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Mika Hakkinen Teaches Captain Slow to Drive - Top Gear - BBC

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Mika Hakkinen trains Top Gear's very own Captain Slow, James May, how to drive at high speeds on a loose surface in Finland. Subscribe for more awesome Top Gear videos: Top Gear YouTube channel: website: Top Gear Facebook: Top Gear Twitter: This is a channel from BBC Worldwide who help fund new BBC programmes.
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Text Comments (3719)
Nanderlizer Nanderlizer (2 hours ago)
one of the best segments
Mauno Horttanainen (2 days ago)
Finland is the best country on Earth!
Damn turtles (13 days ago)
Yes. In finland we also go to school 20km on skis and uphill both ways
Stewart Grindlay (15 days ago)
3:27 is a priceless look.
Incitatus (16 days ago)
When is Mika gonna be a regular on SkyF1!? Hes the best
Bendude_94 (18 days ago)
rally english is strong with mika hakkinen!
-Rizky249- (22 days ago)
That Volvo Amazon looks like my Satsuma in MSC tho.
Esteeven Cepeda (25 days ago)
Kimi Raikkonen’s father
shadeburst (25 days ago)
To learn drifting start by cutting donuts then open it up. Learn on dirt not tar or your tyres won't last very long.
Ali H (1 month ago)
The first song in the background is called ground for divorce
blackheavyblans (1 month ago)
Torilla tavataan. Tykkää jos oot suomalainen. :)
Carlos Neto (1 month ago)
Axl Rose ?
Przemek Righult (1 month ago)
Mister Mister (1 month ago)
Starts talking about car control, Mika starts running off the road.. 🤦‍♂️
Ross MacMillan (1 month ago)
Finland is a fantastic country with amazing people.
Just A Random Guy (1 month ago)
Whats the old Merc James driving?
Rahul Manoharan Nair (1 month ago)
I love the Finns. They’re so special, Mika then Kimi. Great driving skills. I hope I get to see them someday
Liam Sweeney (1 month ago)
Considering James May himself said in a newspaper interview (Sunday Times if I remember correctly) that he reckons about only 5% of the footage that's made out to be the hosts is actually them I highly doubt any of those corners were actually James May driving. It takes hours and hours of practice to be able to flick a car out that well. Fortunately I'm actually into cars so I know this, unlike people who watch Top Gear.
Ville Väliaho (1 month ago)
Torille perkele! Täälä espoossa missää mudassa ajeta täällä vedetää pillurallii
Jake Mann (1 month ago)
What's the first song
horrnett (1 month ago)
driving on Indian roads and highways are like driving in a rally only , you have no idea what you are going to encounter in the next 1km of straight road ha ha
Literally Hitler (1 month ago)
"But the 12 year old wasnt having it" - I almost spat my whisky laughing at that point.
maxw (1 month ago)
Ahvenisto perkele
Christ chris (1 month ago)
"When you were a F1 driver, they'd ask you a really complicate question and you'd just say 'yes' " "Yes"
ish.ya.boi.communism JustDanceandLoveLiveaddict (1 month ago)
The Flying Finn and Captain Slow in a merc driving and drifting! Fact: 100% of Finnish people who already has a driver's license stick with manual. If you can't drive a manual on your driving tests, it's a flop. I like you Mika!
Watsqeburt (1 month ago)
james is such a great guy
Aboriginal Stud (1 month ago)
whats the song that starts at 4:22 ?
WonderingAboutThat (1 month ago)
great one!
akshay raj (1 month ago)
Some sweeet drifts in this film.
Daniel Trankina (1 month ago)
@1:25 killed me
Moukarimies (1 month ago)
Suomi mainittu!
Marc Le Slac (1 month ago)
Boy that mercedez shure can drift
grayRain (2 months ago)
I once saw a video of a Finn shouting at a bear until it got scared and ran away. They truly have the blood of Vikings in them.
Joshua Gadsby (2 months ago)
When he said “instead of just 2” he was holding up 3 fingers
Ray Klein (2 months ago)
Capt. Slow: "When you were a Formula 1 driver they asked you a really complicated question and you just said yes?" Mika: 5:17 🙈
fahim113 (2 months ago)
Does this man not age?!
