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This city is giving out free cash to curb poverty

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One hundred people, $500 a month, no strings attached. Stockton, California is rolling out a small-scale experiment with universal basic income.
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mel saint (9 months ago)
I think the extra cash will help the poor and the struggling. Money really helps, based on my experience. Money is not just pleasure. It's a life changer.
rivalsairsoft (10 months ago)
Here’s a hint kids - I’m 16 and I have a minimum wage job. That’s normal. If you’re 36, get a real job. Start at the bottom somewhere and work your way up. And where did the city get this money from? Did they just pull it off a tree? Oh wait, “free” money a.k.a take money from people who earned it and give it to people who didn’t
mel saint (9 months ago)
You will also get older to 36. And will suffer the same fate as her. Easy to be a douche when you're young
Hello My Name Is (10 months ago)
You are smart for a 16 year old
Mista Mf Meyhem (10 months ago)
500 dollars ain't shit , that ain't no money to be worried about poor people being able to handle.....fuck that bitch
Common Sense (11 months ago)
WHEN THE MACHINES TAKE ALL THE JOBS DUE TO AUTOMATION one day, this will be the only option to stop mass riots and anarchy.
Grassy Tiger (11 months ago)
Watch this fail and cali go into even higher poverty rates
JP Landscaping (11 months ago)
drug users and bad people live in stockton
J O (11 months ago)
The shit problem with this country is that you raise the wages than prices everywhere go up. It’s fucking bullshit.
Blade 666 (11 months ago)
It's not free!!!! Idiots
Zdeněk (11 months ago)
No strings attached? yeah, if you don't consider that any job income will be taxed horrendously to pay for this as a string attached. I'm pretty sure this will overall just increase poverty level as an average person will be less likely to work or these 500 dollars just end being zero value.
Zdeněk (11 months ago)
We should also stop eradicating poverty as it is absolutely impossible. It's like reaching light speed more closer you are to eradicating poverty more money you have to put in to advance. There is always someone going to be under poverty level. I don't mind helping people to get out but use job offers, free education for those who study their ass off and other opportunities to help both individuals and society not "free money" and other stupid ideas.
Giovanni Walker (11 months ago)
I really wish we'd stop using the word free.... Instant way to turn a lot of people off from the idea.
h8meppl (11 months ago)
What happened to the America that despised communism?
mel saint (9 months ago)
I don't think it's Communism.
Sebastian Hidalgo (10 months ago)
Zdeněk education is leftist
rivalsairsoft (10 months ago)
h8meppl Democrats
Zdeněk (11 months ago)
everyone forgot what socialism caused in soviet union. Pretty early to forget I think.
Серж Шуляченко (11 months ago)
Ukraine does not give up ! https://milnavigator.tv/ In Ukraine, a new powerful art installation type Archer.
Screaming Banshee (11 months ago)
help to get high
Money Maker (11 months ago)
Free money is only given in Middle East....By gov selling oil
mel saint (9 months ago)
Also in Alaska by selling oil
Den Rubio (11 months ago)
Do GaryVee do flip shit on ebah, Amazon, Facebook 😉
Joe Marks (11 months ago)
The EITC and welfare state should be eliminated to make way for a Negative Income Tax. NIT > UBICapitalism And Freedom by Milton Friedman ought to be mandatory reading.
C. Lincoln (11 months ago)
How about instead of giving people $500 per month to do nothing. Pay them $500 to increase their productivity (i.e learn a new skill, get a certification, start a small business... that sort of thing).
babemonster101 (11 months ago)
To pay your addictions
Alejandro Velazquez (11 months ago)
its just for job experince,not a full grown man/women trying to get by.cut down on the ignorance and work smarter,not harder.
Alejandro Velazquez (11 months ago)
well of course you wont be able to pay the bills with a full time job that pays mininum wage.mininum wage was never meant for the long term its supposed to be for kids coming out of highschool or for new residents as there first job.
