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UPS Truck Delivering Packages

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"He's delivering toys to the kids, Mom!" ~ Construction Baby.
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Text Comments (7)
cesar ruiz (6 months ago)
“Think, he thinks I’m recording him?” .. Well!!!!, are you!?
Texas Patriot (10 months ago)
The almighty grand!
Texas Patriot (10 months ago)
What is the point of this video. That is creepy that you are video taping him.
billy smith (1 year ago)
Frank Budroux (1 year ago)
Thats a 13 cubic feet package car biggest Ups own you lady would be paralyzed at the end of his day doing his job ...just in one day of work not talking 5 days...
Scott D (11 months ago)
Frank Budroux 1300 Yeah it’s the titanic of step trucks
Jen Glozzer (3 years ago)
Of course u were videotaped him wtf did u watch ur own video. And u commentated You r weak U couldn't take a step in his shoes let alone walk a mile. Put ur phone away and do something productive.