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Are Doctors Rich? $$$ Physicians vs. UPS Drivers

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Doctors vs. UPS Drivers: Who Makes More Money? The answer may surprise you. Don't discount that to become a doctor you must go to 4 years of college, 4 years of medical school, and 3-7 years of residency. That translates to a great deal of opportunity cost, lost income earning potential, and student debt. Link to excel sheet finances: http://medschoolinsiders.com/pre-med/are-doctors-rich-vs-ups-drivers/ Become an Insider! Visit https://patreon.com/medschoolinsiders Connect with me WEBSITE: https://medschoolinsiders.com TWITTER: https://twitter.com/MedInsiders FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/medschoolinsiders INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/medschoolinsiders Music: http://soundcloud.com/lakeyinspired Sources: MedScape Physician Compensation Report 2017: http://www.medscape.com/slideshow/compensation-2017-overview-6008547#2 UPS Average Salary: http://www.truckdriverssalary.com/ups-driver-salary/ Physician vs UPS Driver Comparison: http://www.er-doctor.com/doctor_income.html Disclaimer: Content of Med School Insiders is my opinion and does not constitute medical advice. The content and associated links provide general information for general educational purposes only.
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ButteryAssNigga (23 hours ago)
Work for fedex. Get paid 55k a year and you dont have to wait years to become a driver like UPS drivers. Hire on the spot. Or just get a class A/B
Terry Kane (11 days ago)
I am a UPS driver in Pennsylvania. I make a six figure salary and pay nothing for great health care.
Hafeez Santos-Qureshi (15 days ago)
Dude its not about Money Its about what You Do
Brent Boese (16 days ago)
I want to be a ups driver
Dominique Ford (16 days ago)
doctors medical malpractice perjury unconstitutional etc pussy committing muthafuckas careers a joke especially when that let alone toxic hazardous chemicals etc cause side effects including death how many muthafuckas folks go to em especially gotta go themselves in the future
KryptoManiac (19 days ago)
How much does it cost for an IMG for doing residency in USA after usmle ofcourse??
Brett Winstead (21 days ago)
I do okay working for IPS but my wife Carrie gives me such a hard time about my diet. I just cannot resist a burger and Deacon and I hang out at the diner quite often so I eat a lot of bad stuff. Carrie's dad who lives with us drives me insane! --Doug Heffernan
Luis Matos (21 days ago)
You know you could just join the army reserves and the army will pay for you to become a doctor right? And when you retire after 20 years as a military doctor, you’ll receive a pension and still be able to practice medicine as a civilian
David Gillespie (27 days ago)
It’s much worse for Vet Students. Could you do a comparison for them.
ChesterWolf The Griffin (1 month ago)
Only 75 k a year dude that's a lot of money the average American will never get a salary paying that.
Vikram karmarkar (1 month ago)
um yeah...and then you add in the variable for your parents, x, and the equation breaks
Matthew Vachon (1 month ago)
ONLY $75,000 per year... that's a lot dude.
rakim dismuke (2 months ago)
Well many doctors get a loan repayment plan many hospitals pay doctors anywhere from 100-200k in loan repayment. But the only downside is that you start getting paid the big bucks in your 30s
Charles Worrell (2 months ago)
Eh the main difference for me is that if you’re dropped off in a random area who’d you rather have a doctor or a ups driver
harrison wintergreen (2 months ago)
See books by finance prof Thomas Stanley (Millionaire Next Door or Stop Acting Rich). He shows that MDs are some of the highest earners in the US but tend to have very low levels of wealth. Lots of med school debt, lots of status spending on luxury cars, vacation homes, private schools for the kids, etc ... MDs usually save and invest much less than other professions. IRS data shows teachers are more likely to be net-worth millionaires than MDs are.
Brennan Bowyer (2 months ago)
They still make plenty of money. I don’t look at it as total money earned, rather I see school as working up to the point when your career starts. That is when you get to live like a doctor. Once you’re in the swing of things, you make enough to do whatever you want.
jason618 (2 months ago)
Doctors make more from drug companies as well
fordfiveohh (2 months ago)
Being a programmer with a 2 year degree then making 6 figures after 5 years is much better I bet....
fordfiveohh (2 months ago)
What !!! Ups makes $75,000?
