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How Germany's Universal Health-Care System Works

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Germany’s health-care system spends nearly half as much as the United States but still manages to cover 100% of its population through a mix of public and private insurance schemes. There are two different systems that residents can turn to for insurance in Germany: SHI, which stands for Statutory Health Insurance and PHI or Private Health Insurance. Here’s how they work. » Subscribe to CNBC: https://cnb.cx/SubscribeCNBC » Subscribe to CNBC TV: https://cnb.cx/SubscribeCNBCtelevision » Subscribe to CNBC Classic: https://cnb.cx/SubscribeCNBCclassic About CNBC: From 'Wall Street' to 'Main Street' to award winning original documentaries and Reality TV series, CNBC has you covered. Experience special sneak peeks of your favorite shows, exclusive video and more. Connect with CNBC News Online Get the latest news: https://www.cnbc.com/ Follow CNBC on LinkedIn: https://cnb.cx/LinkedInCNBC Follow CNBC News on Facebook: https://cnb.cx/LikeCNBC Follow CNBC News on Twitter: https://cnb.cx/FollowCNBC Follow CNBC News on Instagram: https://cnb.cx/InstagramCNBC #CNBC How Germany's Universal Health-Care System Works
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Manith Prum (4 hours ago)
People: So where did all the US incomes go? US Army: Don't let people know :D
Bad at Dota2 (6 hours ago)
I had a bowel obstruction surgery in Germany, spent 2 weeks in a hospital and paid 180 euros for the hospital. After that I had 2 wisdom teeth removed for 0 euros but I did pay 10 euros for the ibuprofen pills, and last Thursday I had a tooth surgery (infected tooth root) for which I paid 10euros for the cortisol and 105 euros for the material. My salary is 2270 euros gross and from it I pay 177.09 euros for Krankenversicherung. Oh, and when I started working I was given a 1-month contract and like 2 days before the end, i ended up having that emergency surgery that made me unable to work for a month, the company sent me a new contract while I was in a hospital and just said get better.
Erik Schiegg (3 hours ago)
Wait for the end of 2020 to see Germany collapse. Because they run out of the money of others. Despite of the 50+% tax rate and the daily money gripping by communities and governement. If they renew a road, the local residents must pay a lot. And this is just one of the Germany money grab. The magic word in German health care is IGEL, expensive, useless medical treatment almost every german MD wants to sell. https://youtu.be/lDveK6oWN5w And then months of waiting time for urgent treatments and shortages of ordinary medicaments...
Riley Frost (7 hours ago)
So only people making $60k or more are allowed to buy good private health insurance in Germany, everyone else is forced to stand in the socialist bread-lines. 🤣
johaquila (7 hours ago)
Regarding bureaucracy: It's true that Germans complain about that, but the statutory (parastatal) healthcare system that most people are in is actually very unbureaucratic for its customers in the vast majority of cases. You need to show your health insurance card at your doctor's office once every quarter. If you don't have it with you, normally you can just bring it next time. You are trusted to be able to do this because there is nobody without health insurance. You are trusted to actually do it because since you never have to pay anything except nominal fees for some prescriptions and for each day in hospital and they can't raise your premium, you have no reason not to. We complain about bureaucracy because some things like psychotherapy need to be approved and for that you need to fill out a short form. Or because a purely preventive checkup (no reason to suspect something) is free only starting at age 35, and only every two years. Last year I had some medical problems so I had to go my doctor about a dozen times. My interaction with my health insurer consisted in one phone call telling them I want to stay in the statutory system although I just passed the threshold where I could opt for private, and twice presenting my health insurance card to my doctor. Apart from that, I once got a bill over 10 Euros for a night spent in their emergency ward (actually without ever being in a bed or getting any food -- I thought they might have billed me and therefore my health insurer incorrectly, so I phoned them to let them know), and for one of the two prescriptions I carried to pharmacies I had to make a 5 Euro co-payment. From what I have heard, paper work related to American health insurance isn't remotely in the same class as this, so 'both Germans and Americans both complain about bureaucracy' is a pretty weird statement. There is more bureaucracy for those who go private, though, but most people don't have to. If you have private insurance, you actually get the medical bills, pay them, and send them to your insurance company for reimbursement. Reimbursement cannot be denied, but having to handle the bills is a hassle you can avoid by staying in the statutory system. Those who don't will likely complain about bureaucracy the most.
andy vdw (8 hours ago)
norway, sweden, swiss and iceland doing most for there ppl. not there to make profit. prob even a better example then germany
Thomas Wahl (21 hours ago)
I have lived in germany since 92, i needed a med that really helped me, never got again and the doc told me that he won't prescribe me the meds since it would over buget him.
