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Text Comments (405)
Black Wood (1 day ago)
0:55 Hmm... ATC controller has misled pilots?
decline2state (21 days ago)
Did anyone get a phone no. to write down?
Ronald Rol (1 month ago)
777-200 from KLM is not the PH-BVK. BV is the 777-300 line, the 200 line is BQ
Bart Krijnen (1 month ago)
"A KLM 777-206ER PH-BVK" PH-BVK is a -306ER (PH-BQ..=777-200ER PH-BV..= 777-300ER)
YelpBullhorn (1 month ago)
Can anyone with knowledge of such things please tell me, what would be the pilots’ punishment for such a cock-up?
SwordQuake2 (1 month ago)
Hysteric ATC is hysteric.
[NK] WKMasterGamer (1 month ago)
i think atc is a filipino citizen🤔
Lance Pena (1 month ago)
[NK] WKMasterGamer No shit Captain Holmes!
kalas1988 (1 month ago)
I do not get it , why the runway was closed for hours? Couldn't it be towed?
周柏安 (2 months ago)
Taipei is RCTP not RTCP
VASAviation - (2 months ago)
germanmafia (2 months ago)
KLM - Causing problems on the runway and ignoring the tower commands since 1977
burgerboy does some shit (2 months ago)
2:23 should read "we are not certain to the strength of the pavement in the area"
Richard L. T. (1 month ago)
You must have a lot of time on your hands.
Lucien Vancutsem (2 months ago)
Ï was on that flight. there was room to move 20 m more in order to clear the runway. It was a bit stressing fearing another plane hitting the tail.
Another Virtual Identity of Someone Who Isn't Me (2 days ago)
@Chris Ball behind every professional construction is an equation which clearly determines when the construction is ready. Instead of making assumptions that in turn may make an ass out of you, get someone to verify it and base your decisions on facts. With that said, I don't hold it against the ATC for not stepping outside of her box, she just did her job.
Chris Ball (2 months ago)
There might have been room, but you don't know whether that surface was safe to hold the plane's weight, and the ATC seems to think it wasn't.
laverdadesmejor (2 months ago)
I haven't heard any mention of the time of day/night that this incident took place???? Although inexcusable, this may have been a contributing factor.
decline2state (2 months ago)
A similar kind of arrogance got KLM into trouble at Tenerife.
LivingThroughTV (2 months ago)
We missed the... Err.. the runway.
Sieg Fred Jeth Pilapil (3 months ago)
You cannot understand the airport of manila
Nick Chinn (3 months ago)
Ugh oh well, i would think that they would see it but i guess not in the heat of the moment....
Ba A (3 months ago)
If this were JFK back in the day of Kennedy Steve, hell would break loose
Joseph Hernandez (3 months ago)
"... for several hours" !!! I wish our international airport (MNL) had more than just one main runway. One incident and the entire airport is delayed.
12345fowler (3 months ago)
Someone failed to read some NOTAM's
wtfcssource (3 months ago)
Jeez, they were waiting several hours? Just give the a tow truck and in 30 minutes max they are done.
rgtrooper13 (3 months ago)
KLM again huh. There are only two things I can't stand in this world. People who are intolerant of other people's cultures. And the Dutch.
The G_89 (3 months ago)
How the hell do you not see that there is construction going on on that taxi way? Come on KLM.
thegingerninja (4 months ago)
0:57 It was at this point KLM897 knew he fucked up (trying to make a joke. Hopefully everyone gets it)
Woof woof Dawg! (4 months ago)
That is Manila,Philippines. Haha
Lance Pena (1 month ago)
Woof woof Dawg! So what?
M1co29 boii i hate last names (4 months ago)
Holy wtf... this atc sounds like the one that guided MF8667
M1co29 boii i hate last names (2 months ago)
@FEA 93 i said "it sounded like", therefore your eyes need to be fixed
FEA 93 (2 months ago)
Firos Khan (4 months ago)
That traffic police not good..why not switched on red light
M1co29 boii i hate last names (4 months ago)
Wtf.... theres no such thing as traffic police in aviation
W R Butler (5 months ago)
Can you imagine how the guys at Kennedy would have handled this? “Hey, brainiac, that didn’t take you long to mess it all up, did it?”
