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Google Pixel 3 - Unboxing & Impressions

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The Google Pixel 3 is pure Android and has built up hype as being the main competition between Apple and Google. The Google Pixel lineup always has some amazing features, a good design and powerful internals to keep it on par with the Apple companion. Let's take a dive into the unboxing of the brand new Pixel 3. === SOCIAL
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Text Comments (6)
Maxim Chumakou (9 days ago)
Im getting a pixel 3 soon
TellMeImANoobK2 Oof (9 months ago)
Why Are You Making A android phone video if you sayed that android sucks LOL Now IOS falls behind yea boi
mystery person (11 months ago)
Kevin Davis (11 months ago)
Nice video, thanks.
Jeremy C. (11 months ago)
can you do a deep dive on the Pixel 3 display.. as it's made by LG and they say it's grainy on low brightness..
Nate W Thibodeau (11 months ago)
To bad it has very bad audio quality when u record vids.