Silvia Al (2 months ago)
Just don't study in the U.S. Learn German and study medicine in Germany, then go back to the U.S. and work there. It is waaaaay less expensive to go to a university here. I am almost finished with med school and my loan is maybe around 10 000€.... which is nothing compared to 185 000$. You only have to pay around 250-350€ per semester to the university.
Arnesha Peace (2 months ago)
I'm sure loans are a bitch
cardea jackson (2 months ago)
No wonder all these doctors is hecka old..
cardea jackson (2 months ago)
That's why the call it the Golden years right... enjoy yo golden ones
Hendry Ulaen (2 months ago)
"don't go to medical school for money", but for the passion you have...
subtopewdiepie please (2 months ago)
Well, My dad will cover all that. He has the money for it.
subtopewdiepie please (2 months ago)
But nerou sergons make 1 mil per year... Its a fact..
Jason Young (2 months ago)
Aarya Prashant neurosurgeons spend 16 years in training after high school
KMW (2 months ago)
Four years of college is a ridiculous waste of time
ART unchained (2 months ago)
Instead go into IT - you'll learn 15 years until you can make sense of it and can never stop learning after that time cause of the rapid development of technology. You'll be happy to earn as much as an american UPS driver, if you're lucky.
Big Chungus (2 months ago)
It's sad that people want to be doctors just because of money, you should be a doctor if you WANT TO, not if some asian parent curses at you in fucking chinese that if you're not a doctor you're moving out of the house.
Ashley Akari (2 months ago)
My fiance worked as UPS driver, it is truth that driver got paid 35 an hr after 4 years with the company, they are always demand to work more than 40 hr a week. If they work Saturday they made $50 an hr on Saturday for 4 hour of work. In a peak season like Christmas, they bring home easily $2,000 a week. After 4 years most of the driver made 80k a year and good amount of them made 100k. Well why UPS pay that much? Because not may guy can handle UPS driver job, legally you are not lifting more than 50 lbs a box but good amount of them are 100 lbs boxes ..if you do business route you will have to handle 100 lbs packages 100-250 of them in a day.Now you wonder why UPS driver chucking the packages? Also, imagine people ordering wayfair furniture to the apartment with no lift..yes, they do that all the time. UPS truck doesn't have heater or AC so in winter you will be always cold, they did not always close the truck door because they are always in and out of the truck. In summer, at the back of the truck will be like 120 degree...that is every time you went back to truck to pick a package before delivery. It is also common that driver usually black out at the back of the truck in summer because of dehydration.This job is physically too demanding and you will need to work a lot of years in whorehouse to be a driver unless you are veteran. UPS work like military so if you are veteran then you can skip working inside the warehouse. I want my fiance to work in other profession but the pay is really good to start another career. I hate to see him in pain every time he's back home. There's a reason why they pay that much.
Wilson Mar (2 months ago)
Doctor still better
Loveduhmusic (2 months ago)
I appreciate both Doctors and all mail delivery workers. This world wouldn't function without both.
Ratmaster (3 months ago)
In the UK the average doctor makes like 60K a year.
TheSingularity (3 months ago)
This should be retitled: being a resident is not that lucrative.
Írisz Ipolyvölgyi (3 months ago)
I'm always amazed how much debt American students have. In Central Europe the majority of the students don't go to uni unless they can pay it without getting a loan. BUT e.g. in Hungary we have free education for (I think) 12 semesters in higher educaton, if you get enough points on your finnal exams in high school.
spaghetti dude (3 months ago)
never wanted that much money anyway... neurosurgery, here I come!
Mcwrenn8 (3 months ago)
New contract will pay us UPS drivers up to $40 an hour over the next 5 years.. then overtime will be a dollar a minute.. I’m 27 and didn’t attend college and have no plans to attend college..