Ramon Cardona (5 months ago)
Proves that long range flights are tiring for pilots. Perhaps more specific instructions would have been more clear. I’ve done several overnight flights and tired makes for errors!
Thudue (6 months ago)
i wonder how he get that wrong taxiway in small airport one runway
PinoyTech (6 months ago)
RPLL has two runways. But the one is smaller😂. Try to check the google map for clarification
willem lenteren (6 months ago)
almost the second accident like Tenerife and pilot wont listen im from Holland but this airline is so nuts
Big Potato (6 months ago)
Towed back to the gate in disgrace. How shameful
Dessienewshoes (7 months ago)
Literally had one job. Fuckwit
rapid fortnite studio (7 months ago)
Srry this account thats commenting is a filipino i wanna make a BIG apology for all of you guys were very sorry
Arnold Ernst Toht (7 months ago)
PH-BVK is a -300ER not a -200ER
hamza khan (7 months ago)
Excellent work by atc, well handled
Wrex Reeva (7 months ago)
John Opalko (3 months ago)
Are you asking if there was a NOTAM or are you asking what a NOTAM is? If the former, I'm almost certain there was one. If the latter, "NOTAM" is an abbreviation for "Notice to Airmen." NOTAMs are published any time anything unusual is going on in navigable airspace, e.g., navigational aids out of service, approach/runway/taxiway lighting out of service, closed runways, closed taxiways, etc. Pilots are required to familiarize themselves with all information pertaining to their flight. This includes all applicable NOTAMs.
oollGiGlloo (8 months ago)
1:20 "287 holding F....... (what???) 5"
Ronald Vero (8 months ago)
buti na lang may animation kundi wala akong maintindihan...
boeing master (8 months ago)
And what happend to the pilot?punished?
Joe Venuti (5 months ago)
I hope they made a report. The pilot made 3 mistakes here.
Joshua Hall a.k.a. Controlla (8 months ago)
Zeras1 (9 months ago)
Even though your in a plane, aren’t you able to see vehicles? Especially since construction vehicles are bright colors?
Atari Andre (9 months ago)
This is still not as bad as the KLM plane taking off from the taxiway at Schiphol a few years ago........http://avherald.com/h?article=4272f72c
Free World (9 months ago)
KLM807 would've used reverse thrust to back out
Mancbuses (4 months ago)
@Free World You will find it's not used on any airliner to pushback from gate. for many reasons main one being dangerous and against the operating instructions.
Free World (9 months ago)
@VASAviation - it can happen but it's sort of illegal and dangeorous because when someone uses reverse thrust they can't see behind them in the cockpit. It used to be used for pushback without the car. but i would've laughed if he used it to back out good vid btw
VASAviation - (9 months ago)
Sphere723 (9 months ago)
Where's Delta Super Tug 2 when you need them?
Parallax (2 months ago)
I hope these's are not one of those crawling super tugs.
Milton Waddams (10 months ago)
Female pilot. Amirite guys...
Mariella (9 months ago)
The pilot was male, the female voice is the ATC.
Chris Hoffman-Echandy (10 months ago)
I’m sure this was in the NOTAM, but I think the pilot made an honest mistake. Very good controller too.
Jeremiah Carlos (10 months ago)
It's weird.. I hear my mom yelling at me with the same accent when I was young
Skybolter (10 months ago)
KLM idiots
willem lenteren (6 months ago)
exactly don't trust them
willem lenteren (8 months ago)
@SkybolterI never want fly with it
Skybolter (8 months ago)
@willem lenteren That's exactly why KLM sucks
willem lenteren (8 months ago)
exactly in Tenerife pilot wont listen and crash with panam
Devin Wright (10 months ago)
Could tower say hold position and "There is work in progress" one more time??? She having a stroke?
