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Clean Sheeting

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To provide a more consistent and reliable service product that supports growth, Norfolk Southern is implementing a new operating plan that will streamline yard operations and improve the flow of trains across our 22-state network. Over the past several months, Norfolk Southern’s operations, service design, and customer service teams have assessed all aspects of our business operations to enhance efficiencies and better serve our customers. We have analyzed operations at individual rail yards and terminals across our network to develop a structured, executable, and recurring plan to speed up network velocity, increase service frequency, and achieve maximum efficiencies.
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Text Comments (13)
SkyKing (3 months ago)
How many guys are getting shitcanned? How many locomotives are getting cut up for scrap? How many MOW guys got the ax?
Lalo Garcia (4 months ago)
Greg Thompson (6 months ago)
NS is pc with their interracial videos 👀
Justin Devon (11 months ago)
Sounds like CSX
Charles Collins (11 months ago)
As they announce they want to eliminate 3000 jobs and hundreds of locomotives.
24Vasiliás 42 (11 months ago)
Pretty good
Estonia Ball✔ (11 months ago)
I Sant to work some day Bit i had 11
IronHorse Rail Production's (11 months ago)
I can see NS is still moving to the future, hope to work for you guys one day :)
Matthew Williford (8 days ago)
Yeah I’m just not sure about that
Trey Epperley (11 months ago)
Ahem brother.
railroadjim (11 months ago)
It sounds like NS is taking a good approach to implementing a plan for scheduled railroading on a system level. I wish you luck! What I find interesting is how railroads moved away from this in the first place.... Didn't most railroads traditionally operate on a fully scheduled basis back in the mid-1900's? When railroads ran both freight and passenger trains, it seems that they were both scheduled trains. To partially answer my own question, I would imagine that it was hard to keep those schedules when the physical plant started to deteriorate in 1970's. I read that the infamous late EHH was known to cook the PSR books by just annulling the train symbol if it didn't make its time! Boy am I glad that NS didn't get stuck with him...
Diesel17 K (11 months ago)
Ooh! Nice!!
Z H (11 months ago)
First comment. Doing great NS