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Are Doctors Rich? $$$ Physicians vs. UPS Drivers

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Doctors vs. UPS Drivers: Who Makes More Money? The answer may surprise you. Don't discount that to become a doctor you must go to 4 years of college, 4 years of medical school, and 3-7 years of residency. That translates to a great deal of opportunity cost, lost income earning potential, and student debt. Link to excel sheet finances: http://medschoolinsiders.com/pre-med/are-doctors-rich-vs-ups-drivers/ Become an Insider! Visit https://patreon.com/medschoolinsiders Connect with me WEBSITE: https://medschoolinsiders.com TWITTER: https://twitter.com/MedInsiders FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/medschoolinsiders INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/medschoolinsiders Music: http://soundcloud.com/lakeyinspired Sources: MedScape Physician Compensation Report 2017: http://www.medscape.com/slideshow/compensation-2017-overview-6008547#2 UPS Average Salary: http://www.truckdriverssalary.com/ups-driver-salary/ Physician vs UPS Driver Comparison: http://www.er-doctor.com/doctor_income.html Disclaimer: Content of Med School Insiders is my opinion and does not constitute medical advice. The content and associated links provide general information for general educational purposes only.
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Text Comments (2337)
Miguel Floriano (14 hours ago)
Ups drivers work like dogs :(
Aktar (21 hours ago)
In my opinion the Physician still wins.. Being a UPS driver held to specific company standards is not as good as doing whatever you want anywhere in the world as a Physician. All they do is look at patients and diagnose things, they have it easy it's all mental problems which isn't hard
Hyicrotai (1 day ago)
Just be attractive and take selfies, get followers on YouTube and do ads. Bam your now over paid and super rich with no work at all. Enjoy your mansion, and the one you buy your parents too.
NANGSTAGRAM TV (1 day ago)
YouTube will make you rich
Michael Matos (1 day ago)
The analysis is pretty accurate except ups drivers average $50,000 to $70,000. Now during peak season is when they make the most money which is between the months of October thru January raising there salary to anywhere between $95,000 to $115,000. I work at ups so I've asked drivers. Assuming you have reached max pay you will make $95,000 to $115,000 with no college degree except you will work max 70 hours according to our new union contract.
Lone Surviver (2 days ago)
Damn 80 hours a week is 5 16 hour days. Yeah I'm good
Jorge Pulido Valadez (2 days ago)
Why do I feel the guy who made this video works At ups
Anthony Graley (2 days ago)
If your going into medicine for the money, PLEASE STAY OUT OF IT. The only reason someone should become a Physician, Specialist, Nurse and etc. is because they want to give back to or help their fellow citizen. That's why I'm going after this field. Please truly ask yourself why you are going after this career. The answer you find my surprise you.
Br_Eazy (2 days ago)
Ha pilots are better
John Lopez (3 days ago)
Yeah and a doctor won’t have blown knees bad shoulders and a bad back either.
mdamron1113 (4 days ago)
This doesn’t count the 7 years of being part time ups before becoming a driver. Part time is only 3.5 hours per day.
john jones (4 days ago)
UPS Drivers make way more than 74,000,counting benefits,over 100,000 .....Fact
The Greek (5 days ago)
10-12 years later? Hog wash! My wife is finishing up medschool, we have her debt down to 63k and her first year salary as a resident plus mine will have her loans paid off. If Drs live like bums for 2-3 years, college debt will be wiped...
Harrison Dehlin (6 days ago)
Not to mention certain UPS centers are bonuses centers. So on average I work 50 hour weeks. 10 which is overtime and roughly 4-5 of bonus hours (getting paid for finishing earlier essentially)
croc huntas (6 days ago)
Doctors are not busting their ass in the hot sun all day
TheSushiandme (6 days ago)
Time to be a UPS driver. :)
TheSushiandme (6 days ago)
Wait... UPS driverd make 74k? Man... I'm in the wrong job. Scientists don't even make that much money...