Ivan farlenkov (1 day ago)
Be american, get shot.
Cristian Portillo (1 day ago)
German Mentality🔥🇩🇪 German Craftsmanship, 🇩🇪😍 German Bloodline🧠
Peter Fox (2 days ago)
The American health -care system (AHCS) is the same like American Mockery of ENGLISH! The AHCS is the most disgusting, the most expensive one and the most CORRUPTED one ! The AHCA staff is African origin people and black Latinos. They are very Rude, Slack, Stupid, Unqualified in Dirty Uniform! I have visited American medical center with the full American medical insurance and later got a $200 medical bill for services have never been made! Any American medical centre and hospital are not for medical help, They are the medical centres of FRAUD! To Complain? --It's Useless! They will make Together with FBI (According to even American Media: FBI and American police are CORRUPTED ) a Fake Case Against YOU and Persecute Forever or easy YOU could be killed.
15t4d0r (2 days ago)
It's not 100% of the German population, that's a oversimplification. The law forces all people to be insured and pay for it. But if you can't afford your insurance or don't pay your fees, then you aren't treated for anything except in acute emergencies. It's a problem for homeless people. If they want to get back to a normal life, they get an invoice for the time where they didn't pay. So they're paying retroactively for a period in which they didn't receive treatment for anything. (Job, housing, bank account, health care and money are all interdependent. It's a vicious circle that you can't escape on your own without help.)
DutyofCall (3 days ago)
I''m German and our health-care system isn't as good as the video told you, believe me it isn't...
aycc-nbh72 (3 days ago)
How about this for an alternative for the US: encourage price transparency with the hospitals... and break up the health monopolies.
aycc-nbh72 (3 days ago)
3:23 That is my first problem with the German system: those who are unsatisfied with the government’s insurance company who make less than that are not afforded the option for a competitor’s services. This would effectively be a state-run monopoly... which does not work very well in the US, especially considering that Amtrak and the Postal Service may be on their final legs. But here is another question: under the German plan (and Sen. Klobuchar’s), would those enrolled in private insurance companies be exempt from tax increases... or would they still have to pay into the public system?
yossarian3x (3 days ago)
Same free in Poland .
Dennis Feng (3 days ago)
Sure they might have free health care, but do they have free water at restaurants?
FluffySpartan (4 days ago)
as a german i can confirm. im super happy im born here healthwise but not everything here is great.
Welterbe23 (4 days ago)
It's because in the german constitution it is written that every human being is worthy, needs to get treaten equal and needs to be respected.
Pedro Paiva (4 days ago)
If something has "social" in the name, for Americans is devilish. Dont matter if it is better, is not patriotic.
Abdul Razak Mallam Tunde (4 days ago)
Sacrifer (5 days ago)
The German healthcare system isn't flawless, at least for students. Some years ago there was a change in laws the party "die grünen" pushed through which can result in a very bad life-ruining situation for students. As a student you have to send detailled income information to your health insurance at least once a year (insurances did that on their own before). If you miss that for whatever reason, even if you are in a coma after an accident, the insurance threats you like you have an income of 4000 Euros/month and thus you have to pay the maximum fees a student never can afford. This can also not be reverted afterwards and easily make you owe 20.000+ Euros to your health insurance. You also get exmatriculated if you owe money to your insurance since studying without active insurance isn't allowed in germany. Forcing every citizen to pay fees to the health insurance system (otherwise you aren't allowed to study or work) makes it cheaper for everyone but also has it's downsides.
Toyota1949 (5 days ago)
America is not a functioning society. Whether such dysfunction stems from ignorance, or lack of caring is debatable. I feel it is a combination of both reasons. Read some of the comments on YouTube from some Americans. The level of ignorance and arrogance is alarming. It is a disgrace that in 2020 America does not take care of it's own. Lack of adequate Medical Care is just one of, the serious problems not death with in the US. Quite Frankly the United Nations should be investigating America for abuse against its own citizens. A people obviously to stupid to stick up for themselves. Lack of medical care for all,. Continuous shootings, rampant illegals, lack of housing and education benefits, forced to own cars for lack of infrastructure. Lack of medical care for all is just the tip of the iceberg. In the smug self righteous country called America.
Ryan Tippens (5 days ago)
840 euro a month??that is over 1000 dollars a month.that is HORRIBLE...how can they pay that?
