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Whatever happened to California's high-speed rail project?

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Over budget and behind schedule, the controversial infrastructure project is running out of money; William La Jeunesse reports from Los Angeles.
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marvin watkins (1 day ago)
Good points, minus McCarthy. But then, look at the news source
Pat Beaudry (1 day ago)
As usual FOX fucked up this report. California is one of the state's that need a high speed system. King of funny how the rest of the world has no problem doing these projects. On on fox
Palinae Mycenia (2 days ago)
gomez stupid pol not tech person
majstealth (3 days ago)
pfff, only doubled .... come back if the estimate pricetag trippled or quadrupled, of course with years to be build and knowingly it will never get money in...
ric mulholland (3 days ago)
Get there Mexican drug cartels onboard them bastards are good at building tunnels! Problem solved.
southchum101 (4 days ago)
Kill the rail
W. Jong (4 days ago)
Why don’t you guy let Chinese do it? Cheaper, ahead of schedule, no budget over ran. Then later you can pass a law to exclude them!
jim h (5 days ago)
We need to recall Jerry Brown.. He's waisting our money.. On unneeded bullet train Projected to cost $77 billion 50 million $ per year immigrant services.. 30 millio $ of which is for legal assistance.. We need our roads fixed Our 100 + year old water line upgraded... Plus other infrastructures repaired/ upgraded.. Now lots of you might say.. Illegals that come here.. Some of which are repeat criminals.. Need help.. I understand that.. So i say to all of you with that mind set... Step up and you provide the money.. Put your money where your mouth is... RECALL JERRY BROWN.
salamandrina max (6 days ago)
That is why Trump is better than dumb Obama
Dennis Salamante (7 days ago)
In LA Union Station, Amtrak and Metrolink will use the electric AC-64 locomotives, and the train station for Metrolink and Amtrak trains in LA Union Station will be Underground, right above the high-speed rail terminal in LA Union Station. Along with that, LA Union Station will start infrastructure in July 2020 and Metrolink and Amtrak trains will end at one station before Los Angeles Union Station due to infrastructure at Los Angeles Union Station. Along with that the Southern California Railways will use the electric overhead catenary wires and third rail power, except for freight trains. Metrolink's diesel locomotives will be put into storage. When infrastructure is done at Los Angeles Union Station, all trains will end at their final stop of La Union Station.
Key Hock Cheah (10 days ago)
I can see why California HSR is over budget and behind time. The construction is so much labour intensive. What the Chinese does is all mechanized, mass produced many of the concrete sleepers. The steel track also uses machine to do. Huge Heavy lifting machines are designed to lay track and other infrastructure. No concrete pouring on site.
Charles Whitfield (10 days ago)
thats what happens when you give the millitary a trillion dollars.
ava gd (10 days ago)
Has any massive construction project never gone over budget? One of this magnitude surely will have cost overruns due high unforeseen snags. Is Fox news against the high speed rail or just reporting the news. I wonder!!.
sportster1988 (13 days ago)
I'm glad our State's Governor passed these funds over, so Obammy could give it to California. Barry is a legend in his own mind!
richies quest (15 days ago)
What a fucking shambles.
LIFE-IS-GOOD (17 days ago)
Damn Brown! That scum needs to go to jail!
Andrew Armstrong (17 days ago)
SMH. If idiots like this had come over on the Mayflower we would not have a country today. Quit complaining and get the damn job done.
Arthur Humphreys (17 days ago)
Like everything else they do the Democrats fucked it all up, but they are throwing in the misery that is their world.
Oldbmwr100rs (20 days ago)
Jerry Brown says he can afford it so now he can pay for it personally. The state will never finish this mess, I remember BART alone taking years to get anything close to finished.
Silverhaze78 (21 days ago)
The longer it takes the more money that can be siphoned off to fatten wallets of the ones in the know.