Maxelgg (6 months ago)
cattey exactly its like a mother telling a son to fucking sit and behave
cattey (7 months ago)
if he would stop moving she wouldn't have to keep repeating it.
Xxx Xxx (11 months ago)
KLM fuck the pist ,
stormeagle28 (11 months ago)
Sometimes you wish to have a MD-80 ... just powerback and move on...
The Almighty Martz (11 months ago)
Yea this is in the philippines, we have a lot of on going construction. BTW very professional between KLM and ATC..
09shadowjet (11 months ago)
Just a little question, the title says B77W but on the intro it says B777-200ER, so which one is the correct one?
09shadowjet (11 months ago)
VASAviation - ok cheers
VASAviation - (11 months ago)
PH-BVK is a 300ER.
paddle hard (11 months ago)
This one should be tested for alcohol, not Mr. Whip!
Zoot Blanc (11 months ago)
So stupid KLM. Stop moving when u told to do so, especially after u have already made a mistake
willem lenteren (8 months ago)
exact is the second time almost
Zach Michaelis (11 months ago)
What The FUck are they outsourcing Air Traffic Control to the India Tech Support Scammers now.
Boris Markov (11 months ago)
The issue with NOTAMs in my mind is that they a whole bunch of mostly BS advisories with some CRITICAL ones tossed in
willem lenteren (11 months ago)
klm idiots not listen so stupid learn of tenerife
Tracymmo (1 year ago)
Oooh, if I was that pilot I'd be wanting to disguise myself in the terminal out of embarrassment. Glad my office job keeps my work mistakes hidden from public view! :)
alneal100 (12 days ago)
Good humorous comment.
Aian Kristan Pascua (1 year ago)
E4 R3 and E5 are open twy. The new rapid twy being constructed is somewhere between E5 and E4 / in front of terminal 1. The animation is misleading people.
capybaras (1 year ago)
Dumb question, but is it a really bad idea to thrust reverse to back up? I guess due to lack of visibility? I mean, they are already blocking the runway
Neutral Space-ish Guy (10 months ago)
To add to that, the use of reverse thrust in this case would've blown the construction crew and their equipments away.
GaryNumeroUno (1 year ago)
Can't use reverse thrust to back up a 777. Against operating procedures. No reversing beeper fitted for a start! ;-P
VASAviation - (1 year ago)
Lack of visibility? You don't to get any person or vehicle or other kind of debris sucked into your engine.
Sterling_Mustang (1 year ago)
Can't use reverse thrust???
VASAviation - (1 year ago)
Obviously not.
Malti Moto (1 year ago)
So...what happened when the runway for blocked for several hours? Did they use the other runway or did traffic have to be diverted?
VASAviation - (1 year ago)
Most of them were diverted.
Luke Phillips (1 year ago)
Did the pilots get fired?
Harshvardhan Upadhyay (1 year ago)
Legend has it that KLM807 is still holding that position.
Wet Lettuce (4 months ago)
Construction workers pretty much finished the job a few weeks ago but left the cones out to milk money off the airport like road crews.
willem lenteren (5 months ago)
Joe Venuti exactly they won’t listen that klm want own will
Joe Venuti (5 months ago)
I have a great idea. When you ask ground twice to move 20 meters forward, and the answer both times is NO, HOLD POSITION, maybe you should not be so incredibly stupid that you ask a THIRD TIME.
willem lenteren (6 months ago)
we missed something what a idiot he missed allllll
Abdul Moiz (7 months ago)
And the air traffic controller is still instructing the other flights to go around...
Hickmaann90 (1 year ago)
Oww that sucks. I feel bad for the crew. Hope everything went well afterwards
MrGeorgeScatos (1 year ago)
KLM pilot in this case sounds like he may be related to van Zanten of 4805 fame. Clearly acting on his own, and not agreeing with ATC. ATC: "Hold position!" KLM pilot: "Nah, I can move some 30 meters to get my butt out of the runway." ATC: "HOLD POSITION!" KLM pilot: "Listen, bitch: just let me the fuck move 30 meters further already!!!"
raiden z (1 year ago)
Manila airport is always a cluster fuck.
