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The Incredible Homes of The Top 10 Richest People

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Today we take a look at all the different homes owned by the top 10 richest people on earth. Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TopTrending Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/TopTrending Commentator: http://www.youtube.com/user/BaerTaffy
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Text Comments (2732)
Jagdish Thakur (20 hours ago)
now the richest man is ceo of amazon
mark vietti (1 day ago)
Bible says: ( it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.) now that is very very clear...unless your a total idiot.. but there is a loophole. If you think god is real you are also a total idiot...
k (2 days ago)
Bet the electric billd alone are 20 thousand a month
k (2 days ago)
My net worth is 30 bucks
Holdich-Davis Holdings (2 days ago)
Buy Litecoin Not everyone has the capital to buy big, so buy many and at a low cost while you have the chance Don’t gamble with your future, invest wisely
alexdt 00 (2 days ago)
Isn’t Vladimir Putin the richest person in the world ???
nuggistrike (3 days ago)
Yep the cunt hu steal and keep steal privat info tru appel apps and face book ! How mutch did his companey lost again ? Like billions after the scandale and it still keeping coming back tru new apps that also steal privat info ?
nuggistrike (3 days ago)
Ahem ! No ! A hnad full are way richer end bill gate ! To day !
WIZARDIRL (3 days ago)
Where's Elon musk?
MOONShadow lelune (3 days ago)
The Rothschilds and the Queen are much wealthier- in the trillions. So you lie. All these men are evil. Gates vaccination programs is designed to kill millions. And he’s only the false front of the Illuminati as an alien tech launderer. No human is that smart. Especially not Gates.
Joe Gentry (4 days ago)
Im going to go ahead and guess he doesnt have iPads in his house.
Rujie Liu (4 days ago)
Who would want that big hoise when u dont have that much pplz normal ppl will never understang super rich ppl
ventende (4 days ago)
Bill Gates got an iPad?
Dwight Fontenot (4 days ago)
Bill Gates is not the richest anymore. Jeff Bezos is worth 105 Billion....today. Tomorrow, he'll be worth 106. :-/
eaunan (4 days ago)
at 4:02 Bezo's is drinking Trump Natural Spring Water (16.9 fl oz bottle) -- MAGA!
Zaina Ali (4 days ago)
Can I ask if they can take all that with them when they die is it going to help them the only thing u can take with u is a good deeds and helping people that’s the only thing that really matters that’s y I love Ellen and Oprah because they’re rich and they care about others
GrantSmithBass (4 days ago)
Elon Musk ..... ???
Josh Hegarty (5 days ago)
You forgot about Putin
sanket (5 days ago)
u forgot mukesh ambanis house
chieftp (5 days ago)
12:15 uh, no. it's not even close to the size of Biltmore house
Nikhil Vankar (6 days ago)
All are the best home
Parag Lohare (6 days ago)
Where the fuck is ''ambani's" house
DavidisDawei (6 days ago)
I designed and built materials for Bill Gate's house. It was very advanced at that time.
JAKE FUKK (7 days ago)
All these silly people. If you have your mind sorted and you know how to be content, none of this excessive shit matters. It must be exhausting and boring trying to keep all this stuff going. Plus, constant fear of beimg attacked, losing it all and all those selfish wankers you have to meet at the events etc. No thanks. Oh...and you can’t trust anyone!
alphasxsignal (7 days ago)
Gates is not what he seems. Read the real story of how he started Microsoft and basic.
MuttonchopRed (7 days ago)
Every one of these assholes deserves a miserable death. To accumulate that much wealth, when 95% of the world is suffering, it's unconscionable.
Jay Dee (8 days ago)
You said that last house was the largest private residence in the US, its actually 19th. stop lying
Al Wan (8 days ago)
The less wealthy, the more agile to spend money without any sense
Steve Kuiper (8 days ago)
Go fuck yourself click baiting with elon musk. Waste of my time. Scumbag.
Bertold Szekeres (8 days ago)
..."the concept of that one great idea. His was facebook"... except it wasn't his idea :D
MrSottobanco (8 days ago)
The world would have been much better off without microsoft windows.
HAV O'Rama (8 days ago)
Why is this playing? I left it on autoplay. I watch sermons, politics and history - what a bizarre algorithm. Still - after seeing it, I absoultely understand why Mr Buffet lives in his "modest" house in Nebraska. Glitz and new stuff appeals to many, but it just gets old and that is the reason I'll never buy a new car. Wear and tear - ain't no avoiding it.
TnT Homes For Sale (9 days ago)
Nick Henman (9 days ago)
So bill gates house uses Apple iPads as it’s control system?
Alexandra Ashborn (9 days ago)
No taste....Too bad Europe is taken over. Cologne Germany 1000+ rapes one nite alone..........Trash Planet.
Benoit Vanhees (9 days ago)
Zara isn't a "luxury" clothing brand. It's a clothing brand period.
Alan Rendón (10 days ago)
I was expecting something from Elon Musk
R G (10 days ago)
Why do people care? If you are in awe of their accomplishments first than I'm on board. Otherwise, how they are the 1%? Not by watching (and commenting on) youtube videos. YOU have things that someone, somewhere envies and is in awe of? Enjoy your gifts of accomplishments, they're yours to keep.
mdluddite (10 days ago)
This is why there were revolutions in Russia and France.
Xaiano (10 days ago)
Incredible that Jeff Bezos has made roughly $75 billion in the last year - but don't worry if you get a good job, say $15/hr, work 60-hour weeks, take no holidays you too could have that kind of cash in just 1.5 million years......
Brooklynn (10 days ago)
I just been called poor for 12 minutes
nida nida (10 days ago)
How come the richest is on number 10 instead of being number 1?
akachuy (12 days ago)
Frugal is one thing I wouldn't be if I was this rich.
