We all knew how huge these political figures are I never thought that would make him a racist...Its ridiculous but this is how you control a society..One of morons..Heres it is late Dec. and two days were horrid enough to destroy most..Then right after xmas the fucking dow rises 1000..Then they say trumps friends did that..Is there anything Trump cannot do.Can he control the weather?
felype moura (7 months ago)
+ScootMagoot46 you just took money from one place to another so.
ScootMagoot46 (7 months ago)
It recovered because we spent $1 trillion to stimulate the economy.
Mike G (7 months ago)
We never recovered from the crash in 2008.. It seems that we have, but its an illusion.
felype moura (7 months ago)
+W4sabiNinja it's because fractional reserve is a fraud, it's loan a money that wasn't saved by anyone... Interest rates should be free... Banks should work like an bridge, you save and then loan, but they print money out of thin air and loan it. Interest rates should work like prices, supply and demand, the higher the savings the lower the interest, the lower the savings the higher the interest of the loans.
micheal shawn (7 months ago)
Feds could not wait till after the hurricane in Florida was cleaned up to raise rates. Talk about kicking America while its down. banks will close doors if fed keep raising rates.
Thomas Headley (7 months ago)
No connection. Rates have been too low, too long. It causes job loss, zombie companies, & capital outflow.
Nikki Burris (7 months ago)
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Ivan Luzyanin (7 months ago)
BS and FUD
edit name (7 months ago)
Always counter trade the media, works great with cryptocurrencys too.
Tracy K (7 months ago)
Cut him right off before he could say "next President" didn't he. Watch those bank bail-ins.
SCOTT DIESZ (7 months ago)
Idiot. No one will remember what he said a week from now, let alone in 2020.
Dan Georgevic (4 months ago)
Smart man glad I listened. Cash gold silver and tlt ...1-3 yr treasuries too good luck.
ScootMagoot46 (7 months ago)
Wtf are you talking about? Why are the trump tards anti-intelligence?
Gene Dexter (7 months ago)
SCOTT DIESZ 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂- me laughing AT you.
Value Venture Investing (7 months ago)
Stock market has been on an absolute tear. I cant even remember the last time I saw so much red. The market falls for a few days and everyone freaks. How short sighted people are.
Temsha Sanaie (7 months ago)
People dont understamd the market is just people deciding what businesses deserve to survive and we are just in the early innings of a long term engineered expansion. Anyone who doesnt take advantage of cheap equity prices is going to kick themselves in 5 years.
B Ruane (7 months ago)
Market up 240 percent Obama s first day to last day. Unemployment cut from 10 percent to 5 percent. Astonishing success particularly after a Goprecession. Barack Hussein !!!!! The man who got Osamy Ladence .
ScootMagoot46 (7 months ago)
Rich people and elites are doing great! Let’s throw them a party! How about attaching corporate tax cuts to wages raises and reinvestment instead, like a genuine unbought populist.
ScootMagoot46 (7 months ago)
“Absolute tear” = House of Cards
Count Spooky (7 months ago)
The stock market isn't real. It is more inflated than a child's bounce house.
Frank Greco (7 months ago)
the market is almost at 26000..what do you expect it has to drop...everyone going crazy because it fell a little....what goes up...you know the rest!!!!
yella bu (7 months ago)
Ripple will go up... take over the world.. buy xrp!
J will (7 months ago)
Not only that, where's the economic data showing it should fall? We are in the 4th quarter when earnings will go up because the holiday's. Of course they are down in the third. They always are
Hammer Borg (7 months ago)
Michael is a moron
wisedupearly (7 months ago)
All that is needed for Moodys and S&P to rate company debt realistically. The bull will then be hamburger.
Electroneum Rich (7 months ago)
Shorted the S&P through my IRA, I'm ready to get rich.
Electroneum Rich (6 months ago)
jesus gonzalez this retracement from 2600 to 2800 confirmed at least an ABC retracement. Next level is 2500.
jesus gonzalez (6 months ago)
Electroneum Rich (6 months ago)
+jesus gonzalez just took a few days
jesus gonzalez (7 months ago)
DividedShark hope you closed out that short... ouch!!!
Tip Top (7 months ago)
I would have waited until monday to see where things go
David Smith (7 months ago)
Eat your MAGA hat !!
Brien (7 months ago)
Hell yeah
Ben Chong (7 months ago)
News media keep fooling Americans to hold their stock and keep blaming the FED for past 2 days crashes. They fail to inform viewers that it's the trade war that's causing: 1) the world to stop buying treasury notes/bills causing yields to shoot up 2) the world retaliates against USA by selling off USA stocks 3) USA companies are expected to report lousy earning in coming quarter. That's why Trump want less reporting a year. 4) prolong trade war with 25% more tariff next year
Thomas Headley (7 months ago)
Long rallies cause memory loss & toxic asset accumulation. Excess baggage weighs on ROI. Result: fat guy falls off the pedestal. Buzzards move in to clean up the dead.
Ben Chong (7 months ago)
I'm beginning to realize that we are talking about 2 diff things. I'm talking about this video's USA selloffs, my friend and you are talking about China's bubble. Regarding China's debts or bubbles, i'm not so worried compare to USA's debt. As we know, China is a creditor nation while the USA is a debtor nation today. When China pulls money out or stop buying from treasury, it's a concern. Yields will go up unless FED prints more money. This is one of China's option to retaliate USA tariff and the past 3 days selloffs were just a demo. I wish Mnuchin is right that there will be many treasury buyers willing to take up USD250 billion more. I'm quite certain it won't be the world. It's USA who is buying, i.e., your children and grandchildren.
J will (7 months ago)
+Ben Chong and? "it's costing too much yuan to service US dollar denominated debt. This was happening long before the trade war" I didn't say the selloff was happening long before.
Ben Chong (7 months ago)
Selloffs started after IMF issued comments on slower world growth due to trade war.
J will (7 months ago)
+Ben Chong sounds like a great plan on paper, but in reality no one wants to do that with their own money when the alternative is pretty much a guaranteed loss. What sounds more realistic is Chinas bubble caused by risky lending and investments by neophyte investors is popping faster because of the trade war. The Chinese are liquidating their US assets because they need dollars to service all the US debt they took on in the last decade. It is costing too many yuan to service their US dollar denominated debt. This started long before the trade war. The trade war just exacerbated it. It's not a plot by hundreds of millions of investors trying to take down a stock market. All this is doing is creating buying opportunities for people who buy long.
luci78 Cozma (7 months ago)
They say Americans are very well in the trade war with china. USA losing 1% from their Gdp so from that 3 or 3,5% you lose 1%. The Chinese If they stop the whole trade with USA they lose probably 0,36-0,4% from their Gdp which is forecast at 6,7%-6,9% So you guys do the math .....trade wars are easy to win ? Humm seems NOT!
felype moura (7 months ago)
eventually the Chinese will win they're a dictatorship they can endure a trade war, since other yeae the president of the US will be other.