Peter Zwegert (1 year ago)
To make mistakes is human, so no problems with that. But if the tower tells you to stop you stop! His intentions to clear the runway were good but that doesn't matter. The tower got a reason to stop you at this point, even when you're blocking the runway.
Joe Venuti (5 months ago)
Most important point here!
Jeffry Johnston (1 year ago)
2:20 I think it's "you are not, uh, certain to the stress of that, uh, pavement of that area"
Nikko Nitro (1 year ago)
There was a 737 that went off the runway in MNL last night (18 August), which caused the whole airport to close for a while. I really hope I get to see a video of yours about the comms before the accident. :)
Carson TK (1 year ago)
That ATC is SUPER professional... and I think it wasn't the KLM's fault. I'm assuming he accidentally went to Charlie 4 instead of 5. And the KLM didn't know C4 was under construction, and I feel bad for those pilots the couldn't move the plane... But the other airlines think KLM is blocking the runway for fun. But NO!
esathegreat (1 year ago)
woman sounds like a communist party secretary
Daniel Ueblacker (11 months ago)
Sister Mary Albert, class......
LordCowBell (1 year ago)
2:23 "We are not certain to the strength of the pavement of that area"
Sam Lutfi (1 year ago)
the tower personnel were top notch. These ladies deserve a raise
Rata 4U (1 month ago)
In what way was she "top notch" worthy of a substantial raise? Every time I show up for work and do my job am I supposed to get a raise?
Nikolaij Alfonso Peji (1 year ago)
ECHO 5 is near Terminal 1 and it is being under construction that taxiway is not under construction that is used usually for the arrivals of smaller aircrafts
William Stephens (1 year ago)
Which airport is it?
VASAviation - (1 year ago)
Read the first 15 seconds.
jve89 (1 year ago)
In this case, it would be so handy to use some thrust reverse
VASAviation - (1 year ago)
To suck workers and vehicles into the engines? Do you think that's a handy idea?
Abhilash Nair (1 year ago)
I feel really bad for those KLM pilots. 😕 But very professional both sides!! Pilots *and* ATC.
Lance Pena (1 month ago)
Rata 4U what will be your reaction when a fucking B777 suddenly appears infront of you while youre working on a taxiway? Huh? THINK before you click. Please.
Rata 4U (1 month ago)
@Devin Wright She's worried about her job and over-compensating. I'd fire her ass for being so jittery.
Devin Wright (10 months ago)
Aldrian YS (1 year ago)
Imagine being the construction worker minding your own business paving the taxiway and suddenly seeing a bloody huge B777 coming your way.
Craig Tucker (2 months ago)
At least they are not bridge workers on the los angeles river canal and one of the space planes landing with the gear up and the lady driver doing a 720 with 100% air brakes...
Keith D (1 year ago)
Why not reverse thrust out of there
Endless Insomnia (7 months ago)
On airplanes with engines mounted underneath the wings you might get some rocks sucked into engine while using reverse thrust outside the runway.
Johnny Five (1 year ago)
Back to regional jets for these 2 idiots.
Maxelgg (2 months ago)
back to the c90s
chuck aule (1 year ago)
u said 777-206ER but the PH-BVK is a 777-300, was it the BVK 300 or the BQK 200? nice video tho
chuck aule (1 year ago)
VASAviation - aight, no probs, jw!
VASAviation - (1 year ago)
I mistyped 2 and 3. It's the BVK.
Captain Jose Omar (1 year ago)
I wonder if RPLL have this on NOTAM and the KLM just didn’t read them or RPLL completely forgot to put this on NOTAM. It’s an instinct for the KLM crew to use that high speed taxi way. The tower could had also tell KLM to continue roll out.
Cicada (1 year ago)
If he did that in JFK the ATC controller will be shouting like a dog.