Ryan Tippens (5 days ago)
yeah...USA did mandatory as well and suddenly insurance cost the most in US history....I did have health insurance,I never used it at all,but i had it,cost 108 dollars a month for me and the wife..after healthcare. gov came..obamas mandatory law,the price skyrocketed to highest ever..I go from 108 a month to just under 1000 a month with a 12800 dollar deductible,I cancelled it..in the USA if you had no insurance there was a fine....I didnt pay it..obama also added over 20 new taxes with his healthcare scam....today its all gone..Don Trump got rid of all those taxes and the mandatory part is gone....nothing left of healthcare. gov....its over.....the problem with medical everything in the USA is they charge so much....I have homes OUT of the USA,Im there now down on the caribbean....wife having some back issues,we got her an MRI the other day.that cost 160 dollars..in the USA.that cost thousands..wife went to get glasses the other day...down here..office visit..everything,40 dollars..in the USA...400 dollars...health everything in the USA simply cost 10 times more than every place else on earth.
Ryan Tippens (5 days ago)
and to this day,I have no health insurance..been over 10 years now.
marcumar (5 days ago)
We do it by extorting nursing staff and doctors, while paying way to much for bureaucrats and drugs...
RedSjo (5 days ago)
You cant be the richest and pay for everyones healtg insurance. You just have to nickle and dime every penny
Big Daddy 64 (6 days ago)
Are we not a larger country than Germany?????? Hell just the state of Oregon is bigger than Germany!! STFU
Dzoni Johnny (6 days ago)
The american propaganda of freedom... I let you choice your health care so i do not have to pay it. I let you choice your wage without strong unions which secure all people. I let you choice the way of your poverty. Because all other would be socialism and we believe in the market and the invisible hand as we believe in god. But hell, if the financial system got bankrupt we turn in comunist and give them all they need. That is an interesting tactic and it only took 70 years to grow such sheeps.
Zsolt Jasko (6 days ago)
Not as golden as it seems! 100% (theoretical) are insured because it is a law and it is not allowed to be uninsured. P.H.I is only allowed if you are earn +60.000 $/y or if you work for the state or have a business. If you have a business and choose S.H.I you have to pay 14.6 % of your income. They will charge you at least 160$/ month no mater what you earn. If you can't pay the insurance and don't insure, they charge it afterwards. So if you are a employee 7.3% will be taken for S.H.I an another 7.3% have to be paid by the employer. If you getting social care the state pay for it.
Ben W (6 days ago)
I live in America. First lesson I was taught when I got older was: try not to get sick
BigBen 92 (7 days ago)
It sounds good, but as a german let me assure you, our system is broken. To many people take and put nothing in the pot.
xoiskin1969x (7 days ago)
oh...wow...."germany" in title and no german comments? :D
Hannes Schäfer (7 days ago)
1:25 That's technically wrong, about 80 000 People in Germany are not insured, because they fail(ed) to pay the fee (back). Src: https://www.destatis.de/DE/Presse/Pressemitteilungen/Zahl-der-Woche/2016/PD16_40_p002.html
kannonball (7 days ago)
Germany is the kind of Medicare For All system that Yang wants. Not Bernie’s socialist overkill.
steven03048 (7 days ago)
10:06 The german system is not free of "service" denials as it is portrait here, if it comes to special treatments or even experimental medicine the "Krankenkassen" can deny you the costs, but most of the time you know that before you start the treatment. And what is said but not really made clear: you still pay something: Zusatzkosten (extra costs) 10€ for one day at the Hospital, 5€ for a package of pills and so. If you are sick often or chronically ill that can produce some costs (even though you can lower your extra costs if you are chronically ill but that's too long of a story now).
chief tp (7 days ago)
if the USA was 90% German and we didn't have 10 million people on disability/food stamps/welfare and millions of other bums (I mean, um, "homeless" people) who pay NO taxes, we would be better off too.
xXCrankFreakXx (7 days ago)
Our system have big problems but is way better thas u.s.a
Marco Lau (7 days ago)
I'm an American who went to Germany for grad school for the experience, now I'm staying for the healthcare.
Asahel (7 days ago)
The US is acting as the World Police, so thats why Trump said european countries should pay theri fair share as almost everything is paid for by The US.
Timeturner (7 days ago)
Now don't sing our praises too high - there are many problems with our health care system. Because it is divided into public and private, it's essentially a two-class-system. Private patients are the preferred clients because you tend to get more money out of them, and as such, doctors and hospitals give them many privileges, much shorter waiting times for appointments being one of those. Private patients only have to wait a few weeks, while it can sometimes take up to something like half a year for a public patient to get an appointment, depending on the clinic. There are talks about unifying the system by finally making all health care public, so that all patients can receive equal treatment. It's the right thing to do.