Modern Plays Games (3 months ago)
I call BS on UPS drivers making 70k/year...
mike jackson (3 months ago)
Who retires at 65? I'm eligible when I turn 55.
John Mendoza (3 months ago)
Money is not everything either is wearing yourself out either.😲😥😣😐Just go to school and live life to the fullest.
Bryan Saune (3 months ago)
Thank you.
Dodo CNK (3 months ago)
This analysis is absolutely bullshit first off, as a doctor, you have the potential to choose a lucrative area of practice where working time is considerably better. Some area of practice have much better returns in terms of investment in time. For example dentistry, dermatology. You would be looking at much higher earning and lower working time than average. Secondly, as a doctor, you have the potential to start your own business, this allow you to easily break free from the average earning if you are a great businessman. Thirdly, your social class is different. Most of your friends are doctors or any other high earning professionals. This means that you'll be in a great environment where people are generally smart and respectful. Here is for UPS driver: 1. Your income is pretty much fixed 2. There is no potential to start your own business, which means that you're stuck to that salary. 3. you will float around in lower social class 4. Entire life driving trucks The problem with this analysis is that it compares two different careers with two different earning opportunities. For UPS drivers, their income is fixed, so taking their average salary for comparison is OK. However, taking the average salary of doctors, is not suitable for comparison, simply because the category of doctors and income is extremely different and have they have the opportunity to not be completely glued to being an employee. The overall point is that being a doctor is much better than UPS driver and the investment is worth it, if you're a ambitious doctor that is looking to become rich, then you have a much higher earning potential. Also, one last point. Doctors genearlly marry other doctors or other high income professions, and that salary is combined. UPS drivers is likely to marry someone that have similar income to him. This can make a huge difference. Take this factor into consideration and you'll realize that becoming a UPS driver is not a short cut, and the effort it take to become a doctor is completely worth it.
MARCONI (3 months ago)
I see way more doctors driving Ferrari’s than UPS drivers
Brianna&Mia Gymnasts (3 months ago)
Bu- but...I want de money ;’(
sundiii99OWS (3 months ago)
Every genius should have been doctors and scientists, because ALL people should start learning science and medicine at age 4-6. Our current school system makes smart people look stupid so we should eliminate it 100%. And learning should be free! No debt ever!When I was a teenager I realized that we're only forced to go to school so teachers/etc could have JOBS, because otherwise they'd all be starving! Schools force students to do ridiculous assignments just to keep them "out of trouble" because there's nothing else to do! It's insane to force people (even the non-geniuses) to get a high school diploma, then college degree, and only THEN they can start learning to be doctors! All people NEED to learn as much as possible about diseases because it's the most important thing of all! Teach people to be healthy, teach parents to know what their child's symptoms of sickness might be. They say our brains get wired at young ages to do certain things, especially as babies learn, so imagine how much smarter people would be, worldwide, if there was no poverty and "schools" or actually COMPUTER LEARNING, lifelong if they're all taught science and medicine from.....birth! Or you know, age 2-5& up. AND learning should take up less time every day than they're now forced to SIT and learn unimportant things for 6+ hours plus horrible homework! They could become doctors and scientists by computer learning for only, maybe 4 hours a day (parents now need to start learning it with their kids by supervising it themselves)! AND THEN they should have the rest of the day, for fun exercise, learning many things like DANCING! Parents would need to be set free from WORKING too much so they can supervise, and learn dancing too, right along with their parents! The reason none of this can happen today is the capitalist WAGE SYSTEM! I just talked to a lady who works in insurance who said she works all day and then at night until midnight because she doesn't have enough time to get all the work done! Now that's really slavery! She should be able to work only FOUR hours a day. But ultimately we need to eliminate ALL insurance and banks and even MONEY with computers! We should redistribute wealth equally worldwide ASAP to save our lives, and to save the EARTH immediately! America did everything wrong building cars