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ups/fedex/usps drivers did what!!!!

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I can't believe there job is so hard they have to throw a fit because there pissed off at a box or 2, If my eyes you don't like your job quit then throwing a fit in public, Someone is always watching.
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Hot line Gold (8 months ago)
Inside the hub is like an nfl combine
Ryan Farren (3 months ago)
For real tho
JCruz (3 months ago)
Lmaoo man this is so true
Blosa Ru (4 months ago)
Hot line Gold 😂😂😂😂 shit sometimes we gotta throw them big bitches
V (5 months ago)
Hot line Gold I remember during training all they said was “get ready for peak season” I thought that shit was a piece of cake. Little did I fucking know.
Jared Jansen (5 months ago)
If you work in Memphis it is the worst of the worst of all packages ever being shipped for FedEx
SimplyRisa (19 days ago)
my new ipad pro better not be cracked when it gets here 😤
Rástradamus (2 months ago)
😂😂1:11 I want to do that everyday, but I know them 👀 be on me
Bongo Foo (2 months ago)
Lmfaooo stop burning us out
I am alive. (3 months ago)
The second one where's he's throwing the packages out he was actually digging for a stop ORION told him to run first.
John Simon (3 months ago)
Some packages don't make it on the truck on time. So these guys are going about it the wrong way but some people are just plain lazy. You should wait until another day for other packages to arrive at the hub because by the time you're done with all deliveries, the hub will be empty. I learned this through my seasonal experience.
Blah Blahblah (3 months ago)
People want their dildos two hours after they order it 🤷‍♂️
SenselessTuning (3 months ago)
Honestly though throwing packages for a seasoned ups employee isn’t going to be a damaging event. Experience teaches you to test the weight of a package before you even lift up. It’s actually one of their safety methods. Most “smalls” weigh as much as an empty box or less than a couple pounds. Tossing them gently is the only way a giant corporation like ups can safely deliver packages on time and maintain safe work environments for the employees at affordable prices
João Pedro Lenzi (3 months ago)
1:25 this dumb fuck is just wasting his time throwing boxes outside of the ramp...
Cursed Owls Gaming (3 months ago)
The belts alone at the sorting facilities do more then this.
Y-Travel Travel-X (3 months ago)
So many lazy people out there
cbkidd (4 months ago)
UPS should change there name to UPS damage inc, I have shipped and also had people receive packages that we spent a lot of money on, Just to look at The package and know what was inside was destroyed by UPS. And then file a claim with them only to be told they are not going to pay for the damage. Because the box or boxes were not weighted to hold the item. They know it is very hard for anyone to find or have what they call the right weighted box for shipping. UPS don't even stock every box that someone would need for weight. And they know this it's their way of denying your claim. If they would have handled the box or boxes right we would have never had to file a claim. I will never use UPS again for Shipping. FedEx for me from now on.
Mudig (4 months ago)
i don't care if you guys throw my shit it's cool. Just don't break my window ty
Boddah (4 months ago)
It's just a matter of time robots place these morons.
gummybearmonster01 (4 months ago)
Think about it guys, it's easy to blame the person chucking your package across your lawn but that's all you see, you dont feel how physically exhausted they are. They have a job they're trying to meet the "standards of" and the world isn't perfect, you can't always have it all. We are humans, not superheroes. We're not perfect. They got places to be and packages to deliver on time.
ix6ixx (5 months ago)
Looks like he was UPSet
Dick Haverchuck (6 months ago)
Haha I remember working at FedEx and seeing people rip open packages and play with the shit inside. Any packages from like Adam and Eve or adult products got ripped open immediately. Dildos thrown around, lube smashed open. Don’t order anything in the mail haha
mmm (6 months ago)
Ben Cumming (7 months ago)
Thos hows ot done at the plants
s ? (7 months ago)
someone scared their t shirt will get broken so fuck someone for their job
joel serrahn (7 months ago)
Is USPS any different???
