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New UPS ad "That's Logistics" - 60 Second UK Version

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this is the new advertisement for UPS named "That's Logistics", because of the song. i'm only uploading this because of the song. i love it lol
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knight6831 (11 months ago)
noticed a few MD-11's, and a 747-400f in the ad
Whole Food Plant-Based Man (1 year ago)
It is a beautiful song.
Guritno (1 year ago)
what is the title of the real song?
Eurkel (1 year ago)
+Guritno you're very welcome :)
Guritno (1 year ago)
+el luko thank you very much..
Eurkel (1 year ago)
+Guritno That's amore.
Guritno (1 year ago)
I mean the original one..
Britman (1 year ago)
best ad ever
Matthew Campbell (3 years ago)
My dad is a former military logistics officer. Whenever he brings up the importance of logistics, I start singing part of this song.
Evilbob dA (10 months ago)
"An army marches on its stomach" lol
Ostrich160 (3 years ago)
they should have replace the wall street part for the UK
sapher2020 (5 years ago)
Shadowboy4011 (6 years ago)
jiz on the street? thats what i heard o.o
DIE666abetes (7 years ago)
@SWEATYHOG maybe what you say is true advertising is a bitch dressed in a sick dog's costume, and believe me where I come from ads program you to feel sick and buy their products [no kidding], when you live your every-day life surrounded by cocksucking ads for a disease you can´t even imagine that could grow in your toes, this ad ain't so bad. And to be honest, instead of bitching about this quite nice commertial [and as a mathematician i do believe that "logistics makes the world work better"]
DIE666abetes (7 years ago)
@SWEATYHOG hahahahaha you´re just pissed because you just can´t stop listening to this song, cause is so cool [though is better in spanish it has a little more feeling] and let´s be honest there are so much worse ads... maybe you didn´t get your package in time hahahaha
Killiek45 (7 years ago)
Now UPS, that really is Logistics.