VERTICAL Wisdom (25 days ago)
The state is upside down, and while CA thumbs its nose as a sanctuary state --- the Feds will just not fund the mess. Hey, great planning Gov. Moonbeam. Ca gets what is voted for - morons.
gentelbenn62 (25 days ago)
Corruption on colossal scale. including diverting funds for immigrant's.
tom7601 (25 days ago)
Maybe Moonbeam can get some money from China, North Korea, and Iran...
toordog (26 days ago)
Fix your damn taxes amd youd not only be able to pay for this, but you'd be able to give EVERYONE a large tax cut.
jim h (27 days ago)
We need a boarder wall... Not a bullet train.. (that not one section is high speed) Us votets need to shut Jerry down.. Redirect the billions $ To building the wall.. And more funding for boarder patrol dogs..
mrmashedpotato (27 days ago)
High speed rail only works in countries that don't need lots of coverage because their nations are so small, like Japan or Netherlands, or countries that are completely dominated by the communist party that can take as much taxpayer money as they want, like China.
Greg Higgins (27 days ago)
Jerry Brown = Economic Disaster
Jody Powell (28 days ago)
No money for California president Trump the sanctuary state that needs to die. Don't forget about the next election.
Jeanie Rides (28 days ago)
What a disgusting insane project idiot brown wasted money on this useless moonbeam nut case unnecessary project
fattymoko (1 month ago)
Not many people know that the govt. can take private land away from anyone through eminent domain. They can condemn perfectly good land and buildings to do with whatever they choose to and repay at a ridiculously low market price. Many businesses and private land owners have suffered the wrath of this unconstitutional and idiotic law. It can hit anyone. The govt. can take your livelihood and property any time they want. And in every one of the 50 States, they can and do.
fattymoko (1 month ago)
God damn. Jerry Brown sounds exactly like the crazed politicians here. "IT'S THE FUTURE!!!!! WE HAVE TO DO IT NOWWWWW!"
fattymoko (1 month ago)
Hawaii is living the exact same nightmare with rail. It was something we all knew could not afford. For decades residents were against it but lawmakers said if they didn't act, we'd forever be behind in transportation and lose Federal funding for the project. Taxes and "fees" have shot up 150% in some cases to make up for the shortfall. Before we ran out of money, the legislators realized the shortfall was in the millions so they shortened the rail line. Now it goes from dense suburbia to nowhere. It stops abruptly before the State's largest financial and business district, the State University and the State's largest shopping mall and tourist destination of Waikiki, it tore up properties that were thriving and family homes that were there for decades and now that the debit is too great even for the Federal govt. to bail us out of, the lawmakers are saying that "even if the rail goes to no where, we have to finish it or we'll be the laughing stock of the nation with an unfinished project that will top a billion dollars." Even all the while, admitting that the rail goes nowhere important.
Levine Levine (1 month ago)
The Democratic politicians needed a cash cow to repay the political dues owed to the powerful trade labor unions which had elected them into office. They found the perfect cash cow: California High Speed Rail. The corrupt Democratic politicians had hoped to conceal a boondoggle with the sight, sound, and glamour of a high speed rail. But the facts get in their way. The California High Speed Rail is a misnomer as its average speed is 50 mph from Union Station to just south of the El Cajon Pass where passengers must abandoned the trains and board buses which will carry them over the Grape Vine into Bakersfield where they will board another Northbound train to continue the journey. In 2008, the project cost was estimated to cost $33 billion, but now just 8 years later that figure has been revised to more $68 billion even before laying down a single segment of high speed rail track. At this rate of cost escalation another revised estimated in 2020 will topple the $100 billion dollars threshold. And there is no promise that $100 billion will be enough to complete the entire project. California's high speed train should be called the Great California train robbery, courtesy of the corrupt Democratic politicians spearheaded by Jerry Brown and the trade labor unions.
Harold Leicester (1 month ago)
Levine Levine Unions are a menace to society.
ava gd (1 month ago)
The US gets into a war and it go on for years costing billions. So what if infrastucture that eventually will benefit millions will cost. What doesn't. The US somehow can find the money to build guns and tanks to get involved in wars all over the world and the United States just keep right on going.
