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Taylor Swift Throws Shade With Snake References In "End Game" Video

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This episode was brought to you by TurboTax. Relax, there’s TurboTax. http://intuit.me/1eCMlVs More Celebrity News ►► http://bit.ly/SubClevverNews Taylor Swift is officially the queen of shade. Let’s play a game how many snakes can you find in Taylor Swifts new music video “End Game” If you thought Taylor’s snake references were going to stop at her Look What You Made Me Do video you were sadly mistaken, after all this is her revenge album. Her newest music video End Game just dropped and there are so many hidden snakes it would make any Slytherin proud. You guys I had to watch End Game frame by frame to find all these snakes and I’m pretty sure I still missed some but here are the ones I found and oh are they good! Right off the bat we see Taylor sitting on the floor sipping on a drink and BOOM there it is a snake ring on her pinky finger. Only 1 minute into the video and the second snake pops up on her earrings! The next snake slithers in when Swift is kicking it with her good friend Ed Sheeran on the couch and on the table next to them are subtle snake straws. Just a heads up don’t blink because you might miss it. One twitter user spotted the straws writing The ‘13’ on the radio !!!! The snake straws !!!! Good eye. This next snake reference has to be my favorite. Taylor is just casually riding a motor cycle looking like a total baddie and get this she is rocking a snake print jumper. She is wearing snake print! Clearly I am not the only one freaking out about it with one fan tweeting “GUYS SHE IS WEARING SNAKE PRINT!! THIS IS NOT A DRILL!!!” I am done! Actually I’m not done because things reached a whole new level when TayTay took it back to the 2000’s literally playing the actual Microsoft-era video game Snake, completely unbothered, on top of a bar in London. This fan pretty much summed it up with this tweet “lmao dying, people accused taylor swift of playing snake and she's literally playing snake on her new video” Alright swifties I know you guys are better investigators than I am when it comes to stuff like this but I think you may have missed this last one where the reputation singer took it so far that she had her back up dancer join in on the snake train. Girlfriend slayed and layed her edges into a snake shape! Now that is commitment! OK so I am totally reaching on that one. But can you blame me there are so many references that things just start looking like snakes after a while. It looks like Taylor is just getting started embracing her slithering side. Well played Taylor, well played. Alright guys I want to know your thoughts on Taylors new music video and also let me know in the comments below any other snakes reference I may have missed. Thanks for hanging out with me on Clevver News I’m your host Jackie Iadonisi I’ll see you later. Click left to see more thing you may have missed from Taylors End Game video or click right to see how Camilla Cabello slayed the charts with her debut album. For More Clevver Visit: There are 2 types of people: those who follow us on Facebook and those who are missing out http://facebook.com/clevver Keep up with us on Instagram: http://instagr.am/Clevver Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/ClevverTV Website: http://www.clevver.com Add us to your circles on Google+: http://google.com/+ClevverNews Tweet Me: http://www.twitter.com/JackieIadonisi This is a sponsored video
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Text Comments (225)
ChicagoSchlager MusicReview (6 months ago)
Why is Taylor Swift avoiding Angela Merkel's immigrant crime-ridden continental Europe on her next world tour? SEE an American perspective: http://chicagoschlager.blogspot.com/2018/02/why-is-taylor-swift-avoiding-germany-on.html
bellebeau tobias (9 months ago)
Linda (9 months ago)
I don't think she is throwing shade
bookworm swiftie (9 months ago)
I know nobody will see this comment. But...snake is one of the twelve animal symbols used by the Chinese for fortune telling. There r years of the snake like all the other symbols which occur once in twelve years. The snakes r intelligent, wise and smart. They r affectionate and open. They r unconquerable so don't even try. There r five types of snakes based on five elements which r: gold, wood, earth, water and fire. The years r: 1929, 1941, 1953 1965, 1977 1989, 2001 and so on. Two of my fav ppl r snakes: j.k Rowling and taylor swift. Rowling is a wood snake which is the most rare type. And Tay is an earth snake as she was born in 1989. Oh and snakes hate betrayal as they actually value their friends like possessions. They r also rally moral ppl. I wish all I could b a snake, but unfortunately I am not. I mean, I am a ravenclaw which means I am wise. The snake is all about wisdom, so, shouldn't I b a snake?