Sune Wallentin Goettler (7 days ago)
I go to the doctor if i need to, i see and get medication and specialist help and I go to the emergency room with no thought to money, other than maybe "do i take the bus, a taxi or call for an ambulance?" If someone gets cancer or AIDS or diabetes, the worry is only to the sickness, because it will cost me nothing in healthcare. This is true for every person i meet, myself, my family and friends. For this we all pay our taxes, happily, and in accordance to how well of we are.
ian brook (7 days ago)
mate just about all the western world as better heath care than the US
Louis Daguerre (8 days ago)
Do American healt care insurences pay for Eculizumab when you struggle with Paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria?
TaeJa (8 days ago)
1st: Germany is way smaller than U.S 2nd: People in the Germany are more educated in the US. There are a lot of people in the US simply just took the advantage of the Medical and Medicare program while they did not pay any tax
foppo leeuwerke (8 days ago)
The Dutch have a similar system.Whatever happens everybody is covered.The U.S is totally out of the loop a ridiculous selfish money making system.
Tennessee Heckler (8 days ago)
America, where you have jobs that only allow 3 sick days a year before termination, and offer no health insurance benefits to keep you healthy.
thomas yang (8 days ago)
I am a Chinese living in US, and Chinese healthcare system is really some very few thing that i am proud of.
BKD Vickers (8 days ago)
How many illegals and migrants have been dumped into the German system?? ALL OF THEM!!! They force tax increases in order to keep the system working.
svein gerald hansen (9 days ago)
Why should Americans elect a Private system .
BKD Vickers (6 days ago)
@svein gerald hansen First of all, it's ridiculous to think a country can be like another country. Every country is different. Laws are different, regulations are different and systems of government are different. The population numbers are different. If one country doesn't have guns, that's their choice. In America we have a thing called the second amendment. What works in one country may not work so well in another country. Even with free healthcare where it exists the problems are different in each country and yes, the cost to keep those systems working keeps costing taxpayers more money every year. In some countries taxes, the cost of living and the cost of fuel is higher than it is in the United States. One country has the cost of fuel at almost $8.00 dollars per gallon. Some countries have it better and some have it worse depending on the location of the country on earth. Countries that are further south are always hotter than counties further north. Some years the weather is mild, some years it's not. Nothing stays the same and it never will. Weather has been constantly changing since the ice age. We all know the government wastes money on both sides of the fence. Look at the trillions of dollars wasted on illegals. Look at the wasteful spending in California. Also It would help if environmental extremists weren't setting some of the fires in Australia and blaming it on global warming
svein gerald hansen (6 days ago)
@BKD Vickers It depends of how the Government use its money. You have a bad Health Care for all. And you use more money than any other nation on Health Care. It is because your Health Care is Private. We don`t use Insurance companies. I see in my country if there is cheating, it is almost 100% the Private companies And 62% who don`t go to the Doctor. We have 100 % who goes, or the Doctor comes to them. And the US Police got very heavy equipment thanks etc for use against its citizens. Our Police don`t even have guns. The Australians, The Philippines, Norway etc will agree very much with you. Most of Australia is about to burn up, and it's not a country, but a continent al a America, Europe, Asia etc. In Norway we still have not had winter, winter should begin in October-November. We had all the grass burned away by the sun last year, for the first time, ever. So believe in Trump you, the future will show if he was right, but if he is wrong you can stop thinking about cars. In tropical Turkey we have had vinter, but not in the winter country Norway.
svein gerald hansen (8 days ago)
@BKD Vickers Sorry, they don`t have to. Look at the rest of the world. We have Universal Health Care, Free Schools incl University, 5-8 weeks Paid Vacation Swedish parents are entitled to 480 days of paid parental leave. For each child they get Each parent has an exclusive right to 90 of those days. And when the rest of the world can do it, why can`t you. It is the upper people, who stops it , money are not distributed evenly. See Amazon, he has so much money that he almost alone could pay The Health Care for all the Americans. Seen from Europe we see a country with 50 000 murders a year, Free Guns, Profit and Greed where people live on the street, where 62 % of the people don`t go to the Doctor because they are afraid of the bills, and even of getting Bankrupt Health Care is the reason # 1 of Bankrupt in US and 32 % don`t even have Insurance Many people have to have 2 or even 3 jobs to get around. No Maternity Leave together with New Guinea and Surinam as the 3 only countries in the world. 14 days Vacation, while even Russia have 40 days, and Free Health Care No free Schools even University, for all Do you see a Great Country, well good, because to us it looks more like a country from the 3 world.