Harold Leicester (1 month ago)
ava gd I'm fine with national sovereignty and being protected. That's the first and most important role of govt. Yours is an appallingly false comparison.
Robin Sattahip (1 month ago)
Wow, that woman is fat, maybe she can dig the tunnels by hand.
Robin Sattahip (1 month ago)
Tie Brown to the tracks, see if Superman shows up to rescue him.
ctafrance (1 month ago)
Oh, Americans have turned into such numbskulls.  Every country in Europe has high speed rail all over the place.  Japan has it.  China has it.  And these American weenies can't do it.  The entire controversy is PATHETIC.  The advantages of high speed rail over air traffic are so obvious, that you have to be BRAIN DEAD not to see it.  I won't bother to reply to any other posts about it here.  If you're brain is not sufficiently alive to grasp the simple obvious truth about high speed rail which the rest of the civilized world has already grasped, well, there isn't any point in discussing it.  It would be like talking to a dummy with sand in its head instead of a brain.
Harold Leicester (1 month ago)
ctafrance Projecting much?
Joseph Traina (1 month ago)
The money,at least a good portion of it went to JERRY"s illegal refugees.
Richard l Johnson (25 days ago)
Joseph Traina and also Maxceen
中国制造 Made in China (1 month ago)
Chinese technology is way ahead of the US in terms of viaduct construction, the US still uses 200-year-old technology 1:36, China can get the job done 100 times faster -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gPSbGQQKK-M&feature=youtu.be
Perich29 (1 month ago)
They are laying tracks between Bakersfield and San Jose, if they stop high speed rail, the track they laid will just be an expensive Amtrak rout.
Econo Driver (1 month ago)
vutube379 (1 month ago)
They should have invested in affordable, commuter AIR BUSES and landing pads not a boondoggle ripping through our beautiful state!
Danny v (1 month ago)
I think I found the problem your construction workers are female
MR ME (1 month ago)
Thank you gov. Brown stain !! Tax tax tax !!! All your good for.
Tharreus I Williams (1 month ago)
I do not see how this is any different from Trump's "Great Wall of China" project on the border. The government will have to use imminent domain to take over private property, build a wall through a floodplain and it will cost billions of dollars. The high speed rail project when complete will at least be able to generate revenue. Trump's border wall has NO economic benefits. Furthermore; it will ruin a relationship with an important ally (Mexico) and it may not even be effective at keeping people out.
Tharreus I Williams (25 days ago)
California is 15% percent of this nation's economic output. Our GDP is $2.6 trillion dollars. If we were a country we would have the 6th largest economy in the world. Trump has been disrespectful to our state and the contributions we make to the country. He has been tougher on us than Russia! We feed the nation growing half the nations fruit and vegetables. We are Americans too! But Trump is to busy fighting with us to address Russia's attack on our democracy.
Richard l Johnson (25 days ago)
Ya and when it's done the big one I'll come an split California in half. What happened to California wanting to leave the union vote on that shit you bunch of dumb asses
Its Jarret (1 month ago)
786otto (1 month ago)
Need Chinese to get it done, fest and reasonable price.
PresentGenGamer (1 month ago)
Why is this high speed rail project so expensive? The one TX is only 1/5 of the price of this one and is going to be better in every way possible and so is the one connecting DC and Baltimore.
Amtrakfan2009 (2 months ago)
What a waste of money.
Roger (2 months ago)
if the train tickets end up being more expensive than actually just driving there then i won't be using this "dream" train
Roger (2 months ago)
all the inflated money is going to the politicians pockets
Walter Ye (2 months ago)
just look at china
Donald Harvey (2 months ago)
Make sure you give the jobs to american's
Peter Macfarlane (2 months ago)
What's the alternative? Build more freeways?
Bird Guy (2 months ago)
Aw man. I was so excited for it...
Timothy Hoang (2 months ago)
F...ing that high speed train. Nobody is going to use it!
Heads Tails (2 months ago)
Its almost as if Fox news wants this to fail.....