Riya Singh (9 months ago)
Seriously!? I mean she is NOT throwing ANY shade....come on man....
polly cipher (9 months ago)
It's official taylor swift is now a good girl gone bad😇😈
Nghkatea Dotson (9 months ago)
queens Taylor 👑
Hazza iS mEh bOi (9 months ago)
Does this have anything to do with Harry Styles? Well cuz she's the ex- girlfriend of Harry Styles and Harry is super afraid of snakes😂
Moreitsdavid (9 months ago)
imagine how nice it would be to make millions from capitalising from someone calling you a snake
Supremo Owen TV (9 months ago)
Im a swiftie. And i love calling her a queen snake 😍
Rodolfo Gomez (9 months ago)
No shade just thematical art
M (9 months ago)
hmm. dont really get it.
Spill_the.tea_ (9 months ago)
Oh no, Taylor’s throwing “shade” now we wait for the internet to go crazy and go send hate comments to her. BTW I AM A SWIFTIE AND DONT TAKE THIS TO THE HEART.
Taylor Swift (9 months ago)
You talk about Taylor a lot with interesting news that is annoying
Fay Aslam (9 months ago)
This is already getting boring -_- I used to like her, now she seems like a bitch or acts like a rich teen.
Sarah's Cave (9 months ago)
This bitch Taylor is a muggle not a Slytherin.
Da Vinci Leonardo (9 months ago)
Slytherin is life
Manny Vargas (9 months ago)
She’s makes all the haters mad lol
Kaitlyn Corrick (9 months ago)
Reputation isn’t a Revenge album, it’s a love story
k p (9 months ago)
Kaitlyn Corrick wait, what?😂
Clay Brice (9 months ago)
Got the video on repeat.
Caristalalala Tan (9 months ago)
So everyone can call her snake , but it's a big deal when she does it too? She's trolling you people.
Ummekulsum Vijliwala (9 months ago)
That's what a snake can do! A stupid blonde white girl 🐍
Tea With Tams (9 months ago)
clevver news doesn't understand what throwing shades mean xd
Old School - ish (9 months ago)
She is not a queen of non... she is the queen of poop 💩
Reputation Tay (9 months ago)
Never ever blink while watching Taylor's music video
Dani (9 months ago)
Throwing shade is quickly becoming the single most over used and ridiculous play on words thanks to you people.  She wasn't throwing any shade? She is staying on brand.  Just like Katy Perry once used candy and how Taylor herself used princess theme shit to stay on theme with her albums?.  Same thing.
Optimum Thing (9 months ago)
I enjoyed the mv cause I believe there's no shade thrown whatsoever. It's just casual and beautiful 💕
Paula Dixon (9 months ago)
#Slytherin4Life #NoShadeDingbat
Carissa (9 months ago)
"There are so many hidden snakes it would make any Slytherin proud" ayyy snapeheads where u at?
Jenny O'Mara (9 months ago)
Taylor Swift is a queen
Gleeker (9 months ago)
That backup dancer is Kiki Respect her
Ethan Foo (9 months ago)
it's no longer throwing shade when she has made the snake her branding
Rare Pearlz (9 months ago)
She's a little immature
Pretrek (9 months ago)
ok but...how is this throwing shade? people keep calling her a snake so she’s just owning it
mixed queen (9 months ago)
Taylor Swift seems too unbothered to me for her to be throwing shade? I mean she has a boyfriend who cares about her and is treating her right, she's surrounding her self with REAL friends. The snake is just the symbol of this era and it's also a part of her merch. I'd also guess it's probably gonna be one of the themes in her tour. I don't think she's throwing shade at anybody.
ilovedogsandcats77 (9 months ago)
wow she cant play the game u guys should no your the quean of shade
Alex Serrano (9 months ago)
How is she exactly throwing shade how exactly is she getting revenge idgi how she gonna get revenge w an album that sounds like THAT
_Kagt_ 7 (9 months ago)
Slytherin where you at are queen is here
Otter Pop Culture (9 months ago)
I'm over this Reputation era tbh. We get it! You're owning the snake thing and everyone was out to get you.... WAS out to get you. Pettiness only looks so fun until it's not. Move on!
Nicki Ended Most Of Your Faves (9 months ago)
TheCaliforniaboy1 PREACH!
De'lahn Day (9 months ago)
TheCaliforniaboy1 She isn't really shoving the snake thing in are faces. Besides it's part of her Reputation (no pun intended) just like being a douche is apart of Justin's. Even if Taylor tried to move on haters or the media will always bring the same things up again to keep flames burning. That's why she wrote this lyric that speaks the absolute truth: "I swear I don't love drama, it loves me" Which is none more evident then in the way there's always some video about Taylor a speculating this or that, if anything the media needs to find more material and move on.