Erin Kristine (11 months ago)
No one deserves a mansion nor designer clothes and all the dumb luxuries. People die from starvation and sickness and you need a Lambo? We can all save each other. It takes caring, it takes ignoring electronic device interfereance. NO ONE DESERVES A PALACE NOR SERVANTS NOR SLAVES, NOT A SINGLE PERSON DESERVES TO SUFFER. The world is fueled by greed and selfishness. Get over yourself. Stop bullying humanity. I hold everyone accountable for everything if you aren't part of the cure you're part of the disease.. The dispersion of wealth is ridiculous. Things need to be based on hours worked not dollars and everyone is accountable for the job they do. Seriously, it isn't working the way it is. The children suffer from lack of family. We work at sick jobs preying on the downfall of humans. IT ISN'T WORKING. WE NEED TO START FROM ZERO AND RETHINK IT ALL OUTSIDE OF PAST PARAMETERS. The system benefits about five people total in the entire world? Everyone gets the same home, the same car, health insurance which should include dental and vision always and it is all free. No one deserves to be any person's slave! Everyone works young and old except it is more natural living with importance. Ban drugs, ban preservatives and artificial everything. Walk more, stop eating rotting flesh of innocent animals. Do you want to be happy or someone's slave? We have to just stop the motion of old ways to build new ways. Religion and science are man made. War and problems are man made. Thought contagions, emotional contagions.. where do they come from? Apocalypse means great awakening. Many things are b.s. and misunderstood. Stop wasting time on your emotions, not to completely be unfeeling more because they can lie. Stop playing the dull minded, monotonous games. Or just ignore reality and think well we can't do anything. If the government, the financial institutions and religious leaders care about us then they would admit the failure as well. No one is truly happy. LIFE ISN'T ABOUT SLAVERY, MONEY.. SHAME ON ANYONE FOR BEING A BULLY, FOR TAKING ADVANTAGE, FOR BEING LAZY, FOR WATCHING SOMEONE ELSE'S FAKE LIFE ON A SCREEN. Cows love, chickens love, pigs love, fish love, deer love, the animals are smarter than some can comprehend.. everything knows what we are doing. You eat their death, their fear, their mistreatment and then your life is the same. Have integrity, speak up for the right causes, you know what is right and what is wrong. No one needs to hate, nor to war. Imagine what we could create if we all worked together instead of against. Bad habits spring from boredom from not engaging or misthinking or misfeeling something. We don't have to be one with nature meditating all day everyday in nature singing in a cirlce ..but this hate, this convincing people they need any excess or that there is lack... It is really crazy. Mother nature owns the land, man doesn't. Whatever created us created all of us and your perception of that story is normally forced on you. Kids have to be taught to hate. Confession is never the absolution, the work to right it is. Everything must be brought to light. Transparency, now. Hate speech against someone because of race or gender or religion is beyond ignorant and needs strict punishment. Also sexual abusers need strict punishment. Neither of these categories should ever be allowed back to society and must work and transmute that energy. The elderly everywhere need to be taken care of well and for free. These are all just jobs. We are all 32nd cousins at the absolute most so all the porn, adultery and sex fetishes is just weird, not good weird. Put your time and energy on something constructive instead... really. Mental illness can be corrected, nearly all illness can be corrected simply. Imagine if your hours of work afforded you the things that color your life? Everyone deserves a vacation. More rest and relaxation to decompress naturally instead of using others or substances to do so or zombie statusing in front of a screen. Social media needs to be for adults and the opinions of others need to be regulated not silenced for validity only because you spread your DISease if you aren't genuine, grounded or balanced. I care so much and believe in you, you that reads this. You're part of it! These are just some ideas that are actionable if there's anyone brave enough to want to help. Not by war, nor violence, nor brainwashing, nor overthrow, but with collaboration, familial love and because it is just so broken, come on! Love isn't just romantic of nature not solely a feeling. To love someone we take actions that prove this..our words are powerful, our actions need to match.
MERO Mero (11 months ago)
I for ok ne think it will work. It with everyone, but will definitely change people's lives.
Biplav Shrestha (11 months ago)
Lets just go straight to communism instead and then these people will realize how bad it will be.
OVL (11 months ago)
why don't the federal reserve print more money to help the poor?
OVL (11 months ago)
he he he....