Mark NC (7 days ago)
The doctor may have saved the life of the UPS driver, but only after the UPS driver had delivered the surgical instruments.
jjrfranco01 (9 days ago)
As someone who currently works for UPS, there is always a huge thing that people glance over. You don't just become a driver, you have to work inside a UPS facility for at least 6 months before attempting to become a driver. Within the facility I am earning minimum wage. Another thing while working there is the amount of new faces you see on a monthly basis. I see about 50 new hires during my work hours, after the first week half of them quit. By the second majority of them quit. Not because they are lazy but because the job is incredibly physically demanding. Before working at UPS I was a competitive athlete for my school; track and cross country. Lifted weights as a hobby and soccer for fun. This job was still challenging for me. I have experience to lift properly and not injure myself due to improper lifting; however, not all injuries are preventable. I had packages fall on my head. Bleach spill out of packages onto me. Eventually you will pull your back or dislocate something. My right shoulder has been dislocated, lower back go out, and wrist fractured. There are a lot of ways to get injured I'm this job Not to mention that you are very replaceable. As I said I see new hires every month. When it comes down to it anyone can move packages. Not anyone can become a doctor. We do have Union; however, it takes a while to earn it. As I have not been a doctor I cannot say for sure but I think the job will be more secure. The final thing I would say is the misunderstanding that drivers have a 9-5 job. Drivers work more than 40 hours a week. Especially after the rise of shopping for items off the internet. Amazon specifically is huge, eBay as well, not to mention the countless other companies you can buy online from: target, Walmart, LG, Sony, etc. They all have to be delivered on time and with the rise of same day shipping, 2 day shipping, etc. It becomes hell. By no means am I attempting to make the argument that working at UPS is better or worse than becoming a doctor. However I do want to inform the people that UPS is harder than most people initially think. Currently while this comment is posted we were undergoing a new contract. Word is that drivers will be forced to work 7 days a week with 70-80 work hours / week. There are plenty of videos on YouTube if you are interesting to know more
Jon Smith (9 days ago)
You start off at 10.50 per hour part time making maybe $13,000 per year.  You do that 4-8 years before you might get to go driving. Then, you start off at $18 per hour.   In 4 years, you get to top hourly rate. So, a person might be 6-10 years before making the $74,000 per year.Also, figure  getting in and out of the truck 200 times or so each day, moving a 60 lb item up 3 flights of stairs, many times a week.  Also, the wear and tear on the shoulders, elbows, and wrist, along with the knees, hips and ankles.Count on a minimum of at least 1 surgery for one of the above, and being out upwards of 6 months recovery time, along with lifetime pains that develop.Anyone who thinks being a driver for UPS is easy, is welcome to be a Driver Helper for the Holidays.Then, come back on here and tell us just how easy it was!
Tom Dockery (9 days ago)
A Jew can't drive for UPS because that's brown shirt work.
Big Daddy Leroy (10 days ago)
As a UPS driver for 24 years I will say we have awesome benefits as well, but you can count on a few bulging disc and maybe a herniated disc or two by the time you retire. Not to mention the gallons of perspiration you will drip every year. Be ready to work is all I'm saying.