Sean Sullivan (12 days ago)
it's not "kotch"... it's pronounced "coke".
Nancy Deis (12 days ago)
When i see that these extremely rich people live frugally to me its a strength.
Lorenzo Biancardi (12 days ago)
irritating voice and music
kais ben rhouma (13 days ago)
I was waiting for Elon Musk
Jonny Bravo (15 days ago)
Fact, these fat fucks might live high on the hog, but 800 bankers own and control the entire world, the devil worshiping Rothschilds and Morgan’s ring a bell. These are some of the ultimate scum bags of the earth, living off the taxation and paper fiat scam .. known as money.
Jonny Bravo (15 days ago)
Wonder what God thinks of these self servant piles of puke and their materialistic horde of greed and gluttony.
newters (15 days ago)
(ascii art of a guillotine)
Kitchen N (16 days ago)
Siegfried (16 days ago)
It is just funny that my home in a small, quiet and very green city in Germany is much more beautiful than most of those too big houses. I mean, who wants to live in this residence at 2:00? In Germany every apartment for the working-class is greener and more privat than this!
iDannox (16 days ago)
luxery clothing brand Zara? bitch wtf
Smoovey (16 days ago)
"His property has anywhere between 21-29 bedrooms, 18-39 baths..." What kinda accuracy is that?!?!
Minerva Garfinkle (17 days ago)
Elon Musk a total idiot. So u fortunately, I get their rich but so many children don't even have a bed to sleep on...I'm glad I'm not rich...it keeps me grounded...
Parker (17 days ago)
He only paid $44million for that house right across the street from the MOMA? he must have had a connection. That's cheap for what it is
Abdelrahman Ahmed (17 days ago)
Benjamin Lee (18 days ago)
My net worth is 1,57 cents been that way for along time.
Just is (19 days ago)
Awesome :)
JK 241 (19 days ago)
why no castles?
Sarge (19 days ago)
Sociopaths, all.
fizzz555 (19 days ago)
„Luxury clothing brand Zara“... HAHA
mrmagnetsarecool (19 days ago)
Anyone else feel like Amazon has become like Ebay? Lots of shitty products that you can’t filter through, missing packages, broken items.....
KEEGAN WELLS (19 days ago)
Jeff bazos is the richest man in the world and in America
Derrick Amanya (21 days ago)
Why do you talk about people in Europe only?come see billionaires in arabs who richer than bill gates and crew, bill gates is no longer among the rich people
poopy playz (21 days ago)
Dean Elliott (23 days ago)
Instead of wasting that money on stuff they obviously use, what don’t they help the deserving. I would not even want all that money. Just enough to get by is good for me.
Eddie MV (23 days ago)
Elon Musk !?
Sung Choi (23 days ago)
So you are telling me bill gates is controlling his lights using an iPad?
Abhishek Singhania (24 days ago)
Where is Mukesh Ambani He owns a two billion dollar Home in Mumbai...
jonathan spittlehouse (24 days ago)
There not homes, there houses, quite sad really, Iam richer than any of these people and yet I earn minimum age
Jan Peisert (24 days ago)
clickbait thumbnail, dislike
Ray Viking (25 days ago)
i HOPE JEFF buys up all the property around bill and throws beer cans over the fence all night and raises hell with disco lights in the back yard and invites me cause i love disco lights and beer.
Marisol Sanchez Diaz (27 days ago)
one day this will be me
pat (27 days ago)
Carlos Guevara (27 days ago)
Interesting that Zuckerberg is against the wall, yet his Hawaiian home has one.
Roni Cakmak (27 days ago)
0:09 umm bill gates is the founder not the co founder
saladdogger (27 days ago)
Can’t understand why amazon is so popular ? - I can almost always find things cheaper on eBay.
White (28 days ago)
as if bill gates would have ipads in his house HAHAHAHAH
Αddic7ed Tube (28 days ago)
Cut the sh*t man . David Rothschild is the richest man on earth . His familys networth is over 300.000.000.000 !!!!!!!!!
carol hodson (28 days ago)
Good luck to them they are self made takes brains and hard work.
Monica Roberts (29 days ago)
All that riches will not make it into the kingdom
Mattia Zucca (30 days ago)
j p (30 days ago)
Koch is pronounced Coke!
Tina Huston (1 month ago)
You can just feel the evil presence of these goblin pariahs.
nuttfarr (1 month ago)
Technically all of these houses are ours since we gave them the money for it
BARRY Allen (1 month ago)
All hail the people who sank the world economies!
SuperSaiyanVeganGuitarCBDNihilist (1 month ago)
Bunch of moneybag scum...
Kirk Pfeil (1 month ago)
Where’s soros? Rothschilds? Big surprise this is bullshit
Johnny Freetanga (1 month ago)
nº1 is fucking awesome :O
Johnny Freetanga (1 month ago)
4:10 This guy makes his fortune exploting people. Makes people work a lot, paying them the minimum in his country, for years. Is no the best way to be a good person.
408Magenta (1 month ago)
Elon Mustard's is courtesy of your money!!
Josh (1 month ago)
lol...KAWCH. It's C-O-K-E
lisa houk (1 month ago)
The Matrix (1 month ago)
Wow I'm literally poor must be nice to be a billionaire and white... Smh
Mihi Gyver (1 month ago)
Fake is this people have the money that belongs to the poorest on that planet...
Mark Peters (1 month ago)
Zara is "luxury clothing?"
Brutal_ Panda (1 month ago)
why does my shitty apartment look much better than this overpriced garbage?
A9476 278378 (1 month ago)
You just wasted 12mins of my time. Where's the bit about Musk?
Bill Matrisch (1 month ago)
ever notice if these dicks didn't have money none of them would ever get laid