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For copyright matters please contact us at: copymanager.mn@gmail.com BRAIN TIME ► https://goo.gl/tTWgH2 1. Faucets https://www.dxv.com/ 2. Beard Bend Plus https://www.amazon.com/Beard-Bend-Plus-Multipurpose-Mustaches/dp/B01N4D0M4J 3. Dishcraft http://www.dishcraft.com/ 4. Townew https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/townew-the-self-sealing-self-changing-trash-can#/ 5. DistractaGone http://www.distractagone.com/ 6. ROIDMI NEX Storm https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/roidmi-nex-storm-a-smart-cordless-vacuum-with-mop?secret_perk_token=5a48ccc4&gclid=Cj0KCQjws7TqBRDgARIsAAHLHP4u04_2dljTkgFAi6aEYkm2BSX_pKyQl7TAfWpLRra5tZbBeO8KY0MaAsXAEALw_wcB#/ 7. HiTable http://hitable.eu/ 8. Lua https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/lua-the-smart-planter-with-feelings#/ 9. CleanStep http://www.cleanstep.pl/
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Text Comments (163)
annakeye (14 hours ago)
7:08 Hi Table? Or Hit Able? Because it looks like hitable to me.
aesthetics Disney lover (2 days ago)
Our school has the weird robot thing it's really cool to watch
Erik_notpanda on twich (2 days ago)
9:55 300 dollars wtf I would just take my shoe off 👟
Hana Kolouchova (3 days ago)
The shoe plastic cover machine is a real waste, to the environment and to your wallet..$300!?
Dinuka Wimalagunasekara (3 days ago)
Does the table scratch at a level 6 with deeper grooves at level 7?
TheRoyalFlame 1 (3 days ago)
1900: in 2019 there will be floating cars! 2019: we have mad history, a $150 trash can👏
MAIFOU BJS (4 days ago)
iGot7BangtanCarats (6 days ago)
4:04 "I recognize this song..." *a few seconds later* "JEN'S INTRO!!"
Eclipse (6 days ago)
ok but does the dishwasher have soap?
reef_ cod (7 days ago)
All these inventions but still cant play youtube when turned home
Tyler Sato (7 days ago)
The pot with the face is a must for me lol 😂
Wyvern Slayz (8 days ago)
Oh no your head spit in half lemme just wait an hour for my phone to come out from my distractagon then I can call the ambulance
Lucas (8 days ago)
The first faucet just uses Bluetooth water
Caleb VS (9 days ago)
you know, the other option other than that shoe one is to just take off your shoes while inside
Kitten LB (9 days ago)
My only question is, does the table come with a screen protector???
Mar Celo (10 days ago)
TechZone: sorting all the best scams through Kickstarter and InfieGoGo and bringing to you at comfort of Youtube!!! Now get your credit card and waste your hard earned money at great devices that will never reach your hands and if they do they will never deliver the promises seen at the commercials! Call NOW : 555-IMIDIOT
Hengki Setiawan (10 days ago)
Nobody Not a single soul Intro song. Bae bae baebaebae bae bae
SmartThis (11 days ago)
for example the smart-table
SmartThis (11 days ago)
video doesnt match with what he says sometimes. show pics of what you're talking about
Malcolm Amalgam (11 days ago)
This video should be called insane crud for people who want insane crud!
WofCookie :3 (11 days ago)
2:47 this is why ppl will lose there jobs
Aleks S (12 days ago)
Lazy and Stupid Technology should be the title, the tap was interestimg
Danielle Pothan (12 days ago)
Why do all of tech zones titles say on another level?😂🤣
Owin (13 days ago)
The cleaning machine they should make one of those except for hotel beds
first last (15 days ago)
Its a TAP
じょざるどうぇしずかい (15 days ago)
That trashbin is good for it's price Than a fking faucet
Hee Fababalayee (15 days ago)
I want that table so bad just so I can flex it oof
so Manu (16 days ago)
Alexander Harte (16 days ago)
Did not finish the video. Way to many commercials. !!
سلمان دويان (17 days ago)
ها يا انا ودردشة ها يا sonic ها يا المكان تركيبت سلمان دويان الالي في اليابان
سلمان دويان (17 days ago)
تخطي إعلان sonic sky معاه سلمان دويان لدردشة الأماكن العامة للمكان انخيل
Aaron McGill (19 days ago)
I want EVERYTHING that u show so cool love your YouTube vids
Harekal (21 days ago)
Panos Respect (21 days ago)
Like you see these inventions and clever ideas , and you feel proud of them ,but at the same time you think that there are people believing the earth is flat, vaccines don't work and the US government is hiding aliens on Area 51...
