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Whiteboard Friday-Content Categorization for SEO

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www.seomoz.org. This week, Rand discusses various methods of Content Categorization. Placing some time and effort into your info architecture can make a huge difference in both rankings and user experience.
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EverSpark Interactive (6 years ago)
Making it easier for the site's visitors to find the information they seek, should be a priority. Think of it this way. If the visitor has difficulty in locating information, products, or anything else they came to your site, they will likely become frustrated. If that happens, there's a good possibility they will leave your site and go to a competitors. So make it more inviting for your site's visitors to linger on your site.
SEO.com (6 years ago)
Another great piece of work by the folks over at seomoz
Ron Hia (7 years ago)
@jsxnpyb Found a method thats raking in $1400 a day and climbing. If you don't find the right niche you won't get anywhere. Trust me your gonna like this course, have a look here ==> bit.ly/ODDSls?=pgucjp
Conrad Weis (8 years ago)
Who's the guy in the tight shirt it aint disco time dude hahahaha
Jackson Marketing, Motorsports & Events (10 years ago)
Another great video. I love the Whiteboard Friday's
skyhr (11 years ago)
How do these relate to wordpress blogs that have blog exerpts on the homepage, and a separate archive (categories) page that can be accessed from every single page?
Fabian Drescher (11 years ago)