Isabella Cosby (9 months ago)
TheCaliforniaboy1 ok thanks have a good 2018
Otter Pop Culture (9 months ago)
Isabella Cosby No! I totally got what you said! You made a very good point. You have nothing to be sorry for. :)
Isabella Cosby (9 months ago)
TheCaliforniaboy1 I wast trying to be mean but I feel like I worded thoses comments wrong I speak broken English so my wording could have been better sorry if I have offended you
gabe ford (9 months ago)
I love how clever keeps making stuff up to keep their channel going. If Taylor wasn't around they must be bankrupt by now.
christiane Morawski (9 months ago)
Every other story is about the Kardashian’s.....that needs to stop I would rather jump into acid than hear about them again. But you do have a point but Taylor is better than them so I will take it lol
Pamela M Sherpa (9 months ago)
gabe ford Jelena stories and Kyle's pregnancy as well😂😂😂
Ikhram Aiman (9 months ago)
Queen of Snake!!!
Fat Cats Can't Jump (9 months ago)
In the end game music video, Taylor managed to tell us: 1. She parties 24/7 and probably went home with different guys after each party 2. Pretty sure Taylor and Ed dated in Tokyo 3. She also kissed 2 girls 4. Something happened between Taylor and Future Not to mention, throughout the video it feels like Ed was like "What happened to my Taylor?" "The old Taylor is dead" is official
Faris Tengku (9 months ago)
Fat Cats Can't Jump (9 months ago)
I bet you theres gonna be hardcore swifties there that's going to hate on me. So yes, this comment is a joke.
XxFreyFoxX (9 months ago)
Snake is her Chinese Zodiac ever consider that. End Game is Love Song. Nothing to do with Revenge you dumbass. Stop assuming shit.
MasterCape Gaming (9 months ago)
Finally early
Hello it's cool (9 months ago)
Ok we get it Taylor u a snake ..
E F F E R V E S C E N C E (9 months ago)
Hello it's cool And you're a rat ;)
Kosy (9 months ago)
I'm over the kp ts drama , i think its fake tbh , who knows maybe the 2 girls never shaded each other in the first place
adam (9 months ago)
literally no shade at all
Jadyn Mitchell (9 months ago)
GET 👏🏻 AT 👏🏻 HEERRRR 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Valeria R. (9 months ago)
Ellen Fan Channel (9 months ago)
There's also a snake in her glass
ilham rhamadan (9 months ago)
*Taylor Swift drops a new music video* and clevver news be like: Taylor Swift throws some shades on her new music video 😂
Lelouch Vi Britannia (8 months ago)
I think they have to change their channel to "idiot news" haha Lol sorry jk
i have a phobia of retards like you (9 months ago)
Wtf clever should really stop with these shade shit like does it really matter that much? Like the song is a bomb stop making shit up.
rocket Boy (9 months ago)
Theres a Snake on taylor swift shirt in the end of the video...
Tianna Toney (9 months ago)
Hey 880 views...!!!!!!!!
Jt Everest Tom (9 months ago)
Queen of snakes Taylor... love it!!!
•red velvet• (9 months ago)
Junior Thompson I love it too
Nicki Ended Most Of Your Faves (9 months ago)
Junior Thompson is that good? I don't think so.
Loom Geek (9 months ago)
She's got a snake theme this era. She's owning her zodiac lol. No shade here
bookworm swiftie (9 months ago)
Atlast, found someone who knows about the Chinese zodiacs!
bookworm swiftie (9 months ago)
Hermione Malfoy your user name is awesome though I don't ship dramione.
KK s (9 months ago)
Isis Ortiz (9 months ago)
No shade taken I love taylor and I love that she is owning the snake sign 💗
Loom Geek (9 months ago)
Eya Chakroun SAMEE
Ellie Stoker (9 months ago)
Does anyone above the age of 13 listen to her anymore?
Zoozy G (9 months ago)
Ellie Stoker me and am 21
Mr. Yes (9 months ago)
21 here..
Jupman Kaur (9 months ago)
hell yes
Nicki Ended Most Of Your Faves (9 months ago)
Mariam Jafarian and yes, i listened ONCE to the album, but i don't usually listen to her music.
Nicki Ended Most Of Your Faves (9 months ago)
Mariam Jafarian check my message. I said that she shaded a lot of people, I didn't even mention the album lmao.
ᴊᴀʏ ᴊᴀʏ (9 months ago)
🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍welp throwin shade at her self
I am Blank (9 months ago)
Throwing shade at SNAKE? Haters been calling her snake all year but when she embraces it, she's being EXTRA? GTFO HATERS
Justiп Biеbег (9 months ago)
Taylor Swift We Love You *♡♡♡♡♡♡♡*
J Martinez (9 months ago)
Justin Bieber we do except you you have been rude Taylor so fuck u lol your not even the real justin
Anna G (9 months ago)
you seem to like Justin Bieber better but ya know
Diehhehr Hshehehgrththhthrh (9 months ago)
Honestly love clevver news. It’s amazing
Elle's Channel (9 months ago)
Really. She wears snakes all the time but not cuz of that, or else she wouldn’t buy thousands of dollars of clothes with snake on them from Gucci! Enjoy the other things in her vids.😒
Blue Miracle93 (9 months ago)
Obama on her shirt 😂
Isen Roi Henson (9 months ago)
Blue 93 which might be about other peoples accusations of her not being vocal about who shes voting for in the elections!!!!