and houses and roads to "create wage jobs"! Cars and houses etc are destroying the earth! Cars kill 50,000 people every year so obviously that was wrong. We should have said "let's eliminate most work by building safe Tower cities connected to maglev Trains"! Millions of people wouldn't have died! (In car crashes, cancers, floods, wildfires, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions etc! Scientists &engineers etc are starting to work on building cities, habitations, on Mars because someday the Earth will cease to exist! And you can't go outside on Mars, so start getting used to not going outside much here on Earth! Capitalists are definitely going to destroy the Earth if we don't change ASAP! Both here, and on Mars, people need to build Tower cities connected to maglev Trains worldwide! Every tower should have all things. Capitalism will destroy the earth (profits before people) if we don't start protesting against it WORLDWIDE soon! There are so many ways to grow all food in Tower cities! Search the Internet! Capitalism: let's cut down ALL trees to "create jobs" building houses!?? Vehicles are deadly, not freedom like in advertisements! Capitalism is all myths and fables and lies! We need to redistribute money equally worldwide because it's so insane not to!!!!!! Number of billionaires: 2,208! Wealthiest: Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, US$112 Billion! It takes 999,999,999 million to make just ONE BILLION, and he alone has 112 billion! How insane is that???!!! 36 million people die of starvation every YEAR! So obviously capitalism, paying some people a tiny wage, so the #1 guy gets to SAVE $112 billion is wrong! Redistribute it equally worldwide, so the number of signs, miracles and wonders can be multiplied worldwide! So every child, and widow, and orphan has a great life, so they can ALL contribute ideas to make life easier for all people, and so we can start getting fresh nutritious food, and clean water and AIR, to all humans, and to all wildlife. No more small family farms which take away habitat for wildlife! Jeremiah 32:17 there is nothing too hard for our God in heaven (& on earth) to do! The sin/iniquity throughout the bible is the wage system, because it started in Egypt, in Exodus it is described, and THAT is mentioned again and again throughout the bible! So that's the theme! 2 Corinthians 8:12-15 But by an equality.....that there be EQUALITY...! Equality can only mean WEALTH, MONEY, because that's what gives us LIFE, we all need money! The love of money is unequal wealth. We were forced over centuries to need money (WCRTW of 252?) so we're not FREE until we eliminate money, which is mostly numbers in computers! Today is the most important time in the history of mankind, because we can quickly end world poverty. And it's insane to ever think "but what if no one will work?" which is saying "but we NEED SLAVERY!" NO WE DON'T NEED SLAVERY! We need to DESTROY WAGE SLAVERY immediately! And we need to build T&T to save the EARTH!!
sundiii99OWS (3 months ago)
4 years for Bachelor degree, 4 years medical school, AND 3-7 years residency?!!!! Before they can start making money!!! Ha! That's insane, you insane capitalists!!! Debt of $185,000!! Then WORK 80 hours a week!!!? Then they might work 60 hours a week?!!! That's all insane! Why would anyone ever want to be a doctor??? No one should until we destroy capitalism!! I don't care if there are no doctors, because no one should get healthcare until every human and animal gets perfect healthcare!! That's the way it should be! Because everyone should be a doctor and scientist by destroying this current system 100%!!!
Shark (3 months ago)
Experienced neurosurgeons make 3m plus
Nod Melon (3 months ago)
Interesting side note. UPS pays for a portion of your tuition fees if you work for them while attending school. So you can theoretically become a doctor while working for UPS.
Sayszar Tempest (3 months ago)
So.... Become a UPS driving Physician?
LyristMadeThis (3 months ago)
Background music? In the beginning?
john cena (3 months ago)
I understand that you’re living in the US and most of this info is applicable if you’re living there or if you are living in a country where you have to pay a lot for medical education, but I’m living in Saudi and I have free education. This gives me a financial head start and doesn’t really hinder my finances. I graduate after 3 years and take my residency afterwards, all of which with no debt whatsoever. Point of this is that this video is centred around countries who’s system is similar to that of the US
Yellow W (3 months ago)
I think if you live very frugally during and especially after residency and focus on paying that student dept off ASAP then doctors (and especially surgeons) would surpass UPS drivers a lot quicker, no? You'd have to be crazy to pay that debt off slowly.