Space Man 360 (2 months ago)
ALL RIGHT EVERYONE what I'm TRIGGERED about IS that we built the empire state building in 1 year yes 1 YEAR why can't we build an intricate system of high speed rail in let's say a decade and a half we just got to put our effort into it if we want a successful high speed rail system in the USA which is very needed due to congestion in our highways. phew... that was a lot of typing.
Mel Lane (2 months ago)
Jerry Brown is a con artist.  Vote him off the planet.
PM Beaham (2 months ago)
The train will only go 70MPH yet, stop at 30 towns between LA and Sacramento... One of the biggest problems is that the Central Valley has huge Ground Water Subsidence issues which effect the tracks... Even a 3cm(~1 in) change in grade could derail a train moving at 80MPH. The Central Valley has dropped by more than 16 feet in some areas due to subsidence. What a mess... $33Billion to no where... They could have spent on urban mass transit and Airports instead.
P Gray (2 months ago)
When i lived in Cali it was called the rail to nowhere
Clarissa Danae (2 months ago)
I wish we could sue them for fraud. Corrupt Dems offer us a tax paid bond to build a high tech/high speed train then sink the money into committees for studies and more studies, planning to give us some crap sub par train instead, but then waste it into more committees. This what happens when ruled by a crap socialist state nearing communism, all the money goes into corrupt politicians and their friends and we the people get the lowest scraps possible. They're nothing but lieing, cheating, thieves!
Andrew Lyon (2 months ago)
We could've built the wall cheaper than a useless rail
Nathan Hatfield (2 months ago)
😂😂the fat chick commenting. That’s the best the could do😂😂
Jwad (2 months ago)
Poeple are leaving the state a locomotive will do.
david sanchez (2 months ago)
It's not even a high speed train. It's a conventional hybrid bull shit. It won't even come close to reaching the speeds they said it would.
Carpophorus R (2 months ago)
Los Angeles paid $2.4 billion to illegal immigrants and their families for welfare and medical in just 2 years.
Robert Smith (2 months ago)
Gov. Brown "We can afford it" Yeah ok.
weitzfc1 (2 months ago)
ava gd (2 months ago)
Doesn't every big project run over budget. The naysayers usually want these projects to fail.
Martin Sage (2 months ago)
Gov.Brown is nothing more than an out and out DICTATOR!! He doesn't give a damn about Californians. He's saddled us with the nations HIGHEST GAS PRICES in history. He puts laws in effect without voter approval time and time again. He steals tax money that's supposed to be used for fixing roads and uses it help pay subsidies for illegals. He drives Big Business out of the state (1,700 in the last 10 yrs) with high taxes and forced green energy laws and announces they are just not "smart enough" to solve their problems. These companies were smart enough to move to states with Zero to Low Taxes and NO requirements to install Very Expensive Solar and Wind power. Big Companies are Not Stupid....Jerry Brown is the Stupid One. Democrats have DESTROYED California. It has gone from the 4th largest economy to the 7th thanks to Democrats and it falling even MORE. Lets get California's economy back by Voting Republicans back into power. It worked in the White House, it will work here in California.
Martin Sage (2 months ago)
Gov.Jerry Brown is THE Biggest Dreamer of them all. How can a high speed rail DOUBLE in cost? Some contractors are obviously exceedingly GREEDY. We need to make this project more competitive in bids for the work needed. The California government needs to be hard nosed about what it will pay and more importantly what it will NOT pay for construction.
Reality isnt A choice (2 months ago)
It's gonna cost way more then trumps wall.
TheColorfulPube (2 months ago)
They're building it you fucking retards.
its jxy (1 month ago)
TheColorfulPube exactly
steve harrigan (2 months ago)
This turkey will end up costing as much as two walls, and in order to pay for this bad joke, a ticket to go 100 miles would have to cost at least $900.00, and it would have to operate at capacity for 60 years to break even. Ladies and gentlemen- - - Governor Gerry Brown.