Neon Moon Pie (1 month ago)
Thats because New Yorkers are... special.
decline2state (3 months ago)
Imagine Kennedy Steve having to deal with such an issue. I imagine phone nos. would be given out . . .
willem lenteren (3 months ago)
yes sir im sorry for this but last week was also a pltform accident like few moths ao and in this movie pilots try do tere own will as well.
zaltmanbleroze (3 months ago)
@willem lenteren but since then they have a 30+ year clean track record. Seems you have a beef with klm judging from your other comments. You watch too many youtube videos maybe make up your opinion by actually flying with them a few times. Maybe you're one of those dutch people who nag all the time about everything dutch and why they dislike their own country and it's just never good. Yeah, i think you are just that type of douchebag. Good day to you, azijn zeikerd.
Azriel Elijay (4 months ago)
If a Filipino repeat a phrase in quick succession. It means we're angry AF. I can tell you. She knows she'll miss a date because of the paperworks. And she's sounded like my wife when I don't listen.
Tianyi Wang (1 year ago)
Minor thing - ICAO code for Taipei Int'l is RCTP not RTCP
Floppie84 (1 year ago)
Poor ATC. In the situations it is more clear to say: After landing vacate E5, E4 is blocked, cleared to land...
Zek Paz (1 year ago)
lol are you dumb
VASAviation - (1 year ago)
Don't agree, sorry.
Sergey Ivanov (1 year ago)
May be I am totally wrong and it is just my wild imagination, but...IMO it was bad. Not initial mistake, we are all human, things like this happen, but subsequent attempts to move forward despite controller asking to hold position.I can so clearly imagine engine sucking in some piece of construction equipment, suffering uncontained failure, killing few people outside and setting plane on fire that this video was almost terrifying for me to watch, not knowing how it ended...
bmused55 (1 year ago)
Before condemning the pilots, I'd like to see the paint and signage in the location. It's quite possible the taxiways are not easily identifiable and this led to the mistake. But it is also very possible, the crew were just having an off day and made a mistake. At least the recognised it right away.
Ryzen Pro (1 year ago)
Ok so a stupid 777 pilot landed IN OUR COUNTRY and ALMOST CRASHED INTO VEHICLES!!
Maxelgg (6 months ago)
ValenTheBest_2018 shit happens anytime anywhere you dumbass
VASAviation - (1 year ago)
No need for the insult.
Agfa Ines Metrika (1 year ago)
Haven't the pilot gotten the NOTAM about work in progress? the coordination is so messy
Fabi Speri (1 year ago)
Everybody does mistakes. Or is it make mistakes ??? Lol
The Rolling Troll (1 year ago)
Makes. Everybody makes mistakes.
U20101954 (1 year ago)
for the people who blame the airport or the atc: its the flight crews responsibility to READ THE FUCKING NOTAMS and follow atc instructions.
Jayelle Barcelona (1 year ago)
mali naman animation mo. hindi ganyan nangyari. wrong animation.
BlueChinchillaEatingDorito (1 year ago)
Reminds of a few instances we had here at CYVR where some work was being done on the far end of 08R and a few arrivals missed the last exit D3, ended up having to be towed.
Saood Obaid (1 year ago)
bayViation yay (1 year ago)
Stuff like this happens at most busy airports, but at the one I work at, it wouldn't take HOURS to get plane towed to the gate area, maybe AN hour..lol
bayViation yay (1 year ago)
That'd be SFO where it is my job to coordinate these things, thanks for being an asshole though. Appreciate it.
Ruben Villanueva (1 year ago)
bayViation yay Is that the airport on flight simulator?
Leif Neland (1 year ago)
If the nose gear is stuck in wet concrete it might take some extra time.
Edward Hunter (1 year ago)
Well I was there when I saw the KLM went to the closed taxi way. Funny..
Maxelgg (1 month ago)
Ruben Villanueva HAHAHAA
Ruben Villanueva (1 year ago)
Edward Hunter what were you doing there?, directing street traffic?
Aleksandar Tomic (1 year ago)
Will you by any chance be posting a vid about the recent ryanair depressurisation and emergency decent?
VASAviation - (1 year ago)
I don't have anything for now.