Chris Sumrall (4 months ago)
wow this is inaccurate
Gurdeep Singh (4 months ago)
he dropouts out of residency fyi
Yvonne Jacko (4 months ago)
UPS drivers don't make$45 an hour... what planet are you on??WTF?????You're in dreamland man!!
Nod Melon (3 months ago)
He said overtime rate is $45 an hour. That's $30 an hour for 8 hours then time and a half overtime rate of $45 an hour for remaining hours up to twelve in a day. That's $420 before tax for the day if you work 8am-8pm..and believe me, they do.
OfficialMichellemarie 26 (4 months ago)
And also what happens when the ups driver ends up becoming disabled?? Then what will he be shit outta luck and out of a jib however if a doctor becomes disabled he can work as a professor or hospital administrator and its not back breaking work
Nod Melon (3 months ago)
UPS drivers are unionized and part of a group plan health insurance program. If one had a tragic event and could no longer work they would begin to receive roughly 75%-100% of their previous salary depending how it happened. What happens if the doctor/professor/administrator hits his head? He's not doing any of those jobs you mentioned.
DC DC (4 months ago)
here it goes.... im a high school drop out. I earn a 100k a year. there, done... thank you UPS
Mr4Step4 (4 months ago)
I dont get why it takes 10 years for doctor to get rid of his college debt if the average salary is $217,000? You can live first two years for $100,000 and put another $100,000 to pay your debt and you will get rid of it in 2-3 years
Rejish Ranjit (13 days ago)
taxes fr that high income ;)
R Cruz (4 months ago)
Uos lost a package of mine with a tracking number
Andres (4 months ago)
I'm 20 years old living in California, I'm a union Ironworker I was bumped up to 4th year journeymen wage by my General Formen. I'm making 49 an hour with sub meaning I get 100 dollars extra each day for travel expenses and for congestion. I was told to go to college or else I wouldn't make anything of my self. Funny thing is im in the process moving into my new home. Home owner at 20 no kids beautiful girlfriend I'm living good. I'm so glad I didn't go to school. School isn't the only option got success there's plenty of work out in the real world you just gotta get in where you fit in 💪
S D (4 months ago)
What about the very real possibility that ups driver jobs will be automated in the near future?
Matthew Williams (4 months ago)
In the short run, UPS drivers are doing better, that’s true. But in the long run, doctors earn and will have a better life. I think choosing your specialty should be based on whether you will enjoy the job and also on your future. The road for medicine is long, but a primary care phsyician during residency makes about 50k-60k, which is just below the UPS driver. After residency is done, that primary care doctor is making 180k+... don’t forget salary increases, overtime pay, bonuses, and many doctors employed under hospitals get free medical/dental/vision packages with retirement plans... that is about an extra 50k-70k on top of the salary. And doctors don’t retire at a certain age in their 60s, I know doctors working in their 70s. When people say doctors aren’t making as much, it makes me smile because almost all doctored are pulling in 200k about 5 years after residency...
God Usopp (4 months ago)
you know how long it takes to even get a shot at becoming a ups driver once you become it your not that far from retirement and plus the strain on the back , knees and mind
Mike G. (4 months ago)
Drivers make +$ than that
YOMO (4 months ago)
This is BS, a lot of doctors become medical directors and I know personally a MD who makes 500k/yr and only shows up about 8 times out the year, and that’s not including his salary from the ER/ED where he works only 24-36 hours a week per 12 hour shifts. Yeah do the math on that....oh yeah I forgot to mention he makes 350/hr oh I think it’s 450/hr....No exaggeration!! Do your research then come back and comment.. This video is highly inaccurate, also there’s a shortage of physicians so you can basically demand what you want.
