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Inside Facebook's election 'war room'

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How is Facebook fighting election interference? CNN's Laurie Segall gets a look inside the company's war room, a hub that aims to prevent interference ahead of the midterms.
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Text Comments (39)
LOVE AND PEACE (3 months ago)
Brazilian Lady (3 months ago)
The government fights against the people and blame the people for it.
alankrit mittal (5 months ago)
you are doing it in usa but in india its a mess, whatsapp , insta and fb have thousands of fake accounts and ages that are spreading racist, religious and sexist hatred along with lots of propaganda that can help the non secular and majoritarian gov. to come in power.
TimeforaChange InGovernment (5 months ago)
At least have the f'kng baIIs, or borrow some, you nutIess, spineIess fux, to say what your really doing to your users! Fakebook creates War Room to 'prevent election interference', by CENS0RlNG those who do N0T agree w/their mentaI mentaIity, basicaIIy anyone who's considered a RepubIican or Conservative, right?! That's what they're actuaIIy doing. It's not our democracy these Iying, manipuIating asshoIes are trying to protect. It's their democratic party, they're protecting, by CENS0RlNG anyone on the Right, who tells the t ruth &/or shows facts, on subjects, PED0rats have Iied about!
aayush tiwari (6 months ago)
Loosing an election has made these propagdanist mind full of filth..fucking marxist propagdanist Retarede, Hippocrates
S F (6 months ago)
Who cares. Facebook is dead
XYZ33 (7 months ago)
I am not american, dont care who wins your little elections. But ... are you totally retarted? how you can say, that censoring opposite thoughs gives you fair elections?!
TheDanyMartin (7 months ago)
So the ministery of truth is real he.
Dien Le (7 months ago)
HELLO, ALL, Friends Youth USA, Please THE PEOPLES USA, VOTE me, Mr, DIEN LE ,name's LE DIEN, Fill Election get in US.Senate VOTE November 06- 2018 Thanks for VOTE me.
Simpleton Apollo (7 months ago)
So, abject totalitarianism it is then is it? Hilary Clinton lost, get that through your fucking heads. She was a terrible candidate and ran on the fact that "She was a woman" and stole the nomination from Bernie Sanders. I don't give two shits if no one likes Bernie Sanders, I would have voted for him...but no. You assholes wanted me to vote for a very hateful and vindictive person. Fuck the lot of you. This will not silence the right wing by the way, your actions only serve to increase the strength of it. Keep doing what you are doing. You are better recruits for right wing thought then any right wing pundit could be. I am also not here to trash on the right wing either, in fact I would dare say that right wingers would agree with me here. You are causing a Streisand Effect that you will not be able to stop, no matter how many "War Rooms" you have. 20 people, 100 people, a thousand people? Not enough to stop the ones who disagree with you. You will fail, and I will be sipping my juice laughing at you fuckers. You fake news assholes deserve it.
Johnny Jones (7 months ago)
The left is total marxism.
NieldnümPillihpKrajt (7 months ago)
So speaking out against war is soon gonna be illegal on Facebook? Nice to know
Sir John Of USA (7 months ago)
*"To be able to flag any sort of anomalies or problems that we see... like people with opinions different than our own."*
Chris Gouger (7 months ago)
So basically they're going to censor conservative/libertarian accounts and promote progressive liberal/globalist accounts and pages to the top of their news feeds.
Visteo Bman (7 months ago)
if I was a Putin paid troll, I would be upset that Facebook might block my actions and I might be out of a job.
WhiteGangster400 (7 months ago)
Everyone sitting at those computers is a jewish troglodyte.
doomtomb3 (7 months ago)
“Free, fair and open” *after our censorship* what the hell kind of logic is that
Pixture tu2 (7 months ago)
Facebook is Spy :(
Foogle Droogle (7 months ago)
You still wont win... What a waste of resources just to combat people you believe to have "the wrong think". But with a monopoly on search engines & social media, who dare stop you right?
The Ball (7 months ago)
How can Facebook legally maintain their Section 230 Safe Harbor protections when they're editorializing?
Neojhun (7 months ago)
Calling out Mark Tprodicus, Gianni Rivera, Mike B for being blind partisan hacks. Yes Facebook is a fracked up company that should not exist. But it is just a massive technological tool that the humans masses have no idea how to handle. No one can realy control the whole thing to their advantage. Facebook was used masterfuly by the neo-republicans mob in 2016 thus why you freaking WON the Election. Even though i'm quite sure the Facebook Company Staff do not swing right. You are soo blinded by the hate for the Democrat Party brand name you don't even realise they Do Not Exist in Brazil. The most fracked up thing American Company Facebook has to apply the same Election Activity manipulation on a Foreign Nation. Yet your blind hatred towards Demoocrat Party was all you talk about.
296k - Informative Videos (7 months ago)
Sounds fishy....
296k - Informative Videos (7 months ago)
"Russian interference" hahaha 😂 I don't want to know where the US has it's fingers...
Traditionalist (7 months ago)
Get ready for the RED 🌊. Bolsonaro!! Trump!! FB can’t keep us down!!
Neojhun (7 months ago)
Soo do you like to Ride the Red Wave?
Neojhun (7 months ago)
Ewww that's Gross. https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=red%20wave Note the Dates.
Jacobyte B (7 months ago)
So basically Facebook hired some Democratic Party hacks to silence right wingers. It doesn’t matter, I would have to be DEAD to not vote the straight republican ticket
Gianni Rivera (7 months ago)
This is supposed to give the Democrats every possible advantage
Joe Bradley (7 months ago)
I'm not a Trump supporter and I don't even have a Facebook account. But the now head of cyber security of Facebook was on Obama's campaign and it seems that Facebook is seeking ultimate censorship... I don't like where this is going. "Biased corporate dictatorship" sounds about right.
Mark Tprodicus (7 months ago)
So.... Watch it.... Democrats have Facebook all wrapped up!... Make Facebook like Myspace!
HemiHead664 (7 months ago)
The people on Fauxbook are stooopit. Trumpers.
Evan Anderson (7 months ago)
Head of cyber security at FB worked on the Obama campaign. How is that not a conflict on interest?
Calach (7 months ago)
。岷褪黨素菜1 3 days ago because they're a private company?! EHHH Are you sure they are private company, are they not public, are they not a corporation granted such rights by the government of the people ? AT the end of they day like if the roles were reveresed you would not be upset about it.
Evan Anderson (7 months ago)
。岷褪黨素菜1 instagram has a messenger function and is also owned by FB
Evan Anderson (7 months ago)
。岷褪黨素菜1 a private company that has the ability to manipulate the information that billions of people to see and claims to be bipartisan. I hope you would be against a partisan FB too.
Gigel Chiazna (7 months ago)
FB war room should be called FB censorship room
The Ball (7 months ago)
The Facebook Section 230 Safe Harbor Room
Neojhun (7 months ago)
No that would be detrimental to their desires. More like Election Manipulation, literaly.
Saju Khan (7 months ago)
i m bangladesh Bangladesh is business good place