BKD Vickers (8 days ago)
@svein gerald hansen But America is not trying to be like other countries. We are living in the greatest country on earth, despite having a massive growing debt that neither democrats or republicans want to do anything about. Democrats have a huge wishlist of multi trillion dollar ideas. That doesn't include the costly green new deal. All these ideas would explode in cost over the years just like those wonderful pension plans have done. Yet democrats choose to ignore the warnings. If all these ideas are passed, taxes and the cost of living and the cost of fuel would surpass what everything is costing in California right now......a LOT more. Should we ignore that and just not care about how high taxes would be in 20 years?? People certainly care about what those pension plans are now costing cities and states after all these years, don't they???
svein gerald hansen (8 days ago)
Video.; أين الغزو القادم
Thin Blue Line (9 days ago)
So shi is kind of like the nhs
Thin Blue Line (9 days ago)
America’s healthcare system is messed up man I hate how evil insurance companies are
Russell Purdy (10 days ago)
NBC shilling for Insurance Companies. Universal Healthcare is imminent in the USA and Insurance Companies are throwing what they can to keep the money flowing. Single payer, paid through taxation is the solution. A profit based system will always fail as the goal is to profit, not heal.
RandomYoutuber 123 (10 days ago)
Hipety, Hopety This comment section is now german property
Tango India Mike (10 days ago)
Insurance...and/or taxes for insurance, ARE the reason for higher costs of healthcare. I figured this out when I was about 5 or 6 years old. My mother took me to see a pediatrician. There was a sign above the receptionist window that I could not read, but I knew it had letters AND numbers. I asked my mother what the sign says and what does it mean? The sign said, "Without $25. With $50." She explained that persons WITHOUT insurance are billed $25 for the office visit. Persons WITH insurance are billed $50. If I need to explain any further, then you are more dense than a 5 year old.
ZwoJack (11 days ago)
Our german System would be even better if the PHI would be reformed. As in, still exists, but only as an additional option. Have everyone pay for the current basic stuff and if you want anything else go for additional private insurance
Rochelle Alcantara (11 days ago)
I am curious on the lifestyle differences between Germany and US.
Emily Linda Hofmann (11 days ago)
Hey switzerland has pretty damn good healthcare too!!!!! :v
Autocorrect hates my name (11 days ago)
Americans would rather pay more for independent health care than pay less for universal healthcare. The level of selfishness...
Plunai (11 days ago)
Wo dind die Deutschen, die in den Kommentaren einfallen?
Quarksoße 22 (7 days ago)
@Plunai Das militärische Meldung-machen in preußischer Manier geschieht wohl auch nur noch im Diminutiv. Wahrscheinlich ist es besser so...
Plunai (7 days ago)
@Quarksoße 22 Sichi
Quarksoße 22 (7 days ago)
Hier ist einer. Alles fit im Schritt?
Clint Ladera (12 days ago)
Buezhi Kampa (12 days ago)
Germany doesn’t pay for it’s own defense. They let us pay. No wonder they can afford universal health care. The rest of the countries that have universal health care are pretty much the same. This is just so much propaganda until these countries pay for there own military well-being. In addition, Germany uses the EU to create a lopsided budget in their favor, leaving many of the other nations in the EU at a disadvantage. Germany’s relative wealth is mostly propaganda and abuse of other nations. Thus, well-funded universal health care.
Quarksoße 22 (7 days ago)
​@Buezhi Kampa Warum sollte Deutschland mehr ins Militär investieren, als bisher? Wir haben keine Feinde und unterhalten zu all unseren Nachbarländern hervorragende diplomatische Beziehungen. An dieser Stelle könnte man auch Eisenhower zitieren, der da sagte: "Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies, in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed. This world in arms is not spending money alone. It is spending the sweat of its laborers, the genius of its scientists, the hopes of its children... This is not a way of life at all, in any true sense. Under the cloud of threatening war, it is humanity hanging from a cross of iron." Geld, das in das Militär gesteckt wird, ist unwiederbringlich verloren. Es rentiert sich nicht, es hilft nirgends, und die einzigen Auswüchse der Geldverbrennung der USA in ihre ach so tollen US-Army-Stützpunkte in Deutschland sind diese: https://www.br.de/nachrichten/bayern/us-kampfhubschrauber-im-landkreis-ansbach-notgelandet,Rd3sv88 Die USA hätten sich in den beiden Weltkriegen auch, was Deutschland anging, raushalten können, aber nein: Im Ersten Weltkrieg sind die Kredite an die Triple Entente mehr wert gewesen als die Leben von US-Soldaten, und im Zweiten Weltkrieg habt ihr eure kapitalistischen Felle davon schwimmen sehen, als Russland damit begonnen hat, das NS-Deutschland zu besiegen und bis an den Atlantik marschiert wäre. Alles in allem, keine ruhmreiche Geschichte für euch.