woody Bunz (7 months ago)
I worked in ups as a package handler . ALL YOUR PACKAGES GET THROWN 😂
woody Bunz (7 months ago)
Sponsored by ups 😂
Ski Mask The Slump Fan (7 months ago)
Hmm no wonder why my iPhone 8 was cracked you motherfuckers playing dodgeball with people packages lmao
Troy Marcott (7 months ago)
Lmao you should see IN the hub, this is nothing
Your Nightmare (7 months ago)
Normal low IQ American employees 😁👌
Your Nightmare (7 months ago)
+Maynard's View who telling you about that 😂
Maynard's View (7 months ago)
Agreed but they are making 96k a year as drivers
H N (7 months ago)
LOL I got a ups store ad just before this video.
Anthony (7 months ago)
Extra bubble wrap is always a must.
Jay Myles (7 months ago)
agent sterling (7 months ago)
Proud to say I've cost at least 2 of these mouth breathers their jobs.
H N (7 months ago)
So you have two people plotting revenge on you? Good luck.
Roxanne Juarez (7 months ago)
Maybe ups delivery people are extremely under appreciated...with high expectations
Alejandro Alvarez (7 months ago)
pinches paqueterias de mierda
James Woods (7 months ago)
Maynard's View (7 months ago)
You got that right hahah
Michael Khounenorath (7 months ago)
I work at UPS as an unloader.. Nobody gives a fuck..
mariano sagastegui (7 months ago)
With only minutes to deliver every package..how do you suppose to do it?...by the way, drivers are pushed to make more than 100 stops a day. think about it.
C. Galindo (7 months ago)
everyone of these "employees" should be put in jail! DESTROYING PRIVATE PROPERTY. ONE OF THE CARRIERS STOLE MY SON'S COMPUTER, I FINALLY SCREAMED "Civil Suit" problem solved"
H N (7 months ago)
Get a grip Skip
fernando lugo (7 months ago)
It’s a hella lot worse if you go to a Hub holy shit
Maynard's View (7 months ago)
you are defiantly right this is pg compared to rated r in the hub
Bamm Boozoled (7 months ago)
Yall should see the warehouses..
lucas Lucas (7 months ago)
Sad to see that one box getting kicked plus ending up on the roof that guy should get fired
mariano sagastegui (7 months ago)
that was a good one hahaha!
Roman (7 months ago)
This is funny I got a ad from ups and it said it’s shipping is the best🤣
H N (7 months ago)
LOL me too
Maynard's View (7 months ago)
That's hilarious
Edax Sachorwzky (7 months ago)
I work in Ups, it’s so chaotic in there with thousands of packages 📦 that you are almost literary throwing packages like crazy. Kicking them is going a bit far though.
Maynard's View (7 months ago)
I know isnt that crazy
Florida Man (7 months ago)
They don't care, they're union.
deez lil nutz (7 months ago)
And the winner is....
SKULFRAKproDukshunz (7 months ago)
2:10 didn't even give a crap🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Maynard's View (7 months ago)
The guy who kicks the box on the roof
David Stevens (7 months ago)
Bottom line is this is reality. It's said not to do this.....but it happens. Bottom line pack the stuff right and it won't matter. If it's so fragile crate it and super pack. A delivery driver may walk 8 to 12 miles a day and may encounter 400 to 800 steps of stairs on some routes. 3rd floor apartment residents always order their heavy crap cause they are too lazy to haul it up themselves from a store. Undoubtedly the 70 to 120 pound large bulky crap always goes to the 3rd floor. A delivery driver needs to save time and body where where they can. Some in the video makes sense while other shots is bad behavior. If you want a delivery, trim your bushes and leave gates open.