Trent Horton (11 days ago)
My man straight up lies on the avg UPS salary... According to the link he dropped: "The total compensation for a FedEx driver is $47,492 a year, while UPS pays their drivers significantly more at $57,866 a year on average." Of course this amount also averages local delivery drivers and cross-country freight truckers driving semi trucks, which requires additional licensing and terrible work/life balance if you want a family. According to the website, the avg delivery driver salary is somewhere between $14-20/hr
darryl freeman (11 days ago)
Ok I am a ups driver and have a pharmacist that is my friend. We have sat down and had this very discussion. The conclusion? Well you might be shocked! First I need to make some corrections to the video. 1. I am one of the hand full of people to become a driver on day one. 2. We earn our money doing a job most people cannot do physically or won’t do mentally. Go ahead and flame away but the facts are facts. Over the years I have had 30 +- Christmas helpers ranging from body builders to house wives. To date the best performer was the house wife. Yep she crushed the performance of everyone else. It was the cannot fail attitude!!! Out of the 30 maybe 18 stuck around for day 2 and 12 for the hole season! It’s the I don’t want to work that hard attitude. Never mind I could only work them 4 hours per day. 3. I came from construction and fully understand the requirements of all of the fields. I also built my own house while working at ups combining my hard labor and the use of subs. Yep I paid my people well as long as they preformed. There is the problem! my work ethic caused me to produce double the amount of production! So how do I justify paying $20 per hour to my bottom dollar labor. Par for the course. 4. My work week averaged between 50-60 hours per week. I do save my money and everyone I know at work started a 401k plan. I have contributed 10 - 15 % to my 401k since it’s inception. You would be surprised what the life time earnings have become. /////// enough about me. My pharmacist buddy is 200k+ in debt for school but makes extremely good money. Is in perfect physical shape and loving life . Then he did the math and came to the conclusion he will need to work until he is 71 to reach the break even mark with myself on life time earnings. Which is fine except after age 55 I will be retired and no longer working unless I choose to do so. Which I plan to continue do. Final analysis, medical every time. After age. 55 you will not need a hip replacement, knee surgery to both knees, and you will be able to pick up your grand children because you will not have a bulging disc in your back!!!!! 92% of all Upsers after 20 years have some form of chronic muscular skeptical problems requiring medical treatment if not surgery!!!!!! We are all selling our bodies for money (street walkers) , rode hard for sure!!!! Compensated for sure!!! What’s your body worth? As for my best Christmas helper (Mary) ups didn’t keep her! Just used her for her body! Which brings up another point and I hope Mary sees this, She was beautiful 9out of 10. Omg!!! To bad she was married!!! Her only fault which I found out later. She took the job because she like the driver.💔💔💔
boltsdluna (12 days ago)
UPS get paid to work out
Thang Tran (12 days ago)
lol UPS drivers make a lot of money... 45 per hour is 90k a year assuming 40 hours a week. Make it 80 hours and its 180k a year assuming no over time bonus.
Keith Breaux (13 days ago)
Doctors make fantastic money, however; they usually have a spouse that spends a great deal of the money. In general, most married people seem to have a spouse that spends most of the money.
James Markco (13 days ago)
Well it sounds to me if you get full scholarships all the way through, then this is false. With an average salary of specialist in the $300,000 a year range and only saving $5,000 sounds ridiculous. Tell all this to my next door neighbor, the surgeon. Can’t miss it. It’s the 2.5 million dollar home with his $150,000 Jaguar in the driveway.
Med School Insiders (13 days ago)
Saving 5k per year has very little to do with the results of the analysis. Download the excel and try for yourself
Mutinta Muyuni (13 days ago)
This analysis is for America right? In Africa these numbers are way way way off
Sean Davis (13 days ago)
A 20 year driver retired a millionaire when UPS stock went from private to public.. Many over the road drivers make over 100k for UPS... Yes they do come in and work from 8 or 830 to 6 or later... But yes if you can survive working 4 hrs a shift for a longtime to become a driver.. Then yes.. You would be ahead of many ppl...
Danny Amos (14 days ago)
As a top pay ups driver you can easily make over 100k a year and over time is actually 55$ an hour
Ian (14 days ago)
In Canada doctors generally have to pay over half of their income to the government and other places. They also get paid a lot less than doctors in the US because of how the care system works. So now unless you are in a very specific field an average doctor will only earn a slight bit more than people who say, own a plumbing company. I guess soon there will be no more doctors because why go to school for years and years when you can get the same amount of money with much less debt and less time.
Ian (14 days ago)
Also in Canada some doctors are expected to stay late every single day without more pay and they work every day.
kano b (14 days ago)
What do you guys think of the CDL positions for regional drivers in UPS? I've been thinking about doing that for a while
Tom Olofsson (15 days ago)
When asked, by students preparing for law school, I tell them, "if you have a burning desire to be a lawyer then do it but if you simply can not figure out what to do with your life then it may not be the best choice."
Selam Koch (16 days ago)
how about doctors with fake education documents from india getting Residency in the US at age 23yo without any depth?