Buezhi Kampa (10 days ago)
Mariban, the eighties are calling. They want their self-righteous, apologist exceptionalism back. How long do you Germans expect others to carry the burden of your defense when you’re the source of shameful fascism with its murderous genocide of non-aryans from the start? Too damn long. Get off your narcissistic butts and pay your fair share for your defense. NATO fees you owe are piling up and so is the interest on your outstanding debt for post-war loans. Or are you saying you can’t be trusted to act like civilized human beings if you’re nationalism is expected to carry its own weight in the world. The way you force the EU to do your bidding sure seems to indicate as much. Shame on you for being such a burden to the world for all the years...and for being such laggards in repayment of loans. You owe the world much more than you’re paying. Stop taking and start giving, you sanctimonious blowhards.
Mariban (11 days ago)
When Germany spent too much money on its army, the world was not happy. Since Germany is finally living together with its neighbours in peace for a very long period of time, we simply don't need to put so much money into defence. Since Germany neither wants to attack its neighbours nor play a role as a world police force, it doesn't need an army that is able to attack other countries. Never since the Pax Romana has there been a longer period of peace in Europe than now, and we would like to keep it that way for the next 200 years. Europe is now so closely networked economically and socially that war here is virtually impossible. This even applies to relations with Russia. Investing in social security is much better for people than buying expensive weapons systems. In Germany, no one has to be homeless and no one has to be afraid of not being able to pay the doctor's bill. The USA does not pay for our defence, the presence of the US Army in Germany is much too weak for that. The USA has large bases here in Germany in order to keep its influence and because they are relatively close to the trouble spots in the Middle East. For example, the signals of the combat drones from the USA are transmitted further into the Middle East via the Ramstein Airbase. But I partially agree with you, the Bundeswehr is in a very bad condition, the budget should be increased and at least the existing things should be put in order. The USA is the opposite, it is simply insane to say that the USA will spend 735 billion dollars on the military in 2020, while there is no general health insurance and so many people have to live in poverty. By the way, the total budget of the German government is 400 billion dollars...
Tovarisch Urrraaa (12 days ago)
Making profit out of sickness.How sick Capitalism can be!!
Shirley Diwert (12 days ago)
Greed is big problem, the rich will get old, die like all. Life makes no sense dud to greed
Chromar (12 days ago)
One thing that bugged me is saying that the insurances are charities and not companies, that is not correct. They are profit oriented.
gašper šega (12 days ago)
They disare whit sanders and it makes me so angry cuz sanders wants to make the best for all the People and they disare cuz the upper 1 % pays them to say that
erik je (12 days ago)
i am dutch , and this is very close to what we all have in Nederland i pay a minimum of 1800 euro a YEAR and a maximum of 2150 a YEAR and get EVERYTHING I NEED for that money literally EVERYTHING
HappyandAtheist (12 days ago)
The UK does have private healthcare and anyone is free to use it. Just not many do.
Geo Emmanuel (12 days ago)
The only issue with German insurance system is the unnecessary bureaucracy. But in Germany everything is bureaucratic and when since it's the oldest insurance system in the world you can expect that. But I am sure a less complex system will be more cost effective with good care.
Tearstank (12 days ago)
The 100s of insurance comapnies in Germany is a sickness, Swedens system is way better.
BKD Vickers (8 days ago)
So is their high tax rate and cost of living.
blades7558 (12 days ago)
I don't understand 840 per month is unobtainable for someone under 60 k per year. At least by US standards. that'd be $940 per month with a 67K salary. that's almost a mortgage payment.
Luca Nell (12 days ago)
You know America is crazy in that way. In Europe Medicare for all is not a radical idea just common sense. Sure our system is flawed but we don't have to worry about insulin prices or seeing a doctor.
Luca Nell (7 days ago)
@BKD Vickers It just amazes me that Medicare for all is such a big deal. If you're referring to immigration that is an entirely different topic.
