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Building Underground House With Underground Swimming Pool - 2

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Building Underground House With Underground Swimming Pool Mr.Heang Update: In this video I'm going to show you about how to Build The Most Secret Underground House with underground swimming pool to avoid enemy with very simple primitive tools and ancient skill ! #UndergroundHouse #Ancient #Architecture A bout this project I been working hard for 28 days to build it up !!! Hope you like this video. If you have any ideas, please leave a comment below my video. I am happy for your constructive feedback. ------------------------------------- Thanks you very much. Subscribe Now : https://bit.ly/2SQa66x
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Text Comments (78209)
Alana Gómez (2 hours ago)
Mi maestro dice que son unos embusteros que no es posible hacer un hoyo tan grande con un palito
Antonio Gerardo (1 day ago)
Minecraft da vida real
evil derpy deer (1 day ago)
The adhd is nonexistent
Muhamad Fauzan (2 days ago)
Keren lu bang,btw temen lu mana yak
Лайло Рахимова (3 days ago)
Very good
Mike Oldenburger (3 days ago)
Ight imma play minecraft
Pamela Carpenter (3 days ago)
I cannot believe that he
Pamela Carpenter (3 days ago)
I don't know how he can do that
Arjun roy (4 days ago)
osm video
Максим Исаков (5 days ago)
Кто поставмл дизлайк к тому придёт момо и куши саки😊
আকাশ বন্দোপাধ্যায় (5 days ago)
How many money earn you?
Саша Таня (5 days ago)
Я не туда пришло извените👋👋👋👋👋пока
warrior boy (5 days ago)
Богдан Попов (5 days ago)
Ну конечно сташно😱😱😱😱😱😱
MERN Gaming (6 days ago)
Your brain looks like khmerAngkor
Aji Saputra (6 days ago)
aku wong indo lo rek wkwk 😂
100k subscriber challenge without video (6 days ago)
Breno Lucas DLA (7 days ago)
Josephine A-J (7 days ago)
iidabhxddieii 4l (7 days ago)
The part I like is no matter how hard he tried he accomplished what he was gonna do :)
Akhtar Husen (4 days ago)
iidabhxddieii 4l egdfgscswfdxbhdefbotq svzvxvdxxecuu
The End (8 days ago)
Nogga not everithin need a damn pool 😂😂😂 look bad asf tho 😎
The End (8 days ago)
... 14:48 nigga dqt a greenscreen tf?!?!?
Naga Maddula (8 days ago)
My nigga spawned with a trap door
Jordan boss game (8 days ago)
Where is the Avocado? ? (9 days ago)
과로사가 마크할때
Sushi Lyrics (9 days ago)
is he cambodia??
Hur Hur (9 days ago)
Why the house so smooth
Samra P (9 days ago)
How could someone DISLIKE these videos???
Ismail Yussif (10 days ago)
How does he dig the hole so deep and perfect
Great Monkey342 (10 days ago)
All these videos are fake
Becky Phetteplace (11 days ago)
lizard not snake at 0:05
Subhash Udhan (11 days ago)
How creat fire
Subhash Udhan (11 days ago)
Don't skip video
Abigail Tenório de Oliveira (11 days ago)
Tudo rústico, bonito e funciona.
Reemus Karppanen (11 days ago)
Lakshya Singh (11 days ago)
What do you do with these houses?
GOPA MITRA (11 days ago)
I love this. Please make more videos like this.
Vinicius Marques (11 days ago)
muito massa o que esses cara fazem
H.Buğra Kılıç (11 days ago)
حماده حماده (13 days ago)
انت تشبه الفراعنه
LONEWOLF (13 days ago)
Raven's Eve (13 days ago)
y'know, I watch these videos, and I keep thinking "they had to have used an excavator" and I see other people thinking that too, but remember, these things take like a MONTH (or more) to do... I do see some channels that are more suspicious than others, but some of them seem pretty legit
KP Daily (13 days ago)
Amazing videos
Fiddy 007 roblox (14 days ago)
Nuclear bunker
Андрей Молодчиков (14 days ago)
Молодец мужик
Leah Barrie (14 days ago)
where this is located???
Leah Barrie (14 days ago)
i wanna marry him
Ace Boiii (9 days ago)
Leah Barrie what the fuck
واحد كواد (15 days ago)
@اكو عرب ذاء اكو عرب خلي لايك #
420 Fun MediA (15 days ago)
excellent creativity....
Андрей Цыганов (15 days ago)
Аххахахаха, вы нигогда не сможет понять меня и прочитать это! noob
Blitz (13 days ago)
Ну, подумай еще раз, ты, нуб, хахаха, проверь меня!
ជ្រលងសេកមាស (15 days ago)
Renae Carvalho (15 days ago)
This is an amazing underground house👍👍👌
MOVE ON TV (15 days ago)
Wow! Nice.. Done coloring blue. Thanks. #MOVEONTV.