Mark Shelton (17 days ago)
You forgot to mention a lot of things about UPS drivers. First and foremost, they don't start out as drivers. They work part time for 3 and up to 10 years sometimes before they have the seniority to get a drivers job. Second, they don't start out at $74,000 a year either. They have to go through progression which takes about 3 years to be making full driver wages. Third, the vast majority work far more than 40 hours a week. Their are 2 drivers at my UPS who only work 40 hours per week and they're the air shuttle drivers. They don't get paid nearly as much as the package car drivers either. Several of the drivers at my UPS work from 8:30am till 10:30pm Monday through Friday. That doesn't leave them any time for anything else. The majority work 10-12 hours a day though. Throw in the fact that they work in any and all weather no matter what, get chased by dogs and other animals, bitten by them, get cussed often, maybe have guns pulled on them or actually shot at, and all kinds of other things that can and does happen to them on their routes. Like getting hit head on by a drunk driver who swerved into your lane and the company finding you at fault for it. If you have any sort of accident whatsoever then 99 times out of 100 the company finds the driver at fault no matter what. It only takes 3 to lose your job too. Then they also have to put up with all the different supervisors who have been getting their asses chewed non stop by their bosses. It doesn't really make for an enjoyable day to say the least. They work their asses off, get very little respect or appreciation and deal with crazy stress and b.s. for that $74,000 a year. Although it does beat the hell out of being a salaried part time supervisor though. I wouldn't advise anyone to do that to themselves. At least the drivers, loaders, clerks, sorters and washers have the union to back them up. Part time Sup's don't have anything or anyone to back them up and they're always catching it from somewhere.
Pablo Zamora (17 days ago)
what is residency?
Brian G (17 days ago)
This guy is trying to compare a “ Doctor with a ups driver,” ‘Jesus!’ Kick Rocks!
ShaunFriedman (18 days ago)
Gastroenterologists in Cleveland area make 600K a year , with added on bonuses throughout year
Brandon Sparks (18 days ago)
U have a job anywhere as a doctor plus open your own clinics or join military and work in civilian have two careers. But ups not bad either you can make good money either path you decide it’s up to you you like healthcare’s go healthcare if you like Bussiness and delivery 📦 go for ups
bru Bna (18 days ago)
don't do either of them. play sports.
ghostdasquarian (19 days ago)
You can’t just become a ups driver. You have to work your way up the ranks, and sit behind a lot of people who want to drive. I was told when i started as a package handler, it would be about 15-20 years before i get a chance to drive.
Sound of Silence (7 days ago)
ghostdasquarian they lied to you bro I got hired at age of 21 in New York
Chad Adams (19 days ago)
Dont forget, doctors have to also pay into their own retirement. UPS drivers earn a retirement AND benefits. Think long term and be smart with your $.
robertintexas (19 days ago)
I am a retired driver with 38 years in. We can work 70 hrs/wk now. That's just on road. You can work in the yard or the building and go over the max. Several drivers I know (feeders) make over $150k. If you want OT, they don't mind paying it. It's a good job, if you don't mind the BS that goes with it.
SageModeisOn (19 days ago)
This is a society where rich only stay rich. A rich parent can afford any college without having their child take on debt.
Ali Abdul-Aziz (20 days ago)
Bro, your analysis is flawed. Your premise is a joke. Drivers cannot work 80 hrs a week. I worked for a class 1 railroad, and I averaged $8000 to $10000 a month, way more than a ups driver, but I had no life.
Elijah Cook (21 days ago)
Ive heard in many cases though when you become a doctor if you sign on for a certain number of years they hospital will pay off all your debt
Lukas (21 days ago)
A doctor making $200k+ and only saves $5.5k? Wat? This is a gross inaccuracy in comparison
Joseph Broseph (22 days ago)
Let me just say real quick. I deliver for fedex during the summer's to pay my college tuition and pay is about the same as ups drivers and let me just say I hate every freaking minute of it. Its swelteringly hot during the summer in a truck with no air conditioning, it's dangerous being in the back of a truck with cars speeding beside you on the road, and Ihave developed an extreme case of road rage. If you think UPS is stress free you're wrong. I would become a doctor just to sit in some freaking air conditioning.