Talib Memon (26 days ago)
Can we get the table on amazon
Sun Jara (27 days ago)
That pot is pretty good for the plant-caring inept.
Sun Jara (27 days ago)
It doesn't tell you how much the beard comb is.
Max Meyer (20 days ago)
I thought I heard $7
m.Sumit Mojumdar (28 days ago)
Don't waste water u ...
richard marriott (30 days ago)
why did you not phone the ambulance as soon as you chopped your hand off.... distractagone
L.B Crew (30 days ago)
If you have a box to lock your phone inside good luck calling an ambulance when someone chokes at dinner 😁
Adem Sofilić (30 days ago)
That dish washer needs some soap.
Adem Sofilić (30 days ago)
17-20k $ for a freaking faucet! Hahaha
Kyle Kraus (1 month ago)
If you want people to advance in tech why make it so expensive? Most people aren't wealthy. I will stick with better and cheaper rule. Edit: not hating on your channel I think it's interesting.
Kyle Kraus (30 days ago)
I just searched what streamline is I'm a idiot.
Kyle Kraus (30 days ago)
@richard marriott oh ok. Like mattresses. The spring mattresses are expensive but the memory foams are cheaper and more comfy. I hope I got it right.
richard marriott (30 days ago)
Kyle Kraus im saying as you figure out a streamlined build process.. cheap supply chain and bulk production things get cheaper. its why any small batch or proof of concept is expensive. but as you scale up production and make processes cheaper and faster the cost drops. its tye same for any product
Kyle Kraus (30 days ago)
@richard marriott so what your saying is the more things of the same thing is made the cheaper it would get? Wow I comment fast.
richard marriott (30 days ago)
as things are made more the processes become streamlined and cheaper.
Loh Dexstex (1 month ago)
5:38 This should be iPad has locked for 45yrs Angry kids will lock parents phone and set it to 99:59:59
hayrunisa kahraman (1 month ago)
👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 Amazing Fantastic
Potato Sauc3 (1 month ago)
I don't think any of these inventions are worth their estimate cost.
Trends Challenge Wilson (1 month ago)
Technology is amazing but its too expensive. I just love people's creativity
Jose Alarcon (1 month ago)
I dont need the table but still want it to show everyone how much money i have
Ehra Dimaun (1 month ago)
nayankumar surepalli (1 month ago)
We are already dealing with plastic waste problem and they come up with a new plastic waste source, whats wrong with these ppl plastic cover for shoes. that is the stupidest thing i heard
YoungStrTM (1 month ago)
5:25 Imagine a call comes which will get you 1million dollars...
Evil Hutdug (1 month ago)
im not paying 168 dollars for a smart pot that can only hold 1 plant
Evil Hutdug (1 month ago)
Dude some of it is just stupid 😂
Diane Brown (1 month ago)
5:08 What if a family member dies and you cant find out until like an hour
Fischer Hicks (1 month ago)
you came this far from the first video of telling people socks nice
Daphne Aranquez (1 month ago)
9:46 u can't have this at asian household. Just take your shoe off smh
ACupOfTae WithSuga (28 days ago)
yeah lol taking your shoe off will be way cleaner and easy 👌
H A W A I ‘ I B A B E Z (1 month ago)
that lady threw a plastic bottle with trash. wrf
MagentaRacer750 (1 month ago)
4:54 Did you just put your phone in your toilet, how addicted are you?
hireikana18 (1 month ago)
I can see many of the people in Distractagone getting “hurt”. Snatch my phone, you get snatched.
extremz82 (1 month ago)
I think this is first video where they show the thumbali first
Cryian Sky (1 month ago)
why do you put last century technology and call it ingenious tools? This is ridiculous!
Lachlan Wallace (1 month ago)
That bin =100% cool 😎😎😎
Max Meyer (20 days ago)
Lachlan Wallace wish I knew where to buy one.
baucharlie (1 month ago)
Or "How to resolve, my First World lazyness problems"
Vince Tielen (1 month ago)
I have never wanted a coffee table so much
Tiffanie (8 days ago)
Renskie Playz (1 month ago)
Why do you have 7ads in a 10m vid SMH
Munchkin Emerton (1 month ago)
5:20 what if the battery dies while you use it or you need to call someone 😹😹😹😹
kirishna sarattee (1 month ago)
Wirelesd charging is cool
Kyanberu sama (1 month ago)
"Ingenious iventions" or "as seen on tv ?"
ibaxmamamy (1 month ago)
in 2:55 the first dish is not clean well
Anwar Getu (1 month ago)
Who would want to spend 20k for a faucet😂😂
Catnipkitty (17 days ago)
The owner of amazon idk
Max Meyer (20 days ago)
Some of our corrupt politicians would.