김재명 (15 days ago)
now i believe that humans built the pyramid
Donald Trump (15 days ago)
What amazes me is the soil is so consistent without any rocks or roots..
Mike Dykes (15 days ago)
How does he do that? I so amazed
Jan Seewald (15 days ago)
9:21 this is definetely NOT THE SAME sand
Mehul Devrani (14 days ago)
That came from matka a traditional aquaguard to store water, we use since centuries.
davidmichael (14 days ago)
No it's umm.... The red variant??
Aymen Aboura (15 days ago)
Arun Kumar (16 days ago)
Hi so noce your house
Arun Kumar (16 days ago)
Hi so nice your house
Finlays Finlay (16 days ago)
The thing these people do is amazing
samsul bahri (16 days ago)
‘ CCK5018 ‘ (16 days ago)
Hold up. Look at that massive bug at 7:08
Ahhh bugs so scary
Ponsuix YT (16 days ago)
How does he make it so it is a perfect circle
Alexander Kamyshchenko (16 days ago)
Я русский
Difre Dice (16 days ago)
This is a lie he can't do all that by himself
Pinks Poker (16 days ago)
If you never have some money to buy minecraft and play, you can play it for free in real life
Toxic Catron (16 days ago)
I want him to make my home when I move out
Marcia Sales (17 days ago)
Marcia Sales (17 days ago)
Roses e troxa de não. Deicha o leki
Marcia Sales (17 days ago)
Quem não. Dechou o leke e. Bes niquem com seque fazer iso. Decha o leke
Satyendr Janapati (16 days ago)
ลุตฟี กามา (16 days ago)
JESSE MAZZOLA (17 days ago)
so this is definitely amazing,… Not to be that guy, but how does he drain the water after it’s been used?… I mean I’m sure if he has done all this he could figure out a way, I’m just curious .
Vineet Agrawal (17 days ago)
Seriously this is the worst Minecraft house ever...................Wait!!!!
Chaithra M (18 days ago)
How will he breath and light and food.
حيدر بيك (16 days ago)
يترجم احلى عروس عراقيه عايزين عروس عراقية
sickto death (18 days ago)
Вмее3 Аругшу (18 days ago)
@#@@ Роргпс
이지연 (18 days ago)
Arnoldo Guadamuz (18 days ago)
Su y tú fan
ddd ddd (18 days ago)
Обычные люди ночью: *Спят* Я ночью: смотрю это видео
Dommawlieh B Mawthadraishan (18 days ago)
That is sour do your self
ก นก (19 days ago)
yousef Abo ziadh (19 days ago)
جامد اووي
aboali alabobsere (19 days ago)
Гарик Аракелян (19 days ago)
Patrick's house..
Николай Пилюченко (19 days ago)
И сдесь ауел
lida bonilla (19 days ago)
arvhella santiago (19 days ago)
isa sa mga pwedeng panuorin sa OFFICE na "NO—SOUNDS” needed
Laura Barrett (20 days ago)
He’s a show of
Brady Cunningham (20 days ago)
Those of you losers who put a thumb down on the video are mad you couldn't do this
طاطا طاطا (20 days ago)
ذكاء وقدرة علي الإبداع مشاء الله
Бз Бз kz (20 days ago)
Какой же он крутой архитектор
Dee Miller (20 days ago)
Green new deal 😎No heavy machinery to pollute the air, good old fashion Mother Nature. She provides everything we need and we give nothing back but dirty air and water. He has my respect.🤘🏾🙏🏾
Every day Hugh Mungus (20 days ago)
Very perfect architecture, is any maths used in this?
Izzyland (17 days ago)
Thicc yeest Hugh mungus was there any use of proper grammar used in this semtance?
Cassidy Jones (20 days ago)
I'm surprised how strong that stick is
Ben Barr (1 day ago)
Genieve Walker-bhorasingh (20 days ago)
Where is this
Its _Skullsy (16 days ago)
You are a creep
Ramazon Ochilov (21 days ago)
I'd like a latTAE and a cup Of Kookies (21 days ago)
How much is the rent?
I'd like a latTAE and a cup Of Kookies (21 days ago)
If only mining with a *Wooden Stick* was a thing...
I'd like a latTAE and a cup Of Kookies (21 days ago)
He should've used an *Enchanted Diamond Pickaxe*
I'd like a latTAE and a cup Of Kookies (19 days ago)
Im sorry I didn't get you.
Cofi 3 (20 days ago)
Do you are go make this what he make whit otwo wood
Cofi 3 (20 days ago)
Haha you don't funny
SL nisha නිෂා (22 days ago)
Sl nisha නිෂා subscribe
Blue_wolfie123 (22 days ago)
Imagine while he’s digging he finds *GOLD*
Nikos NKM (18 days ago)
Minecraft 100
Charlene Udert (22 days ago)
Or diamonds
Oliwiavlog (22 days ago)
My wathing yt at 3 am :