Em Jackson (2 months ago)
Up and at them!
sascha spallone (2 months ago)
Grande mika 🙌🏼
BrightHouse (2 months ago)
I’m writing a book on the 1994 F1 season in case you’re interested
Nomi, the Idiot (2 months ago)
This is what Wreckfest is like
Armando B7 (2 months ago)
Gökberk Önem (2 months ago)
Mika is awesome. He is likeable, funny and pretty modest but damn fast at the same time. A truly special driver.
David Sheilds (3 months ago)
From a Ferrari fan, MIKA = LEGEND
Anonymous (3 months ago)
Häkkinen not Hakkinen
Polluxerium (3 months ago)
"Anywhere else I would have been brilliant..." -James May Why do you think he is called Captain Slow??
Use the Force Harry (3 months ago)
You get the feeling that Mika really likes James and enjoyed this bit. I've seen him smile on Camera more in this segment than I did in all my years of watching him in F1.
Owen Fitzgerald (3 months ago)
It's pathetic the need for oneupmanship of the English.
AT Gaming (3 months ago)
Meanwhile in finland
ked4 (3 months ago)
Personally trained by Jackie Stewart and Mika Hakkinen. He's probably a better driver than jezza and hamster in terms of proper technique and smoothness.
Ilpo Pulu (3 months ago)
Mika Häkkinen!
Olli Hakkarainen (3 months ago)
i bet there were other finnish drivers available but Mika was the only one that spoke understandable english 😂
andi king (3 months ago)
is it me or Mika resembles Mads Mikklesen ?
SGG (4 months ago)
*Finns have instinct for it* Me:F1 FOR SURE
the Wellness Channel (4 months ago)
ricky boby (4 months ago)
Now we no what Vladimir Putin dose in his spare time
stu booth (4 months ago)
Not finish, OCD.
Saktuscactus (4 months ago)
Holy moly! They were at Ahvenisto, a track I just recently went to! Noice
Lieska78 (4 months ago)
Häkkinen is the only guy you should listen for advice about motor racing. Especialy in circuit racing. The fastest single lap driver in the world ever.
kalyansapsd1 (4 months ago)
The part from 5:25 is so damn funny and a bit awkward...
Tjitse Wolf (4 months ago)
No matter how hard you try.....if you have to compete against a Mika or a are Fin-ished. :P
Roger Toledo (4 months ago)
What song are they using when James and Mika are in the C63?
sikaerkki666 (4 months ago)
vatasen vastaheitto,called scandinavian flick,,,
Harvey Britland (4 months ago)
Mika seems like an absolute legend, seems really modest and a bit of a laugh, as he kept on pulling faces to the camera.
Finlay Mitchell (4 months ago)
Sudden cress?
William Harper (4 months ago)
I wish I had a racetrack in my town
BlueangelLFT Xn (4 months ago)
friggin love this e190!! :D one of the best little racing limousines ever <3
Rodrigo Riso (4 months ago)
Wrong, michael schummacher was the driver the cheated the most...that's why he was successful...
Nina Z (2 months ago)
Rodrigo Riso he might not be the best racer but certainly not the best cheater. As there are plenty of cheaters...
Rodrigo Riso (4 months ago)
Joshua Scott oh so you think that schummacher was the best ? Hahaha poor guy..
Joshua Scott (4 months ago)
Rodrigo Riso 😂
Jukka58 (4 months ago)
Suomi maailman paras ralli maa ja jääkiekko maa hyvä Mika. Leijonat ja vormulaat ja vähän kaljaa ja grillimakkaraa niin se on se homma!
Ilpo Pulu (4 months ago)
I absolutely love this man. Häkkinen is so top notch! Btw miss The master, Mr schumacher. Only man who was equal or even bettern than Hakkinen. Lot of respect to that man also.
nyanya palupi (5 months ago)
mika the flying finnd
Quattro 4 (5 months ago)
Michael schumacer was a known cheater. Google it.
Quattro 4 (5 months ago)
GTI8855 (5 months ago)
These 3 guys have the best job on the planet. The only downside is that Hammond had 2 close calls already. Hopefully, he will not crash anymore.