TheLoneWarrior (11 months ago)
OVL What a great idea. I wonder why no else has thought of it
keithcarron (11 months ago)
U.S. Macroeconomics | Rheinau, Switzerland first launched a universal basic income (UBI) pilot program in June. Soon after, Austrian associations showed interest in UBI in July. Stockton, California is also experimenting with the concept.
ano nymous (11 months ago)
niggas always broke... imagine my shock 🤯
trlblzr7 (11 months ago)
Shit I'm on my way
chuku531 (11 months ago)
Stupid idea 💡 education is the key 🔑
Hideika (11 months ago)
Just move to Texas instead, everything here is much cheaper than California
Hideika (11 months ago)
Wouldn’t be surprised if they still go broke
mel saint (9 months ago)
It's not meant to make them rich. It's just to help them get through in life.
Tom (11 months ago)
Man this is disgusting. If you don’t make enough money it’s not the public’s fault.
Friend (11 months ago)
it will never work
Frank Spijker (10 months ago)
@rivalsairsoft Did you even read what I said?
rivalsairsoft (10 months ago)
Frank Spijker I don’t agree with big corporations getting bailouts, but if it supports the economy, then what needs to be done is done. And just because some people get something, doesn’t mean everyone should. Most poor people could get a well paying job if they actually tried
Frank Spijker (10 months ago)
@rivalsairsoft they already are doing it for the rich, don't believe me? Just look at the major 2008 bailout and where the money went to and what bonuses ceo from those companies received after they wrecked the economy. And who had to pay for that. Yes, the middle class and lower class. But somehow giving free money to the rich via incentives to their companies and allowing them to pay zero in taxes via sleazy loopholes, like taxhavens. Some of these corporations even are in a surplus of transactions between the government. All but while some of these companies, like Amazon, cannot pay its lower-class workers a decent amount for them not to be living on foodstamps, which is funded by the government. So why could they give money for free to the rich and the corporations while we can't for the people who would need it much more to survive and live paycheck by paycheck.
rivalsairsoft (10 months ago)
Frank Spijker It won’t work, not because they won’t be able to use the money properly, but because the city shouldn’t be able to take working peoples money and give it to non workers money
Frank Spijker (11 months ago)
Why. Productivity seems to improve and are able to spend more of it than millionaires ever will for the incentives they get.
asi somos tijuana (11 months ago)
Yeah give me free money dumb americans hahaha
xfireprince (11 months ago)
So tax more to give more? Well, I’ll just work less so then I could earn more than I give in :)
Dylan T (11 months ago)
They will just use it to buy drugs and basketball shoes
mel saint (9 months ago)
There will be some who will do that. That's human nature. But not all.
rivalsairsoft (10 months ago)
Bria Bridges Why is that racist lmao it’s a stereotype about poor people which is usually rightfully founded
Mista Mf Meyhem (10 months ago)
Kill yoself bitch
Bria Bridges (11 months ago)
Extra Salty that’s racist as hell
Joe Marks (11 months ago)
"Nobody spends somebody else's money as wisely as he spends his own." -- Milton Friedman
Dylan T (11 months ago)
Give a man a fish he will be full for a day. Teach a man to fish he will be full for a lifetime
Jules A (11 months ago)
Teach us, oh ye wise one.
Dylan T (11 months ago)
Blacks will always want money
mel saint (9 months ago)
That's racist. You must be a Trump ass kisser
Dylan T (11 months ago)
ercan kilic If I work hard and not blame my problems on other people and don’t relay on handouts, yes I will be able to afford a Ferrari one day.
Dylan T (11 months ago)
Mexicans aren’t complaining
mel saint (9 months ago)
You must be a Trump supporter and KKK member
DublinDapper (11 months ago)
Free??? Did it come off the trees or something?
Pass Gas (11 months ago)
500 is nice but it's still not enough to help people in this part of cali to become taxpayers and still be able to live a regular life because most of them were born behind the 8ball so they've had to dig themselves out since birth more job training and real opportunity is whats needed
MSNPC (11 months ago)
Stupid recycled idea that was halted in Finland. No matter how many times you repackage it socialism s unsustainable and has failed throughout history.. https://www.google.com.ng/amp/s/amp.smh.com.au/business/the-economy/no-more-free-money-finland-to-end-its-basic-income-experiment-20180425-p4zbhj.html
Saltvadoor (11 months ago)
Inflation, an ancient king did this if i recall.