PewdsIsKing ! (9 months ago)
She's not throwing shade?! And there is no diss against katy eather they're making shit up
Brian Martinez (9 months ago)
PewdsIsKing ! K chill don't get mad just cuz ur her fan
RayaDarling (9 months ago)
I didn't really like the song End Game but I adore the music video. There was so many POC in it.
marieke Elzer (9 months ago)
As a rpoud potterhead, I love how even in video's about pop music there are HP references...💛🖤💛🖤💛🖤💛🖤
marieke Elzer (9 months ago)
I am a Hufflepuff
L R (9 months ago)
arunkumar P You're welcome, glad I could share that video with a fellow Swiftie and Potterhead. I love it, I think they all work so well!
bookworm swiftie (9 months ago)
L Rose innocent for snilly, ours for ronx, superman for hinnie and u belong with me for romione was soooooo accurate. Tq very much, it was awesome.
L R (9 months ago)
arunkumar P It's a YouTube video, by daniellesvideos
bookworm swiftie (9 months ago)
L Rose no! Is it fanfiction or just like an article? Gonna Google it right now!!! Tq soooooo much!
Dulyn Thompson (9 months ago)
Throwing shade at who?
fat hoe (9 months ago)
People with flat asses
doha ntsum (9 months ago)
chaoticly (9 months ago)
At Kim and the haters by owning her name as a “snake” looking unbothered.
Beth ! (9 months ago)
I’m a proud slytherin🐍🐍
Carissa (9 months ago)
Cadence Hill that's one of my favorite Taylor songs
C Shi (9 months ago)
Carissa (9 months ago)
I'm an ashamed Gryffindor but by heart I'm a Slytherin
Sarah Ritter (9 months ago)
Any fellow Slytherins here?
Carissa (9 months ago)
Sarah Ritter well you can't really choose ur house, but even she admitted the sorting hat can make mistakes
Sarah Ritter (9 months ago)
Carissa I guess you can choose to be in Slytherin then, can't you? Your house is where your heart is
Carissa (9 months ago)
#AshamedGryffindor, tho I did spend all day taking quizzes and most nonpottermore ones said I was Slytherin so I could meet the qualifications
SarahAndRendi (9 months ago)
nahhh it varies
GayPug (9 months ago)
sorry I'm a Gryffindor
Mette Josefsen (9 months ago)
Rocky Reuben (9 months ago)
I’d fuck Taylor’s brains out no matter how malnutrition she gets
Ally Brooke FanBoy (9 months ago)
She is just an immature bitch. That's it 🐍
Paul Marl Verdida (9 months ago)
Immature? She ain't calling someone here. And it's not for someone. The song is for herself.
fat hoe (9 months ago)
Y’all need to drink some breast milk. It’ll calm you down
Sea Pearl (9 months ago)
i have a phobia of retards like you I love your username. Me on a daily basis being on youtube.
•red velvet• (9 months ago)
Ally Brooke FanBoy stay pressed rat 🐀
Fatima Abbas (9 months ago)
Elektra (9 months ago)
So she's throwing shade at herself lol
Queen Park Bom (9 months ago)
Nicki Ended Most Of Your Faves (9 months ago)
Elektra that is not even good lmao.
Grecia Santillan (9 months ago)
ok but where was katy perry tho clevver
bookworm swiftie (9 months ago)
V Suga oh, did u watch the video on honest? Katy Perry's lyrics though! Haha! So fucking dumb!
Ösah _xx (9 months ago)
EpicDude579 Wait... but is math related to science?🤔
Nicki Ended Most Of Your Faves (9 months ago)
San Katycat ikr😉😂
k p (9 months ago)
Edwbbino H. R. Or may be planning to add more cities in WITNESSTHETOUR as it is getting commercial success 😂 or may be feeling proud to be the highest paid american idol judge lol😂 these swifties are so dumb and stupid xDDD
Nicki Ended Most Of Your Faves (9 months ago)
Taylon Swiftie Katy must be drying her tears with a $100 bill.😚
Olivia Richards (9 months ago)
tsm myth myth (9 months ago)
mattymoua c: (9 months ago)
ayyy first