James unknown (22 days ago)
Feel offended a bit I'm a part time UPS employee recovery drivers start out at $29 a hour 8 hours a day 30 driving day packet, us unionized members have way better beinifts that doctors and we are guaranteed a raise every year. Vacation and option days a UPS Driver can retire in 25 years of service as well as a part time employee part time employee over 25 yrs can make over $33 a hour.
dan cash (22 days ago)
My goal is to be a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. Sure the dont make as much as Dr but no medical school and less student debt.
BigBoysClimbOnBigRing (22 days ago)
Oh your ups driver estimate of $74,000 is SOOOO wrong. Drivers with 4 years seniority make $40 an hour, plus free healthcare, pension, and job security. They work about 50 hours per week and 65 hours per week from thanksgiving to Christmas. $116,680 for veteran ups drivers
Trevor Helton (23 days ago)
We can consider the money. It isn't about the money if you ask many elite doctors. The tremendous amount of school initiates a lifetime of good habits; growing your mind (in study), hands on (depending on the field), etc. I guarantee that certain regions of the brain will be more mature in a doctor's brain scan compared to a ups driver. The comparison is childish. I would rather spend money to be the best I can be than to drive a truck all day. The road to understanding is the best route.
Free Market TV (24 days ago)
If you believe UPS drivers make 75 grand a year you might just have brain damage...
Leman Russ (24 days ago)
Can you get the job at 18? With a starting pay of around 74,000? Without overtime?
DAISY (25 days ago)
Are you having second thoughts ? Your pursuing YouTube instead of the medical field
Newdals (25 days ago)
Here's the thing and I'm at UPS driver I've been one for 6 years you start off in about $21 an hour and you're considered a part-time driver which means it's no guarantee of 40 hours but they're still overtime after 8 hours on a daily basis has a part-time job you can expect to bring home about $500 after tax a week and you don't pay for any medical or dental it's all covered with your union dues which is about $52 a month however top pay as a part-time driver goes all the way up to 2750 an hour from there you have to wait and takes about 10 years to become a full-time driver there the progression starts all over again you start out at about $37 an hour overtime is well beyond $50 an hour a week about $91,000 a year that's the average the work is hard the hours of loan the work-life balance is terrible and the conditions are poor however it has to close ups drivers make to the front door and Back Again and you don't mind being in the elements you can make a ton of money however that's not considering management management makes starting $91,000 a year plus 16% bonus and when you become the next level manager you started a minimum of $165,000 and it maxes out at $185,000 a year plus 16% bonus
ronald516 (26 days ago)
Ups package driver here. I didn’t get hired from the inside but got the job when i saw an ad that they needed drivers. They kept me after seeing how good i was. I am now in my third year and need one more year until i start earning $36.72 an hour. Ups and our union is going through new contract talks and easily puts up above $40 an hour. Drivers in my hub make 90k easily. God bless ✊🏾✊🏾
Aaron TV (26 days ago)
Not to mention how difficult it is to become a doctor. All that studying and hard work in school
GravityGamerXCII™ (26 days ago)
How about if your a ups driver while going to school ;)
Austin Jams (27 days ago)
Considering student debt and all the insurance your gunnar buy you'd make more money in 8 years by the time you'd graduate as being a ups driver and by the time you're making really money as a doctor you'd probably would have made 1.5 million in your career as a driver plus benefits and couple weeks of paid vacations.
Dakota Perez (27 days ago)
The analysis is a bit far fetched.
CubaRican908 (27 days ago)
I'm about to start as a UPS driver and I came across this video now I'm feeling a lot better about becoming one
Andrew Bako (27 days ago)
Among the many flaws in this line of thinking is the fact that people don't walk into ups and start working as a delivery driver making $74, 000 a year... Doctors regularly drive $100, 000+ cars and live in million dollar houses...pretty sure most UPS drivers are doing neither
His Dudeness (27 days ago)
I’m currently an Active Duty Medical Sergeant but have no inspiration to pursue medicine when I get out. I could easily be a UPS Driver and continue adding to my federal retirement pay when I’m out of the Army. To all you chasing that MD, best of luck!