Alex Miller (2 months ago)
I am a huge rail advocate, I have traveled on high-speed trains in Europe and I want it here, but Democrats pulling this kind of shit gives high-speed rail a bad name.
Manhattan Man (2 months ago)
Good intentions. But unrealistic.
Bill Y. (3 months ago)
*Only the Chinese* can build it on time and under budget.
Jack MeOff (3 months ago)
Yep and why doesn't this surprise me.
CJ (3 months ago)
Still less expensive then fixing the roads. Are youSerious, what is all the whining about?
Walter Kiel (3 months ago)
Governor Moon Beam et al have been Bonging It for years. These Collectivist Libtards can't have their cake and eat it too. They've chased productive citizens and profitable companies out of California... so there is no money for these projects. The little money that's left... they've stolen. All these boondoggle projects here in CA should be terminated !!
HostilePancakes, The Millennial Warrior (3 months ago)
I wish that the system cost had stayed under $34 billion (its original cost estimate). Also, for those of you who say this money could've been used to build the wall: 1) Shut up Trumpservatives -- Mr. Commander-in-Chief's ego is full of lies, scandals, and contradictions of himself. Don't believe me? Watch this: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=kSE-XoVKaXg 2) This project began in 2008 with Proposition 1A, the day that Obama was elected. Only Clinton and W. Bush could've had influence enough to kill this project.
Will Will (3 months ago)
ThomasG10mtn (3 months ago)
*They'll just blame Trump and Republicans.* By the time this debacle is finished, it will cost close to 200 billion. For 200 billion Trump could dig a new "Panama Canal" right along the US/Mexico border, and charge supertankers a fee to transit it.
Walter White (3 months ago)
Jerry brown scares the shit out of me.. he is crazy
Joshua Matthew M. Samarita (3 months ago)
Now California wake up
Kenneth E. Zwolski (3 months ago)
Why California Has the Nation’s Highest Poverty Rate 16 January 2018 California has the highest poverty rate of any state in the Union, according to the Supplemental Poverty Measure of the U.S. Census Bureau. As with Venezuela, it certainly isn’t because the state lacks resources. It is because of moonbattery. The moonbattery most responsible for increasing poverty is government action ostensibly intended to reduce it: Sacramento and local governments have spent massive amounts in the cause. Several state and municipal benefit programs overlap with one another; in some cases, individuals with incomes 200% above the poverty line receive benefits. California state and local governments spent nearly $958 billion from 1992 through 2015 on public welfare programs, including cash-assistance payments, vendor payments and “other public welfare,” according to the Census Bureau. California, with 12% of the American population, is home today to about one in three of the nation’s welfare recipients. That which government subsidizes, we get more of. Other states have reduced poverty through welfare reform — i.e., by subsidizing it less lavishly. Not California: California recipients of state aid receive a disproportionately large share of it in no-strings-attached cash disbursements. It’s as though welfare reform passed California by, leaving a dependency trap in place. Immigrants are falling into it: 55% of immigrant families in the state get some kind of means-tested benefits, compared with just 30% of natives. This is why the immigrants are imported from the Third World — to serve as a permanent welfare-dependent underclass that will vote reliably and keep Big Government growing. As economist William A. Niskanen explained back in 1971, public agencies seek to maximize their budgets, through which they acquire increased power, status, comfort and security. To keep growing its budget, and hence its power, a welfare bureaucracy has an incentive to expand its “customer” base. With 883,000 full-time-equivalent state and local employees in 2014, California has an enormous bureaucracy. Many work in social services, and many would lose their jobs if the typical welfare client were to move off the welfare rolls. Bureaucrats have also exacerbated poverty by driving up the cost of housing: The California Environmental Quality Act, passed in 1971, is one example; it can add $1 million to the cost of completing a housing development, says Todd Williams, an Oakland attorney who chairs the Wendel Rosen Black & Dean land-use group. CEQA