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2018 13‑inch MacBook Pro Review

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Apple's latest generation 13-inch MacBook Pro fails in some key areas but picks up some unique abilities and things that redeem itself making it a great computer to own. === SOCIAL
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Text Comments (9)
badex Inc (7 months ago)
hows the keyboard holding up?
Михаил Филимонов (8 months ago)
Is there much difference between i5 and i7 using for Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe xD? (For Designers, not Photographs))
MrZuneJ (6 months ago)
Юрий Шипицын (8 months ago)
Keep your work, bro! Very detailed and real-world review 👍Hello from Russia😊
Felipe Gazzotto (9 months ago)
You can get 16gb of ram in the i5 model
ERROR#DC (9 months ago)
Love ur vids keep it up
zzz (9 months ago)
I want one lol
j4kepq (9 months ago)
It’s thunderbolt 3 u probs knew that just lettin u know bro
LogicLounge (9 months ago)
Ah yes thanks for the correction. I meant Thunderbolt 3.