Daniel Diaz (28 days ago)
You should have done the investment as a percentage of income not a flat rate. It would change the whole equation in favor of doctors.
scottyflintstone (29 days ago)
you have a better chance of becoming a doctor than a ups driver. And ups drivers will soon be extinct
DepressoExpresso (29 days ago)
If only I was good at driving and getting to places on time
WILLIAM MARTIN (29 days ago)
Ups drivers dont make 45 an hour?
great vengeance (30 days ago)
An independent driver can make 350 grand a year. If hr owns a few trucks he can make 500 to a mill!!!!
great vengeance (30 days ago)
The comparison was with a nurse and TT OTR drivers make a hundred grand a year get it right!!!
Rumeel12708 (1 month ago)
UPS drivers do make good money but thats only when you have had 5 plus years in the company minimum(varies in all hubs), here in socal you start off as a loader or unloader (manual labor) at minimum wage part timer. In a year you get your full benefits and a $1.00 raise then after that 50 cents every 6 months. Starting pay for drivers in brownies is $27.50 and caps at +-$40.00/hr. (Ive seen drivers leave at 8am and coming back around 9pm) so overtime yesssssss. Every state varies, keep that in mind. I my self am in UPS part timer amd currently going to school for Civil Engineering, there are a lot of students(college) in UPS. Remember theres always a better and a worse job, so if you seek you shall find!
Blake Sencaj (1 month ago)
Very seldom does someone get hired into UPS as a full time driver. Most will end up doing four the 6 years of part time or 2 to 4 years of seasonal help. Then you have to go through the wage progression. Which is now 4 years start at like 16 an hour then you get up to that 36.
Tyler Weldon (1 month ago)
How does it show a ups driver with potential of 1 mil at 23 by your chart that’s only 243k by my calculations and also u can’t drive for ups until 25 due to insurance for a class a the small trucks only get paid a small amount with class b cdl
Jillian Otto (1 month ago)
My dad is a UPS driver and we're very, very well off! Kinda funny, I'm pre-med!
ANDREW GRAY (1 month ago)
I'm a ups driver and ABSOLUTELY NO REGRETS!!!! 📦📦📦
FaithlessShadowFall (1 month ago)
Can you Update this? The income has changed
王静 (1 month ago)
how about being a Physiotherapist ?
Kule_kule Dawson (1 month ago)
Great video
Monk K (1 month ago)
I don’t see 74 k driver job..
我们需要自由Wake up (1 month ago)
我们需要自由Wake up (1 month ago)
Money! Money! I am a Money Monster! no matter what I am doing, only for the god damn money!!!
Calisthenicsnoob (1 month ago)
This would only make sense if you compare a top of the scale earning UPS driver, who is financially smart (invests in different things) with a low scale earning doctor who puts off paying debts , and spends lavishly on useless things.
Joey (1 month ago)
That 185k in debt bloats to 400k after residency
rui nian (1 month ago)
I don't think this analysis is accurate, if somehow this UPS driver does find a job at 18 years old making $74,000, if he buys index funds at 7% return a year, I dont think its physically possible for the doctor to EVER catch up. Because the UPS driver will also get raises of at least 2% a year, and gets taxed way less than a doctor making $217,000 a year. And also, the doctor starts work 12 years later and are $200K in debt. At year 12, assuming a 7% return and a 2% salary raise, the UPS driver will have 1.38M dollars, which is 1.58M above the doctor.... If we assume that after taxes and everything, the UPS driver makes $45,000 (9k for tax, 20K for living expense which is probably way higher than the doctor), he will still make $820k after 12 years and $1M above the doctor. Even if we assume the debt has a super low rate of 5% interest (canada student loan interest rate is 5 - 8%), and assuming the doctor makes $217K + 2% a year, he won't catch up until 63...
