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UPS Commercial 2008 Thanks Dale

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Dale Jarrett UPS Tribute Commercial. Thanks Dale!
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Williams Grantham (6 months ago)
Williams Grantham (1 month ago)
1997-2018 WWE Career
Williams Grantham (1 month ago)
cadillacdude1975 (4 years ago)
hands down, this is one of the best, if not the best commercial ever.
Epcot 2000 (5 years ago)
I know I miss you not being on the track, but at least fans got you in the booth. Thanks Dale.
Jayshana619 (5 years ago)
@legomarmadroblox He retired as a driver, but we still get to see him in the ESPN broadcast booth during their NASCAR broadcasts...
legomarmadroblox (6 years ago)
dale left nascar its really sad
Lia Smith (6 years ago)
I love that they shot this at my home track, he was my favorite since I started watching. (Phoenix International Raceway)
Donald Trump (6 months ago)
Steftimus Prime (6 years ago)
This is a great commercial, very heart warming.
kingmaddog2 (6 years ago)
Thanks you Dale!
Ennex (7 years ago)
you have to admit, go UPS for paying for a comercial just to say thank you to their driver on national tv. one of the best nascar-related commercials!
TheCottonTop (7 years ago)
Get out of here you Toyota driving bastard.
21redskins (8 years ago)
Dale Jarrett, one of the best there ever will be !
hall911guy (8 years ago)
Man I miss DJ, thanks for posting!
21redskins (8 years ago)
sad commercial. i liked dj since 2000. then he retired at his last all-star appearance.
wintersk21 (8 years ago)
This is a great and touching commercial... it's great to see a sponser stick with a driver through the end, and nobodies a classier guy than Dale Jarret