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Jim Gaffigan KFC Deep Breath $5 Fill Ups Commercial 2016

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Jim Gaffigan KFC Deep Breath $5 Fill Ups Commercial 2016 ... Jim Gaffigan KFC Deep Breath $5 Fill Ups Commercial 2016 ... Jim Gaffigan KFC Deep Breath $5 Fill Ups Commercial 2016 ...
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Text Comments (132)
Mr Beast (1 month ago)
He says good like a chicken.
Mr_LolzXD (3 months ago)
0:92 nice voice crack 🤣 👌 👌
Cameron Robert (9 months ago)
I swear i crack up every time
Mark Froman (10 months ago)
The most nutless colonel ever.
Joji (1 year ago)
Finger likin good
Lakeisha Oliver (1 year ago)
There she go again.
Djimmi The Great (1 year ago)
0:10 finger-likin, Finger-Likin, FINGER LIKIN GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!
nellychess (1 year ago)
Nothing like watching this the first time and then having the finger-licking part surprise you
• Lyric • (1 year ago)
Hands down best commercial yet
Jillian Furio (1 year ago)
The Finger Lickin part needs to be a GIF just so I can keep that in a loop! XD
B R (1 year ago)
Jillian Furio lol.
Faith Hayes (1 year ago)
Alex Penning (1 year ago)
I'm sorry he said Real Meal for five bucks times and finger lickin 3 times. No... finish what you start.
TheOddPotato (1 year ago)
oh my god that is so annoying
sketchin1009 (1 year ago)
Why am I just seeing this!? Lol
The Gaming Squadz (1 year ago)
Meme Now
smokey black (1 year ago)
28jjman (1 year ago)
I seriously thought this was Bill Hader.
GmonkeyJ777 (1 year ago)
Didn't know this was Gaffigan, jist made it that much more hilarious.
SoulReaperSlayer19 (1 year ago)
After listening to this for like a dozen times I feel I want KFC now. Is this some type of subliminal messaging??
Kyle Cowden (1 year ago)
Not that I ever liked the idea of them switching up the Colonel but if I had to choose one to stay the colonel I say Jim Gaffigan fits best. I mean come on he’s a pudgy comedian who loves food.
ayling5 (1 year ago)
Me and my 12 year old daughter can’t stop laughing! Best commercial ever 😂
Flynn Nickens (1 year ago)
I was going to say this commercial sucks. But since I found out that's Jim Gaffigan I'll give it a pass.
Ruby Patterson (1 year ago)
There's 5 meals, but he only says finger lickin' 3 times!
Nathan Lee (1 year ago)
This is up there with The little Cesar pizza commercial
fortnitex oking (1 year ago)
When you chew 5 gum
Simple Harry371 (1 year ago)
Replay 10hours 😂
Jonas Kyzar (1 year ago)
KFC has to be the nastiest shit on the planet who would eat this shit not me that's for damn sure!!!!
ImmaGamerGuy (1 year ago)
This commercial is false advertisement. Only one of those boxes is 5 dollars. the rest cost more.
payden gaming (1 year ago)
Real meal for five bucks real meal for five bucks real meal for five bucks real meal for five bucks finger licking finger licking finger licking finger licking Good?!!!,
Josh Cook (1 year ago)
Someone help me. This commercial is ringing a bell for me. Isn't this a parody of an internet video where I kid shouts a similar dialog and gestures in the same manner? Am I making up a false memory? Maybe it had something to do with a card game???
BoredTheQuickscoper - RenGaming (1 year ago)
i'm licking my fingers help
masonluvsWP (1 year ago)
Charles Diamond (1 year ago)
Horrible commercial. The colonel appeared to be severely retarded in this one. 😂
natty r (1 year ago)
JR productions (1 year ago)
Chaud The Gamer (1 year ago)
I saw this and I lost it! I laughed so hard I had tears flowing X'D
CopperFox (1 year ago)
This is probably the most annoying commercial I've seen on TV... EVER.
IllegallyMamaWeegee (1 year ago)
Blackdragon78031 (1 year ago)
TheBigLuigiLover NO MAKE IT STOP!!!
Reagan Noelle (1 year ago)
Warbird Phoenix (1 year ago)
This is probably the best product idea and commercial KFC had ever done in years. Cheap price and straight to the point. I like that.
Racine Ellen (1 year ago)
I swear this commercial is so fucking terrible it's going to make me go in to pre term labor.
CoolguyRBX (1 year ago)
Its funny
c00l kidd (1 year ago)
Makes me hungry
moneyboymusic (1 year ago)
colonel sanders you got the figer licking part right but these are more like small meals for 5 bucks your chicken has gotten a lot smaller your baby chicken drum sticks is not business I way 145 pounds n that box colonel is not a fill up !
Damon Darden (1 year ago)
Geneva Hicks (1 year ago)
The Finger lickin finger lickin finger lickin GOOOOOOD part gets me everytime
Geneva Hicks (1 year ago)
This is soooo funny😂😂
Moises Alejo (1 year ago)
Numba1 Heathen (1 year ago)
This creeper is awesome!
Snow-White Rebel (1 year ago)
For the longest time, I thought he was saying "real meal for fra-ups" for some reason. Maybe it's because I wasn't really paying attention
Dan (1 year ago)
This commercial not sure why it's annoying but it's freaking funny.
sarai isawsome (1 year ago)
Hands down!! The best commercial next to Haines underwear!