BKD Vickers (8 days ago)
But it's pretty dumb to dump millions of illegals into a system and forcing the overall cost to be higher for taxpayers
Para Bamba (12 days ago)
A welfare state is possible in societies with predominantly ethnic and cultural cohesion enabling trust and solidarity. USA does not have this foundation, Germany and Sweden is about to lose this as well. Why? Uncontrolled immigration. Within the end of this decade welfare in Europe will be a thing of the past, unfortunately.
G-Money Rides (12 days ago)
I have insurance here in the USA. Another thing that isn't even being addressed here is a deductible. Broke my foot in Nov and I have to pay $2500 before my insurance even kicks in. Who's got $2500 bucks just sitting around?
Dave Winchester (13 days ago)
They have better health outcomes spending half of what Americans do because most Germans still have personal accountability. It is shameful to be a freeloader there. MASSIVE difference between being insured and being able to afford to use that insurance too
Dave Winchester (13 days ago)
Main problem is the new "American Dream" is getting yourself and your kids labelled disabled. Then you get on a 100% freeload for life AND you get to give a family member a life liong income as your caretaker. A small percentage of the US population takes up the bulk of our healthcare spending through major abuse. I have seen people wait and complain endlessly beause all they want is a band aid or ibuprofen adn they're not going to pay for that at Walmart when they can get it "for free". So US taxpayers spend an easy $200 to get a person some ibuprofen so that person can save all their available cash for cigarettes. After they get a disability score the reality sets in. Any honest friends they ever had don't hang out with them all the time. They drift away and the freeload becaomes lonely. Then they start filling up their time with "free" doctor appointments for human contact that only cost taxpayers around $250 for 10 minutes. Can't tell you how many times I've heard doctors say "I have no idea why they came in today and they couldn't tell me either"
Jamil Sproles (13 days ago)
I was about to just bring up that Germany has almost a fourth of our population but then i realized this was CNBC 😅 freaking tool
Avigdor Miskin (13 days ago)
What about the fact that the good health care that people get in Germany is based on the immense medical innovation and research done in the US? Without the US investing so much money in health research and with it create THE BEST medical treatments in the world more Germans would be a lot sicker. So Germany and the rest of the world should thank the US for its medical system that allows the rest of the world enjoy quality healthcare. I do.
Kevin Candelario (13 days ago)
In usa everything is about business we are cold blooded sucker's
Tony (13 days ago)
The majority of North Americans are obese, low IQ, in debt, and have no self-control - over anything, then blame others for their mediocre lives.
BKD Vickers (8 days ago)
Liberals are that way.
Nico Meerhof (13 days ago)
American healthsystem. I would say “Rotten to the core”1
Luciano Francesco (13 days ago)
I'm sorry, but if you really believe that the US system is better you're either an extremely rich and selfish person or a complete moron, maybe both.
Francesco Vincent Gregor Noeske Parisi (13 days ago)
America is a decadent nation, a complete failure. I just hope the citizen realize how much their beloved american dream is just a fake illusion and stop listening to industry puppets like trump.
Tony (13 days ago)
The majority of North Americans are obese, low IQ, in debt, and have no self-control - over anything, then blame others for their mediocre lives.
edmund price (13 days ago)
So, basically people are dying of neglect to appease capitalism
Anne Moeller (13 days ago)
America is a continent.
jodders (13 days ago)
As a Brit what a needlessly beureacratic system! I thought our German friends were masters of efficiancy? At least Sanders proposal is even more efficient than that. One insurer. It just gets paid for! The UK system (where I work) is not perfect by any means. It has gotten worse any time privatisation has increased or pointless internal markets have been introduced. They are measures based on ideology not evidence though.
DoJo (12 days ago)
it all has it pros and cons. the system was designed to keep beureacracy at bay. Germany has a lot of experience with government organisations which had a lot of managers just to manage eachother without any productive output (Post, Telekom, Bahn (train)) after 40 years of being public companies. those SHIs shall bring the "best" of capitalism (struggling to get new members by better offers, keeping costs low etc.) and public healthcare (where everybody is covered) together. It works pretty well in some parts...in others not so much.