Dean Labbe (1 month ago)
Is it fair to assume that through college your income in going to be very small. Starting on day one the UPS driver is going to making a good wage. Plus the company paid health ins, the dental ins, the eye glass ins, the contribution to the pension plan, the stock option and the ability to buy stock, company supplied clothing (drivers have to buy boots and shoes}. I started in 1969, retired in 1999 at just over 55 years old. I had almost 250,000 in stock, a 3000 a month pension, and at 62 just under 1600 a month social security. 1150 a week is decent pay considering I don't work a minute to earn it. I'm not knocking your chosen profession just stating facts.
Buffalo Countertops and Crafts (1 month ago)
This comparison doesn't seem to take in to count the fact you get a pesion with ups from 3000 - 5500 a month depending where in the country you are, and you get free health dental and vision equally in some cases more than 1400 a month
Stefano Aguila (1 month ago)
Problem is you come out of college with a massive debt....I recently got my CDL B and found a job in two weeks. I have friends looking for a year to land a job in corp America. If I had a CDL A I could have gotten a signing bonus. This country is lacking in skilled work, we need drivers, and welders. What this video doesn't show I know a retired UPS driver that started out of school, and retired at 52 with a pension of 7K a month.
Matthew Anderson (1 month ago)
Rofl becuase a ups driver is investing
Mike Wagner (1 month ago)
This is complete bullshit. Careers are a long term game. Doctors, later in their careers make a ton more money and can set themselves up for a very comfortable retirement with vacation homes, yachts, and expensive vacations.
Jesse Mitchell (1 month ago)
And he’s a little off on the cost of med school. I know a guy that actually went through 8 years of college four years of residency then four toseven years of internship . Just to become a doctor and then they wind up having about $365,000 in federal student loans to pay back depending on the college and if you go to Duke university you might as well figure half uh million $. Becoming a doctor is not as lucrative as people think it is . he’s right about that
Jesse Mitchell (1 month ago)
Actually you’re full of shit or UPS driver can make well above $100,000 a year
Fabio A. (1 month ago)
UPS drivers will be automated earlier than doctors :P
hi (2 months ago)
Top rate for a UPS driver is almost $37 an hour. Every single driver recieves this pay rate after their 4th year. Drivers work 50-60 hours a week on a 5 day consecutive cycle with two days off usually. Drivers easily break 100k a year with overtime and peak season hours.
Brandon Fragoso (2 months ago)
You also have to put down it takes about 8-10 years to get a full time route at ups....
James Natial (2 months ago)
How long does it take to become a UPS driver? You changed from a realistic analysis to assumptive analysis. Why not provide information in removing the student loan debt from the medical student by applying for HRSA or Military programs that pay for tuition. There are many programs that help underserved communities, while paying for school.
Egg (2 months ago)
Nighly zero U.S. doctors/surgeons consider themselves rich. Don't even bother considering for one millisecond of going to medical school if your only motivation to become a doctor/surgeon is the money. Only go there if you truly have a serious passion for always gaining medical and scientific knowledge for the rest of your life while also choosing a medical specialty at the same time to pay off extremely inflated student debt. And, no, saving people as your only motivation to become a doctor/surgeon isn't enough if you have zero interest in learning medical and scientific knowledge. If you truly want to be rich, then the only way to do so is by becoming a successful entrepreneur offering valuable products to society.
Michael (2 months ago)
There are a few things wrong with this analysis: 1.) It assumes you can strike a 75K job right out of high school at 18 with no skills (yeah right!) 2.) It doesn't seem to take into the account that as a doctor - you are paid in residency/fellowship - roughly 50-60k/year 3.) It assumes doctors will pay off their loans by making the minimal payments (unlikely)
Coolness Apes (2 months ago)
Ups drivers work is hard and dirty doctors get more girls and work indoors unless your doing missionary work
FutureZeal (2 months ago)
UPS drivers make more than $45 at overtime. Still, I agree. You dont need a degree to drive and sometimes you can reach 90k to 110k and you max out at 60 hours a week.