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Find Zac (He's Streaming From Somewhere in Los Angeles) LIVE!

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Category: Comedy
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Text Comments (592)
Audrey Ellis (4 hours ago)
That place looked like a dance studio 😂😂
Simba (1 day ago)
He thought Zac was in a gay bar. LOL.
Simba (1 day ago)
This is the worst game show ever.
Ethan Jones (2 days ago)
zach is my favorite
ZorroIsMyDog69 (20 days ago)
he looks like an uncle, he did say he has a niece
Tygr Asijsky (21 days ago)
I live in Czech republic...
Silicone Shart (1 month ago)
Vigilant turtles
Nathan Dole (1 month ago)
yes you want as many "k"s as possible on a tv. just not three.....
Maxwell Briggs (1 month ago)
why did the hipsters have to win?
Imliterally donewiththis (1 month ago)
Cool idea
Victor ABP (1 month ago)
fucking hipsters and their competition success
Kate D (1 month ago)
Somebody should have paid an Uber driver to go get it.
Joanne Romae (1 month ago)
Goodness i never got to watch the live. I never get to there live vids!!
VGIRL videogames in real life (1 month ago)
wish I saw this I live in la
Adelin Zipman (1 month ago)
dammit I'm in Australia
Arif (1 month ago)
Who goes to a gay bar at noon?
MoochPlays (1 month ago)
I watched this but I don't live close to where this is. Anyone else?
Austyn Brown (1 month ago)
Go to the capital of every state and do it there.
Castiel Winchester (1 month ago)
zac is so cute tbh
Izen Snow (1 month ago)
how do you know when there live streaming?
Nicole Barajas (1 month ago)
*they're, and if you have notifications on with the YouTube app it should tell you when they're live streaming
Stephanie Dylan (1 month ago)
im more of an instagram person also
FinnCastro (1 month ago)
He's on main street
krby 666 (1 month ago)
krby 666 (1 month ago)
Whens the next one?
Dennis Heintz (1 month ago)
found the place using the clues after 30 mintes I live in Europe (downtown independant btw)
Big Cat (1 month ago)
I'm in London
Twoyn Beezy (1 month ago)
downtown independent
ElectricFish (1 month ago)
dammm it im from england
IsaacSnider DoesThisOneThing (1 month ago)
So we where on our way to a gay bar...😅😂
monkeyking8596 (1 month ago)
Yay I'm from Asia go
SmugWolfGaming (1 month ago)
11mil subs with 200k veiws something is wrong here??
William (1 month ago)
I only been to that theater once lol
Samuel Edwards (1 month ago)
I'm from Australia, But sure I'll drive.
Bleach Chan (1 month ago)
I'm too busy to drive to Los Angeles
SenixPrime (1 month ago)
I left LA literally 2 days before this.
mrdabbleswithpotion (1 month ago)
You guys keep on deleting my post... Here's what's easier... Have Youtube suspend my account!
Snow_1 GD (1 month ago)
Should of constantly been moving around the place, showing the places your at and constantly moving around the town xd
Brett Goldenbloome (1 month ago)
you should have warn a wheres waldo costume or if your into drag Carmen Sandiego.
Shaise Mughal (1 month ago)
What if a number of people found him at the same time and a nasty fight broke out?
nhieu hua (1 month ago)
Shaise Mughal
Joseph Wesker (1 month ago)
it looks like that machine it dispenses tickets, or something of a simiar size. What company, what room, private / public? Cellphone...... hmmmm.
sandra huber (1 month ago)
When ur TV just broke but u r from Germany
Daniel (1 month ago)
unique idea. extremely awkward though
Seamus Donohoe (1 month ago)
I don't like these streams, just my opinion
Seamus Donohoe (1 month ago)
Any of the streams
Pho (1 month ago)
CollegeHumor? More like CollegeTumor! Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo🔥💥🔥💥🔥💥🔥
EmilyExplosion27 (1 month ago)
I don't know what time of day this was posted. But according to google, it would take me 22 minutes to get to the Civic Center/Little Tokyoish area at 10:20pm. (Googled it and it says about 45 minutes in rush hour). Assuming I knew EXACTLY where you were and got in my car immediately. I'm currently assuming it's the Downtown Independent. But who knows. I'm only like 35 minutes in.
EmilyExplosion27 (1 month ago)
Holy shit it is. That's funny. I 100% ate only skittles the only time I went.
Ian Fairall (1 month ago)
Figured it out as soon as they gave the clue that the industry has been around for 100 years!
Tim is a JuicyMelon (1 month ago)
From the land down under 🇦🇺
Kymaris Dagon (1 month ago)
I thought it said 'Find Zac (He's Screaming From Somewhere in Los Angeles)' where people had to find the screaming Zac by just sound. I want this video.
Kevin C (1 month ago)
Hello, this is the LA police department, we recieved reports of screaming. Are you ok?