Burg (13 days ago)
Germany is white and America is not
aedificoergosum (13 days ago)
I would like to add a few important facts: 1. Everyone in Germany can get health insurance for about $ 160 a month. 2. Employees currently pay a contribution to insurance currently 14.6% of income. However, the employer must assume 50% of this contribution! However, the maximum contribution is currently not at most $ 980. No matter how much you earn. 3. Spouses who do not work and children are insured free of charge. 4. You can also stay SHI as a self-employed person or with an income over $ 60,000. 5. The large number of insurances is not bad, because 95% of all benefits that the insurances have to pay are regulated by law. BR
aphrodyboi (14 days ago)
Am just glad that am not an american.
David Bower (14 days ago)
So nothing like what the candidates who support a public option propose then.
ahmed ibrahim (14 days ago)
Treatment required: medical instruments ( once it being made it will be used for long time) Medication ( material we get from nature ) Hospital staffs except doctors So why health care is expensive
CallMe Zingo (14 days ago)
They're setting heavy regulations to prevent organizations make profits on the expanse of people's lives, they think of healthcare as a right not a privilege, sounds familiar?
Tatsumaki Mojo (14 days ago)
One sentence from Mayo Pete and I am fed up already!!!
clarkkenttheman (14 days ago)
thats around 1200 canaidian how the heck can they afford that
Barrie Wright (14 days ago)
Well done you can see that the Americans are coming to the universal medical cover for all the question is which model to Base it on or do they build their own but built for the US and the people and taking a bit from everyone else ! . The American people deserve a good medical system that they can depend on and won't fear it , it's a right and it's well over due.
moakley (14 days ago)
In Australia we have SHI but with a silent t
Brandon Etheredge (14 days ago)
Can we recognize that they only showed people dissing on Bernie Sander's Medicare for All bill? Not a single clip of him talking about the positives? And by the way, not having insurance because it isn't needed due to *everything* being covered 100% by Medicare isn't a bad thing...
sun dial (14 days ago)
Francesco Vincent Gregor Noeske Parisi (8 days ago)
I am an italian citizen and to me the Health Care System in Italy sucks compared to Austria where i am staying right now, still it's MORE EQUAL, MORE EFFICIENT, LESS EXPENSIVE AND IT TREATS EVERYONE, unlike the horrible situation in the USA. We still act according to the "Hippocratic Oath" something your industry prostitutes, ehm doctors, apparently forgot about.
Francesco Vincent Gregor Noeske Parisi (8 days ago)
Actually i still can't understand how people like to live in a disgusting country like yours. I d never ever move to such a terrible example of western civilization failure like the USA. Humans move from worse to better habitat, it's always been like this, the opposite just doesn't make any sense
BKD Vickers (8 days ago)
@Francesco Vincent Gregor Noeske Parisi ....LOL!!! "Global universal health care" is a ridiculous idea because every country is different, has different laws, different regulations, and different systems of government. That would never happen because it would be impossible. Why would I want to pay for the health care for someone in another country??? It's bad enough having to take care of the illegals. So what would the American tax rate have to be to pay for free health care, free college, free housing, debt forgiveness, full welfare benefits for millions of illegals, the costly green new deal and many other things democrats are wanting??? What would those ideas be costing 30 years from now??? What democrats in America are wanting is unsustainable just like those wonderful pension plans have become that has created huge burdens on cities
BKD Vickers (8 days ago)
@sun dial Just like with Obama Care, liberals ignore all the warnings and red flags. They keep saying they don't mind if taxes are raised to get what they want. But their wish list of unsustainable ideas is huge. Taxes and the cost of living would shoot to the moon to pay for all those ideas and the cost would always keep growing year after year just like those wonderful pension plans have done. Then factor in the massive cost to implement the green new deal and the effects it would have on gas prices. All these ideas combined together is simply unsustainable. The problem is democrats look at all these ideas individually instead looking at all of them combined together and what they would be costing 30 years from now. It's very irresponsible.
sun dial (8 days ago)
@BKD Vickers If Bernie gets elected there will be a mass stampede of people and money leaving the country and all that will be left will be the lazy crybaby safe space everything free liberals refusing to work and our country's borders will be opened and millions of parasites will flood into America and bankrupt it and fill it with violence and we will end up like Venezuela. 😐
there fore (14 days ago)
america needs you to get sick, remain sick and die as quickly as possible....this is where the money exist... it is about the profit
Nal (14 days ago)
Germany's health care is much more expensive when you factor in all the indirect effects. Such as e.g. the dramatically lower gross salaries (compared to Switzerland and the US) due to the lower efficiency of capital driving out business, even lower net salaries and disposable incomes due to several times higher taxation or lower savings and wealth due to a much weaker capacity for investing.
Lets Play™ (15 days ago)
USA need a new health care system and garbage separation + recycling system.