Edward Blake (7 months ago)
+Ivan Dude And the customers who live in rural areas, especially dirt roads and heavy trees. They need to give good solid directions on their order. I'm just a package handler but we were told a couple months ago that a female driver was shot at because she turned down the wrong rode. GPS doesn't always work in rural areas and newly built neighborhoods. I feel for you drivers, I couldn't do that shit haha
Ivan Dude (7 months ago)
I deliver to country side residents and I cannot stress that enough. Trim your damn bushes so I can find your address and keep that damn gate open with your dogs put away. Irritates me that I have to drive 30mins for 1 stop and the customer is not home to sign for it.
Mr. T-klas (7 months ago)
that's why I buy my smart-tv in walmart ......
Mann 1 (7 months ago)
Wrong no substitute for customer service that's the job your in right
Ur One And Only Slim Beautiful (7 months ago)
I not only do I work with a ups driver but work in a warehouse with nothing but ups boxes, what people don’t understand is they have a deadline, the max the can stay at your location is 5 minutes. Because they have tons of stops to get to in a short period of time. The also have air which means they have to drop off their packages before 10am. If a driver has 60 stops that are not all close together that an extra 3 minutes to drive their, and extra 5 minutes trying to get ahold of the owner of the package, and another extra 5 minutes to get back in his truck look up the next location and try to get there without hitting traffic... that right their makes him late and that means he is late for the rest of his stops. UPS have a very strict driving record/ Uniform dress code. The boxes being thrown is the very least of your problems.. you also to worry about every other person who has to get the package/box, make sure it is on the right route to the right truck, going to the right destination. And if it is in the wrong hub, or truck, besides the wrong driver.. that BOX you’re so worried about has been thrown more times in one than You have ever taken a bath in you life time, so don’t worry about the driver throwing your box... he is doing his job as fast as he can so he don’t lose his job or get written up because stupid ass people don’t know how to pack their products correctly..
Ur One And Only Slim Beautiful (5 months ago)
Apostolis T. Did you not read the message I left..... clearly you did not !
Apostolis T. (5 months ago)
So the guy that kicks the package on the roof like its a ball is a fast/good worker?
Ur One And Only Slim Beautiful (7 months ago)
Lee King Snatch I know the feeling, my husband has been a driver for 15 years and he leaves early and comes hone so late, I know the stress and what your body goes through. I know the days where your back hurts so much you can’t get out of beds sometimes, but the money you get is worth it all to support your family...
Lee King Snatch (7 months ago)
Every time I get a good pre-loader I tip him cause he’s the difference whether or not I get to see my 2 year old daughter before she goes to sleep. Money well spent
Allen Analla (7 months ago)
I'm q proader n I'm one of the best in my warehouse. And my warehouse preload for more then half of the city I live in. Its insane.
KRAZYK_951 (7 months ago)
I worked at UPS so seeing this is funny as fuck
M. Low (7 months ago)
Yes winter will be here pretty soon so you know what that means for truck drivers you will be seeing a bunch of UPS and deathly FedEx on the side of a road in a ditch
Angry Combat Wombat (7 months ago)
Turns out it's actually not on the company to protect your shit. They aren't gonna toss a TV or anything marked fragile but besides that you better make sure it's packed right
Shred bro Incorporated (7 months ago)
Who else got a Ups commercial?
Ronnie Jai (7 months ago)
I rather them throw it then take my package home it’s been 3 times already.......
boltsdluna (7 months ago)
Hahaha she told you off fat boy.
Maynard's View (7 months ago)
Hahahah you heard that it was hilarious
Adriana Heras (7 months ago)
I work in the hub and these packages are actually being handled with care😂😂😂
James Maggot (7 months ago)
When I worked for UPS I threw every box I could. It saved a bit of time and I still did WAY less damage than jams on the belt or slide did.
Big racks (8 months ago)
De'Mario's Reef aquarium (8 months ago)
So true..I worked as a twilight preload sorter at the Secaucus facility in NJ.The things I saw just blew my mind...perfect example,Driver kicking a flat screen TV into position at the back of his truck trying to close the door.After 2 years I had enough so I quit.
