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Ex-Cambridge Analytica exec: We had access to Breitbart data

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Former Cambridge Analytica Director Brittany Kaiser tells CNNMoney's Laurie Segall she believes the company applied user data in a similar manner to that of the Obama 2012 campaign.
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Text Comments (8)
Martin O'BRIEN (2 days ago)
drifter4training (8 months ago)
Argh.. this is just like the house of cards episode
The Solemn Nut (9 months ago)
bruh, if she become whistle blower after everything unveiled, its not whisteblower but she is saving her own ass
dMcMeredith (10 months ago)
Shoulda just cut the last 10s out
Robert Forrester (10 months ago)
Janice Joplan reincarnate
lifestraight (9 months ago)
Robert Forrester lol
Martin Shkreli (10 months ago)
shes lying you can tell plus why does her face look like its been dipped im acid..hhmm
Abdul Razack (2 months ago)
She ain't lying and besides I like her last point , some people are picking on trump cos of this but like she said it's equally a questionable scenario with the Obama campaign, it's definitely wrong with the anonymous data usage but ultimately it's something Obama has even done in a somewhat questionable way although it seemed otherwise, I think she's said correctly