PlayboyX63 (5 months ago)
To this day im still glad my country Portugal helped Finland with their famine way back in the 30's
aditya banerjee (5 months ago)
2:51 I'm Jim Morrison I'm Dead?
Teru Shinomiya (5 months ago)
So it was Ahvenisto! 1:50
GuvernorDave (5 months ago)
Love how much fun may has in this film
White Death-Finland (5 months ago)
If you want to win, hire a Finn.
delbroox (5 months ago)
Captain Slow is not that slow in the end
Zantrop64 (5 months ago)
This looks so fun
William Pupo (5 months ago)
Senthuran k (5 months ago)
this looks like that scene from cars 3 where they go to doc hudson home circuit
Jesse Spika (6 months ago)
This is my favourite Top Gear segment ever.
Tuya Khalifa (6 months ago)
What a legend. And then is Mika, he's a good driver too.
burnhippiesforfuel (6 months ago)
"Are we?" "Yeah."
Roland Lee (6 months ago)
Finns have excellent sense of humor. Its so subtle tho...
Tiger74147 (6 months ago)
What kind of Mercedes is that in the middle part of the video?
K.D.P. Ross (6 months ago)
His name is Meeeka, not Micker! Also Finland, while Nordic, is *not* in Scandinavia.
Little Cripple (6 months ago)
Watching FullCharged and the Red Dwarf crew all meet up again. They have so much chemistry just mucking about and they love cars, they'd be the perfect replacement for Clarkson and crew
pabloboda9 (7 months ago)
Fun, smart, humble, excellent!
Caprise - drummer (7 months ago)
One of my favorite episodes ever.
QB4U (7 months ago)
voi viddu
Mj Jones (7 months ago)
The school runs must be cool in Finland with all those smoking tires and there kids must be on Prozac ha ha !!
MetalHead (7 months ago)
WOW! he took the step into reality and turned Traction Control off
That guy who cannot abide (7 months ago)
Still wondering why we can't have a racing class with the $1000-you-buy-it rule here in America.
popomomo12 (8 months ago)
what a legend
Berttiz (8 months ago)
I love the part where James is thinking is he partly Finnish maybe he is in someway. Maybe that is why i like him the most of the three.
John Jaatinen (8 months ago)
This is what Sisu means to me... The literal translation for Sisu is ‘insides’. This translation does not help to describe what Sisu is. A better way to explain to non-Finnish people what Sisu is, is to convey its actual meaning. Sisu’s actual meaning is ‘inner character”. An even better way to convey Sisu’s meaning is to subdivide Sisu into “Sinnun Sisu” which means “your inner character” and “Soumen Sisu” which means “Finland’s inner character”. As Finnish children grow this Soumen Sisu becomes a part of their own inner character i.e. their own Sisu. So what is this inner character of the Finnish people, this Soumen Sisu? It is a character that has been built into their society over many centuries of hardship and adversity, and has become a part of their culture and national identity. According to the Finns, the five keys to deal with adversity and hardship are: 1. Control stress and don’t let fear dominate you. In difficult times, it’s important to manage anxiety and stress 2. If we let negative emotions grind us down, we’ll be no more than a barren branch fighting against the winds, and we’ll end up breaking 3. We must be able to control our fears, rationalise our panic and control stressful emotions 4. Persevere. People who have Sisu are patient, accept frustration and are creative. They wait for appropriate times, and advance step by step, without surrender, and without ever giving up. 5. Be honest. Respect for oneself and for others is essential to the Finnish people. Everyone is concerned about others because they understand that it is by working together that we survive. Respecting and taking care of each other gives us all a better quality of life. Remember this. From my experience these five principles sum up Finland’s inner character – the Soumen Sisu. They are principles that were taught to me by my parents and by my exposure to Finnish society in general. To me it is no surprise that all Finnish adults know what their own and the nations Sisu is, but find it very difficult to explain to foreigners. The examples they give to foreigners have always been the results of Sisu, not Sisu itself.
Carson (8 months ago)
The highest quality 360p video I've seen
Ed Evans (8 months ago)
I wonder if Australia adopted this sport if less young drivers would die on our roads?