Ben Chesterman (4 months ago)
In Australia a Senior Doctor cant afford a new supercar , more like a Bmw m4cs for $200,000 in reality after income tax 48%
David S. (4 months ago)
Doctors don't make money anymore, it's true. Doctors are going to jail for writing scrips and selling on the street. They can thank insurance companies for that, & all the people faking injuries. Want to make real money? Practice family court. We can't keep it in our pants & we are lazy. Family court loves the F up. America produces the best F up. The 1% needs the 99% so they can exploit them.
First Name Last Name (4 months ago)
I don’t think you included the pay that doctors receive during residency?
Michigan USA/Singapore S.E.Asia (4 months ago)
It’s way off. In some states doctors get loans paid off. Many get large scholarships too. USA doctors also get kick back from medical companies etc
Michigan USA/Singapore S.E.Asia (4 months ago)
Also they get free medical care and treatments from hospitals too
Jonathan Wick (4 months ago)
All you Jokers got to quit your jobs. I have a 200 acres and I'm waiting for when they legalize marijuana and give me the right to Harvest my land... just kidding!🤡💯🤓😎 good luck with that! 😉🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
BritxBrat2Fashion (4 months ago)
The link for the excel sheet doesn't work (broken link).. but overall great video
Biggutter333 (4 months ago)
Im a gutter guy. Make more than UPS driver, with winters mostly off. Im home now after a six hour work day. I'll make over $4000.00 this week. No college. But the doctors I hang gutters for in Hinsdale IL make about $400k/yr and up. Thats nice money, but the cost of living in the fancy neighborhood isnt cheap. I think some are living paycheck to paycheck.
May'ib19 (4 months ago)
That's why you have yo become a massage therapist. Most successful massage therapist i met work 26-32 hrs per week and make 160K. (annually)
Michael Chung (4 months ago)
Uhhh doctors won’t be replaced by robots anytime soon, UPS drivers will be. I know because I work in the AI field
Nicol Bolas (4 months ago)
A moment of silence for the PhD doctors.... 4-6 years of grad school, 6 years of post-docs with 60-hour work weeks, highly-competitive job market afterwards making $75K CDN to start... and have to apply for grants every 3-5 years to keep that job. That's some BS right there.
joe rami (4 months ago)
A latino landscaping contractor 3 trucks makes 400 gross anually , -200 for payroll -100 operating costs , net 100 yearly and living the life , his guys working him at home answering phone 😆
honeybun33 (5 months ago)
MOST if not all doctors make good money but spend they're whole lives in GREAT student loan debt so it balances out. So no, doctors aren't rich. NBA players make millions just to dribble a ball up and down a court. Drug dealers make more than doctors.
honeybun33 (4 months ago)
UPS DRivers make 33/hr plus FULL benefits, 401K, paid vacations but they only pay helpers 8 dollars 50 cent a damn hr while the driver sits his lazy a$$ on the truck and get full pay. I hated my driver
Smoky RS98 (5 months ago)
Kinda funny 😄!!
Carlinho Martienes (5 months ago)
Just pause the video at 0:50
Artem Gordon (5 months ago)
Now what if you are a UPS driver until your mid 30's and then use that saved money to open up a lucrative business, eh?
Med School Insiders (5 months ago)
Haha great idea
S. D. H. (5 months ago)
Most doctors are arrogant douchebags who don't even know half as much as they think they do. They are amusing to observe.
KremaMpesamel (5 months ago)
Its almost impossible to work 80 hours as a UPC driver..
Robert Perez (5 months ago)
Life is about making an impact not making an income.
Stephen Imsong (5 months ago)
It’s all relative, the more you make the more expensive your life style gets
Steven Lee (5 months ago)
Doctors make this much money due to Insurance and Pharmaceutical companies. In other countries, doctors are better trained, more humane, and not as money hungry as American doctors and make almost like a teacher or lawyer. Doctors make this much money because doctors and hospitals are motivated into taking as much money from insurance companies and pharamaceutical reap the benefit from sick and dying. For this reason, people die of cancer in the U.S, but not elsewhere in the world.