Bill Cermele (1 year ago)
I can't explain why this is my favorite commercial of all time. I can just watch it over and over again
Vince (1 year ago)
The finger licking part gets me every time.
Bithoeji _x (1 year ago)
Real meal for five fucks
💕SkiesPastelly💕 (1 year ago)
Renew for 5 bucks
millicent obianozie (1 year ago)
Rainbow 🤣🤣🤣
janderson2000 (1 year ago)
The positive comments about this commercial are more proof most of the country is fucking retarded. This commercial has no joke in it. it is not "funny." It is repetition for pea brains.
Jordan 33 (1 year ago)
janderson2000 it's funny because it's goofy, retards are funny but they don't tell jokes.
janderson2000 (1 year ago)
@Maria Cumplido There is nothing "random" about it. It is precisely calculated marketing redundancy. UndeadKnight is a pre-teen child... You either must be too or you share the same sense of humor as a little schoolboy.
Maria Cumplido (1 year ago)
Wow, kinda harsh don't you think calling our country retarded over a commercial. It's not like we all got together and decided this will be the commercial we play for KFC. LOL I think it's funny just bc it's So random.
janderson2000 (1 year ago)
@UndeadKnight 333 Go stand in the corner, little boy. It's timeout time for you...
janderson2000 (1 year ago)
@Jordan 33 I'm providing a public service. Idiots such as yourself need to be informed of their idiocy. You're welcome.
Cynthia Finan (1 year ago)
I find this to be one of the most irritating commercials ever!  In fact, I flip the channel when it comes on. Sorry, KFC.
Paper Towel Boy (1 year ago)
American Patriot it’s so funny
Eli VE (1 year ago)
this commercial is annoying af
TDLF (1 year ago)
Reeyl meeyl fowr fiyve buwks
Blackdragon78031 (1 year ago)
Reel meel 4 5 buks reel meel 4 5 buks
Light Scaliber (1 year ago)
I went to KFC in a foreign country and wanted to cut my arm off.... I'll stick to USA... <3
malafein (1 year ago)
I dunno.. the macaroni salad they have in the Philippines is pretty good. I was also surprised to find spaghetti served at a KFC. I liked it :)
Germain Barrera (1 year ago)
Lol, finger linking good part funny af.
Matthew Bunker (1 year ago)
Josh _ (1 year ago)
Dee Nelson (1 year ago)
+Matthew Bunker amazing
Matthew Bunker (1 year ago)
Last Kings (1 year ago)
This Commercial is funny
CazzSDMF (1 year ago)
Why did they make the Colonel retarded
Jaquon Bomar (1 year ago)
guigal2 (1 year ago)
I've seen this commercial like fifty times and I'm pretty sure I've laughed at the end every time.
jay fox (1 year ago)
It's about DAMN time Colonel Sanders break down the kfc deals.
gg no re (1 year ago)
136 thumps up 0 dislikes!
Taura Ziskiet (1 year ago)
Real meal for five bucks
CazzSDMF (1 year ago)
Gavin Gaming no more
TsukiKageTora (1 year ago)
This is literally the MOST annoying commercial ever. It's starting to play 1-2 times per TV show,  It EVEN played 2 times in a row!. Today I have seen it at least 10 times, and I didn't watch much TV. They need to better their advertisements because no one will eat it if it continues playing and being a hideous annoyance.
SoulReaperSlayer19 (1 year ago)
TsukiKageTora go abs get kfc then it will stop, you gotta know how fo kfc because fries chicken good
Paper Towel Boy (1 year ago)
Charles Diamond lol is this where all the elitists with higher intelligence hang out lmao get over yourselves, keep in mind you’re the ones who came to a video of a commercial you find annoying just to flaunt how much smarter you think you are than everyone else which when you think about it is kind of ironic
Charles Diamond (1 year ago)
janderson2000 I agree to cater to the growing population of complete mindless idiots.
janderson2000 (1 year ago)
It's for idiots. Advertisers figure they can only cram a few words and ideas into their tiny brains with nauseating repetition. It's annoying as fuck.
Matthew Bunker (1 year ago)
ClampGod21 (1 year ago)
This commercial is so hilarious to me and I don't know why...
Cycle of 7's (1 year ago)
Charles Diamond (1 year ago)
Buk718 that's cause you enjoy watching people who seem to have brain damage lol
Matthew Bunker (1 year ago)
Scope Maverick (2 years ago)
LOVE this commercial! The finger lickin', finger lickin', finger lickin' GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD part gets me everytime! Don't even know why I like it, so much. Hahaha!
Madilyn Gold (1 year ago)
Scope Maverick SAME
Zack Martinelli (1 year ago)
It’s hysterical for some reason.
Charles Diamond (1 year ago)
Scope Maverick cause you enjoy watching people who look like they been dropped in the head one too many times lol
Matthew Bunker (1 year ago)
On ya head (2 years ago)
Finger lickin
Tousse Menchata (2 years ago)
how come is just 2 comments on here for this epic commercial
Jason's Star Traders (2 years ago)
This is the greatest commercial...
Charles Diamond (1 year ago)
Said the retard 😂
Blackdragon78031 (1 year ago)
Don the Whale I'm gonna annoy the piss out of my friends with this commercial! I'm gonna play it over and over!
TheGanonDork (1 year ago)
+Mathew Bunker do you have to reply to every god damn comment?
Matthew Bunker (1 year ago)
Doiface SSF (2 years ago)
I know right