costs have been known to shut down entire homebuilding projects. California further increases poverty by driving up energy prices to suppress carbon dioxide in the name of the global warming hoax: California energy costs are as much as 50% higher than the national average. CO2 is beneficial, not harmful. It makes the crops grow. But the poor are forced to pay to reduce it. Energy costs “could exceed 17% of median income in some areas.” Then there is the minimum wage lunacy: California lawmakers recently passed a measure raising the minimum wage from $10 an hour to $15 an hour by 2022 — but a higher minimum wage will do nothing for the 60% of Californians who live in poverty and don’t have jobs. And research indicates that it could cause many who do have jobs to lose them. Already minimum wage hikes have been driving restaurants out of business. These restaurants are a significant source of employment for low-skilled and entry-level workers. Meanwhile, the ruling bureaucrats who created this hardship double down on their pernicious ideology: The political class wants to build a costly and needless high-speed rail system; talks of secession from a United States presided over by Donald Trump; hired former attorney general Eric H. Holder Jr. to “resist” Trump’s agenda; enacted the first state-level cap-and-trade regime; established California as a “sanctuary state” for illegal immigrants; banned plastic bags, threatening the jobs of thousands of workers involved in their manufacture; and is consumed by its dedication to “California values.” “California values” = moonbattery. California’s demographic transformation should keep Democrats in a position of total domination indefinitely, so the situation will only continue to deteriorate. On tips from Varla and Bodhisattva.
August von Mackensen (3 months ago)
Joseph Parkhurst (3 months ago)
Another example of democrat money Fudge.
Ticky Tocky (3 months ago)
You can fly from sf to la in under an hour you jerk off brown douchebag senile old communist turd.  Fucking libtards have destroyed yet another state.  The last thing we need is a faster way to ship more illegals from southern Cal.  every last liberal is a fucking thief!
Fred Heigl (3 months ago)
Jerry Brown, Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein and the Hollweirds are turning that once fine state in a 'shithole' nation!
Lex Luthor (3 months ago)
STEVE PERRY (3 months ago)
I'm sure the Democrats told the money and use it on other stuff like Maxine Waters or Hillary Clinton. Check their bank account.
STEVE PERRY (3 months ago)
Build a wall and throw Jerry Brown on the other side of it.
STEVE PERRY (3 months ago)
Fuck Jerry Brown he's a piece of shit
Jay Campbell (3 months ago)
If a contractor told you he could build you a shed for $3000 and then halfway through, said it would cost $6000, you could sue him. Why can't politicians be sued if they misrepresent how much a project will cost just in order to get it underway? They should be held liable. They have stolen from all of us.
Jeff Laffite Jones (3 months ago)
Bee be Cee (3 months ago)
Should have got China to build it, we would be floating on magnetic levitation by now. Cheap cheap.
MrSchmitty61 (3 months ago)
How will that work in a earthquake zone anyway, how do hold it all together??? i love the idea of it....
coastercrutchfield (2 months ago)
MrSchmitty61 I dunno ask japan, or Italy, or China, or how about anyone with a brain
Jay Bird-d (3 months ago)
Why Wuy=NUT J O B...
Fla-bushcraft Prepper (3 months ago)
Was there not one person to speak up and say, "High Speed Rail in an Earth Quake prone state, is not a good idea."
Fla-bushcraft Prepper (2 months ago)
Watch this video. The politician who wanted it, wants it stopped. Because someone with wisdom got to him. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DBrWRapGHAg
Fla-bushcraft Prepper (2 months ago)
Roads are a need. Utility lines are a need. High Speed Rail is a "Want" and it cost Billions of Dollars. So paying Billions for a WANT (HSR) in an Earth Quake Prone State is smart? You are a dumb ass who likes to inflate stupidity over wisdom.
coastercrutchfield (2 months ago)
Okay let’s not build roads, or utility lines, or basically anything across fault lines or any other seismically active areas
Fla-bushcraft Prepper (2 months ago)
Fla-bushcraft Prepper (2 months ago)
Alexander Hart (3 months ago)
I think because CA became a sanctuary state and all fed funding was pulled the money from Brown's dream train had to be pulled