Jayson Hunter (8 months ago)
Cornhole champion 1:10
Ant life (8 months ago)
that's nothing folks we do so much more at the where house to your shit
kyng jon (8 months ago)
I used to work at ups and even the supervisor throw the packages they was constantly yelling at us to go faster because we was supposed to load 300 boxes per hour minium
Daniel (3 months ago)
kyng jon i mean it’s not hard lol
Apacaveli Tha Don (8 months ago)
Them lazy fucking bastards should be fired lol 😂
JaQuinton Moore (8 months ago)
This Is Literally How We Pack The Trucks. 😂
Exclusive Grant (8 months ago)
I love how a UPS add came on before this. 😂
Maynard's View (8 months ago)
Of course its getting views haha
Canadian kid (8 months ago)
Thay have there stops and at the hub if thay load the trucks backward and packages not in order, it's like hell trying to find it ....😲
Colin Q (8 months ago)
I got the contract ad right before this . remember vote no !!!!
Israel Martinez (8 months ago)
Some of these drivers where not really throwing the package the inside of the truck is jammed packed so they are gently lol tossing the package on top of the boxes inside. I used to load them trucks trust me once we where done there was no way for that driver to walk around inside. Now I'm not protecting all of the drivers some where assholes. I now load the cages for the truck loaders if I get busted tossing packages like that my supervisor would kill me in a heartbeat.
Tony Lentner (8 months ago)
Sad because sometimes live animals are in their and we pay to much money for that
Daniel (3 months ago)
Tony Lentner no their not they’re out separately and are always next day air packages and are under with high value or it even says there’s live animals here
Sarah Kline (8 months ago)
I was a preload supervisor for UPS and I can tell you I feel sorry for the driver's when they get a new loader especially during peak season. All UPS cares about is how fast you can work to save them money. Get everyone off the clock as soon as possible..
Maynard's View (8 months ago)
I know a girl in san diego that is named sarah kline
D Motta (8 months ago)
Those jerks! Should be fired.
Daniel (3 months ago)
Lmao that’s nothing to what happens before they got on those trucks 😂
Maynard's View (8 months ago)
You got that right!!!
Jamie Lukens (8 months ago)
Just for the record I didn’t see one letter carrier from USPS on here. Yesssssssss 👌🇺🇸
Maynard's View (8 months ago)
Haha well I will make that video next
Kings Physique (8 months ago)
Americans most lazy pple on earth
Chris Wood (8 months ago)
You misspelled best
SAVAGE TAN (8 months ago)
What's funny is the advertisement that played right before this video begun was for The UPS Store.
Chris Garrett (8 months ago)
They need to be locked in a cage and fed with a stick.
Chris Garrett (8 months ago)
Then the man that kicked the box on the roof. Someone should drop kick him. Then lock him up and feed him with a stick.
Forevergeo (8 months ago)
Anybody else get a ups ad with this video?
Rage Theatre2020 (8 months ago)
The 3rd driver is pissing on the homes porch. Nice.
Brianna May (8 months ago)
If you people knew how packages were handled just being in the sorter itself you wouldnt care about us tossing your packages a couple feet so that you can get it on time.
Zachary Jones (2 months ago)
Brianna May them packages be on the floor people be stepping all over them and shit 😂😂😂
Erica Guidino (3 months ago)
Thats why your shitty company is the worst.From idiots like you with this dont give a fuck attitude.
Kamil Ziemak (3 months ago)
Exactly. They have no clue
Boddah (4 months ago)
Can't wait for bots to replace you guys.
James Coleman (4 months ago)
Ur One And Only Slim Beautiful don’t matter how far your running behind as a customer whom pays for their packages to be shipped they expect to be treated with care. This is why only one driver will make stops at my house as I buy a lot online and also ship out a lot. Had packages damaged on arrival. One reason I’ve mostly switched to usps only for all shipping. Drivers have got wrote up over it customers do have cameras. And they know not to just leave a package at my door either rather it’s asking for a signature or not.