Nicole Barajas (1 month ago)
Kymaris Dagon That's actually a great idea though lol
xTeam_ ValoxX (1 month ago)
the whole video I was looking behind him on the ground
xTeam_ ValoxX (1 month ago)
when u have 60 minutes to waste
Gretchen Guimarin (1 month ago)
I know this isn't the live stream and I live in Chicago- but I'm calling it at 23 minutes, he's at groundwork coffee co. on Main Street. I do not regret all of the research I did only to figure it out.
kurpingspace productions (1 month ago)
that feeling when you are not in los angeles
Nate (1 month ago)
Do you believe in turtuls?
Nate (1 month ago)
It was so obviously a theater.
Nate (1 month ago)
This is fun!
Nate (1 month ago)
Verified at 47:00 by the 3 flat screens as noted on their website!
Nate (1 month ago)
Wait, it's the Downtown Independent! Yes! Got it at 45:00! Too bad I'm in VA.
Nate (1 month ago)
I'm at 43:00. I'm going to guess the Regal Cinemas L.A. LIVE 14 theater.
Nate (1 month ago)
This should have been a traveling video, where Zac is sprinting through the city.
AicsGamerTM TV (1 month ago)
guys at the end you can see the streat name
Crockett (1 month ago)
Wot why do ur videos cost something??
witherkiller hanks (1 month ago)
I'm in another country
Joel (1 month ago)
This was a really cool idea. Next time, give me a 48 hour headstart so I can get on a plane from Sweden ;)
Dev Alvarez (1 month ago)
FindOnePersonInTheEntireCityOfLosAngeles GO
Ксения Ковалевская (1 month ago)
I'm in Orange County and I will find you.
Pocket Octopi (1 month ago)
bit late ayy
RuzyRabb (1 month ago)
who won?
Helgali (1 month ago)
FrazerGazer minute 44 here and nobody arrived so far.
thecrustyJman (1 month ago)
I watched this entire video and I wish anyone else on this show made this video because you are so boring. Get off this Chanel you unfunny mother fucker. Seriously this is dumb. I'm not a troll, I honestly hate any skit your in because your not funny
Aidan Harley (1 month ago)
thecrustyJman no u
josh anderson (1 month ago)
College humor lost a subscriber today because they keeping posting videos of this guy. we dont all live in cali and thia guy truly is the most boring person on college humor....FIRE THIS GUY FOR REAL!
Maniram Chorisiya (1 month ago)
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Moses (1 month ago)
they found him at 54:48
Donald J. Trump (1 month ago)
Dominic Mattocks (1 month ago)
bob lollypop (1 month ago)
why are their streams always so quiet?
not Rosie (1 month ago)
They're often filmed on a phone and most normal videos have proper microphones
xTeam_ ValoxX (1 month ago)
bob lollypop because it's not scripted and they have to use instant brain thinking speech stuff
Big Primmer (1 month ago)
Sorry, but these are all pretty bad. Camera work makes my eyes hurt. Content is boring af. Try again
MangoManTango (1 month ago)
He's obviously hiding inside the TV box.
sam21skin (1 month ago)
come to texas rawr
Barely Perfect (1 month ago)
Yeah, this is like how you get kidnapped
TheLazyKey (1 month ago)
If you do this again, you should announce it like a week or two ahead of time. That way more people might actually participate.
Therealrockstar 1 (1 month ago)
Find you
RandomEpikDude (1 month ago)
I know I'm 2 days late, but what is the point of commenting "I found you" when the person literally walks through the door and finds you
James Cripps (1 month ago)
RandomEpikDude could just be anyone that was randomly walking past
Dankmaster420spice 69spiceington (1 month ago)
I'm from Canada
Pocket Octopi (1 month ago)
TheEseJandro (1 month ago)
this is awesome.
Athavan Kulam (1 month ago)
I feel sad because there was a ton of people who knew where he was but they didn't live in La meanwhile everyone in la was stupid
Mycel (1 month ago)
wow, you got a textbook couple of hipsters.
torres smash (1 month ago)
this way cool lol
Rainbow77Girl (1 month ago)
all the Zac fangirls are gonna love this
D. Afanasiev (1 month ago)
Zac is a really charismatic person
Ecko Master (1 month ago)
people could just track you through the livestream signal
Ecko Master (1 month ago)
I'm in Australia so this wasn't really that interesting for me
Anonymous (1 month ago)
18:34 mike this isnt weed...
Anonymous (1 month ago)
27:04 minutes into live stream and chill he gives you this look
LeBunny909 (1 month ago)
this one time i ate a bagel
emil skovgaard (1 month ago)
love the idea
TheErdnussMarmelade (1 month ago)
Lol, I am actually in Los Angeles now (more or less)
frost fox (1 month ago)
I was in EnglandI still am
Haku -sama (1 month ago)
next time pls in Schwerin in Germany xD
Lance Jordan (1 month ago)
Threaten stand beat sink possible about.
Mathias Yde (1 month ago)
when you're from another country
Ali Akbar Rezapour (1 month ago)
Do it in North Korea!
The Amazing Q Man (1 month ago)
Most channels when they've started doing live stuff recently I haven't been a fan but CH is the exception
Liam O'Connor (1 month ago)
He should come to Dublin
Oswald Sweezlebogger (1 month ago)
i found you zac oyama
Snowy (1 month ago)
54:34 you're welcome