Anwar Getu (1 month ago)
@TheBearGamer lol😂
TheBearGamer (1 month ago)
Bill Gates: He earned $11.5 billion this year which works out to be ~$33.3 million per day; $1.38 million per hour; or ~$23,148 per minute.
Potato Sauc3 (1 month ago)
California rich kids.
The birb boi man (1 month ago)
Oh no your dying oh wait can't call help my phone is in a box till 30 minutes guess I'll die
Sun Jara (27 days ago)
There should've been an emergency button you'd push in case you need to call emergency services.
Simon And (30 days ago)
Yeah dev that made that is retarded
The birb boi man (1 month ago)
Landen Bradley (1 month ago)
The birb boi man you liked ur comenet
Mr. Saifi (1 month ago)
manjot_yt nightcore (1 month ago)
5:32 I unlike because of this other vide is amazing
Drea_Ddaeng said (1 month ago)
1:06 I want to give it to Taeyong, Xiumin, Minhyun, or Leetuek. They need it
‡ A.R.M.Y ‡ Hana ‡ EXOL ‡ (19 days ago)
Evil Hutdug (1 month ago)
Drea_Ddaeng said Just steal their phones XD
brittany mazza (1 month ago)
great idea
I Foxx_yy I (1 month ago)
0:00 when there is a bee in the studio
乙ㄥㄖ丂ㄒ卂尺 (1 month ago)
Song at begining
Scam Witness - Avoid Scams To Earn Online (1 month ago)
Anyone know where I can purchase the HiTable Product?
GD foof48 (1 month ago)
BlazePlayz YT (1 month ago)
Do you really have to use a box to get away from your phone?
Aeriok (1 month ago)
Lol Hi Table... definitely nothing new, it’s premise is what SURFACE was meant to be all along, this is just a really bad version of it. You’re supposed to put any drink down anywhere and it tells you what the temp was... was also supposed to gauge how much fluid is left by its weight. You were supposed to be ble to put your phone down on the SURFACE (omg you think that’s how they got the name?) and any images in the phone would sync to the table but stick next to the circle outlining your phone, but by dragging the icons of images you could spread out all images, share them, or display them or videos on any tv or display in the room synced to the smart table... SURFACE was never meant to be the OS of a tablet....
beccasmama63 (1 month ago)
futuristic garbage can but they are still throwing plastic and glass bottles in the garbage instead of recycling them.
Ronald E (1 month ago)
Am I the only one that would need to empty that vacuum container 50 times to do the whole house? No way. It's the size of a Pringle can.
Deny Santos (1 month ago)
sri vidhya James (1 month ago)
Don't waste water
Ethan (1 month ago)
The phone box idea is just stupid. What if you need to call emergency services? Just put it on do not disturb
Johan Collins (8 days ago)
Johan Collins (8 days ago)
Kijnijj HGH yv. Hyytggggp
Chelsea Aswad (1 month ago)
Evil Hutdug (1 month ago)
ikr or just shut it down
Mikolaj Kraszewski (1 month ago)
"Ingenious tools on another level." *breaks an iPhone with a hammer* XD
M .M (1 month ago)
$20,000 for that faucet!!!!
steph g (1 month ago)
2:55 goodbye human dishwashers, im pretty sure a robot or mechanism could close that lid and move a stack of dishes from one side of the room to another, amazon does it all day long at the warehouses
mastrogio (1 month ago)
controllate la regolarita dei siti quando li postate? hitable.eu sito scam
adarsh subhash rockstar (1 month ago)
i love it but many ads
drockjr (1 month ago)
Goddamn it Simon WHISLAH. Such a pretentious dickhole
Andy Andie (1 month ago)
The garbage bin uses plastic bags and does not separate waste?
Clint Young (1 month ago)
I want the shoe cover, that last one was cool, and fits my needs. The other tech looks really cool to and look forward to being able to afford them next year.
Luke Jones (1 month ago)
Too many commercials for me
Matt Dougherty (1 month ago)
Anyone who owns a shark vacuum doesn't need . ROIDMI NEX Storm
Innovate (1 month ago)
Techzone is the best content creator in this newest technology niche! I eventually made the same videos on my channel. CHECK IT OUT!
Dope Action (1 month ago)
Them Fracets better come with a self cleaning water filter .
faraz_ 224 (1 month ago)
first you guys had like a billion adds in your videos but now you have like 0.
Gussy Rikh (1 month ago)
Very interesting
Jack Barrass (1 month ago)
The shoe one uses plastic POLLUTION IS SERIOUS
JaMar Thomas (1 month ago)
I wonder does that dishwasher use less water then others.