Jason Hubbard (8 months ago)
Ummm you do have a choice. Buy it in the store or drive it there yourself. Sheesh. This isn't new news. This is a fact that's existed since before we were all born. SMH
Mike Bavoso (8 months ago)
Well this was in the 80s before the internet and before tracking. We had no idea where the package was or if it was even shipped or delivered, it boils down to the fact that the driver was just lazy and did not want to spend the time to drive to our house.
Fluctuation (8 months ago)
you should see me when I unload that shit on the belt. I slam those fucking boxes lmfaooo fuck your shit
Jeffry Seitz (8 months ago)
They drive crazy too.
Maynard's View (8 months ago)
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Matthew H (8 months ago)
All these overpaid lazy fucks should be fired . I myself am a truck driver . And yes non union . I would be canned on the spot if my boss or dispatcher would see or catch me pulling some crap like these guys are doing. If ya dont like your job theres 1 alternative . Quit !! Don't take it out on the customers that put food on your plate .
T Ellison (8 months ago)
UPS has a super tight time frame on everything in order to meet those time limits some rules are gonna get broken there is absolutely no way around it, don't believe me get a job working for UPS and find out for yourself
Maynard's View (8 months ago)
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Rinse 420 (8 months ago)
Lmao the lady in end. Well trained UPSer.
Maynard's View (8 months ago)
Please sub!
Kevin Rochford (8 months ago)
I love the kick and the package is on the roof. ITS GOOD
Maynard's View (8 months ago)
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Alex Chavez (8 months ago)
Shit when you deal with 300 packages a day that shit happens..... fuck UPS and fuck FEDEX fucken slave drivers....
UPSer Livin' The Dream (8 months ago)
This will be me this peak! #PackageDriverComingSoon #NoMoreLoadingOrUnloadingForThisWoman
Maynard's View (8 months ago)
Hahahah Katie I could see you now
Edward Greene (8 months ago)
Well now I know what happened to the koi I ordered. Lol thought they played football with my box..
Freeman Hall (8 months ago)
Smone should call them out on this behavior I work for ups for years this is anythg the way workers treated inside out the real employees that get thgs done get fired treat like crap then u get issues fired talk to bad cus cause u fit in following the dumb stupid ungodly behavior stand up loud help these companies
jennylover456 (8 months ago)
Some cocky bastards for sure, theyll get whatever is coming to them for hurting those poor boxes
Jb88 Jus (8 months ago)
Honestly y'all order too much shit...
Jamor (8 months ago)
Not all boxes and packages are fragile, looks bad but after delivering like this for 22 years there is nothing wrong with tossing a package with nothing but clothes from a distance onto the porch it's about saving time. You get to know what's fragile and what's not doing this year after year. Those people tossing TV's and electronics are just idiots and shouldn't be doing this line of work. I have never broken anything I've delivered, now I have received items already damaged but I tell my customers at the time of delivery and they really don't care bc they know I give them good service and i would never damage their package by being careless
Sweet potato Pie (8 months ago)
Hand to surface
Daniel (3 months ago)
Sweet potato Pie 8 keys to lifting and lowering
D Garcia (8 months ago)
Brought to you by the US Post Office where they don't throw your mail round they just steal it
jon mitchell (8 months ago)
my friends are local owners of s FedEx what u see in video never happens they are very careful an never toss them
wy wybulldog (8 months ago)
If you believe that one, I got a real humdinger of an investment plan that is right up your alley! All you do is send me $500 once a month!!!!
Maynard's View (8 months ago)
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James Barrow (8 months ago)
Buster Brown relieving himself at 0:40 just priceless.
Mason Presley (8 months ago)
Walking on packages in the truck is the real problem
Jacob Ramage (8 months ago)
I promise its worse in the HUB 😂
Mark Shelton (8 months ago)
Lmao. An add for the UPS store played right before this video. Now that's irony. Lol
Jay Boss (8 months ago)
No wonder my shits all ways broken
EnduroPlus (8 months ago)
ORION Doesnt Work!!!!!!!!!!!!