Dakota Wall (5 months ago)
I don't think you should sent the amount set aside for investments equally... A percentage of income would be just as easy, and much more accurracy (I'm not sure how much of a difference it makes though)
Over Analyze (5 months ago)
i'm bout to apply to UPS, that's more than 2x my current
zoemayne (5 months ago)
UPS driver jobs will not exist once self driving cars and delivery robots/drones take off. The technology exists already it will just take time for states to pass laws and for the sector to grow.
Stanley Harriman (5 months ago)
Na. I dont care what type of doctor you are, your doing good. Even with all the student debt. Live off of rice and beans, pay off your student loans in two years, dont buy stupid shit. Youll be way ahead. But, if you wait and make payments on your debt for over a decade, spend money on shit you cant afford (meaning financing a new car or buying an expensive house) then yeah, youll be behind. A doctor making over 200k a year with about the same in debt, you can pay that shit in two years. If you cant live off of 100k a year while you pay off any and all debt, then you are a moron.
alan plumbridge (5 months ago)
Pay for your first two years of med school, then sign up with the armed forces who will pick up the bill for your education from then on, plus pay you an officer’s salary, in exchange for five years service after you have reached your qualification goals. This means you can live like a king through all but the first two years and pay off your debts before you even finish med school. Like this, you will overtake the UPS driver within the blink of an eye. This is the army’s offer to medical students in the UK - I’m guessing similar deals are available from the US forces.
Dan Pirro (5 months ago)
Lol. Such bad math.
Victor Lin (5 months ago)
You get paid accordingly. Enough said
kysike666 (5 months ago)
Life fucking sux!
Sean Noble (5 months ago)
Medical care in the US has always been about profits over anything else, it's a business so that's to-be expected but it's a huge issue for those that get sick. It's much more profitable to treat a sick person than it is to heal them. Very, very unfortunate
Ben Chesterman (4 months ago)
Democrats push up business costs , why your fees go up
DrK (5 months ago)
Could you have possibly been more vague? Are these projections with the doctors making the minimum payment every month and paying hundreds of thousands in interest? What did you even use for the interest rate? Let's say you graduate with $185k in debt and finished residency in rad onc and make $350k/yr. That's close to $20k net income after taxes. If you lived like an average person and only spent $2k/mo you could literally have that $180k paid off in a year flat. Say you want to live like you make $100k/yr, now it takes 2 years to pay off the loans including the interest. So this hypothetical doctor is now with 0 debt and a $350k/yr income at 33 years old. Yeah he's doing way worse than a 33 year old UPS driver.
GTmaniac (5 months ago)
Drivers are ridiculously overpaid
David Perry (5 months ago)
So glad I am aspiring mechanical engineer and inventor. A professional work station, cad software, CFD software, acquiring a professional engineering license, and bachelors in mechanical engineering or engineering technology is cheaper than med school and residency. Having a professional engineering license gives you the power to copyright your technical draws so nobody is legally allowed to steal your design blueprints.
Shayne McGowan (5 months ago)
This shit is funny. Specialty physician salaries are way above the 300k range and you are out of you’re mind if you think any ups driver is going to consistently be granted 40 hours of OT. Also, most people don’t know what they want to do as a career straight out of high school (seams that most physicians do tho). With that being said you’re leaving out the fact that most uneducated and inexperienced high school grads are not going to make 35$ an hour right out of the gate(with some few exceptions). They will jump from minimum wage job to minimum wage job until they find something that sticks and start to work their way up the occupational food chain. This is a cute numbers game but no where near close to actuality. One of my mentors is an anesthesiologist and makes 412,000$ a year and is 33 years old. He has a different Porsche for every season and a lake house.....not such a bad life. It may not be wise to become a physician solely the money but the truth is the field of medicine is lucrative and you won’t be disappointed with the salary. In medical school one of the emergency medicine doctors associated with my program told us the following; “medical school is simply a means to and end, once you get through all the hoops, you will have a career where you get to save lives and make more money than you know what to do with”
Bruce Courtney (5 months ago)
I wouldn’t wanna be an MD but I could see myself being either a PT or a Chiropractor.